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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Highlights of the News

George Walker Bush had his moments.

But Donald John Trump is our president.

ITEM 1: President Trump pardoned General Michael Flynn, ending a persecution followed by extrajudicial harassment by a racist judge.

Watching all the lefty outrage is entertaining.

Sanctimonious anger is always enjoyable to watch.

ITEM 2: The New York Post reported, "A Nigerian playboy stunned guests at a celebrity wedding by arriving with six heavily pregnant women — claiming they were all expecting his child.

"Wearing a bright pink suit, a smiling Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu posed for an Instagram pic with the sextet in matching silver outfits before taking them to Saturday’s high-profile nuptials in Lagos of actor Williams Uchemba."

That's him!

That's the guy I wired $3,000 to.

Oh boy. I thought something bad had happened to him. Now I am going to get my $25 million, pay off my creditors, and buy that Bentley.

ITEM 3: Lawyer Robert Barnes tweeted, "There are now multiple election contests, and correlated legal actions, filed in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, in states whose electoral votes constitute more than the margin of victory in electoral college. The safe harbor for certifying is 12/8."

PJ Media reported, "A Pennsylvania state court issued an order blocking the certification of election results in the state, pending a hearing to be held on Friday, reports Fox News."

The Washington Examiner reported, "In its first court victory, a Nevada judge has agreed to let the Trump campaign present its evidence that fraud and illegalities plagued the state’s election, enough to reverse Joe Biden's win and set an example for other state challenges.

"According to Trump officials, the judge set a Dec. 3 hearing date and is allowing 15 depositions. What’s more, the campaign plans to present its evidence that could result in the rejection of tens of thousands of mail-in ballots in Democratic Clark County where Biden ballots outnumbered Trump ballots by 91,000 in unofficial results."

Lin Wood tweeted, "Thanksgiving Eve News! 11th Circuit granted my Emergency Motion for Expedited Review of lawsuit challenging validity of GA election procedure."

Never Bet Against Donald John Trump.

ITEM 4: Ace of Spades reported, "The Healer in Chief, Barack Obama: Hispanics Who Voted for Trump Are Racists."

Zero's actual words were, "There's a lot of evangelical Hispanics who, the fact that Trump says racist things about Mexicans, or puts undocumented workers in cages, they think that's less important than the fact that he supports their views on gay marriage or abortion."

Obama put undocumented workers children in cages.

ITEM 5Reuters reported, "U.S. government civil servants could face mass firings under an executive order before President Donald Trump leaves office and Democratic lawmakers, watchdog groups and unions are mobilizing to block the move.

"Leaders of 23 House committees and subcommittees asked the heads of 61 federal departments and agencies to provide a “full accounting” of any plans to reclassify federal workers under the Oct. 21 order, leaving them vulnerable to firing.

"They also asked for details about any Trump political appointees who have already been hired into career jobs or are being considered. Initial responses are due Dec. 9, followed by biweekly updates, according to the letter, spearheaded by Oversight and Reform Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney.

"Wednesday’s letter came after 13 House Democrats, including Gerry Connolly, chairman of the House Subcommittee on Government Operations and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, on Tuesday urged appropriators to reverse the order in their next spending bill."

They resisted the new administration. They should be fired. He should have done this 4 years ago.

ITEM 6: Just the News reported, "The Supreme Court late Wednesday struck down New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's new covid 19 restrictions on religious gatherings, as new Justice Amy Coney Barrett cast one of her first high-impact votes and Chief Justice John Roberts sided in dissent with the court's liberal bloc.

"In a 5-4 decision, the court said Cuomo's restrictions violated the Constitution's First Amendment right to freedom of worship and granted an injunction barring the rules from being enforced."

Let freedom ring!

Gorsuch wrote the decision.

I am a little less anxious about the election case.

ITEM 7: Mike Miller reported, "McConnell Vows to Continue Confirming Judges: 'We're Going to Run Through the Tape.'"

His column said, "As we recall, following the death of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in September, President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ignored protestations from Democrats and the liberal media — no; in spite of histrionic Democrats and the hysterical barking hyenas of the liberal media — and successfully powered through the nomination and confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ginsburg’s seat. Mission accomplished. Expeditiously so."

It is good to know that for the next 4 years and 2 months, Republicans will continue confirming Trump judges.

ITEM 8: The Hill reported, "States will begin receiving the first doses of covid 19 vaccines in mid-December, but will make their own determinations on who will be first in line for a shot. An estimated 6.4 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine will be distributed to states and territories by mid-December, assuming it receives Food and Drug Administration authorization by that point, 

"Operation Warp Speed officials told reporters Tuesday. State officials were notified Friday how many doses they should expect to receive in the initial distribution, and they will make their own decisions about who will be prioritized for the first doses."

President Trump will have this wrapped up by the end of his first term.

ITEM 9: WKYC reported Dennis Kucinich is seriously considering running for mayor of Cleveland again, 41 years after he left City Hall after one term.

I am seriously considering moving back to vote him out again.

ITEM 10: United Press International reported, "Deer steals hunter's gun, flees into woods."

The story said, " A hunter in the Czech Republic was charged by a deer that snagged the man's gun on its antlers and fled into the woods with the weapon, police said.

"Police in the South Bohemian Region said a hunter contacted authorities to recount the story of how he lost his gun while hunting near the village of Horni Plana.

"The man said one of the hunting dogs in his group startled a stag in a wooded area, causing the panicked deer to run directly toward him.

"The deer's antlers ripped the man's sleeve and ended up snagged on his .22 Hornet rifle, which had been slung over his left hand at the time.

"The animal ran off into the woods with the hunter's unloaded gun still attached to its antlers, the man told police."

Oh no.

The Bambinator is on the loose.

ITEM 11: Variety reported, "Hollywood Grapples With Mass Layoffs as the Biz Redefines Itself for Streaming Future."

The pandemic panic has hastened the changes new technology wrought.

Not since the popularization of television in the 1950s has the movie industry faced such a change. In the end, movie studios became TV studios. This created more jobs;

The same will happen now but with a difference. Georgia has surpassed Hollywood in TV and film production.

The story said, "The drop in the volume of employment in a given sector always has a ripple effect in the national economy. The loss of so many high-paying jobs in a short time will be a dent in the coffers of Los Angeles County and for New York state in the short term. Michele Evermore, senior policy analyst for the Washington, D.C.-based National Employment Law Project, says it hits at a time when other industries are undergoing similar sweeping realignments with huge human toll."

Yes, shuttering the factories in the Rust Belt also came with a huge human toll.

Maybe Hollywood should promote America First instead of catering to Red China.

ITEM 12: Just the News reported, "Google is in the process of planning a fiber-optic network that will, for the first time, connect Israel to Saudi Arabia through internet traffic. The effort is part of a larger project called the Blue Raman, that connects Europe to India.

"The Blue Raman internet cable will run 5,000 miles and potentially cost as much as $400 million. One goal of the project is to circumvent running internet traffic through Egypt, a country that charges a fee to telecommunications companies that connect Europe and India.

"Israel and Saudi Arabia have long been, at least publicly, political and economic adversaries. Despite a number of recent peace deals between Israel and some of its Middle East neighbors, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the small Jewish state have yet to formalize diplomatic relations."

The marriage of Mecca and Jerusalem was presided over by Jared Kushner.

ITEM 13: CNBC reported, "Thanksgiving is usually a $250 million box office haul. This weekend it will be hard to reach $20 million."

I have watched the movie trailers.

$20 million is a stretch.

Pandemic panic aside, what we call Hollywood is Loserville these days.

How bad is it?

It makes me wish J.K. Rowlings wrote another Harry Potter movie.

ITEM 14Reuters reported, "Americans defied pleas from state and local officials to stay home for the Thanksgiving holiday in the face of the surging corona virus pandemic, triggering fresh warnings from health officials with the release of vaccines still weeks away."

Well, the governors also are ignoring the orders, so why shouldn't we?

And who the hell are governors to order us, anyway?

ITEM 15Scott McClallen reported, "Minneapolis residents have standing to sue the city over an alleged police staffing violation, Hennepin County District Court Judge Jamie Anderson has ruled. 

"Anderson’s order rejected the city of Minneapolis’ attempt to throw out the lawsuit because the city said residents lacked standing to sue.

"Anderson said he didn’t have enough information yet to decide on the outcome sought by plaintiffs.

"Still, Anderson cited McKee v. Likins, in which the Minnesota Supreme Court held that 'taxpayers are legitimately concerned with the performance by public officers of their public duties. Accordingly ... a taxpayer suing as a taxpayer has standing to challenge administrative action which allegedly is rule-making adopted without compliance with the statutory notice requirements.'

"Eight Minneapolis residents sued the City Council and Mayor Jacob Frey in August, arguing they violated the charter requirement to staff roughly 743 officers for the 425,000-person city."

Defunding the police is going to prove to be quite expensive.

Republicans need to organize a citywide campaign with a full slate of council candidates to go with a mayoral candidate who doesn't screw sheep. The slogan is simple: Save Minneapolis.

ITEM 16: Armin Rosen wrote, "An in-depth look at how The Drudge Report changed over the past few years finds it may have become a conduit for ad fraud and some think Drudge left in 2017."


I mean we all know he sold out and all, but ad fraud?

That's a new angle.

The story said, "On Oct. 19 of this year, the top line of Drudge included a link to a plagiarized New York Times story hosted on an obscure website called A Dnyuz link led the entire site on Oct. 21. There were multiple Dnyuz stories somewhere on the page for much of October, which is the kind of prime election-season Drudge placement editors might once have traded their expense accounts for — at least back in the days when editors had expense accounts and Drudge was seen as the kingmaker behind the entire American political information ecosystem.

"According to a May article in Buzzfeed, Dnyuz is an Armenia-based website that rips off articles from American news outlets without permission. Buzzfeed reported that Google kicked Dnyuz off of its advertising network but did not suspect any business relationship between Drudge and Dnyuz."

The article then went into how Drudge possibly profits off these links.

Now then, the free press is the free press in America. You can call the president Hitler. You can call his daughter the C-word on national TV. But you cannot bilk advertisers. The feds will crack down on that one.

ITEM 17Brian Stelter of CNN wrote, "Fox News staffers thought Newsmax was a joke. But they're not laughing anymore."

How so?

Fox still has 5 times the audience.

But it once had 50 times the audience.

Pre-election, it averaged 34,000 viewers. Fox flipped off its viewers.

Mister Potato Head wrote, "Greg Kelly, the 7 p.m. host on Newsmax, was the biggest beneficiary: His show averaged 80,000 viewers in the run-up to election day and topped 800,000 on the first weekday after Biden was projected as president-elect."

Funny thing about television. You can always change stations.

FINALLY, Happy Thanksgiving.

You are not just eating turkey this year. You also are sending a middle-digit message to The Man.

And don't forget to thank The Man Upstairs as well.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Don. You, sir, are a gentleman and the highest quality professional scribe. Health and Happiness.

  2. Lord, I give thanks for Don Surber.

  3. I enjoy reading Don Surber in the morning! As for item 10, a new version of the canoe accident?

  4. Your columns are one of the biggest things that I'm grateful for. I wish you and your family a very blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. 2 - Nigerian Playboy acting like pro athlete.

    4 - that’s the pot calling the kettle mulatto. A large number of democrat voters are one issue voters - pro abortion.

    11 - hunting deer with an unloaded .22? Even if the .22 was loaded, come on, man. Was the hunter named Elmer Fudd?

    FINALLY - Happy thanksgiving to Don and all of his readers.

    1. Still, it’s funny as hell. Kudos Mr. Lardmaster, bang up job.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. The Hunter was Biden's son. Unloaded rifle. Fully loaded lap top. Which will be released, leaked, to the media any day now. Trump is just biding his time for the most effective moment.

    4. A 22 magnum, .223, 22-250, 22-3000 are all 22 caliber, I don't think you want to be shot with any of them.

  7. I am quite thankful for your cheerful voice, Big D, as well as for VSG PDJT, GEOTUS. (Peace be upon you both!)

  8. ITEM 13: CNBC reported, "Thanksgiving is usually a $250 million box office haul. This weekend it will be hard to reach $20 million."

    There are movies still being made? There are theaters still open? Where are these theaters, because they aren’t any where I live.

  9. FINALLY, Happy Thanksgiving. You are not just eating turkey this year. You also are sending a middle-digit message to The Man.

    Ahhh, Thanksgiving in the time of COVID.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Don and God bless you and your family.

  11. Item 17 - Fox News has apparently adopted the Romney/McCain strategy of pandering to those who hate you and wish you dead, hoping those thoughts will change while at the same time dumping on long time, loyal supporters, hoping they will remain supporters. Epic fail!! This is corporate suicide. NewsMax up, Fox down.....

  12. 10 bambi's got a gun. Thumper what's that noise? Man is in the woods bambi.

  13. Don. Thank you for being a rock of optimism in a sea of insanity. Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. #3: Barnes' "What Are the Odds?" along with Rich Baris' "Inside the Numbers" on YouTube are the ONLY source of information I trust anymore regarding the election. Everything else is either ignorant noise or straight up BS.
    #8: Jacob Frey? Ah yes, he's the soy boy last seen being whipped like a dog by Antifa despite kneeling with his BLM mask. What a little bitch. You know what? Minneapolis deserves everything it gets.
    #15. It will be a cold day in Hades before a let anyone inject anything in me over a "pandemic" that ended six freaking months ago. ESPECIALLY a vaccine approved by the FDA.

  15. A peaceful contemplative hopeful day to all! Cheers to Don S especially.

  16. And the courts seem to be coming around on the election fraud. It indeed seems to be a day to give thanks.

  17. Item 10: And I thought losing my guns in a tragic boating accident was bad...

  18. I'm a quiet reader, but I'll crawl out of the woodwork today to wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.

  19. Item #10
    What? A .22 rifle? Did he plan to club the animal?

    A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all of my Surber Siblings!

    "16 Let the message about the Messiah dwell richly among you, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, and singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, with GRATITUDE in your hearts to God."
    Colossians 3:16. HCSB

    1. Hunting chipmunks. Elusive little critters, too.

  20. Late last night per Sidney Powell the Kraken was released in Georgia.

  21. > George Walker Bush had his moments.

    Appointing John Roberts was not one of them.

    1. I give thanks every day that PDJT and ACB make John McCain Roberts irrelevant.

      Bob in MA

    2. I voted for Bush twice but despise him now. He never said a word during the horrible 8 years of Obama but hates Trump.

    3. I'm with you, M Kelly. A guaranteed way to get a look of disgust on my face is when I see photos of that beneficiary of nepotism and panderer to all.

  22. Item 17: funny thing about American Television, you can always change the channel. FIFY (In some places around the world radios are untunable and regestered and TV stations... uh... um...Nevermind. Have a Bessed and Thoughtful Thanksgiving everyone.

  23. #3) The Amistad Project, part of the non-profit, non-partisan Thomas More Society, gets hardly any coverage.  This project was investigating the possible election fraud for over a year before the election and filed suits about the problems they saw coming in the swing states during the election.  The suits were thrown out because no harm, at that time, had been done.  They are working with the Trump team and gave them a leg up on the fraud.

    #7)  I laughed at the Left on the SCOTUS nomination uproar.  After John Adams LOST the election to Thomas Jefferson, Adams appointed John Marshal as SCOTUS Chief Justice.

  24. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Having all the kids and grandkids over. Have to wear masks because I’m going to be starting radiation treatment for post operative cancer after having my prostrate removed. However, hearing about the victory in SCOTUS against Cuomo just makes my day.

  25. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Having all the kids and grandkids over. Have to wear masks because I’m going to be starting radiation treatment for post operative cancer after having my prostrate removed. However, hearing about the victory in SCOTUS against Cuomo just makes my day.

  26. ITEM 13: CNBC reported, "Thanksgiving is usually a $250 million box office haul. This weekend it will be hard to reach $20 million." There are new movies out? Why was I not informed? Ohhhh, yeah, I gave up on newspapers and TV. I am soooooooooooo mellow, now. The only movies I watch are on TCM. The nearest theaters are 45 minutes away

    ITEM 13: CNBC reported, "Thanksgiving is usually a $250 million box office haul. This weekend it will be hard to reach $20 million." The STUPID was STRONG in these ones. (Couldn't happen to nicer folks, but then, these aren't nice folks.)

    Happy Turkey Day, Don, and all your other readers!

  27. Trump has thrown in the towel or he wouldn't have pardoned Flynn. The US no longer exists, we are now living in a cynical farce. In extraordinary times extraordinary things happen. Now we are waiting to see if the legacy of the Founding Fathers has truly been destroyed by demoralization, or if the soapboxes will transform into ramparts.

    1. I don't think your first sentence follows. Consider, for example, his pardon of Rubashkin in 2017; obviously that wasn't because he feared leaving office soon. No, it's just that he's decided it's high time to correct that miscarriage (actually, better termed an abortion or a murder) of justice.

  28. Happy Thanksgiving. May it be blessed.

  29. They hunt deer with a .22 in Czech Republic? Interesting

    1. Typo. They aim 22 rifles at the deer (and still miss).

  30. Happy Thanksgiving, Big D! Already had the local flock of wild turkeys pass through the yard this morning to pass on good wishes.

    Re: The Czech deer rifle... I suspect that that's a journalistic malapropism of some sort - you know, "Oh, a rifle, must be a .22 like my kid brother had when we were kids." And deer are weird over there too.

    And, yes, late night gift as Sidney Powell finally released the Kraken in both GA and MI. Long time in coming, but it's as epic as she promised and then some.

    She's a good attorney; I've worked with a lot of good attorneys over the years, and one characteristic of all the good ones is that they are meticulous about the meaningful details. Even in a civil action it's the plaintiff's burden - but a good attorney knows that if you can make the case very strong and fact-based, it's like marching into enemy territory and building a fortress... you basically shift the burden onto the respondent, forcing THEM to have to prove that your evidence is wrong... in other words, make THEM attack the entrenched position.

    (It's also a matter here of doing it super-right since this template will be used in other states... perhaps even in states not on our minds right now, since this fraud was NATIONAL in scope.)

    The bad guys miscalculated BADLY about how We The People would react to this. Make them pay. Dearly. So that among other things, it will be another 250 years before anyone even THINKS about trying to pull a stunt like this again...

  31. Happy Thanksgiving to our esteemed host, the incomparable Don Surber; and to all his family, and to all his readers.

    May God bless us everyone, and may President Donald John Trump continue his blessed efforts to Make America Great Again over the next fourth four years!

    Now, pass the gravy and the cranberry sauce!

  32. "How bad is it? It makes me wish J.K. Rowlings wrote another Harry Potter movie."

    I had no idea things were so dire.
    Happy TG, blessings upon Don and wife, Godspeed Sidney!

  33. Item 8: I'm going to let you guys test the vaccine first. Please report back if you grow two heads or suddenly start thinking Pelosi is cute.

  34. Turkey w Krakenberry jelly. Happy Thanksgiving Mr Surber

  35. y'know Don, I used to read your musings when I was directed to them by some other website such as Lucianne or Sundance...then I realized: "why not go straight to the source first thing each morning?" And, so, my life has not been the same since.


  36. 13. My cousin lives in Billings, MT. She is convinced that one of their 2 theater multiplexes will never re-open.

    1. Here in NorCal, I'm seeing a sprinkling of For Lease signs as small businesses shut down.
      I'm expecting lots more as we enter '21.

      Then the Left will say "Well, darn it! We gave Capitalism a try and it just doesn't work. Time to shift over to Socialism, comrade!
      Or else."

  37. 14: That last line really is the point, isn't it?

  38. FINALLY: Thanks to The Man in DC for being a fighter and for all those great Americans to came to help.

    And to the Airborne Ranger in the Sky for sending them to us.

  39. Happy Thanksgiving to The Don and the legion of readers who appreciate his noble efforts. Turkey is finished cooking, large butt on the Treager, and fixing to have 16 people under one roof. That's my middle finger.

  40. ITEM 12 - Until the Abraham Accords, even Trump supporters were dismissing Jared Kushner as a lightweight. He who has the last laugh, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    FINALLY - Happy Thanksgiving to you Don. 2020 may have been a lousy year up to now, but at least I discovered your website, and for that, I am ever grateful.

  41. Item 15: Vaccine

    Best Ever Layoff Letter.
    Dear Employees: As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Joe Biden is our President and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way. To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%.But, since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead. This has really been bothering me since I believe we are family here and I didn't know how to choose who would have to go.So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lots and found sixty 'Biden Harris' bumper stickers on our employees' cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go. I can't think of a more, fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change ... I gave it to them. I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic.

  42. Thank you Don for all you do and being you.
    Thank you GOD for blessing us with Don Surber and Donald Trump. Please keep them both safe and secure in your service. Humiliate those who seek to enslave your people.

  43. In addition to ITEM 1. (which freed Sidney to work on the Kraken without having to deal with the rogue Judge Emmitt and his idiotic distractions), I'd like to add two more actions by Trump that shows he will serve a second term:

    Oh noes! Trump removed a number of longstanding foreign policy experts and national security establishment figures. Translation, Trump is cleaning his administration of Deep State traitors, and getting his cabinet set for a wildly successful second term. the hilarious hyperbole from CNN is priceless. And the panic is bubbling up.

    Last, there is this from the reliably leftist rag Newsweek:

    "Betting markets are still pricing Donald Trump as having a chance of holding onto the presidency, despite Joe Biden having already passed the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the 2020 election."

    More hysterical gaslighting. If those betters are still pricing Trump as having a chance, certainly they don't agree that Slow Joe has passed the 270 EC votes. Can you smell the fear?

  44. "That's the guy I wired $3,000 to." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was wondering why that $3K landed in my checking account. Now I know.

    Happy Thanksgiving to ou, Mr. Surber, a true American patriot. WE WILL PERSEVERE.

  45. If president trump loses this election, we will wake up on January 21st to a completely different country, unrecognizable to us all.