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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president. He does not sniff little girls. He prefers real women.

ITEM 1: Breitbart News reported, "The Villa Villa Cafe and Bar in Hong Kong published a photo of a custom cake it baked for a customer this week depicting American presidential candidate Joe Biden sniffing the hair of a distressed cartoon girl drawn in the Japanese anime style.

"The Asian outlet Coconuts, which highlighted the bizarre cake order, described the image of Biden as one of 'a handsy pedophile.' Though there is no evidence Biden is a pedophile, he has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women and has a reputation for being overly affectionate, even with children."

How quaint. The American media thinks it still can suppress information. The whole wide world knows what Biden is.

ITEM 2: Zero Hedge reported, "White House corona virus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said during an interview this week with the NYT that convincing skeptics to take a COVID vaccine is a matter of paramount importance to safeguard the public health."

Fauci said, "Despite a quarter million deaths, despite more than 11 million infections, despite 150,000 new infections a day, they don’t believe it’s real. That is a real problem."

If only we had a competent medical doctor in charge of the anti-covid 19 effort, then fewer people would have died.

Instead, we put in charge a career bureaucrat who Fauci-ed it up.

ITEM 3: Daisy Luther reported, "After years of being censored on Facebook and Twitter, conservatives, libertarians, and other fans of free speech are making a mass exodus to new platforms. One that has really taken off since the election is Parler, which has been the most downloaded app in the country over the past two weeks.

"Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media and left-wing extremists are outraged. How dare the people who have been censored, de-platformed, and shut down on their social media sites move to a site that promises not to treat them like pariahs? (By the way, you can find me on Parler here: @daisyluther ) They go as far as to say it’s a threat to democracy because libertarians and conservatives get to post.

"I mean, seriously, we can’t be letting conservatives and libertarians post their opinions all willy-nilly, right? What will happen without the fact-checkers?" 

Terrorists have more rights than we do.

ITEM 4: Debra Heine reported, "Dominion Voting Systems Thursday night abruptly backed out of attending a fact-finding hearing that was set for Friday morning with the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee."

There is no evidence of fraud. Just as Cucker Tarlson said, right?

ITEM 5: Bloomberg reported, "Canada has deals in place to purchase more than 100 new freezers to help store incoming covid 19 vaccines from Pfizer Inc. and Moderna Inc., according to the country's procurement ministry. 

"A spokesperson for Public Services and Procurement Canada told BNN Bloomberg in an email that it has awarded two contracts to purchase freezers from Panasonic and Thermal Scientific ahead of obtaining specialized covid 19 vaccines that need to be kept well below freezing before being injected. 

"The ministry, which is in charge of securing supplies to ensure every Canadian can receive a covid 19 vaccine as well as awarding contracts to companies tasked with handling distribution, said it purchased 26 freezers capable of storing items at -80 degrees Celsius and 100 freezers at -20 degrees Celsius."

80 below?

That's cold even by Canadian standards.

ITEM 6: USA Today reported, "Tucker Carlson gives 'update' after segment on Sidney Powell, voter fraud draws backlash."

The story was listed under celebrities.

ITEM 7: reported, "Gov. Phil Murphy on Friday continued to say all options are on the table when it comes to fighting the second wave of the corona virus pandemic in New Jersey — but he also suggested it’s irresponsible to close indoor dining or nonessential retail stores without more federal aid. 

"The Democrat governor took aim at a favorite target, Republican U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, as federal lawmakers in Washington remain deadlocked over a new stimulus package. Democrats want a $2.2 trillion bill, while Republicans prefer $500 billion with no aid to state and local government."

Has the Democrat governor considered cutting the state government's spending like every restaurant and store has had to because of his failed lockdowns?

ITEM 8: NBC reported, "Man who kidnapped, raped, buried Texas teen alive is executed."


Finally the truth is in a mainstream headline.

The gang-rape and murder were 26 years ago. For 17 years Clinton, Bush II, and Obama refused to do their job and have the condemned killed.

ITEM 9: The New York Post reported, "And the Emmy for Best Acting as a Sitting Governor goes to … Gov. Andrew Cuomo — who’s been blamed for letting the deadly corona virus run rampant in New York’s nursing homes — is set to receive an International Emmy award for his daily TV briefings about the disease. 

"But it won’t be for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Real-Life Drama. Instead, Cuomo will be recognized for his 'effective use of television during the pandemic,' the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced Friday."

Buried all those grannies. Should have won a Grammy.

ITEM 10: Trending Politics reported, "Toward the end of her Friday press briefing, Kayleigh McEnany triggered a room full of screaming liberal journalists with a phrase that is spreading across Twitter like wildfire. As she wrapped up her briefing, the reporters started literally screaming at her. In response, McEnany simply leaned into the microphone and said 'I don't call on activists.'"

Then she called 9-1-1 to help attend all her burn victims.

ITEM 11: Fox Business reported, "The Trump administration on Friday announced three measures designed to cut prescription drug prices – with a particular focus on seniors – pursuant to executive orders signed earlier this year."

This will save consumers billions.

The press nattered on about McEnany calling them activists.

Well, they certainly are not factivists.

ITEM 12: Just the News reported, "The national conservative legal group Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society on Friday announced that it will file federal and state lawsuits challenging the presidential election results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona, the group has announced.

"The Trump campaign is joining with the Amistad Project on the lawsuits on a case-by-case basis, said Rudy Giuliani, who is leading the campaign’s legal efforts, the group also says."

We have not yet begun to fight!

ITEM 13: Just the News reported, "The Georgia Secretary of State issued a correction Friday afternoon, saying this state is still completing the certification process, despite an earlier announcement that the state had certified an electoral victory for Joe Biden."

They don't know what they are doing, do they?

ITEM 14: CNS News reported, "President Barack Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday and joked in response to a humorous question from the host that, if necessary, the Navy Seals could be sent into the White House to remove President Donald Trump.

"'Well, I think we can always send the Navy Seals in there to dig him out,' said a jocular Obama."

So now President Trump is Osama bin Laden.

ITEM 15: Live Science reported, "Physicists built an 'anti-laser' to charge your phone from across a room."

The story said, "Just like a laser emits light particles, or photons, one after another in a neat and orderly row, an anti-laser sucks up photons one after another in reverse order. Researchers have long speculated that a device like this might make wires and charging cables a thing of the past, allowing people to beam energy invisibly across a room to a laptop or phone and power it without plugging it in. 

"But though basic anti-lasers have been tested before, the real world isn't as neat and orderly as a laser pointed at a fixed receiver in a laboratory. Electronics move around, objects get in the way, walls reflect energy in unexpected ways. The new anti-laser demonstrated in this experiment accounts for all that, and it receives scattered energy beamed around a space in an unpredictable pattern — still receiving 99.996% of the sent power."

Wow. Those physicists are too lazy to cross the room to charge a laptop.

ITEM 16: The Telegraph reported, "A Brazilian bikini model has joked that she is going to heaven after a photograph of her in a skimpy schoolgirl outfit was liked by the official Instagram account of Pope Francis.

"The Vatican has launched an investigation into how the papal Instagram account, Franciscus, ended up liking the risqué image of Natalia Garibotto."


No, it is Franky-panky.

ITEM 17: The Japan Times reported, "Officials in Takikawa, Hokkaido, installed a Monster Wolf near a residential neighborhood after wild bears became a nuisance, increasing the risk of deadly encounters with humans."

The story said, "With fake fur, bared fangs and flashing red eyes, the wolf turns its head from side to side and makes howling, screeching sounds when its motion detectors are triggered. The screech can travel about a kilometer, and it comes in more than 60 varieties, including a dog’s bark, a hunter’s voice and gunshots."

It also keeps deer and monkeys away.

Forget the Bentley.

I want a Monster Wolf now.

FINALLY, the Washington Post whined, "As Democrats fume, the Trump appointee who can start the Biden transition is in no hurry."

It has been 3 years, 10 months and 1 day. When does Donald Trump get his peaceful transfer of power?


  1. item 17 Get a Couple and turn your home into a no activist zone. (Forgive me Bill)

  2. ITEM 4: In other words, the Cucker doubles down. He did not correct his lies. He has made his choice. Further, I did hear in one of the many interviews Sidney Powell gave yesterday, that she emphatically stated when she offers proof of the voter switching, and other shenanigans by the Dominion/Smartmatic systems, she will NOT offer it on Cucker's show. Good thing, as now, people should know to ditch Cucker Tarlson.

    ITEM 13: "They don't know what they are doing, do they?"

    I wouldn't say that. The Georgia officials are trying to figure out which side they are on. If they certify an election that is filled with fraud, and they KNEW it was fraudulent, which they absolutely do, they WILL go to jail, as that is a crime. When Trump's team exposes the evidence, that might convince them to get off of Team Slow Joe. Trump is giving them the chance to do the right thing. We shall see.

    FINALLY: This appointee has seen the evidence. He has made his choice.

  3. 2 - dr. Fauxci, we believe Covid exists. We don’t believe it is the reincarnation of the bubonic plague. Just another flu.

    9 - outrageous. Shows once again how worthless hollywood is.

    13 - Georgia’s republican SOS must be compromised.

    1. 13 - Georgia’s republican SOS must be compromised.

      According to Sidney in an interview yesterday, she stated both the Governor and SOS rushed the Dominion contract for vote machines in 2019. And that they got kickbacks from the company. So, yes, the SOS is compromised. He still has a chance to do the right thing. If he sees the evidence presented by Trumps team is solid, and it is, he may decide to cut his loses, and not certify a fraudulent election in Georgia, thereby adding even more to his corruption.

      This is much like the Equalizer movies where Denzel Washington's character allows the perpetrators to do the right thing before he delivers justice; brutal justice. Trump is the Equalizer.

    2. We need to burn Atlanta to the ground. Again.

    3. No disagreement here.

      Truthfully, all Georgia needs is a Governor like Florida's DeSantis. His first job when he came in, was to clean up the cesspool of voter fraud, Broward County. Now, Florida's elections run much smoother, with much, much less fraud.

    4. As a Georgian, in our defense, it was either him or Stacey Abrams. In other words, we had to choose between dishonest and batcrap crazy...

    5. The Documentary ‘Kill Chain’ now airing on left wing HBO, ironically and in detail, outs the left in their duplicitous ways of stealing elections through voter fraud.

      They take a deep look into Dominion and ES&S attempting to paint Governor Brian Kemp’s election as fraud.

      Listening to what L. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have said about Georgia, it’s appearing that Kemp out-cheated Stacy Abrams!

      My god what this country has become!

    6. A country full of fraud, Rock. Fraud in the medical system (see the ridiculous Kung Flu response as just one example). Fraud in nutrition with the diet recommendations that caused overweight and diabetes. Fraud in the media and entertainment. Fraud in our monetary system (see the housing crisis). And now fraud in our election system to a level only seen in Venezuela and other turd world countries, where the highest bidder to the fraud system gets the win. This is what happens to civilizations like ours, when it becomes so rich; fraud and corruption in chasing money and power. And with the left politicizing everything, that amplifies the urge to use fraud.

      Fortunately, I see patriots, guided by the spirit, stepping up, speaking out, and taking action, just at what happened during this country's revolution. Patriots like Powell, Giuliani, L Wood, etc. And it all began, because just like in Venezuela, we the people fought back in the only way we know how; by voting in massive numbers. First, in 2010 with the Tea Party. Then, in 2016 with Trump. And again, with even more votes, in 2020 with Trump.

      Looking back on 2016, knowing that Hitlary did have this same vote fraud scheme in place (Slow Joe told us), it is a miracle Trump won. It shows that again, he most likely won a Trumpslide, that was so big, it screwed up Hitlary's algorithm to the point that it did not produce enough fraud to overcome the massive votes of we the people. It also explains why she didn't campaign in those swing states; she was told she didn't need to, as the fraud would produce her win (again, Slow Joe did the same). And, why she was so angry and upset, much like Stacy Abrams was when she learned she had lost to Kemp, who likely paid enough to Dominion, to beat her in a last minute fraud-off.

      We were on the verge of living in fraud, 24-7, with elections only appearing as legit, much as Venezuela is now. And, they were going to use the frauds of the Kung Flu, and Climate Change to control us even more.

  4. Wow, Kayleigh has guts. Kudos to her Mom and Dad...

    1. Yep. One characteristic about the women who choose to work for Trump, they are truly empowered in ways the feminazies wished they were. They never cower to Trump or any man in the Trump organization after they are insulted by the left, which happens at every press briefing. Instead, they dish it out better than they receive. Those leftist beta males and feminist women "journalists", never know what hit them.

  5. Cake: the character is the victim of sexual abuse by her step-brother in story.

    The article didn't mention Ashley Biden writing in her diary about inappropriate showers with Joe or hazy recollections of abuse. We do know that she is a broken human being.

    1. All the Biden's are broken human beings.

    2. Broken? Yes, but they are not hardly human.

  6. ITEM 9: The New York Post reported, "And the Emmy for Best Acting as a Sitting Governor goes to … Gov. Andrew Cuomo — who’s been blamed for letting the deadly corona virus run rampant in New York’s nursing homes — is set to receive an International Emmy award for his daily TV briefings about the disease.

    "But it won’t be for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Real-Life Drama. Instead, Cuomo will be recognized for his 'effective use of television during the pandemic,' the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced Friday."
    THANK YOU, DON, for the FIRST LAUGH of my day!!
    Item 10 is the second laugh!
    Item 16 is the third! Franky-pranky, indeed!!

  7. I heard El Sid on Larry O’Connor’s show yesterday on WMAL while the wife and I were waiting on Thai Finn takeout. The thing she said that I found most compelling was about the stoppage of counting in those infamous states in the wee hours of the morning. She said that the Trump numbers were so YUGE that the Deep Staters realized he would beat the fraud margin Dominion had already built in the systems. So they had to retrofit an even BIGGER fake algo. Which is why we saw those ridiculous chunks of Biden votes - tens of thousands with nary a one for Mr. T - start appearing around 4 AM...

    I mean, this shite is BREATHTAKING even for a cynical old fart like me. It’s mind blowing. It’s...AUDACIOUS. The Audacity of It. Right, Barry?

    1. We all need to give ourselves a pat on the back (seriously!). By turning out in such massive MAGA numbers, we badly disrupted their whole plan - and their panic has led to trails all over the place to follow.

      The Kraken is hungry.

    2. Why not be audacious? Democrats never go to jail.

    3. Yep Snowgander. Trump set the trap. And he worked hard with all the rallies he held, to drum up his support to vote. And vote we did. So massively, he most likely received over 400 Electoral votes; thus producing a Trumpslide.

      Those numbers are what cause the sloppiness which exposed the fraud. Just as Sidney stated. I stated this last week, but even I was stunned by the massive amount of fraud required to push the corrupt Biden over the cheating line. And by the way, anyone who thinks this fraud will go unpunished, does not know Trump and his team of Patriots, like Giuliani, Powell, etc. Thanks to this fraud, when it is exposed, it will anger most Americans to the point Trump will have a mandate to fix this. THE FRAUDSTERS ARE SCREWED!

      So, Like Snow posts, give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back, as each of us contributed to the exposure of this fraud by Trump, in our own way.

      A truly wonderful time to be alive. During this historic time.

  8. Saw the Pope once in a stadium. Has to sit way up in the back by myself. Otherwise known as the Bob Eukerist seats.

    1. I saw what you did there. Excellent

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I saw what you did there. Excellent

    4. I saw what you did there. Excellent

  9. Saw the Pope once in a stadium. Has to sit way up in the back by myself. Otherwise known as the Bob Eukerist seats.

    1. Too bad you couldn't turn the stadium inside-out :-)

  10. #6 “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.”

  11. ITEM 9: "Buried all those grannies. Should have won a Grammy."

    Is... is that actually a callback to Steve Martin's "King Tut"?!?

  12. #17: you want wolves here in NE Oregon we got wolves how many?
    Six pack? Twelve pack. Throw in a Bull Rocky Mountain elk for their dinner-as we aren't getting any. Ditto Deer unless i pop one out on the street.
    Wife's doing great New Hospice outfit Nurse is a friend of ours from Home Health.She picked up on her Autism right away abd got her to respond nicely..The Covid virus is fading out here. no new infections but it can go up and down,NO new deaths. either...

  13. Item #16 - Franky-panky! good one. A Brazilian Model sounds like a lot of models!!!

  14. What I liked was that almost every story about this named his victim but didn't bother to name him.
    Thank GOD and chemistry he's gone.

  15. Regarding #1 - I am a (rare) conservative social worker. As I read about the trash that was found on Hunter Biden's computer and the indication of offenses with underage girls, I suddenly had a sinking feeling that his behavior was likely learned. Frequently, a sexual predator has learned the behavior from someone close to them. An honest investigation might uncover that he learned it from his father. These people need to be kept out of our White House.

  16. "Those physicists are too lazy to cross the room to charge a laptop."

    The mark of a true journalist is to see into the heart of a story.

    1. #15 I don’t care how lazy the physicists are I WANT one. Decades of dragging that fat heavy electrical cord around the job site and dreaming of a cordless energy. Maybe the idea of jumping out an airplane without a parachute—but with a power cord, it will hang up on something before you hit the ground will one day be over

  17. 2: How dare those peasants not believe me?

    14: Zippy was never known for his wit.

  18. Item #5. -80C freezers are quite common in the medical field. Our hospital has them in blood bank and pathology. Yes, they are a serious piece of machinery, much colder than other freezers, and no doubt much more expensive. Not surprised that many pharmacies are scrambling to get one.

    1. Dunno why they didn't just ask Nasty Pelosi, she's got plenty of freezers!

      They might have to move a lot of chocolate ice-cream, tho.

  19. #11: The Trump people are definitely drawing a line in the sand. You are either with us or against us. They are deliberately provoking the journalist activists to either report the truth or continue to lie. No going back on this.
    #15: And I am too lazy to get up to change the TV channel.

    1. Shucks, I can beat that! I'm too lazy to have a TV!

    2. I had a landlord try to give me a TV one time. I turned him down: "It would just take up space and I'd never turn it on." The only reason we have one now is because my wife likes to watch movies. No cable, no satellite, just an internet connection to the blu-ray player.

  20. 1. Imagine what the cake would look like if they could depict senile or idiot in pictures.

  21. It’s as simple as this.

    President Trump has many times proclaimed “we caught them all.”
    No doubt with the access to intelligence and intelligence gatherers like Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Chris Miller. He most definitely has.

    The cabal, all the way up to Vice President sniffy and our first gay president KNOW that HE knows.

    So at what point does anyone think they would just admit to treason and what...? Ask for forgiveness?

    They’re all in. They had no other option.

    If Trump got 100 million votes they would have reported 105 million. If he got 125 million they would have reported 130 million. Get it now?

    The disgusting thing is how many republicans are in on it as is the so called conservative media.

    Godspeed to Sydney Powell, L. Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani and their team.

    Pray for those Electors and canvassers that are standing in the gap. They’re lives and those of their friends and family members are likely in peril.

    1. Spot on Rock. As Don stated Sundance stated: "We are not alone!" If you know the above, others are finding out, or now know it. Once the 80 million (and counting) all know it, there is no turning back. There is no amount of gaslighting that the media can do to turn the truth back. The election officials who certify the fraud will go to jail. They will not win. And, they have no where to go. They face either jail, or death. Don't matter to me, because they EARNED both.

  22. Sidney Powell was not speaking to us when she told those Electors and canvassers: "If you certify this fraudulent election, you are complicit in a federal felony." They will be held accountable.

  23. 3. It's the Stalinist "opposition to the State is a mental illness" thing. It's that meme with Obama as Louis XVII saying, "You should be thanking me."

    10. Not "Activists". Democratic Party Propagandist
    of the Press.

    11. No, they're Democratic Party Propagandists of the Press. DPPP. Dippies for short.

    15. Every human progress is the result of a lazy engineer trying to do something easier.

    16. Is the Pope Catholic? ...
    Gimme time. I'm thinking.

    Finally: They are promising to not make his transition to civilian life peaceful, either. Sun Tzu cautioned against trapping an enemy. They will fight more if they have no way out.

  24. ITEM 8: When Caryl Chessman managed to survive on death row for 12 years, from 1948 to 1960, it was considered extraordinary. Today, 12 years on death row is just getting started. Glad to see that DJT and Barr have fired up the death chamber again.