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Saturday, November 07, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Politico reported, "The polling industry blows it again."


The polling industry blows.

The pollsters sold out and rigged their polls. I trust Red China paid them in dollars, not yuan.

The story said, "Nonpartisan media and academic pollsters do not rig their surveys to harm Republicans’ political prospects.

"But there’s no doubt that public polls of the presidential race missed the mark, especially in key states. One popular explanation is that shy Trump voters hid their true intentions in interviews with pollsters.

"There's little evidence that poll respondents are lying, however. More pollsters believe it’s actually a difficulty reaching voters more likely to support Trump in the first place, either because they’re harder to find or are less likely to take phone surveys even if reached."

Nothing in politics is nonpartisan. Media and university polls deliberately lied as part of a psy ops operation to elect Biden.

How do we know? The errors were larger in favor of Biden than Hillary. They don't care. It worked, right?

ITEM 2: United Press International reported, "The U.S. economy added more than 600,000 jobs during the month of October, the Labor Department said Friday in its monthly report.

"The department said there were 638,000 new jobs for the month and the unemployment rate declined to 6.9%."

This was a drop from 7.9% in September and 14.7% in April.

The story also said, "The most new jobs, about 271,000, were added in the hospitality sector. Bars and restaurants increased by 192,000, the report said. About 84,000 jobs were added in the construction sector.

"Professional and business services increased by 208,000 payrolls and retail added 104,000.

"The loss of about 140,000 Census workers last month kept the overall figure from being higher, the report noted."


President Trump saved the economy. Again.

ITEM 3: National Review reported, "When the Little Sisters of the Poor and allied groups won their most recent victory at the Supreme Court this summer, Joe Biden said he wanted not just to undo that decision but to go back to the pre-Hobby Lobby version of the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate. He never explained how he could attain this goal, and the election makes it a longshot. In Hobby Lobby, all five of the Republican appointees then on the Supreme Court ruled that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act requires that companies with a religious objection to covering some types of contraception (which they, with some justification, consider abortifacient) be allowed not to cover them."

The headline said, "The Nuns Will Beat Biden."

The spin from Never Trumpville is Biden won't be so bad.

Life will be good in the Red Chinese province of America.

ITEM 4: The Associated Press reported, "A judge on Thursday rejected defense requests to move the trial of four former Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd's death, and also ordered that all four will be tried together instead of separately.

"Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill ruled after defense attorneys had argued that pretrial publicity had made it impossible for the four men to get a fair trial in Minneapolis. They had also cited a Sept. 11 hearing in which the men and their attorneys were confronted by angry protesters outside the courthouse, saying it showed that holding the proceeding in the same area where Floyd died would be unsafe for participants. Defense lawyers had argued that witnesses could be intimidated, and jurors could be affected by chants from a crowd outside."

Minnesota is a mobocracy.

Judge Cahill is making it impossible for jurors to acquit the accused without being lynched.

ITEM 5: Collin Rugg reported, "Communist Chinese State media is currently sharing their opinion on the 2020 election and they couldn't be happier with how well former Vice President Joe Biden is doing. According to the editor at China’s state-run Global Times Hu Xijin, former Vice President Joe Biden is a super star and is very admired by Chinese internet users who see him as a tenacious man.

"Various articles introducing Biden’s life have become popular on the internet in China. The tragedy of him losing close family members has aroused sympathy among Chinese people."

That just shows Red China controls the state media.

On both sides of the Pacific.

ITEM 6: The New York Post reported, "Joe Biden deserves to have his cabinet picks confirmed by the Senate, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said Friday, while vowing to find common ground if the Democrat wins the presidency.

"Fresh off re-election to his South Carolina seat, Graham spoke to reporters about how he’d handle a potential Biden win — as key swing states continue to tip in the former vice president’s favor."

Democrats said they would flip the South Carolina Senate seat.

They did.

ITEM 7: Page Six reported, "Lori Loughlin has been a wreck in lockup at a California federal prison, where she’s serving time for her role in the nationwide college cheating scandal, according to a report.

"The Full House star, 56, is apparently daunted by the just under two months she has left to serve at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, US Weekly reported."

We live in a country where every jackass idiot Kennedy gets into Harvard, where kids who cannot read get into Columbia because of their skin color, and where any foreign student gets into any college he wants, but federal prosecutors looking to fluff their resumes put her away for bribery.

But one man's bribery is another man's extortion. You want your kid in? Pay up.

ITEM 8Catholic News Agency reported, " A Catholic church in downtown Portland, Oregon -- known for helping the area’s poor -- suffered shattered windows during a riot Wednesday night that saw nearly a dozen protesters arrested.

"The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office on the evening of Nov. 4 shared photos of shattered glass doors at the entrance to Saint André Bessette Catholic Church, located in Old Town Portland."

The poor are just a political prop for Antifa.

The Communists razed all the churches and cathedrals in Moscow.

Antifa is willing to burn them down with clergy inside.

ITEM 9: Breitbart reported, "Michigan Republican, Down 104 Votes, Wins by 1,127 After ‘Glitch’ Fixed."



Republicans need to learn to code.

ITEM 10: Newsweek reported, "Taiwan's military would last only two weeks in a cross-strait war with China, a former naval commander for the island said on Monday.

"Lieutenant General Yeh Jen-wen, who served in Taiwan's navy for 32 years, warned President Tsai Ing-wen that her government was playing with fire with its escalating weapons procurement policy."

Sadly, I have a feeling we will see if his prediction comes true.

By the way, has anyone heard from Hong Kong recently?

ITEM 11: Deadline reported, "Following up on the news that ESPN is laying off several hundred employees, we’ve learned that there are also a handful of layoffs taking place at Disney’s studio division – including six people at Searchlight Pictures. Other areas impacted include Disney’s studio marketing group as well as its theatrical stage team in New York, which has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic with all of Broadway shut down."

Couldn't happen to a more deserving group of SJWs.

ITEM 12: News Busters reported, "Even while the election is still underway, the ABC, CBS and NBC morning news shows still chose to hoodwink viewers by not reporting news of an astounding rally in the jobs market under President Donald Trump’s economy.

"The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report at 8:30 am today showing that total nonfarm payroll employment skyrocketed 638,000 jobs in October, which destroyed expectations of a 530,000 increase by Dow Jones-surveyed economists, according to CNBC. That’s a whopping 108,000 disparity. 

"For extra measure, the unemployment rate fell an entire percentage point from 7.9 percent in September to 6.9 percent in October, also destroying expectations by Dow Jones-surveyed economists. Economists reportedly expected just a minor drop in the unemployment rate to 7.7 percent. Following a notorious record of ignoring, censoring and suppressing good news in Trump’s economy, ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today (including the Third Hour of Today) blacked out the news entirely."

Donald Junior and Eric should start Trump TV already.

And don't bring in Tucker, Hannity, or Ingraham. Too expensive.

Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly on the other hand may be willing to give a discount. (Provided Kelly does not have a non-compete clause in her NBC contract.)

ITEM 13: The Associated Press reported, "Key Republican lawmakers, including 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney, on Friday slammed President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that Democrats are trying to steal the election. But some GOP leaders struck a more neutral tone — and others urged the White House to fight.

"Romney, now a senator from Utah, said Trump was within his rights to request recounts and call for investigations where evidence of irregularities exists."

Ah, Mittens is at it again.

Some people question his loyalty. I can assure you he is unquestionably loyal to Mitt Romney.

Remember, Romney is always the first man there when he needs you.

ITEM 14: Citizen Free Press reported, "John Solomon — FBI is working with Michigan election whistleblower…"

The FBI is there to destroy evidence and grant immunity to the participants.

Just as they did Hillary's dissemination of state secrets to Red China through her "lost" emails.

ITEM 15: Fox reported, "Dems have yet to pick up a single state legislative chamber while GOP flips 2."

Next year, state legislators redistrict for congressional seats and state legislative seats through the 2030 election.

The Party Of Obama may be in for a long decade.

Of course, flipping the Alaska legislature does not affect Congress as it has only one seat. 

ITEM 16: Fox reported, "Arizona voters approved a tax measure this week that will raise rates for the state’s wealthiest households.

"Known as Proposition 208, the measure aims to essentially set up a fifth income tax bracket for wealthy residents that would raise the top rate to 8% from 4.5% through an additional 3.5% tax on incomes above $250,000, and $500,000 for joint filers."


FINALLY, Douglas C contacted me, but then I lost the email address from the fellow who wanted to help him. If he could contact me, I can get them together.

Today is Douglas C's wife's birthday. Pray for them.


  1. Praying for Douglas C. And his wife...and our country

  2. In Orwell’s masterwork, it is never explained or even talked about - WHO is ultimately running the show? In our particular case, it sure as HELL ain’t gonna be Joe Mama.

    1. Dr Evil, of course. The last Nazi is doing his best to destroy the country that did so much to destroy his beloved Fuhrer.

      But he's played the same games once too often. He's up against a disciple of Sun Tzu and Sun Tzu never lost.

    2. Enough with the Sun Tzu bull.

      Trump is a kindred spirit of John Boyd, not Tzu, but it matters not. The system is rigged.

  3. #4. Use the Baltimore gambit an demand a bench trial. Make Cahill try the case on facts.

  4. Mr. Surber, lay off the black pill. I had to stop reading this one --- and it's been over a year since that happened. I didn't hear any fat lady sing.

  5. Hello, all Wife is doing much better.She ate, had her meds, and we sang to each other.Her eyes were bright and we said"I Love you with all my heart." to each other. I'm going over at 8ama to see how she's doing. Her Mom graduated from Hospice and lived 4 more years.
    Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts.
    I will relate my story of my fight with Hospice,a bit later.
    I appreciate all of you.

    1. Lifting up both of you 🙏❣️

    2. Fight on, brother. And God bless you.

      Don Reed

    3. What wonderful news! Thanks for sharing it, and may God bless you and your dear wife!

    4. I worked with several hospice organizations in my consulting days. Many who are in hospice care are released and live happy lives. May your wife be one of those. The hospice care workers I met are special people. May you be blessed with those type of workers.

    5. Good luck to you and yours Doug. God bless.

    6. MY fight with Hospice is with the Nurse who has taken Oregon's Hospice rule to the extreme. Oregon is not a place for old people. It used to be great but they want you gone ASAP so they can care for illegal aliens. You have to dig and scrape to find out your rights. fortunately I have my cousin who is a PhD. in geriatric care. she's a real blessing. So was the Director of the Hospice.

    7. May God watch over both you and her.

    8. Hospice is not a death sentence. Patients do recover and get off Hospice. Most Hospice patients are terminal, but not all, and it has been my experience that a good Hospice nurse is an angel in disguise.

  6. #13. A little sarcasm there, Don???

  7. Numba One: "Nonpartisan media and academic pollsters..."


    I like starting my day off with laughter.

    Cleanses the soul.

    I'm now clean as a whistle.

    Don Reed

  8. Fought off depression throughout this election cycle.
    It's 2012 deja vu…
    I'm devastated!

    1. Last time it only looked suspicious as Hell. This time we know.

      Look up a computer system called HAMMER and the software package SCORECARD.

      This time we have somebody who won't lie down and take it.

    2. It ain't over until it's over. Just ask Justice Alito.

    3. Trump won't lie down and take it. But you have courts that won't take it either--meaning the case.

      It's over. You know it. I know it. The Deep State knows it.

      Trump 2024 is our next best hope. I pray he has the vigor and health to pull it off.

    4. Thanks to some for encouragement! Much appreciated❣️
      edutcher - Doing that now…

    5. You, J, are the only one giving up. See my post below about the SCOTUS stepping in. We haven't head the other angles Trump is pursuing yet.

      You keep underestimating Trump. If he really is as dumb and unprepared for this fraud as you proclaim he is, then we'd be just as well off with Slow Joe. But "we know" he isn't.

    6. J -
      People are hurting. Our country is hurting. We need help now, not in '24!
      You are not helping…
      Your pathological need to be correct and have the last word is piling on the pain, anger, discouragement, hopelessness!
      You are FUD personified.

  9. BTW, Big D, CONGRATS on the 35 Mill milestone! Damn, brother, that happened in a hurry, but it attests to the first-rate quality of work. Nice job!

  10. ITEM 1: The story said, "Nonpartisan media and academic pollsters do not rig their surveys to harm Republicans’ political prospects.

    I almost laughed, because I thought that Politico was attempting a joke. Sigh, it's just another example of how the leftist media like Politico gaslights its readers so they accept the lies and believe the results. Their hubris in doing this and thinking it works, is the issue. I dream of a day where the MSM performs the job of non partisan watchdog that informs citizens of all political ideologies. But sadly, it looks to be just that. A dream.

    "Nothing in politics is nonpartisan. Media and university polls deliberately lied as part of a psy ops operation to elect Biden."

    Yep to both of those truths. Which shows their gaslighting is failing to convince those who chose to think. But further, as Thomas Wictor pointed out, this is an attack on our voting infrastructure. Does it matter who is the source? Internal or external?

    "How do we know? The errors were larger in favor of Biden than Hillary."

    Outliers. Massive outliers. And it's always one way. Towards the dumbocrat POTUS candidate.

    And speaking of Hitlary and vote fraud, Trump mentioned this several times after the 2016 election, and was laughed at by the usual suspects. Does anyone think Trump was just going to let that go without doing anything? Remember, he stated many times at his rallies that Biden and the dumbocrats were going to cheat. And, lo and behold, they did. Massively. They had to in order to counter the Trumpslide (37 states). Does anyone really think Trump was not prepared for this?

    "Making it a They don't care. It worked, right?"

    Which shows they overstepped this time. Bigly. And you idiot lefties who did this, who controls the IC? The DOJ? Yeah, I know there are Deep Staters there, but, they can be identified and bypassed. If the IC & DOJ can be weaponized against Trump for illegitimate reasons, they can surely be weaponized against this fraud for legitimate reasons. And they made it so easy to identify it too. Hubris. It ain't over till Trump says it is.

    ITEM 7: Two tier Justus system.

    ITEM 9: There's more to that fraud than just a "glitch". Seems the software company Dominion, was involved in every swing state where massive numbers of votes went to Biden. Hubris strikes again.

    ITEM 11: The devil mouse (as Vox Populi correctly calls Disney), has more problems than just ESPN. Hopefully, they layoff the mentally unstable Olbyloon, so he can go full nut crazy in his basement producing anti_Trump YouTube comedy gold. If that idiot doesn't cure his TDS soon, he is going to end up in a straight jacket.

    ITEM 13: Yet more evidence that makes me embarrassed I voted for him. Obumbles is starting to look better.

    ITEM 14: I feel your deep, deep cynicism Don. It would be fully justified if a dumbocrat or a GOPe was where Trump is now. But, we shall see.

    ITEM 15: Just another of the many, many outliers that point to massive voter fraud. Hubris strikes again.

    ITEM 16: This is a prime example of how Federalism will allow those with the money to run. Run fast. Run long. Out of Arizona. And the idiot citizens who voted for this, will find they will have to make up the difference in lost taxes as a result. And, they probably can't pack up and leave as easily as those rich can. Karma.

    1. "If that idiot [Olbermann] doesn't cure his TDS soon, he is going to end up in a straight jacket."

      We've been predicting this for 25 years. And every year, he finds a bigger corporate sucker to sponsor and reward him with millions of dollars.


    2. 13: Don't be. Zippy stole '12 like they're trying to steal this.

      Look up a computer system called HAMMER and the software package SCORECARD.

    3. ed, that don't explain Mittens poor debate performance after the first, when he attacked Obumbles. I'm convinced the DS has something on Mittens. I believe that is why he dutifully opposes Trump.

      So, even if Obumbles did attack the voter infrastructure, he didn't need to. Mittens was uninspiring, and compromised. My embarrassment holds.

    4. Well, before Trump, Olbyloon suffered BDS, which is no where near as lethal crazy as TDS, so it remains to be seen if TDS does in fact drive him over the edge.

    5. Trying to steal? They already stole it!

      You think a bunch of RINOs and corrupt courts will stand up for Trump the Disruptor?


    6. Hey J, has Trump conceded yet? No? I thought so. Until he does, there is no dreaming of anything.

    7. Oh, and another thing. Just because the media declare a fraud legal, means nothing. They are gaslighting you. And you go along. That's on you.

    8. "Trying to steal? They already stole it!"

      Yeah. "Trying", as in according to leftists. It ain't over till Trump says it is.

    9. And, another:

      "The Supreme Court has spoken:

      All county boards of election are hereby ordered, pending further order of the Court, to comply with the following guidance provided by the Secretary of the Commonwealth on October 28 and November 1, namely, (1) that all ballots received by mail after 8:00 p.m. on November 3 be segregated and kept “in a secure, safe and sealed container separate from other voted ballots,” and (2) that all such ballots, if counted, be counted separately.

      Until today, this Court was not informed that the guidance issued on October 28, which had an important bearing on the question whether to order special treatment of the ballots in question, had been modified. The application received today also informs the Court that neither the applicant nor the Secretary has been able to verify that all boards are complying with the Secretary’s guidance, which, it is alleged, is not legally binding on them. I am immediately referring this application to the Conference and direct that any response be filed as soon as possible but in any event no later than 2 p.m. tomorrow, November 7, 2020."

      But, but, but,... J states:

      "You think a bunch of RINOs and corrupt courts will stand up for Trump the Disruptor?"

      Maybe not corrupt courts, but the SCOTUS (Alito) has.

  11. Now I've had my coffe and extracted my reading glasses from the Dakota,Wind and rain today cold a bout 40f. Wife and I call this "Coastal".
    About my fight with Hospice. (Th eolder I get I appreciate my Pop who was both Cowboy and Wisest man I ever knew. With the exception of my Father -in-law. they both were something special. Pop always said-"Son do eveything you can to die with your boots on.Don't give up easily.' He did just that died fixing Mom's car last turn of the wrench.
    He walked through the Gate of Heaven, Wife's Mom was written off and by her Doc and put on Hospice.
    For six weeks Gloria's mom refused to die despite Hospice' efforts.She showed them. She walked out of the Care home came back to live with US another four years. died at home in bed. Con't

  12. ITEM 11... "... ESPN is laying off... layoffs taking place at Disney’s... Searchlight Pictures... Disney’s studio marketing group... [Disney] theatrical stage team in New York... with all of Broadway shut down."

    "Couldn't happen to a more deserving group of SJWs."

    AMEN, brother.

    The Broadway that I grew up with and loved has been destroyed by the SJWs.

    And now, their propaganda broadcasting stations (um, theaters) are...




    There's one nasty consequence. Many of the little whiny SJW import have been forced to return to Mom's Basement in the other 49 states and are now re-contaminating their home towns.

    If you happen to see someone vaguely familiar to you, the odds are pretty good that he fell off a Manhattan curb last Friday.


  13. Gloria and I are the offspring of the Appalachians
    and Ozarks. We don't play well with others. Especially 'experts' . Yesterday,my wife came back.
    She woke up called Hospice. Called Our Doc. Called the head Nurse at the home she's staying at ( a good one BTW).The only ones who were annoyed at me saying -"she's back" was Hospice.
    They also ran headlong into my personal philosophy of not taking "No" for an answer.
    They wanted to just let her "die peacefully" with no water,food or meds. I got in trouble for feeding her yogurt. "She could aspirate! it would be our faullllt if yoou kept feeding her!!!'" Simply put the wanted to kill her and move on to the next victim. Tired calling the Hospice home office (local) they would not answer their phone.

    1. My wife, nurse of 52 years' experience and doing volunteer work with older people, hates hospice.

      Keep fightin'.

  14. Don. Seriously...Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly?

    The same Megyn Kelly that tried to end Donald Trump’s campaign with salacious bs?
    The same Bill O’Reilly that refused to press obama on his corruption when he had him in front of millions of viewers directly before a Super Bowl?
    “C’mon man”

  15. (cont.) Well I went down to the main office.
    The director was there-She happened to be a friend of ours.We discussed my wife-she did not know that she was functional just on Monday.the Hospice was called Tuesday. (No one notified me until that after noon.) The Report read:"Advanced early Alzheimer's .The Nurse was convinced of this,"Slow decline her body is shutting down."
    Note this is important-make sure you document everything that is going on with your loved one. Itake pictures regularly of my wife. Nonday i took a picture of her with her fists raised in a boxing fashion -and smiling..Siting upright in her wheel chair.
    the Nurse was flabbergasted, but did not change her report.""Well what would youu like us to do?"
    Asked the Director-"This is non negotiable. One she gets her meds. Thyroid in paticular. Two she gets soft, easily, swallowed food. Three, she get hydrated- she wants water and is fully capable of swallowing. slowly, but capable." they change the directive.
    Don't go gently into that good night. Fight. It's
    okay if God calls you but give it your best fight too. Gloria and I both are..
    God is with us. Thanks for your Prayers and support. I'll keep y'all posted.

    1. Fight on. So sorry to hear the hospice is not what I have encountered. An aunt in my care had amazing hospice workers. She was 102 and worked a meaningful job until her last month. She basically lost the will to live at that point and hospice was tremendous. My father-in-law passed two months ago. He was in hospice for two months. They were amazing. Hopefully, you and Gloria get the care you deserve and have many many more years together.

  16. Diane Feinstein’s husband installed the Michigan voting software?

    What is it about that family and their drivers?

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. 9, 13, 14, et al. I'm feeling better. My hope is that we drag this damn thing out to January 15 or whatever. Use every legal maneuver, bring cases from 6 different states separately to the supreme court. Discovery, discovery, discovery. Until the dems are screaming off their balconies. Then, when we lose, they will be left with evidence of profound fraud. By them. Yep. I'm feeling better.

  19. ITEM 14: Citizen Free Press reported, "John Solomon — FBI is working with Michigan election whistleblower…"

    I retired from the USPS in 2008. When anything needed to be investigated, we would receive a visit from the Postal Inspectors. They were the Law. There is absolutely NO REASON for the involvement of the FBI except to play CYA for postal management. Sadly, I fear your assessment is accurate. Any evidence will disappear or be destroyed.

    1. Including the 2 whistleblowers?

    2. Yawn.

      I have firsthand experience as a whistleblower regarding something far less corrupt than this. It went nowhere despite tons of evidence.

      This thing is over and your pie-in-the-sky cheerleader act won't change it.

      These people have been plotting this for four years. They may be sloppy here and there but they know the game and have all the right people in the right places to prevent justice for Trump's side.

      It's done.

    3. Go troll somewhere else J. We don't buy your pessimism. It's not over till Trump tells us it's over.

    4. Tell 'em Greg! Tell 'em louder!

      I'm starting to suspect J is Roland the troll. Trying desperately, like the enemedia, to gas light this site.

  20. 4. Any cop who is not trying to get out of the big Democrat cesspools is nuts. Nowadays a policeman's life can be ruined if he shoots a career criminal attacking him with a knife. Imagine how lawless these crummy places will be in a few years.

  21. Important--As to item #9, the big software "glitch" in Michigan, (which at a minimum evaporated 6,000 Trump votes), and that they say the same software is used in 30 other states--

    Remember George Soros's Secretary of State project some years back? (The same George Soros who recently has been pushing his highly suspect State Attorney General's project!) His Sec. Of State "project" was always VERY suspicious. I suspected even then that it was an attempt to build a back door into the vote tabulating system in order to commit fraud.

    (Our WV Secretary of State at the time, Natalie Tennant, participated in Soros's Sec. Of State project.)

    This software issue in Michigan should be deeply challenged by Trump's team--look into where that software came from, and that company's background. If there's any link to Soros's "project", that would be a RED ALERT basis for legal challenge in all the states involved in that Soros project.

    1. That 6,000 vote "glitch" in MI is ONE county, out of 47 using that software.
      It's not a "glitch". It's doing what it was designed to do.
      Relax folks. It's not time to start shooting yet till Trump tells us it is. He's got this.

    2. Amen, Greg!

      For some reason a lot of us Deplorables seem to have given up the fight; I have NOT! Trump's got this well in hand. Hasn't anyone ever heard of baiting a trap & catching your prey? He's doing just that!

      Don't listen to the trolls, they're paid to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) and some do it very well; please remember, Don't Feed The Trolls! Responding to them just encourages them to keep spreading the crap around.

      The Dems' biggest problem is that their fraud was so obvious, so blatant, so in-our-faces and so DOCUMENTED that they've given the game away. A little fraud here, a little fraud there, nobody would notice; but massive unbelievable fraud, that rings alarm bells!

      Others have mentioned the Hammer, and the Scorecard software; there's also the C.I.S.A, a Federal agency charged with keeping out elections secure; tampering with ballots or manipulating the vote is a Federal crime, not just a State offense- and if you think President Trump is just going to lie down & let the Left run over him, I guess you don't know The Donald very well!

      So relax, and think of all the unbelievable successes that PDJT has accomplished, and that the "news" media didn't tell you about; that's almost as Zen as one hand clapping!

  22. 2 - Census workers are gone, but the pests are not forgotten.

  23. Concerning the so-called "glitch" in voting machines. It has been reported in several sites that this same "glitched" system was used in several key states.

    What they neglect to say is something I had seen several elections ago... that those machines all had to be adjusted and calibrated prior to each election, AND (this is the important part) the ones doing the setting and calibrating were the machine's manufacture UNION MEMBERS, whose union is solidly democrat.

    1. Look up a computer system called HAMMER and the software package called SCORECARD.

    2. Wow, thank you edutcher-- great info about Hammer and scorecard.

      I put those 2 words in on a search engine (Bing) and a great American Thinker article from Oct. 31 came up, and lots more.

      Man, it is exposed now.
      Everyone should read it and circulate it widely while available. Print hard copies too. I'm also sure this is related to Soros' Secretary of State 'project'.

  24. When you see a political ad, do you believe the storyline they are pushing? Do you get mad at the production company that produced the ad?

    The polls are just another form of advertising. The party willing to spend the most money (who was that this year?) launders that cash through the appropriate channels, tells the pollsters the storyline they want to push, and gets the storyline the MSM dutifully tells the people.

    The polls are just producing another commercial, the MSM is the one that sells it as 'truth'. Believe it no more than any other political ad.

    Northwoods Patriot

  25. The narrative the Left (and even FOX & some Republicans) has been pushing-- that legal challenge can only come if specific instances of fraud are presented--is a FALSE FRAMING of the situation.

    The REAL fraud, which affects a huge class of votes in many states, is an administrative procedural failure that probably occurred in all the states that did mail-in voting OUTSIDE of the already established Absentee Voting system.

    Speaking as a CPA and former auditor with a Big 4 public accounting firm (including fraud audits), if any state set up such an ad-hoc system for mail-in voting, and FAILED TO STRUCTURE IN CONTROLS FOR VERIFYING VOTER ELIGIBILITY, then this is a monumental management failure and malfeasance by state election officials.

    Establishing proper "internal controls" is an elementary step in any process that requires integrity. Any state election board that failed to do this is likely subject to lawsuit for gross dereliction of duty, and all such votes submitted under such an inadequately protected system should be individually reviewed to verify voter eligibility.

    And if this takes too long to do, then have a do-over second election in those states.

    It is especially important to identify the list from which "non-solicited ballots" were mailed--for example, did they mail ballots to people just based on drivers license records, or what.

    1. I do believe MI has already been caught. Look up a computer system called HAMMER and the software package SCORECARD.

    2. edutcher-
      PROOF, my brother, proof!
      I'm beginning to wonder which other states use this system - especially the hardcore blue states ie WA.
      Among other questions…

    3. Does Trump's admin have this info?

    4. Roozter-- who knows if it's true, but there was a comment under Don's Nov. 6th post on Unemployment by TheGipperLives, that said Sydney Powell (the heavyweight lawyer that rescued Gen. Flynn's case) told Lou Dobbs how Hammer works (see the comment for the details), and that the software company is Dominion Voting Systems, and the former owner of Dominion is the former chairman of the George Soros Foundation.

      If this proves solid, this is explosive stuff.

    5. And this software is supposedly used in numerous states, and in most of the contested swing states.

  26. I don't believe pollsters cannot conduct an accurate poll. Internal campaign polling is far more accurate than other polls. Polling is what the Democrats used to figure out how many fake votes to generate - they waited until they had results to verify their projections, but they had to have prepared with a number from polling. Now, I think their big mistake was overdoing it - but the lead for Trump was so great, they pulled out all the stops and made it too obvious. Now, it remains to be seen if the establishment has the morality to fight this corruption.

    1. They can. A lot of their work is for market research.

  27. Lastly to my above post: Trump's election defense team should include some CPA's in the Forensic or Fraud specialization area.

    1. I'll bet they're already on it.

    2. Won't matter. No court will take it and Kavanaugh/Roberts would torpedo anything that got to them.

  28. 1: Not yet it hasn't

    3: All 3 of Trump's SCUS appointees worked on the '00 recount. The Ho Administration is going nowhere.

    6: Graham came out in support of Trump and donated a half mil to his legal defense fund.

    Yeah, he sends mixed messages.

    9: Source of said glitch is a system called HAMMER. The Demos used it to steal the election in '12. They're using it again.

    PS You wished Sidney Powell was helping Trump. I do believe she is. She seems to know a lot about HAMMER.

    13: Considering HAMMER (you're going to be hearing a lot more about this) stole Romney's chance at the White House.

    1. They stole it in '12 you say. And what happened to them for it?


      Samey same now. Past is prologue.

    2. J, or Roloand, who was POTUS at the time? Yeah, I thought so. Obumbles. Are you really dumb enough to think he was going to honestly investigate his own voter fraud? Do you remember who the AG was?

      Now, Trump is still POTUS. He controls DOJ, and the IC, including the military. Big difference this time. Hey, I just heard that Trump was out playing golf. Does that sound like a guy who is going to accept a stolen election, like you?

      Now, either you are dumb, or you are Roland in disguise. Which is it?

    3. FLOlson
      Well, it seems as though his actual control over these entities is not optimal.

    4. Just appearances Rootz. Just appearances. None of us know what's really going on behind the scenes. Can you imagine what the dumbocrats are thinking now? They see Trump golfing right after they announce Biden wins. Hence, their desperation.

  29. Replies
    1. God no. That gun grabbing floozy can stay off my TV.

  30. The ruling by Justice Alito last night ordering the segregation of ballots received after the Pennsylvania polls closed is just the beginning of the Trump campaign's legal challenges. Last night, Hannity interviewed Jay Sekulow, the lawyer heading the challenges, and he promised more to come. Sekulow, BTW, has practiced constitutional law for decades and very little can get by him.

    1. I expect PA will claim the ballots have "been destroyed" and spent the night making it so.

  31. It seems fairly incredible to me that most here feel the Supreme Court carries more clout than ABC, CBS, etc. Yeah, it's baked in now. There is no overturning the medias' call.

    I do hope that Trump himself doesn't cave and attend the sham inaugural.


  32. According to Jerome Coursi there is still a chance even if PDJT doesn't prevail in court. Coursi said that the constitution says the electors are appointed by the legislature of the states and 7 of 8 swing state legislatures are under Republican control. If they believe the results in their state are corrupt they could appoint electors favoring Trump.

    I remember in 2000 Tom Feeney was Speaker of the House in Florida. Before SCOTUS rule Feeney said he had to sign and submit the electors and he would not take a directive from any court that would change the outcome of the election.

    We need the Republican legislators to step up.

    There has never been any consequences for stealing elections. If they are successful now with no consequences, we will never again see an honest election. They need to be charged with sedition and hung, even if it fills every light pole in the country!

  33. Prayers and love for Mr and Mrs Douglas DC.

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