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Friday, November 20, 2020

Highlights of the News

In May, NBC said it would take a miracle to get a corona virus vaccine by year's end. President Donald John Trump got us two -- with six weeks left in the year.

ITEM 1: The Associated Press reported, "The Arizona Republican Party is pressuring county officials statewide to delay certifying their election results despite no evidence of legitimate questions about the vote count that shows Democratic President-elect Joe Biden won the state.

"The GOP also is seeking a court order to postpone the certification in Maricopa County — the state’s largest by population — that’s expected Thursday or Friday before a Nov. 23 deadline.

"In northwestern Arizona, Mohave County officials postponed their certification until Nov. 23, while other counties press ahead."

The truth shines on despite the AP.

ITEM 2: CNN reported, "President Donald Trump has invited Republican state lawmakers from Michigan to the White House on Friday, according to a person familiar with the matter, as the President and his legal team are mounting an effort to overturn the results of the election he lost to President-elect Joe Biden.

"Trump also called the two Republican canvass board members from Wayne County to offer his support, the person said, after they went back and forth on voting to certify the election results from the state's largest county, which includes Detroit. The board members filed affidavits Wednesday seeking to rescind their votes to certify the election result.

"Trump extended the invitation on Thursday morning to the Michigan lawmakers by calling the state senate's Republican majority leader, the person familiar said."

It ain't over. We waited in 2000 until December 15.

ITEM 3: Bloomberg reported, "The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit targeting Nevada’s six presidential electors, who are planning to cast their votes for President-elect Joe Biden, including one woman who claims she’s a homeless military veteran."

The evidence of systemic voter fraud by Democrats mounts.

ITEM 4: The Associated Press reported, " A second Georgia county has uncovered a trove of votes not previously included in election results, but the additional votes won’t change the overall outcome of the presidential race, the secretary of state’s office said Tuesday.

"A memory card that hadn’t been uploaded in Fayette County, just south of Atlanta, was discovered during a hand tally of the votes in the presidential race that stems from part of a legally mandated audit to ensure the new election machines counted the votes accurately, said Gabriel Sterling, a top official in the secretary of state’s office.

"The memory card’s 2,755 votes are not enough to flip the lead in the state from Democrat Joe Biden to Republican President Donald Trump. The breakdown of the uncounted ballots was 1,577 for Trump, 1,128 for Biden, 43 for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen and seven write-ins, Sterling said."

AP can throw shade on the truth all it wants. The truth is emerging without or with the American press.

ITEM 5: Reuters reported, "President Donald Trump’s election campaign on Wednesday asked a judge to declare him the winner in Pennsylvania, saying the state’s Republican-controlled legislature should select the electors that will cast votes in the U.S. Electoral College system."


If Biden had won, Democrats would not have needed to cheat.

ITEM 6: CNN reported, "The Wisconsin Elections Commission has officially ordered a partial recount of votes in the presidential race after receiving a $3 million payment from the Trump campaign, according to a release from the election commission.

"The commission’s order requires the boards of canvassers in Dane and Milwaukee counties to convene by 9 a.m. CT on Saturday, and to complete the recount by Tuesday, Dec. 1."

The press can pretend Wisconsin went Democrat, but the American press is a bunch of liars who pushed the false Russian Collusion hoax for years -- full well knowing it was a lie.

ITEM 7: John Nolte reported, "Only 50% of likely voters say the 2020 election was not stolen by Democrats, while 47% said it is likely Democrats stole the election."

He cited a Rasmussen poll.

30% of Democrats say their party stole the election.

ITEM 8: Paul Joseph Watson reported, "Top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told government officials in Alberta during a zoom conference call that the current corona virus crisis is 'the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.'

"Hodkinson’s comments were made during a discussion involving the Community and Public Services Committee and the clip was subsequently uploaded to YouTube.

"Noting that he was also an expert in virology, Hodkinson pointed out that his role as CEO of a biotech company that manufactures COVID tests means 'I might know a little bit about all this.'"

He said, "There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians, it’s outrageous, this is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public."

This is how freedom dies. As Benjamin Franklin noted 250 years ago, people who trade liberty for security deserve neither.

ITEM 9: Western Journal reported, "Canada’s elections management body announced Tuesday that it does not use Dominion Voting Systems election software, a heavily scrutinized voting software that has been the subject of many conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

"Elections Canada wanted to assure Canadian voters that they should not have the same concerns Americans have regarding election integrity."

Let us do what Canada does and bring back paper ballots.

ITEM 10: Breitbart reported, "The University of Wisconsin-Madison plans to remove a large rock from campus after students complained that it is a symbol of racism because it was referred to in a local newspaper in 1925 using a word regarded as a racial slur."

Racist rocks.

Meanwhile, having a black student union isn't racist.

ITEM 11: The San Francisco Chronicle reported, "The Bay Area’s first rain of the season is washing away worries of wildfire and drought. But it’s also bringing a new concern: gobs of face masks flooding San Francisco Bay.

"Early season storms typically sweep a slurry of debris from streets and sidewalks into rivers, creeks and bays. This year, the fall flush not only contains the usual gunk, waste experts say, but a whole lot of discarded PPE — or personal protective equipment, the detritus of the pandemic.

"This influx of safety scraps into waterways is tough to quantify. However, the California Coastal Commission offered at least some idea of the volume: The agency said there was so much PPE during this year’s September volunteer coastal cleanup and inventory that it had to create a new category for masks and gloves. The items ranked between plastic cups and beverage lids on the list of the top 15 types of litter."

Poop and used needles weren't mentioned in the story. Why would they? They are actual health hazards.

ITEM 12: The Metro reported, "Netflix’s controversial movie Cuties has been shortlisted for the Oscars 2021 nominations despite backlash and accusations of lewd content. It’s reported that France’s Oscar selection committee has submitted their choice of five films for the international feature film category at the Oscars next year."

It is a shoo in for the Roman Polanski Award.

ITEM 13: Zero Hedge reported, "CDC Director: 'All Schools Should Remain Open.'"

Science has spoken.

Democrats and RINOs once again ignore science.

ITEM 14: Just the News reported, "U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has arrested more than 150 aliens, including many with criminal records, who failed to exit the country voluntarily despite receiving an order of voluntary departure.

"The apprehensions came as part of Operation Broken Promise, an effort to go after aliens who received an order of voluntary departure but did not subsequently leave the country."

Gee, people who wantonly ignored immigration laws broke their promise to self-deport.

What a surprise.

ITEM 15: Just the News reported, "A man who fell off a ladder has been deemed to have died of  covid 19, according to a report. Doctors attributed a Croatian man’s death to the corona virus, according to the Journal of Forensic Pathology."

Are any deaths now not recorded as covid 19?

ITEM 16: Matt McDonald reported, "Finally America is realizing that Andrew Cuomo is a putz."

Coming out against a covid 19 vaccine will do that.

McDonald said, "in the last few days, more New Yorkers have enrolled in Cuomosexual Conversion Therapy."

Cuomosexual. Where have I heard that before? Oh yes.

Usually evil is more subtle than Cuomo, but he is Fredo's dumber brother, isn't he?

ITEM 17: Steven Hayward reported, "Reading the New York Times is kinda fun right now, in a clinical sense. They seem to be having a psychotic break over the election results, since the massive blue wave didn’t happen, and even more worrisome, Trump improved his share of the non-white vote so significantly. And now that the Times is snug and secure in its warm, Upper West Side bubble blanket with the presumption that Agent Orange has been dispatched, you’re starting to see headlines like this in the Times: 'When Trump Was Right and Many Democrats Wrong.'"

Think about it.

They cheated their arses off and barely stopped President Trump, failed to take the Senate, and almost lost the House.

All they have is hate, and that gets old after a while.

ITEM 18: ABC reported, "Hong Kong police arrested three former opposition lawmakers on Wednesday for disrupting legislative meetings several months ago, adding to concerns about a crackdown on the city’s pro-democracy camp.

"Posts on the Facebook accounts of Ted Hui, Eddie Chu and Raymond Chan said they had been arrested over the incidents in the legislature's main chamber. The three separately disrupted meetings by splashing pungent liquids and other items in May and June."

Taiwan is next.

Then America.


  1. A-hem... You forgot "Donald John Trump is still our president."

  2. Some of today's great pull quotes:
    If Biden had won, Democrats would not have needed to cheat.

    Are any deaths now not recorded as COVID 19?

    Finally America is realizing that Andrew Cuomo is a putz.

  3. Related to 13:
    The left likes to throw around 200k+ deaths. Evidently, the overwhelmed nursing homes led to neglect deaths among seniors:

    The article cites 90k seniors died. How many of the unfortunate souls died because
    * infected seniors were sent back to these homes
    * staff had to call in sick because public schools were shut down?
    * hydroxychloroquine was demonized by the media and parts of the medical community? One home in Austin averted disaster through use of HCQ and zpac.

    Plus the 200k is actually deaths over the previous year. They found that Sweden had higher death rates than its neighbors. Much of that could be ascribed to a milder flu season the previous year. The neighboring country already lost some people who were vulnerable.

    The year over year number also very conveniently hides the lockdown deaths from despair, isolation, and deferred medical care. In WI, suicide deaths among minors was up 90%. Some seniors mentally wasted away once visitors stopped coming. By using this sleight of hand, lockdown deaths are implicitly COVID deaths and glosses over attempts at weighing cost benefit.

    1. In Texas the death rate has run less than 2%. Focus remains on the infection rate, not the survival rate. 98% survival rate seems like pretty good odds to me.

    2. My personal physician told me at last month's visit, that he's had 5 patients commit suicide in past few months. Hadn't had one previously in years. Multiply that by how many other physicians throughout the country?!?!?

  4. Mississippi and South Dakota appear to down with secession. The National Mask Mandate is coming, folks, if Figurehead Joe steals the win. Need make sure Rucker and Ken Reed are on board here in Berkeley County, but the vote itself SHOULD be a layup, with enough votes to override if Jumpin Jim spits the bit...

    Use your power, people. Local level.

    1. Our governor made me proud that he spoke out. If the cheaters get their way. I can see the federal government Committing extortion - holding our funds until we comply.

    2. That was the gist of my question to Craig Blair, my State Senator and Chairman of the Budget Committee: What would secession look like from a monetary point of view. He said that approximately 42% (yikes) of total state revenue come from the Feds, although some of it is because of fed programs that have been mandated. Big number. But doable if the alternative is being a slave.

    3. but how much of the 42% is sent in by your state's citizens via federal taxes that would now go to your state coffers?

    4. Good question, but I would see that more as a “changing the TO line” than directing all of it back to DubVee. The assumption is that other states would follow and we would form our own Republic, still needing money for common defense, general welfare, etc.

      But, anyhoo, MSN says WV paid 4.4 bill to the feds in 2019. Fed revenue this year expected to be 5.2 bill.

    5. Mississippi gets more from the feds then we send in. It would be worth losing the money to be FREE.

  5. Can't even see my wife though is still doing ok, but she can't even talk on the phone due to covid restrictions.
    Yet her cousin in Michigan was warehoused by commissar Whitmer in a care facility wit TWO covid patients that were not from the local area.
    BTW our own Gruppenfhurer Kate the Brown is being defied on her Thanksgiving orders.
    Pray for our president...

  6. #3. The evidence of system voter fraud by Democrats mounts.

    We need to start referring to the Dems as engaging in “systemic” voter fraud that needs to be stamped out as a corollary to their fake systemic racist meme.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. A large percentage of the country is oblivious to the cheating of democrats thanks to the LYING media. Everything is a conspiracy theory or has been (erroneously) debunked.

      Was on a call yesterday with some attorneys - all quite brilliant on their legal dealings. Liberal all. They know PDJT lost despite his cheating. One thinks he will commit suicide within a year due to his businesses failing due to massive debt.

      Until the LYING media is crushed, it is a steep uphill climb to convince so many of the truth.

    3. They will have their reward, Schlongy. Their reward.

    4. I guess systematic liar is the new term for serial liar.

    5. I love that phrase "systemic voter fraud"!

    6. How about democrat vote privilege?

  7. 8 - excellent linked article. One of the best quotes - “The doctor also slammed the unreliability of PCR tests, noting that “positive test results do not, underlined in neon, mean a clinical infection,” and that all testing should stop because the false numbers are “driving public hysteria.”

    1. Someone has to be making a ton of money selling the tests.

    2. I read where Elon Musk, who wants to sit in Houston Control for the launch of his space craft, was told he had to take the Kung Flu test. Well, he tested positive: is anyone surprised? So, he decided he wanted another test. But, he had to pay for it, he was told. So, he paid for it. And, another, because the rich like him can afford it. Guess what the results were? If you guessed negatory, you get a cookie. Thus proving, the tests are worthless, and are what is leading to the false surge of Kung Flu cases, and thus feeding the leftist MSM narrative that we must shut down, thereby panicking the public.

      This whole Kung Flu pandemic is a farce. With a less than 2% death rate, WTF is the panic about?

      When Trump wins, something has to be done to clean up the corporate owned leftist MSM. They do not inform; rather they propagandize. That is unacceptable for the survival of our Republic. The polls on the election results show this.

    3. Musk had 4 tests on a single day. 2 came back Positive. 2 came back Negative. The tests are worthless.

  8. 15. chinese virus produced the cure for death by heart disease, accidents, cancer, suicide, etc, etc, etc....

    1. and the Covid vaccine will cure Covid death from motorcycle accident and ladder falls

    2. Who knew the Kung Flu was a miracle disease for cure of all sorts of human ailments?

      Good gawd. The amount of fraud perpetrated on this country is staggering. No wonder the left thought no one would notice or do anything about their massive voter fraud.

    3. Medical and health authorities attribute causes of death to the Kung Flu for the same reason that Willie Sutton robbed banks - because that's where the money is.

  9. Item 17: As I keep saying, I despise, detest, and totally distrust the NYT (and it's little dog WaPoo, too!)

  10. I stopped believing anything from the AP in 2009. A reporter wrote an article analyzing the Bush presidency by the numbers. Among the things he looked at were gas prices, stock market, and unemployment. He then compared start and end numbers, or start and high or low points, or average and end numbers, whichever way produced the poorest showing. It was a classic example of liars figuring or lies, damn lies, and statistics. Clear bias attempting to be hidden as objective.
    I also canceled my newspaper subscription when they published an editorial starting out "If only George Zimmerman hadn't gotten out of his truck". That uses the same thinking about people who are injured or killed by animals. Animals are only doing what animals do. How is it not racist to say the same thing about black people? They can't be held responsible for their behavior the same as animals who bite, gore, or attack people who venture to close to them?

  11. I await the canonization of Trump for accomplishing these two miracles.

  12. BTW, does anyone else find it more than a little disturbing that suddenly O is back in the public eye, all over the place?

    If they make the steal stick, neither one of them is up to the job. Old joe was never the sharpest tool in the shed (by a long shot), and now he is obviously suffering from serious cognitive impairment. Silly kammie came from a VERY privileged background, yet is about as smart as an uncooked pork chop - and would have maxxed out careerwise prosecuting cow-tipping cases in some rural California county it she hadn't, well, willie brown. I wonder at what point (no matter what happens) she'll figure out that she was picked because of her *in*competence.

    So who will really be pulling the strings?

    (And whoever that is will have a serious enforcement problem. The big cities are losing their police force rank-and-file, and if these clowns follow through on their promises to persecute the non-city areas, the rank-and-file of the military (being from those areas) will melt away.)

    May Rudy, Sidney, et. al keep that scenario imaginary and something that never happened...

    1. Obama's got a book to sell. Any way to cut into Trump's coverage. But it also cuts Biden's coverage. Does he care? 'H... No, I got a book to sell. And it is always about ME.'

  13. Any Youtube video that discusses the Biden fraud has a disclaimer from the AP, as if anyone who knows the truth would trust that bunch of left-wing liars.

  14. "AP can throw shade on the truth all it wants. The truth is emerging without or with the American press."

    Waitaminutehere- ya mean AP is part of the *American* press?

    Who knew? I always thought they were funded by Pravda!

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