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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president. Kevin McCarthy may be the Speaker of the House in January.

ITEM 1: Newsmax reported, "Kevin McCarthy: Pelosi Won't Have Votes To Retain House Speaker Post."

It is a long shot but clearly Democrats are ticked because instead of adding 15 to 20 seats, they lost 7 seats and counting. Cheri Bustos is out as the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The job is a big deal because two congressmen already said they will run for the post.

This encourages Republicans. Their House leader McCarthy said, "To become Speaker you have to have 218 votes on the floor. When Pelosi went up for that vote two years ago, there were 15 Democrats who voted against her. Ten of those Democrats will be coming to Congress. Those 10 vote against her again, she will not be Speaker of the House.

"We are close enough now that we can control the floor with a few Democrats joining with us. I think it's better for America the sooner a Republican becomes Speaker."

That would require keeping the Republican caucus together but it is worth a try.

ITEM 2: Zero Hedge reported, "A day after President Trump terminated Mark Esper, essentially firing the Secretary of Defense via public Twitter statement, another top official has immediately followed after clashing with the White House.

"The Pentagon's top policy official James Anderson has resigned this morning, according to Politico."

These are not the moves of a lame duck.

They are the moves of an American Eagle.

ITEM 3: Rasmussen reported, "The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-seven percent (47%) disapprove." 

His second term begins January 20.

ITEM 4: CNN reported, "The Justice Department's top election crimes prosecutor resigned Monday in protest after Attorney General William Barr told federal prosecutors that they should examine allegations of voting irregularities before states move to certify results in the coming weeks."

I had this item yesterday.

Here is what I did not have.

CNN reported, "Pilger will remain a prosecutor in the Justice unit that investigates public corruption."

Only in government can you quit your job and still have a job.

ITEM 5: Market Watch reported, "For American households, both median income and median earnings and wealth increased since 2016."

Both fell under Obama.

ITEM 6: The Shenandoah Sentinel reported, "One of Schuylkill County’s two Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals locations is out a hefty sum of cash after PayPal took objection to fundraisers they conducted.

Additionally, they and other non-profits, fire companies, and ambulance associations are suspending online raffles as the Commonwealth issues stern warnings against them.

The Ruth Steinert SPCA posted to Facebook today the response they received from PayPal after the company, one of the largest online payment systems in the world, took $10,914.33 from the non-profit on Sept. 25."

PayPal objected to the charity's gun raffle.

Sue and RICO PayPal.

ITEM 7: The Associated Press reported, " Keith Richards is so old-school that when he does his interviews — he’ll do so from a landline.

"The Rolling Stones icon isn’t a fan of technology. Years ago he admitted to not owning an iPod when the device was most popular. He’s one of the few people who hasn’t downloaded Zoom during the pandemic. And he doesn’t even own a cell phone."

No cell phone, no Zoom, no iPod -- I just figured it out. I'm Keith Richards.

ITEM 8: A Veterans Day story.

A reader wrote, "I had promised you pictures of Martha Raye I took of her in Vietnam 50 years ago. Here are two of them. My camera was rudimentary and the lighting may have been less than ideal, so if you know a way to enhance them, I would appreciate it."

January 1971.

She was 54.

He wrote, "While the news media still gush over Jane Fonda, Martha was the real woman of valor, having served our country in three wars. She may have been a party animal during Hollywood's golden age, but after Pearl Harbor, she acquired nursing skills and put them to use in military hospitals, healing the wounded with laughs as well as medicine, giving them the idea that life was still worth living after what they had suffered. She didn't stop starring in movies during the war. 'Navy Blues' and 'Four Jills In a Jeep' were two of them. After the war ended, she chose to remain in the reserves and over the next 25 years, rose to the rank of colonel, serving in Korea and Vietnam, where I met her. In Nam, she qualified for the Green Berets by engaging in parachute jumps. She would visit remote outposts to entertain the GIs there, and if the enemy disrupted these shows by firing on the audience, she would drop her mic and immediately give first aid to the wounded.

"I was assigned to the headquarters of the Special Forces when she showed up to give us her love. In the picture in which she is wearing tiger fatigues, she had been drinking with some sergeants while an Australian band was performing when her buddies ushered her on to the stage. The Aussies knew who she was and were awestruck that they were now accompanying a living legend. In the other picture, in which she was wearing standard greens, she was accompanied by one of many Filipino bands that performed month-long engagements at our bases. Fifty years ago, these 'troubadours of Asia' learned from their parents who had liberated their country and had felt it their duty to give back in return. At the end of her performances, Martha would tell us in politically incorrect language, 'I may not be young and pretty, but my eyes are round and I love you!' And fifty years later, I still love you, Col. Maggie."

Three wars.

Men like Chuck Yeager called that perfect attendance.

The Lord blessed us with her.

ITEM 9: The New York Times alleged, "Businesses Trying to Rebound After Unrest Face a Challenge: Not Enough Insurance.

"Some activists have downplayed the damage to businesses from looting and arson in racial justice protests around the country. But some small entrepreneurs are struggling."

The Times is a former news site that now spreads crackpot conspiracy theories such as Putin rigging the election to elect Donald Trump president. I do not link such sites, but sadly some people still consider it reliable, so I watch it.

By "some activists," it means itself too.

Lefties don't care about people. They care only about power. They destroyed 2 million businesses with covid 19, and thousands more with their riots and looting.

ITEM 10: Just the News reported, "Decision Desk HQ, an organization that says its work pertains to election results and data, projected on Tuesday that President Trump had won North Carolina, scoring the state's 15 electoral votes."

President Hillary's re-election is now in jeopardy. 

Tillis won re-election, giving Republicans a 50-48 edge in the Senate with two seats being voted on in Georgia in January. Turnout should be 120%.

ITEM 11: Kane at Citizen Free Press tweeted, "Citizen Free Press is already replacing Matt Drudge.

"82 million pageviews in the past 30 days."

I like the chick. Is her name Rosebud by any chance?

ITEM 12: Weasel Zippers reported, "NYT’s Friedman: GOP ‘Biggest Threat To Our Democracy Since the Civil War.’"

It is butt hurt on display. Friedman is the Times expert on the Middle East. President Trump has proved him wrong about everything in 4 short years.

As my favorite reader in Huntington reminds me, ours is not a democracy but a constitutional republic.

ITEM 13: Byron York said President Trump should prevail in his legal challenge in Pennsylvania.

York wrote, "On the question of voting by mail, the legislature made one clear, unambiguous requirement: All mail-in ballots had to be received by 8 p.m. on election day. (It let stand an existing law that allowed military and overseas ballots to be received for seven days after election day.)"

Later he wrote, "The case went to the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court, which has a 5 to 2 Democratic majority. On September 17, the court threw out the legislature's deadline for ballots and created a new one: 5 p.m. on November 6, three days after election day. The justices just made it up."

The U.S. Supreme Court voted 4-4 to allow the judges to rewrite state law as John McCain Roberts sided with the devil.

But Amy Barrett is on the court now.

Without Pennsylvania, Hillary won't be re-elected.

ITEM 14: Glenn Greenwald reported, "Obama Official Ben Rhodes Admits Biden Camp is Already Working With Foreign Leaders: Exactly What Flynn Did."

Flynn's only crime was agreeing to work for Donald Trump.

They persecuted him as a warning to others.

ITEM 15: United Press International reported, "The State Department approved three weapons deals to the United Arab Emirates totaling $23.37 billion, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced Tuesday.

"The DSCA released three announcements Tuesday regarding the proposed deals: $10.4 billion for 50 F-35A Joint Strike Fighter Conventional Take-Off and Landing aircraft, $10 billion for 800 AIM-120C8 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles and $2.97 billion for 18 Weapons-Ready MQ-9B, Remotely Piloted Aircraft.

"At the end of October the White House informally notified Congress of a proposed $10.4 billion sale of 50 F-35s to UAE, which would make the country the second in the Middle East -- after Israel -- to own the planes."

The message is clear. Make peace with Israel and you can buy F-35s.

An armed society is a polite society.

ITEM 16: The Epoch Times reported, "More than 20,000 absentee ballots in Pennsylvania have impossible return dates and another more than 80,000 have return dates that raise questions, according to a researcher’s analysis of the state’s voter database. 

"Over 51,000 ballots were marked as returned just a day after they were sent out—an extraordinary speed, given U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivery times, while nearly 35,000 were returned on the same day they were mailed out. Another more than 23,000 have a return date earlier than the sent date. More than 9,000 have no sent date."

The Postal Service invented time travel!


ITEM 17Jacob Palmeiri reported, "Betting Odds Of Trump Winning Triple."

The odds are up to a 9% chance. 

Never bet against Donald John Trump.

ITEM 18The Motley Fool said, "5 Reasons Dow 40,000 Can Happen Under a Biden Presidency
Despite having not yet hit Dow 30,000, a number of catalysts should push the 124-year-old index considerably higher with Biden in the White House."

President Trump added 10,000 points to the Dow since his election. No president added as many points in one term, and his performance topped 50% growth.

This has all come within the last 8 months because the market tanked in the pandemic panic, reaching its nadir on March 23.

The reason the economy came back was confidence in America. Donald Trump made America great again -- twice.

FINALLY, Happy Veterans Day, veterans.

Mark me down as Army, eating popcorn, and enjoying the show before I have to buff the floor.


  1. As a Marine, we're proud of being part of the Department of the Navy...the Men's Department :-)

    1. Heh! Kind of the feeling I had as a cavalryman when dealing with tankers, arty, etc.

    2. As ex-Army, laughing at that one!

    3. Friedman is a Yankee so he doesn't know it's referred to as "the Late Unpleasantness", or if one must be more formal, "the War Between the States."

    4. I served in three amphibs. Someone once asked me what it was like to be in a ship full of Marines. I asked them to imagine being trapped in a building with 800 Labrador puppies...;-)

  2. #12 Doest he mean “GOP biggest threat to Democrats since the Civil War”

  3. Big D, your opening riff on Brown Sugar was flat-out GENIUS!

    1. Don't let him fool you, he really is a genius.

    2. Of course you're Keith --- you ROCK!!

    3. More likely, Don is Keith's non musical evil twin brother. He is as creative on a keyboard as his 'brother' is on a guitar.

  4. Any organization that has a bunch of sailors working for it needs some prison guards. We give them landing craft and stuff to keep them occupied in between tours at the Naval Brigs.

    Meanwhile there's going to be lots of trouble over that Dominion machine/software AND PA may not get their votes certified because the Sec of State is a dumb bimbo. Of course she was hired by a Philly Lawyer so what can you expect.

    Not enough time for a revote so the best they might do is to do a recount but they mixed in the illegal ballots with the good so the court may toss the whole deal.

    One thing good coming out of all this this last year is Wolf has about guaranteed he's leaving in 2 years. Unless the jackass PA GOP once again promotes some old fossil who still doesn't understand how the Democrats work these days.

    Oh and I only own a couple cell phones for the convenience of others. I forget to take them with me all the time (and a couple times I wish I had).

    Internet I've always been on the edge about but all the portable devices? For one I hate APPLE. And I hated Steve Jobs and their overpriced tech. (which they did on purpose to attract those with snob appeal. Which is why so many liberals bought their computers altho they weren't as good).

    So Apple lucked out and made money off of tech they stole from elsewhere. Oh wait they did that for their computers too.

    1. Apple would have sunk out of sight if Bill Gates hadn't bailed them out. In August of 1997, Gates stepped in and saved Apple, which, at the time, was on the brink of bankruptcy. Gates made a $150 million investment in Apple.

    2. Yep, Apple is terrible. After buying my first computer in 1981, when I had to learn some Basic to modify programs to work on my machine, I got a Macintosh in 1984. Great little machine, but the windoze lured me away with color. I used them for years, heck, even learned how to build them in an effort to keep them running, what with the Blue screens of death, crashes, viruses, worms, hacks, etc. Then I broke down and bought an iMac in 2013. I've never had it fail to startup when I push the on button, never had to reinstall due to system failures of any kind, never had to buy six(6) new operating systems, it ran windows perfectly when I wanted to slum occasionally, what's up with that? Yep, overpriced, stolen, junk it sure is. Clown.

  5. #7. You're Keith Richards? You mean you get your blood filtered or replaced every year? Who would've thought that this guy would still be alive in 2020?
    #8 Love this story about the Big Mouth, as she called herself. A great patriot!
    Thanks for getting me onto the CFP (and for the picture)
    13, 16, 17. As a great man has said often, "We'll see what happens".


  6. Item #8,

    Col. Raye was to visit our little airfield in IV CORPS, long after her ETA had passed, we got word she was treating wounded in a field hospital near Saigon after a firefight had left many wounded, and she stayed to help.

  7. Just had a random thought, as I read my morning fix.
    We should start calling it the Trump vaccine so people will remember who made it possible in record time.
    Also, let the Dems bad mouth the vaccine, then the conservatives will get it first.

  8. #12 is correct, at least in Georgia. The Democrats and Andrew Yang have announced they are going to register in Georgia to vote in the two US Senate runoffs. There is no residency requirement for voting - only an “intent” to live in the state. They can go to the secretary of state’s website, register there, and get an absentee ballot sent anywhere.

    The GOP governor, Secretary of State, and attorney general announced yesterday they are not going to do anything about it. This is a clear disenfranchisement of legitimate Georgia citizens.

  9. Every 'mainstream' media story I read describes Trump's varied and widespread efforts to expose obvious election fraud as 'Trump's unfounded legal challenges' or 'Trump's unfounded allegations of fraud' or something similar. The word 'unfounded' appears universally, salted into every story, as if it's been handed down from on high. Classic gaslighting. It ain't gonna work.

    1. Add"without evidence" when you see that it means President Trump hit the nail square on the head.

    2. I was trying to explain to my wife that the psyops and gaslighting is a sign of desperation. They are terrified of what is about to happen.

  10. Item #10:
    I live in WI. There have been a lot of "glitches" in our ballots. But there IS a real explanation to having a little over 100% of registered voters voting. In WI you can register to vote at the voting place on the day of the election. If there were a lot of unregistered voters signing up to vote the numbers might look somewhat like that. Remember The Donald's events where a large % were people who had never voted. The % being over 100% of registered makes sense; but ONLY if Trump won WI - which I'm sure he did. They just need to find how it was stolen from him, and find a way to get it back to its rightful owner.

  11. Several facts have led me to conclude massive voter fraud: coattails with no coat, 100% Biden ballots at 4:00 am, and the best analysis yet: Andrea Widburg's article at American Thinker, "Data Analysis shows weird mail-in ballot anomalies". TLDR: mail-in ballots lend themselves to easier statistical analysis than in-person voting, which shows clear evidence of fraud.


  12. No offense, Don, as confidence is a good thing, but you're saying a second Trump term is coming just like you said 37 states. There's plenty of nefariousness to preclude the former just as they did the latter.

    You have a corrupt system to overcome and many that run it would be in serious legal jeopardy under another four years of President Trump. They are pulling out ALL the stops.

  13. At least now, I have to believe that the only ones not in on the fun are Trump and 71 million Americans

    1. Oh, I dunno- I'm having a great time, watching the slow realization in the media that the scam isn't working! Let's hear another thousand repetitions of "unfounded," shall we?

      And President Trump had a great weekend on the golf course, taking time to let a newlywed couple get some photos with him, & he doesn't seem worried at all. Neither am I!

      Like the great sage said, "Don't worry, be happy!" Another great sage said, "Never Bet Against President Donald J. Trump!"

      Investing in popcorn futures might be a good idea, tons will be consumed when President Trump is sworn in for his second term!

    2. It is truly a great time to be alive Esky. We are living in a special historical time. Enjoy the fact that we are alive to witness this comeuppance.

  14. Martha Raye admitted she wasn't young or Pretty. Jane Hanoi can't admit she isn't any more...Met Jane up close and personal years ago.
    Vile, evil woman...

    1. Wife's still doing well.Doc's backed me up.
      Medicare can't let you fire hospice in Oregon,unless you have good reason. Doc and the Home agreed to help me.

  15. 2: If he was going someplace in 2 months, why fire them now?

    8: Hollywood tried to blacklist Col Maggie for her work. Rock Hudson gave her a job on his series and a new career.

    10: The Peacock has also called NC, as well as AK, for Trump. Looks like the plotters know they've lost and are trying to cover their tracks.

  16. #13: Anybody know if PA has obeyed Justice Alito's order to segregate the late mail-ins? And maybe more importantly: If you exclude the late mail-ins, is it enough to swing the state to Trump?

  17. ITEM 11 - To see more gunslinging chicks, I recommend:
    More than 11,000 entries of babes showing off their hardware - and firearms.

    1. My old fiance used to grace the pages of G. Gordon Liddy's annual "Stacked and Packed" Calendar. Smokin hot if I do say so myself
      RIP Tracy :-(

  18. Item #1: Pelosi has been counted out many times prior to today. Mrs. Dracula is very tough to get rid of. Good luck, Mr. McCarthy.

    Item #2: "The Pentagon's top policy official James Anderson has resigned this morning, according to Politico."

    Good. What took him so long?

    Every single federal/state "policy official" --- translation: "An officious government loafer/repellent intellectual moron, with a great pension" --- should be exiled for a year in the Gobi Desert.

    You can find entire herds of these vacuous, obnoxious bovines in the NY state government desert wastes of Albany and its suburbs (they come out to parade around Saratoga Springs in the summer time. There ought to be a hunting season).

    Item #3: "His [Trump's] second term begins January 20." [2021].

    Without the slightest doubt the following prediction is made:

    If you thought the violence seen on the day of the 2016 Inaug, you will be stunned by what you see happening on 01/20/21, which will be five-ten times as bad.

    Assassinations cannot be ruled out.

    Item #7: "No cell phone, no Zoom, no iPod -- I just figured it out. I'm Keith Richards."

    Don, stay out of the coconut trees!

    I wanna be Bill Wyman (minus the 13 year-old Mandy Smith).

    Item #8:

    My wife and I had the good fortune to be able to go out to CA in 1989 to attend a wedding. One night, we ended up in a faux French restaurant in Santa Monica. Our booth table was close to another booth table, and the maidenly-named Margy Reed (no relation) and her friend were in the other.

    Unaware of who she was, our banter raced and the conversation flowed.

    When she and her escort left, the owner came over, sat down and was so naturally friendly/convivial, I was reminded for the first time in a long while, by the simple demonstration of contrast, how many jerks own restaurants.

    It was then that he mentioned that "Martha Raye" had been our neighbor in Booth Bay, California that evening.

    I then did so regret not having known this. I know now that my ignorance was a blessing in disguise, for not knowing enabled us to simply relate to each other in a natural and pleasant way.

    See you, soon, Martha.

    1. Someone recently posted that they don't bother with the 'comments' after Don's Post because of the trolls... they are truly missing out! Nice Post DR

  19. #11: Excuse me for asking, but why the constant reiteration of how the drudge report hath fallen? So he sold out and he sold it. Some of us never, ever read it--its design was uninviting and hard to navigate. (Didn't read it enough to comment on the writing or reporting.) So it's gone and other sites have replaced it. Can we move on? As long as your site is here to read, we don't really care.

    #9: In my Gov. Coma-oppressed area, our main shopping drag--maybe 13 short blocks--is a ghost town. Store after store after store with "for rent/for sale" signs. Many of the businesses that are hanging on have been slapped with outrageous fines. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, American flags and Trump banners fly on every block. A new initiative has just been created to encourage people to shop on their feet rather than from their seats: › news › featured
    PLEASE SHOP LOCAL! Rise Up Red Zone Launched to Support Struggling Local Businesses. Here's hoping it helps.

  20. It is my theory that Democrats KNEW Trump was going to win in a landslide, giving him what the dems knew would be a complete 'mandate' to do whatever he wanted. So they cheated on an historic scale with only two outcomes. 1. They literally steal the election and take Whitehouse or 2. The stealing gets overturned and Trump ultimately wins. But no 'mandate' no HUGE victory (37+ states) and they can spend the next 4 years calling him an illegitimate President who 'Stole' their election; just like they did for 4 years with Russia, Russia, Russia!

  21. I'll always remember Martha Raye for her appearance in Disney's "Mother Goose Goes to Hollywood", a 1938 cartoon.

  22. If Martha Raye's health hadn't failed, She might have served in Desert Shield - Desert Storm, making it four wars.

  23. Met Colonel Maggie when she visited Pleiku (memory fogs but I think late '70). Only LTC that ever kissed me, a Spec5 and probably the only leg (non airborne-qualified) at the party (a 403 RR Det/5 SFGA guy I knew got me into the party).

  24. Martha Raye was a Montana girl! Margy Reed was born on August 27, 1916, in Butte, Montana.

    My parents were Butte rats too, and I have good childhood memories of Butte.

  25. The USMC IS a Department of the Navy: The Men's Department.

  26. 1. It WOULD give the Dem caucus a chance to say, "NO. We're not socialists!"

    4. His job was a prosecutor. The other was an office he held. You can give up being an editor without giving up being a reporter.

    6. Imagine the phone company censoring your calls. These giant monopolies/trusts are utilities. Regulate them accordingly.

    9. Business surviving urban unrest also probably suffering from a lack of people wanting to come down and get mugged by Burn Loot Murder.

    12. ...and by 'Democracy' he means one party rule by the Democratic Party crime syndicate.

    18. Did their reasons include doubling of taxes and drowning in oceans of stifling regulations, 'cuz that's what I expect Biden will do.

    J in StL

  27. #4 - Pilger was leading the DOJ charge against the conservative 503-c orgs in the IRS scandal.

    So he protests against fighting voter fraud.

    Guess we know why.

  28. Trump wiped out the key people in civilian posts at the Pentagon. Six big names, gone, in two days.


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