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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: The Daily Mail reported, "Meet Joe Biden's seventh grandchild Navy Joan Roberts - the two-year-old lovechild Hunter tried to deny he had with stripper - who was notably absent from the stage as the president-elect celebrated with his other grandkids."

The newspaper ran a photo of the love child that does not show the child's face. Possibly, British law would not allow that even if the newspaper had such a photo.

Her mom is gorgeous and evidently Biden's grandchild will grow up with a normal childhood protected from contact with her druggie daddy.

ITEM 2: Via Biz Pac Review, Sarah Palin spoke to Fox about the plethora of new Republican congresswomen.

She said, "It’s so important that these voters recognized their experience, their vision of what government actually should be, their records, their plans for what they will do in Congress.

"Don’t just kick these mama grizzlies to the side and only call them up when you need some fund-raising or you need something nice said about you or your policy. Utilize these women. They have such great amounts to offer this country. I’m very happy for them. And just really glad they had the guts to get out there and run."


As for the congresswomen, Palin said, "You can’t expect the media will relay accurately your plans, your record, your life story.  So no, don’t expect that any of those publications will be friendly, but don’t whine about it, either. Suck it up, cupcake, and go do your job."

Remember, Palin helped pave the way for President Trump.

ITEM 3: KOMO reported, "The Emerald City is filled with nearly 500 parks but if you look around, you'll see Seattle’s Park system is in peril. Since the pandemic hit, many city green spaces have become overcome by homeless encampments, drugs and crime. It’s a homeless crisis that’s been growing into a searing scar across our city for more than a decade."

Corona virus had nothing to do with this.

Antifa and BLM did this with the full support of Seattle's mayor and city council. Those tears come from crocodiles. Communist crocodiles, I might add.

ITEM 4: Just the News reported, "Ticketmaster will soon require customers to provide either a negative covid 19 test result or proof that they have obtained a covid 19 vaccination prior to attending a concert or event through the platform, according to industry reports. 

"The company, founded in 1976 and a pioneer in digital ticket sales, will reportedly utilize third-party reporting software to confirm a customer's vaccinated status before they will be permitted to purchase tickets through the service."

It is time to fight back against this bullying. Crank up the anti-trust division and go after them.

A few class action suits also would help.

ITEM 5: Just the News reported, "Pfizer, which announced on Monday that it's covid 19 vaccine has 90% effectiveness in humans, favored Democrats overall with campaign contributions in the 2020 election cycle.

"According to Open Secrets data, Pfizer employees and its affiliated Political Action Committees donated 60.3% to Democrats in 2020 and 39.6% to Republicans. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was the top recipient with $256,520 in contributions."

The biggest contribution was withholding its vaccine breakthrough until after the election, a development that would not have happened if President Trump had not guaranteed to purchase a successful vaccine under his Operation Warp Speed.

ITEM 6: United Press International reported, "Georgia will conduct a full recount -- by hand -- of all ballots cast statewide in the 2020 election between President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden, officials said Wednesday.

"Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger made the announcement, following up on an earlier promise for a recount of all votes in the state -- where Biden has received 14,000 more votes than Trump for the state's 16 critical electoral votes, according to the official count."

Now we may see how many votes Democrats stuffed in the ballot box to steal the state.

ITEM 7: CNBC reported, "Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold almost $5.6 million worth of stock on Monday, the same day the drugmaker announced positive early data on its experimental corona virus vaccine that sent shares soaring.

"Shares of Pfizer jumped by almost 15% on Monday after the company and its partner BioNTech said its vaccine was more than 90% effective in preventing Covid-19 among those in the trial without evidence of prior infection.

"Bourla sold 132,508 shares at an average price of $41.94 per share, or nearly $5.6 million, according to a securities filing. The sale was part of a pre-scheduled 10b5-1 trading plan, which was adopted on Aug. 19, the filing shows, as the company was enrolling participants in its late-stage trial."

Smart move by Bourla because he should not have all his nest eggs in one basket. As long as he made the trade after the announcement, I have no problem with it.

ITEM 8: The Week reported, "Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) is reportedly under consideration for a number of Cabinet positions by President-elect Joe Biden, including attorney general and agriculture secretary, but there's a sense that could backfire on Democrats down the line.

As analysts point out Klobuchar represents a state that generally leans blue, but is still competitive, and may grow more so over the next few years. For a party trying to flip the Senate majority, losing Klobuchar — whom NBC News' Benjy Sarlin notes is uniquely popular and wins big in battleground areas within the state — could add another hurdle."

But Biden "won" her state by 7 points and Democrat Senator Tina Smith "won" by 5. Replacing her should be easy cheezy.

ITEM 9: Dan Bongino reported, "Freudian Slip? De Blasio's Daughter Grateful Biden Was Able to 'Steal the Election.'"

Little pitchers have big ears.

ITEM 10: Dan Bongino reported, "Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty got into an argument with a Lyft driver which led to both her and the driver calling 911. Despite the frequent riots in Portland, Jo Ann Hardesty has been an advocate of defunding the police. She wanted to take $18 million from the Portland Police Department to reinvest elsewhere."

It is about power. She will have her police escort. Everyone else is on their own. And disarmed, too.

ITEM 11: Politico reported, "Ohio Democratic Rep. Marcia Fudge is making her case for Agriculture secretary, arguing she’s best positioned to take on a cabinet post that has never gone to an African American woman. It's a move that sets up a battle with former North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, long seen as the front-runner for the post in the Biden administration."

Why give up a near-permanent congressional seat for a Cabinet post?

The bribes are bigger.

ITEM 12: Breitbart reported, "An adviser to Joe Biden on corona virus has floated the idea of a nationwide lockdown for four to six weeks.

"Dr. Michael Osterholm was appointed to Biden’s 12-person Covid advisory board on Monday.

"On Wednesday, he appeared on CNBC and attempted to rationalize a national lockdown order."

Big Business is not content with destroying half the small businesses. They want them all gone.

ITEM 13: Breitbart reported, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) outlined a few key objectives Congress will pursue on the first day of the 117th Congress, promising to pass H.R.1, an election reform bill Republicans warn will enable even greater voter fraud.

"In a letter to her colleagues on Friday in which she formally requested their support to reelect her as speaker of the House, Pelosi said Democrats will prioritize championing progress for LGBTQ Americans, women, seniors, and frontline communities, as well as 'remove barriers to the ballot box so that the American people can make their voices heard' in the 117th Congress."

The last election reform after the 2000 election brought us computerized voting. Democrats then wrote the software.

Republicans should counter by demanding all presidential votes be cast by paper ballot. Then dip the fingers in ink to avoid voting more than once.

ITEM 14: The Daily Mail reported, "Ilhan Omar paid her husband's political consultancy firm $2.8 million during the 2019-2020 election cycle, campaign finance records show. 

"The Democrat congresswoman handed husband Tim Mynett's eStreet Group $1.6 million between 2019 and July 22 this year, another $1.1million between July 22 and the end of September and paid an additional $27,000 since then. The majority of the money has been spent on digital advertising, FEC records show, but charges also include consultancy fees and more than $2,700 in travel expenses. 

"The two largest payments in recent months were $404,338.75 paid on July 7 for digital advertising, and another $289,759.58 on July 24 for cable advertising."

Cynics call campaign donations bribes. Cynics are right.

ITEM 15: The Daily Caller reported, "Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has proposed an anti-mob bill that would allow residents to shoot rioters and looters who target businesses following nationwide unrest.

"The law would expand the state’s self-defense law, which currently forbids 'the use of force in defense of property,' by increasing what constitutes a 'forcible felony,' according to the Miami Herald. DeSantis seeks to make looting or 'interruption or impairment' of a business such a felony, thereby justifying deadly force to prevent it, the local outlet reported."


Former Miami-Dade County prosecutor Denise Georges told the Herald, "It allows for vigilantes to justify their actions. It also allows for death to be the punishment for a property crime — and that is cruel and unusual punishment. We cannot live in a lawless society where taking a life is done so casually and recklessly."

Don't loot and we won't shoot.

ITEM 16Jim Hoft reported, "The Fox News Channel crashed in ratings on Saturday, coming in a distant third place to leader CNN and second place MSNBC. In the week before Tuesday’s election Fox News averaged more than double the viewership of CNN and MSNBC.

"Fox hit rock bottom when they defended and ignored the massive fraud in this year’s 2020 election.

"Two days ago Bret Baier deleted the tweet that exposed the exploding on-going backlash against Fox.

"Many of their hosts were openly hostile to their conservative audience.

"And several Fox hosts absolutely HATE President Trump and his supporters.

"The exodus from Fox is so immense that the station reportedly hired a PR firm to save what is left of the floundering channel."


Which version of "Working My Way Back to You" do you like best? The original Four Seasons or the Spinners?


  1. Twitter thread analyzing the Dominion Voting System manual: “The absurd amount of “settings” on the Dominion Voting Software is off-the-charts. If I was a local IT guy, I could probably setup the voting machine to give myself an elected position without ever being on any ballot or running any campaign. The software seems to be legit and written well. It passes independent security audits and probably works as intended. The issue is the amount of control the software gives to the local IT guy who can ultimately decide the fate of a nation. Where are our checks and balances for the local IT guy? Who is auditing his actions?”

    1. “What we have learned so far from reading the Dominion Voting System manual:
      1. Votes can theoretically be ignored for individuals if a straight ticket vote is selected. This setting could very welI enable “Repubiican”-style typo fraud. Many complex rules decide how the “straight ticket” option works.
      2. Network Security is very weak since all software access keys use the same cryptographic pair. This gives plausible deniability to whoever potentially decides to mess around with voting settings. It cant be proven who changed a setting since everybody has the same key
      3. Digital certificates are not protected by password, and Dominion user manual explicitly says not to enter a password. This enables potential for bad actors to MITM attack data traveling over network between precinct tabulator and central tabulator.
      4. Cryptic “split rotation” function that features the ability to “force a maximum deviation”. There is no definition of a “split rotation”, so we cannot know what “force a maximum deviation” means in this instance.
      5. Local IT guys have ultimate power to clandestinely change settings, thus having the ability to potentially alter an entire election. There are no checks and balances or observers of the local IT guy when he accesses machine debug and admin settings. Its unclear if logs exist.
      6. Dominion is a black box with votes ultimately tabulated in a central server system. Who has access to the central server and where is the manual and security reviews of that server software?
      7. Settings could theoretically have been changed during evening downtime on first night of voting. Much easier to change settings on hundreds of machines than to forge thousands of ballots. A couple of people could have done it quickly.
      8. State of Pennsylvania requested semantic changes to the Dominion voting software, possibly to aid in their lawfare efforts. The word “Cast” became “Print”, obfuscating the moment when your vote becomes officially cast. For what reason is currently unknown.
      9. There is an option to force the vote scanner to “overrun” a preset amount of ballots EVERY time anybody pauses the scan mid-batch. “Overrun” is undefined. Potential for abuse is high with this function, which was added shortly after 2018 mid-term elections.
      More to come later.
      Many people have sent me (completely publicly available) Dominion security audits, documents, manuals, and state contracts. Have a lot of reading to do.
      If there are any potential election fraud settings hiding in plain sight, I will do my best to find it.”

    2. With all these people analyzing the program, Dems might be regretting their suggestion to "Become a programmer!"

    3. @rbbr
      You win the internet today.

    4. @rbbr hahahaha! well for one, is finding all sorts of interesting things by simply going through dominion's publicly available software/systems documentation BUT there STILL needs to be public pressure for a full forensic audit of these systems in places with statistical irregularities etc to look at the logs etc etc

    5. Im not sure the Dems expected the trove of IT people to come out and start looking for fraud in the programming for President Trump. They should have, Trump is clamping down on the H1B visa abuse that has decimated the IT industry several times starting in early 2002/2003. I trained my "better" replacement 4 times. None of them could do the work even after training. All were from India. I had to train them to get any severance, most of the time a penance. I hope this bites the Dems HARD.
      Thank you for the links, and the good questions Anon.

    6. @Anonymous thanks! I am not an IT guy but due to the work I do, I know for a fact that many H1B visa holders are actually sitting in India just waiting on a moments notice for their employers to fly them to the USA for a "project" or a longer term job and then their corporate employers complain about not enough H1B slots and that we need more slots... They completely abuse the visa and treat it like a tourist/business visa!!! Also, I believe they also give the H1Bs a housing allowance which the employer deducts on their taxes while American workers are "too expensive" b/c of their salaries and SS/Medicare payments....

    7. Speaking of Dominion: "Melissa [Carone]... was scheduled to appear on @seanhannity but @FoxNews canceled 30 min before the show..."

      IF WE NEED any more proof that FOX - PRAVDA is an active corporate participant committing felonies in this stolen election, here it is.


    8. Texas rejected Dominion 3 times because it was a security hazard.

  2. Replies
    1. Spinners (I always thought it did not record well, and do justice to Mr. Valli's voice...could be the mono sound) zb

  3. ITEM 9: Not only did De Blasio's daughter say Biden was able to 'steal the election,' she referred to Kamala as the first female president.

  4. Seattle is grateful it is not Portland.

    1. I'm grateful I'm mot in either one.
      BTW Gruppenfuhuer Wilhelm's daughter spoke the truth we all knew. But then again so did sleepy Joe. Nether one is prepared for that 3am. call.
      Trump's up and already had his Cofeve..

  5. Paper ballots and two armed guards from each political party accompanying each ballot box. One guard from each party to be chained to the box at all times.
    If the guards are interfered with the entire contents of the box is destroyed no questions asked.

    1. I'm not so sure this is a good idea.
      If one party knows of boxes with votes heavily favoring the other party, they would just interfere with the guards on those boxes.

    2. Kinda reminds me of the Battle of Athens, Tenn. Maybe this time around it'll be a larger affair!

  6. Little pictures? The Four Seasons is my group on the last question. No, it won't work with me is my final comment on it, too.

  7. "Donald John Trump is still our president."

    But not for much longer.

    1. Trump will always be my President. In fact, Don can keep that open, as Trump will always be referred to as the title "Mr. President" as one of the perks of the job.

      The Biden/Harris administration will be cursed from the beginning, and both of them damned by history.

    2. The news is already giving Harris/Biden coverage on the jobs loss that will happen under them. ... ALREADY. Plus their Virus Czars are talking national mandatory masks and national shutdowns. Neither of which are legal by the feds. This is a pure s*** show.

  8. Watching Newsmax this morning and flipping around Pluto for the other three or four compatible channels. While I’ve scratched Fox off my watch list these channels are going to need to step it up in terms of presentation in my opinion. I’m hoping they have a long term plan for news coverage no matter what happens other than anti Biden. Otherwise for a lot of them we’re just watching guys sit around in the garage and shoot the BS.

    1. I suggest youtube while the punditry lasts. Sargon of Akkad is starting his own website, that might attract honest news folks.

    2. I do You Tube too=though I support Newsmax.They
      will step up their game when people jump the sinking Fox.

    3. I hope they do. Right now their gaining viewers because everybody hates Fox. But Fox got their start because everybody hated CNN. Their segue
      into topics needs to be a bit smoother I think. T

    4. Consider this an opportunity to do 2 things: 1) Contact Newsmax and make constructive suggestions. 2) Contact your favorite conservatives on Fox and politely suggest they make the move.

  9. Thou hast given me, and sooooo many others, the Picture Of The DAY!!!!! MAGNIFICO!!

    "The exodus from Fox is so immense that the station reportedly hired a PR firm to save what is left of the floundering channel. Which version of "Working My Way Back to You" do you like best? The original Four Seasons or the Spinners?"


  10. We all knew it was coming, we all heard the democrats advertise it. The problem is, nearly half the country is perfectly fine with voter fraud because it's their side who uses it so effectively. We have reached the end of the American experiment, we are heading toward empire or Balkanization. People on the right are not willing to do what they say and defend their republic, while people on the left have zero problem burning the world down so they can rule the ashes. Where are the sons of the Founding Fathers? Why haven't we seen democrats covered in tar and feathers being tossed on a rail? Where are the veterans who should be storming fraudulent voting counting sites? America 50 years ago wouldn't have put up with this, we've been successfully cowed.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. People on the Right are patient not cowed. Try buying ammo lately? We will be there when push comes to shove and there are more of US there are of them.
      Also Trump's not gone yet.not by a long shot.

    3. Speaking of longshot, I just bought some boat tail cartridges for hunting or insurrection, for my AR that fell into the ocean, a while back. ZB

    4. To xxx: Another tragic boating accident. There’s a lot of that going around these days. The phrase “Come and Take It” has been changed to “Come and Find It.”

    5. ...Paid cash, off the grid. zb

    6. Douglas has the right of it.

      I've got a couple of shotguns, they're good for varmints, but the local range demands I use slugs to sight 'em in. Can't find any slugs for love nor money!

      So I guess I'll just have to use buckshot on the varmints, & maybe use another shot if the first one misses. Good thing I've got lots of buckshot! And there's no shortage of varmints, that's for sure.

    7. Pour wax into the shotshell and it will make an ad hok slug. Taufladermaus taught me that.

  11. Item #1: "Meet Joe Biden's seventh grandchild Navy Joan Roberts..."

    Biden's new Secretary of Defense.

    Item #4: "Ticketmaster will soon require customers to provide..."

    Boycott their products.

    Item #5: "Pfizer, which announced on Monday..."

    Did you die before the election? Too bad.

    Item #8: "For a party trying to flip the Senate majority, losing Klobuchar —"

    Can the cattle-branding number be easily removed?

    Item #9: "De Blasio's Daughter..."

    Hunter Biden's next hook-up (get in line, please).

    Item #10: " Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty..."

    Be grateful Don S. didn't run a photo of this "Plan 9 From Outer Space" human space junk.

    Item #13: "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi... promising to pass H.R.1, an election reform bill Republicans warn will enable even greater voter fraud."

    See below.

    Item #16, "The Fox News Channel crashed in ratings on Saturday...

    "The [audience] exodus from Fox is so immense that the station reportedly hired a PR firm to save what is left of the floundering channel."

    FOX, save your money --- HELP IS ON THE WAY!

    Pelosi's H.R. 1 includes a provision legalizing "voter fraud" in the tabulation of the cable TV Nielsen ratings.

    "Where would you like CAVUTO to be located --- #3? #1? --- in next week's results?"

    And we thank you for your time.

    1. Ticketmaster has been a racket (that would put my Sicilian ancestors to shame) sine I was old enough to go to concerts...They used to stick a processing fee on each ticket at over 50% of the ticket face value, and they were the only place to get the tix... Here's to their demise! ZB

    2. Completely horrible people, and the scam is now in the third generation of ticket scalpers, etc.

      I for one, and I mean one of very few, have never had any desire to go see the shows they sell tickets to. The sheep keep them in business.

      And this plan of theirs will become an instant farce as transparent as the stolen elections in which where everyone will lie and the TM management will not care less because they sure as hell will not refuse sales.

  12. Definitely the Spinners'; can't stand those falsettos of the Four Seasons. Makes my ears bleed, like listening to the former Manchild-in-Chief.

    1. Saw the Spinners sing that live. It was so much fun!

  13. It was Presidential candidate Joe Mama who said, “We prefer truth over facts.” Well, Joe, OK. I got some truth to drop on your Alzheimered ass...

    1) You are not well. EVERYONE knows it. Kamel Toe does not have the, shall I say, GRAVITAS to handle the office either. Ergo, the country would be run by a CABAL of persons unknown.

    2) LibCommies have made no bones about their plans. Please ignore the “morning after regret” you’re seeing in some Dem quarters right now. It will be a HARD left turn never before seen in American politics.

    3) So I have already contacted my state senator and dropped a not-so-subtle hint that he should start planning for a WV secession. Why?


    Suggest my red state friends do the same, if just as a contingency.

    1. Here is another to add z. Trump now has 73 million votes. No way, no how, Biden beats that honestly. He would not even beat Obumbles' record of (I believe) 69 million, set in 2008. It was a Trumpslide, that was covered over by massive, massive fraud, using paper ballots, and Dominion computer manipulation. The computer stuff will be much easier to trace down by computer experts that are working for Trump (as also evidenced by computer nerds on twitter, parler, gab, etc., exposing the obvious data fraud). 73 million are not going down without a fight, and if by hook or crook, Biden is declared the winner, most, if not all of those 73 million (including myself) will NOT accept the results. That is a lot of people to deal with. We shall see some of those this weekend, going out to the #StopTheSteal demonstrations taking place at various state capitols being held on 14 November. My wife and I are planning on going to Tallahassee for the march Saturday.

      On a second note, it irritates me to no end where twitter puts a note claiming "the statements are disputed" at the bottom of Trump tweets pointing out the fraud, yet do nothing to Biden's claim he won the election. People are noting this one way censoring, similar to the one way fraud, and are moving from twitter. Good!

    2. All well and good, but WHEN (not if) Homeland Security Jefe Beto O’Dork begins the national gun grab and comes to Almost Heaven, his FBI thugs will be met with some, uh, resistance.

    3. Texas is always half-way to seceding in normal times, so I'm gonna send a letter to the Gov telling him to get ready! Sadly, our Gov Abbott is more politician than Texan, so I doubt it'll do any good, but it'll do ME good to tell him.

      Also, on Saturday all over the country there are rallies for #StopTheSteal, as FLOlson said above, and I'm going to be at the one in Dallas for sure!

      Get up & GO, let 'em know we aren't going down without a fight!

  14. I watched the news item about Seattle's parks and the homeless. Given that almost all of the homeless are on drugs, the real question is what are the blue cities going to do about addicts.

  15. Lengthy but well presented video of the computer election fraud in Michigan. Don't know how to embed the link, so here it is:

  16. Always nice to meet a fellow John Prine fan.
    Great reporting! Keep it up. God bless you.
    BTW... i pick the "Detroit Spinners" (their original name)

  17. Ohm'gosh, love your header illustration!

  18. Item 13: Dipping a finger in ink, like they do in third-world countries, will work only if there is an election DAY, not election WEEKS. In the U.S., a Dem could vote on Monday, bleach off the ink on Tuesday, vote again on Wednesday, etc. For weeks-long voting, there would have to be a more permanent indicator, like maybe removing a finger after voting?

    Or require a state-issued driver’s license (as the ONLY acceptable ID), then take away their driver’s license when they vote and mail it back to their registered address after the election. Mail-in votes would require that the actual driver’s license (not a copy) be included in the envelope.

    1. That ink doesnt come off with bleach or anything else. Just ask any FFA member. You get a green hand and it takes a week to fade, let alone be gone. Trust me. I washed / bleached for hours trying.

    2. It's a great idea! My only question would be, what do they do between the election and when they get the license back if, say, they get pulled over?

      How about a Voter ID card which would be the only acceptable form of ID to vote?

  19. Re: Item 3. Communist crocodiles make the best purses.

  20. Item 16: They can hire all the PR guys they want; we’ve not had Fox on since Tuesday – and won’t. Going to miss Tucker, Gutfeld, Jeanine, but we’ve already filled in the time slots.

    Item 15: People of the State of Florida, in 2024, might consider leasing Ron DeSantis out to the Federal Government for the position of President of the United States – 4 years with an option of 4 more.

    1. If you haven't cut the cable TV, it won't matter, as Fox, like all of the others cable channels in the package, still gets their cut.

      I cut cable TV long ago, and don't miss it a bit. Streaming, or services like give you most of what cable gave you, except you choose what you want, instead of paying a package deal that gives all of those channels in the package a cut.

    2. What FLOlson said ^^^ CUT THE CABLE!

      Just "not watching" doesn't cut off the payments to all the cable channels, they get a cut of your monthly payment whether you watch or not. So every time you pay your TV cable bill, remember: you're paying for Fox, CNN, MSNBC- all of them, like them or not!

  21. 6: If you think there are only a half dozen contested states, I have news for you. There's a small army of programmers (you'll hear the term pedes (as in centipedes)) volunteering to help Trump get to the bottom of the vote fraud. If you go this this web page, you will see how many votes have been hijacked from each state.

    8: Current EV count is Trump - 232; His Fraudulency - 226. A little early to be angling for Cabinet posts.

    1. Bwahahahaha! The leftist narrative is losing. And the sad thing about this, is that so many dupes on the left, aren't aware of this new EV count.

      They'll be mad, raging mad, when Trump is rightfully certified as the winner, but they should focus their anger at those that deceived them. But, alas, they'll keep allowing themselves to easily be manipulated. Just look at the Bernie Sanders supporters. He sold them out, and the dumbocrats used their cheating machine to get the results they wanted, and they still support the old idiot. SMH.

    2. WOAH! That is DYNAMITE! Thanks, educher, that is incredible reading!

      And it sure gives me a good feeling, knowing that there's so much data that's been interfered with that it'll be almost impossible to sweep it all under the rug!

  22. The Spinners. Their version is more danceable.

    I have watched Fox only for the commentators, never for the news. If Newsmax and OAN poach Tucker, Sean, Judge Jeanine, etc., I will switch.

  23. It is time to fight back against this bullying. Crank up the anti-trust division and go after them.

    This is what you get when you cherish the right for Congress to control and regulate private business. Something Surber supports all the time when his party is in power.

    And that's the problem. Neo-cons love big guvmint just like liberals. They both worship politics which means power. Neo-cons and liberals two sides of the same corrupt coin.

  24. Item 15: Miami-Dade former muckety-muck says shooting looters would be cruel and unusual punishment.
    Well, if the shot is a clean, proper hit it won't be cruel, and if the shooting of looters is conducted as needed it won't be unusual.
    Problem solved.

    1. Shooting looters is legal in Texas; for some reason we don't have a lot of looting goin' on. I don't know why that is- I guess we're just not 'progressive' enough.

      The law's in TX Sec. 9.42. DEADLY FORCE TO PROTECT PROPERTY. We can also carry guns in our cars, without a license; carjackers sometimes get a big surprise!

      And all that suits me just fine.


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