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Friday, November 13, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Yahoo reported, "If Biden shuts down the US economy, the Dow would drop nearly 4,000 points: strategist."

Wait a second. Two days ago they said Biden would push the Dow to 40,000. Now they say 25,000. That's a pretty wide margin of error they have.

ITEM 2: In 2010, Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell said, "I'm not a witch. I'm You."

In 2020, Democrat Senator Doug Jones said, "We’re not some demonic cult like we’re portrayed to be."

Both lost.

ITEM 3: Politico the day before the election, "Trump threatens Senate GOP — now and in the future. Rising stars and longtime senators are both at risk of being pulled down by the president."

Politico after the election, "While Democrats are relieved that Joe Biden has defeated Donald Trump from the White House, their under-performance down ballot is fueling anxiety among lawmakers in both chambers — about how to govern under Biden and how to fend off more GOP attacks in 2022."

Maybe Jones is right. Maybe they aren't a demonic cult because most demonic cults have a better track record.

ITEM 4: Ace of Spades had a nice rant about Fox. He had light to go with his heat.

He wrote, "It's no secret that corporations punish Fox, refusing to advertise on the station. That's why you see so many smaller companies advertising there.

"And it's no secret that our Social Media Overlords rank Fox News very, very low in their search queries.

"Or at least -- they did until now."

A reader Googled "Trump lawsuit" and Fox was the first site to pop up.

At least Judas got 30 pieces of silver. All these clowns got were a few hits.

I'm with Ace. Boycott Tucker too.

ITEM 5: Breitbart reported, "The Trump Accountability Project, which targets supporters of President Donald Trump by adding them to a list and holding them accountable after the election, has announced that it is no longer active.

"The announcement was made on the project’s website, which has been promoted by former Pete Buttigieg staffer Hari Sevugan."

That's a load of Obama. 

The communists are a bunch of vengeful people.

ITEM 6: Daily Mail reported, "President Donald Trump spelled out elements of his multi-state legal strategy to try to pry back President-elect Joe Biden's victory as called by the networks, claiming through a recount he would strip Georgia away from the Democrat's column. ... His comments about Pennsylvania and Michigan suggest that he will try to find a way to throw out the results in the states. That would grab another 36 electoral votes from Biden's total – depriving him the White House."

ITEM 7: Brian Stelter reported, "Trump voters are flocking to a TV channel that claims Biden is not president-elect."

Well, it is better than watching a crackpot network that told viewers President Trump colluded with Putin to win the 2016 election.

ITEM 8: The Washington Examiner reported, "President Trump has signed an order barring people in the United States from investing in a batch of Chinese companies that the White House says hold ties to China's military.

"News that Trump had signed the executive order, which prevents American businesses and individuals from owning stock directly or indirectly from a list of 31 businesses identified by the administration, was reported Thursday by the Wall Street Journal. Investors will have until November 2021 to divest of the securities in question.

"Divisions of two companies, China Mobile Communications and China Telecommunications Corp., trade on U.S. exchanges.

"The U.S. government argues that these companies support the development of the People’s Liberation Army, China's military.

"The rule had been under review for months, administration officials said. It goes into effect Jan. 11."

The Real President has spoken.

ITEM 9: The Streamable reported, "Disney+ reported today that they have now reached 73.7 million subscribers at the end of September. This is a 16.2 million climb from last quarter, when they reported they reached 57.5 million subscribers at the end of the third quarter in June 2020, but were at 60.5 million subscribers as of August 3rd."

Netflix added 2 million in that quarter, after a drop in September due to the boycott over Netflix running the child porn movie Cuties.

There is a lesson in there.


However, CNBC reported that Disney overall lost money in the quarter. The woke ESPN helped drag it down as it went from being a cash cow to being a money pit.

ITEM 10: The Kansas City Star reported, "The Kansas City Star will leave its iconic glass building downtown and look for a new home, the newspaper announced Tuesday.

"The Star will vacate its building at 1601 McGee St. by the end of 2021. As part of the transition, the newspaper will move printing to a third party, beginning in the first quarter of 2021.

"The changes come after parent company McClatchy, which owns 30 U.S. news organizations, including The Star, The Miami Herald and The Sacramento Bee, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February. The reorganization, which was approved by a federal judge in early August, allowed the company to renegotiate leases. Publications across McClatchy and the news industry have seen similar print consolidations."

Disney once owned the paper. Roy and Walt Disney got their start in business by delivering Kansas City Stars.

But newspapers are going the way of matchbooks.

ITEM 11: Penn Live reported, "Pennsylvania election officials cannot count mail-in ballots that were not verified by Nov. 9, regardless of an instruction given to them by Commonwealth Secretary Kathy Boockvar, a Commonwealth Court judge ruled Thursday.

"The decision by President Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt voids a Nov. 1 directive Boockvar issued to election officials in all 67 counties. In that directive Boockvar said those officials had until Nov. 12 to verify the identities of the voters who cast mail-in ballots."


Democrats must obey election laws?

That is absurd. Laws are for little people.

ITEM 12: Just the News, "Just before President George W. Bush left the White House after two terms, he declared he wouldn't be weighing in with thoughts on his successor, following the model of his father, George H.W. Bush.

"But Barack Obama made no such pledge. And now, just days after the 2020 election, the 44th president is hawking a new book so get ready to hear a lot more from him.

"Obama, the first biracial man to be elected president, makes an incendiary charge in his book, A Promise Land, which comes out Tuesday.

"President Trump, he claims, 'promised an elixir for the racial anxiety' of 'millions of Americans spooked by a black man in the White House.'"


He said spooked.

The dude was an affirmative action hire whose policies failed. History judges him by the content of his character. That is what really bugs him.

ITEM 13: Just the News reported, "More than a week after the Nov. 3 elections, Fox News has acknowledged its election night prediction that Democrats would gain House seats was incorrect."

Fox said Democrats would gain 10 to 20 seats.

The Federalist reported, "Republicans Pick Up Tenth House Seat With New York Victory."

Fox is unfair, unbalanced, and oh-so-afraid of the Democrat Party.

ITEM 14: The Daily Wire reported, "The Minneapolis chief of police implored the city council to bring in help from the outside after a hemorrhaging police force has left the city reeling amid rising crime.Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo asked city authorities to reinforce their dwindling numbers as violent crime escalates in the city, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

"'Resources are hemorrhaging,' Arradondo said at a Tuesday meeting. 'Our city is bleeding at this moment. I’m trying to do all I can to stop that bleeding.'"

Boo hoo hoo.

Arradondo summarily fired all 4 officers who brought George Floyd into custody, after Floyd died. The chief then kneeled to Floyd at his funeral.

The message to the department was clear. Good men and women are leaving. He doesn't care. No one in City Hall in Minneapolis cares.

ITEM 15: United Press International reported, "South Korea offered a glimpse of a science-fiction future on Wednesday with a demonstration flight of a two-seat drone taxi in Seoul, as the government outlined ambitious plans to commercialize urban air travel by 2025.

"At an event held next to the Han River near Yeouido, a finance and banking district in the heart of Seoul, a two-seat drone produced by Chinese manufacturer EHang buzzed quietly overhead for about seven minutes at an altitude of over 150 feet.

"The eVTOL -- electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicle -- which carries a payload of 485 pounds and can reach speeds up to 80 mph, was loaded with heavy sacks of rice instead of passengers for the flight."

Americans used to invent stuff like this.

Now we are too preoccupied with electric cars and windmills.

ITEM 16: The New York Times said, "Rep. Max Rose Is Defeated as Republicans Take Back N.Y.C. Seat. Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican state assemblywoman, flipped a district that is considered the most conservative in New York City."

She made him a one termer.

Yes, Max Rose -- and fell.



  1. #12 shows Barry needs a proofreader.

    I am reminded of being at a traveling carnival with my dad, many years ago. There was a ride called the “Haunted Mansion,” staffed, it appeared, by a ticket taker from the hood. He was surrounded by what appeared to be six of his friends just watching him work.

    Dad looks over at me, and in his classic deadpan delivery, says “Go up to those guys and ask ‘em if that’s the spook house.”

    I miss his humor!

  2. Items 9 & 10 KC Star scrubbed Jason Whitlock's articles. Whitlock did real reporting on the Jena 6 fraud and wrote a fantastic article that can be read through fragments. Fortunately, he is still around on Outkick.

    Evil may displace the Good, but Evil cannot create the true, good and beautiful and can only get so far on their narrative, shock value, and the grotesque.

  3. Item 2- dumbass Dougie has, again, missed the point completely. At least here in Alabama. We don’t see his minions as “demonic” - we see them as morons. And if he doesn’t think dumocrats aren’t tied to “defund the police”, “open borders”, and “killing babies” then he hasn’t been watching at all. In fact, the dumocrat problems all started with hating Trump. They can’t get past losing in 2016. And moron Jones is a prime example - he was from Alabama and voted against Kavanaugh and for Trump’s impeachment. He was considered a pariah and treasonous for that. I hope the door kicks his butt on the way out.

  4. 4 - when Fox rates lower than MSNBC, the rates they can charge major advertisers won’t rate.

    5 - announcing they are no longer active means they have probably doubled the effort.

    11 - that’s a start. PDJT has some bigger phish to fry In Pennsylvania.

    12 - the book sounds like a steaming pile. It must have been delayed because Sotero’s ghost writer burned out the “I” key on multiple computers while typing.

    1. Burned out the "I" key... thanks for the chuckle!

    2. Just for the hell of it, back when newspaper idiots used to interview Tiger Woods and turn in three- page testaments to his Nobel Character, Moral Rectitude And Total Righteousness (this was back in his "pre-fire hydrant" days), I used to circle all the interview "I's" with red ink.

      When done, the page looked like a Great Depression ledger book page on the day the company imploded and ceased to exist.

  5. #6 If there's any truth to the rumblings about Dominion voting machines, there may be millions of Trump voted disappeared or flipped over to The Big Guy.

    No matter how this shakes out, IF Republicans are ever in power again, there needs to be an overhaul of federal election law to make election fraud in a federal office race a form of treason. With the same substantial punishment.

  6. Above, paragraph one, votes not voted.

  7. #14, Give them the government they begged for. Good and Effing Hard.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Re#4 >>> IMHO after reading Ace of Spades' posting, I found myself insulted by the stereotyping that Ace made of people that had thought of Fox formerly as a viewing refuge to Swamp-Think of the major Media News outlets.
    Understanding that Ace was satirically channeling Fox Corp. Execs looking down on its viewers, however Ace misread the Fox audience as a whole.
    As an East Coast D.C.-ite educated person, I can attest that the reason FNC found an audience, was that watching it, was to be a rebel from the groupthink Media that deemed the populace as the, 'Great Unwashed'. Finding Fox News was no different than the iconic young woman in the '84 Super Bowl Apple ad, heaving the sledgehammer at the IBM Orwellian Computer World.
    Fox news viewers were/ are rebels at heart. My tastes in politics are of the Gutfeld (heavy meatal) and Christopher Hitchens, the cynical leftist who could hate all sides for their phoniness. Gutfeld's Red Eye epitomized the thinking of the sorts like me, who distrust almost any establishment thinking.
    Again this is only to defend ALL Fox viewers, who are out there (sadly, former Fox viewers who are moving on to more like thinking places).
    Ace may be best intentioned, but misses the Americans who went to Fox News. It can be explained how the large swath of rural, suburban, and urban America have gravitated to President Trump, the most East Coast, rich white stereotype there is. His message is the voice to all of us rebels inside ourselves, we aren't taking what Establishment types are trying to feed us (forced or gentle).
    Here's to the Queens rebel who was hated by Manhattan as soon as he arrived for business. He's still sticking it to them since the 1970's. ZB

    1. Well said ZB. although never a fox viewer, what you say is true.


    "Secure" for who? Biden?
    Certainly not our POTUS

  11. Max Rose was poseur trash - perhaps that endeared him to locals reminiscing about Staten Island’s history as a garbage dump. I’m shocked it was close – he bashed De Blasio late – maybe that lead some voters to forget he was a Pelosi puppet.

  12. #15 rice bags are okay, but there is no way I would park my arse in a Chinese built electrical drone. "Hal open the pod bay doors." comes to mind and also: "Close enough for government work."
    One of the big problems is the short range of the batteries.
    Granted there are ballistic 'chutes' but what happens if you cannot take control of the craft while it is about to hit a skyscraper? Lots of unanswered questions here. Electrics are not ready for prime time. They are at the oh, 1910 level of aviation
    "Magnificent men in their Flying machines." level.
    Also our FAA took years to pull out of the 1940's they don't like innovation.anything that flies is under their control..

  13. Item 1: Election pollsters, fresh off losing all credibility in predicting elections, have started predicting the Dow.

    Item 7: Biden is NOT “president-elect” unless he wins the Electoral College vote in December.

    Item 14: Nope. No outside help. The people of Democrat-infested Minneapolis voted for the infestation. Now the have to live with the plague it created.

  14. ITEM 12: Obama was an affirmative action hire whose policies failed. History judges him by the content of his character. That is what really bugs him.

    And the fact he was an affirmative action hire. He hates that a large percentage of people will always believe he got the gig because he was black, not be cause he was smart.

    I'm smart! Not like everybody says! Like, dumb! I'm smart... and I want respect!

    1. People who are perpetually telling you how smart they are... aren't.

      But you probably knew that already! :-)

    2. Why sure Obama was smart! Just look at his collection of straight A's at University....

      Oh wait

  15. #6 - FWIW, it seems like there is a three-prong strategy going on: 1) Contest violations of state election laws (e.g., the PA ruling yesterday); 2) Contest the actual, demonstrable instances of fraud (as is going on in MI - things like scads of deceased people voting); 3) Auditing (not just recounting, as in GA) the electronic systems used for "vote-tallying" - my understanding is that an audit will include comparing paper ballots with the machine numbers (a "recount" would only be a re-reporting of the machine counts)... so if those show significant discrepancies... well, wow...

    #1 - It occurred to me late yesterday that if these clowns do impose that "dark winter" lockdown, one of the severe casualties will be that it will basically take out half of the ski season and destroy the ski industry in a number of states (hey, deep blue CO and VT - did you think about that before voting?). For the past 20 years, the "smart" (sic) people have been telling me that "global warming" was going to wipe out the ski industry in the next 5 - 10 years; that failing, I guess that the "smart" (sic) people will just do it directly.

  16. I am not watching Fix Noise anymore. I watch Tucker on my laptop from a 'pirate' site.
    AceofSpades does the best rants. Especially of the fakeCons like Jonah Goldberg. He's my third stop every morning.

    1. I also like to read the comments on the posts. Ace's readers have the best sense of humor on the Intertubes.

  17. ITEM 16: That's my former district in NY. (And my brother and sister still live there.) The district is wall-to-wall cops, firemen, correction officers and people retired from those jobs. Rose destroyed himself when he boarded the "defund the police" train. He might as well have put a (metaphorical) gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Best case scenario is Trump wins Pennsylvania and Georgia but loses Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Because Nebraska went 4 and 1 on EVs Trump loses rather than ties 270-268.

    He will announce his candidacy for 2024 and spend the next four years wrecking Harris/Biden.

    So these people will get twelve years of Trump instead of eight. Unintended consequences.

    (Wisconsin is a long shot to flip back due to fraud. Anything can happen but I'm not holding my breath.)

  20. Disney is anti-gun. I don't give them a dime.

  21. 6: Rudy told Lou Dobbs he figures there's enough fake votes in PA and MI to put Trump over the top.

    8: One thing I've noticed, Trump isn't acting like he lost.

    16: Thud.

    1. He didn't lose. It was stolen.

      Game over regardless.

      Trump 2024.


  22. Item #4: "Boycott Tucker, too."

    Letter sent to Mike Goodwin, New York Post columnist:


    " 'Today, the Soviet Union is no more... and our nation faces different crises. But the tendency of journalists and intellectuals to uphold polite hypocrisies, to roam in packs, to mindlessly echo each other and chase each other's approval, now instantly registered on Twitter, is the same as it ever was.'

    --- Editorial, NY Post, 2020 (well prior to the election).

    11/13/20: And now the NY Post is chasing The NY Times, begging for approval.

    By now, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for not having resigned from the newspaper.


    Item #10: "The Kansas City Star will leave its iconic glass building downtown and look for a new home, the newspaper announced Tuesday. The Star will vacate its building at 1601 McGee St. by the end of 2021."

    Just looked over "Patrick Henry [1736-1799], Practical Revolutionary," by Robert Douthat Meade [1903-1974]; J. B. Lippincott Company (1969 hardcover)

    Notes on:

    "Lippincott probably published too many of these rubber tomatoes, having been sold off to Harper and Row in 1978.

    "Here's what happens when you lose all your clients:

    " 'The J. B. Lippincott Headquarters Building [Philadelphia], built in 1900 at 227 S. 6th Street across from Washington Square... In 2005... was converted to a 33-unit luxury condo building' (WP 11/10/20).

    "How many of its current residents read books?"

    So long KC Star.

    By the way, the McClatchy who presided over the ruin of his family empire was Nobody's Prize.

    This has been going on since at least 1978, when the Chicago Daily News folded. Forty-two years later...

    And what happens to all these "J-Schools" (journalism)? graduates?

    Off to work in buildings that are now condos?

  23. Item #4
    “I'm with Ace. Boycott Tucker too.”

    Agreed. 100%

    Fox will not learn it’s lesson unless it losses it’s leading shows.

    But I will still watch Hannity. NO ONE in the media has been as consistently loyal and steadfast for our great President than Sean Hannity.

  24. #9, it's a shame more people aren't buying the rope that will be used to hang them.
    You could only boycott NetFlix for one month? Sad ...


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