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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Election reform is a trap

Just the News reported, "Republican congressmen Jim Jordan of Ohio and James Comer of Kentucky are calling on New York Democratic Reps. Jerrold Nadler and Carolyn Maloney to hold hearings to look into the integrity of the recent election."

Republicans should avoid this temptation because in addition to stealing this election, Democrats want Congress to enact reforms which will give them more power to rig elections. The federalization of elections is part of their overall plan to federalize everything.

Consider what happened following the 2000 presidential election. Congress coerced states into computerizing their elections. Anyone with half a brain could see the possibility of programming into these machines the results Democrats wanted. This year, they got caught.

Democrats have brought us motor-voter, same day registration, and mail-in ballots, all of which are designed to increase the chances of stealing an election.

There is a move afoot to have ranked balloting in presidential elections, which would allow people who vote for third parties to vote twice.

Jordan and Comer made a good point in their letter to Nadler.

They wrote, "We urge you to immediately convene hearings to examine the integrity of the 2020 election amid troubling reports of irregularities and improprieties.

"Given your role as leaders of a political party that spent four years baselessly calling into question the legitimacy of the 2016 election with debunked allegations of Russian collusion, you owe it to all Americans to fully examine allegations of actual election errors and misconduct."

But as satisfying as the insult may be, the two erred in giving Nadler permission to dive into this election mess. he could very well seize the opportunity to push for reforms that will make it easier for Democrats.

In March 2019, the first bill the House passed under Speaker Pelosi was the "For the People Act," which was a goody box of election reforms that would among other things restrict redistricting, federalize early voting, and automatically register people to vote.

The House approved it on a party-line 234-193 vote. Mitch McConnell scotched it in the Senate.

I don't want election reform. I want to rescind the last election reform.

By the way, Florida's Election Night count in 2000 was near perfect. The rest of the nation should adopt its ways.

But no, I don't want Congress mandating that either. Frankly, I prefer a Congress that collects its bribes and twiddles its thumbs because I have seen their work. I am not impressed.


  1. Gotta go with Prof Reynolds on this one. Paper fookin ballots, IN PERSON.

    1. 1. Machines count the paper ballots.
      2. Paper ballots were being stuffed into ballot boxes long before the machines started counting them.
      It's all in the process controls.

  2. Agreed, Don, this can at least wait - although in legislative situations, a letter like this is really pro forma rather than expecting any action.

    But at this point any talk of future "reform" is in the category of closing the barn door after the horse has left.

    What matters is getting all of this material into actionable form for criminal referrals (to come out what are at this point civil proceedings). And seeing to it that all the perpetrators spend the rest of their lives in solitary at Leavenworth. At least.

  3. Ranked choice voting means that the ballot gets overloaded, and voters are supposed to put a priority sort order for candidates.

    If the election is close, there is some algorithm whereby the low end of the ballot drops off and the count is redone and there is an "instant runoff".

    So it DOES make sense, in a Rube Goldberg way.

    We need simpler processes and more result auditing.

    1. It is NOT an "instant runoff". Those voters who had their votes rescinded get a "second vote", while those whose votes were already counted do not get a second vote. A runoff would have everyone revote.

  4. You don't trust Fatty with a lemonade stand.

    Of course, it could be one of those "for the record" things.

  5. Agreed. Proof is that in Georgia, with a Republican Governor, SOS, house and senate, the democrats instituted rules to get a rigged election.

  6. Jordan and Comey are fund raising. They could care less about America.

  7. Election reform containing these ideas would seem logical in light of the 2020 election. If Pelosi thinks she can mandate mail in voting, then congress can do this for a national election
    1. Voter ID required to vote/register.
    2. Paper ballots to allow an audit trail
    3. Outlaw universal ballots sent to all registered voters. Absentee ballots must be requested which gives an audit trail.
    4. clean up registered voter rolls as required by federal law which seems to not be done. Penalties needed.
    5. Outlaw voter harvesting
    6. No automatic registration when drivers licenses approved to prevent present laws where illegal aliens get registered to vote.

    1. Per 1. above, Rudy gave an example of a signed affidavit by an election worker where she was told NOT to ask for ID. So, even though I agree an ID should be presented, the left still will just use work arounds to cheat. The rest of your list will help. The more transparent the process is, the better.

    2. WI tried. You have to check out just how hard we've tried (I live in WI - just not in Milwaukee or Dane County).

    3. The problem is always enforcement- some form of consequences. The Justice's order to separate late ballots in PA did not have federal marshals enforcing it, so it was not done for some time. The result should be every ballot ID'ed as late be tossed, period.

    4. I bet few if any who violated the election laws will be charged. Similar to what we see with Spygate.

  8. They’re all lawyers “pounding on the table.”

  9. Election Reform be like:
    1. Citizens only.
    2. Official ID.
    3. Absentee ballots for cause only.
    4. Early voting restricted to 17 days (two weekends before official election day)
    5. Ballot received on request only. Count: ballots produced/mailed, ballots cast/received. No ballots that "just showed up".
    6. Real bi/multi-party oversight. The Parties (re: Repubs) can bring in poll workers/observers from out of district/state to ensure checks and balances in majority party (re:Democrat) regions.
    7. Chain of custody process for ballots.
    8. Cross check machine counts with different machine/software from different manufacturer.

    I could go on.

    PS: Darn it, Don! You made me get a Google account. Don't trust Google. Google is ...

    PPS: Conservative Treehouse was banished from Wordpress. That's probably just the beginning. Have a fallback plan if Blogger (Google) deplatforms conservatives (you).

  10. There is only one federal office that is elected nationally, and that is the president. That election and that election only should be in the hands of the federal government with federal standards (valid id matching signatures)nd US Marshals protecting those ballots, states handle the rest. Use the KISS principle

    1. Congressional and Senatorial races, while on a state level affect ALL of us. Are we not directly affected if GA election fraud like this November gives the Senate to Schumer and the dems? there should be some federal safeguards to protect ALL OF US...not unlike the voting rights act

    2. That is not correct. The President is chosen by electors from each state, who are in turn selected by whatever means each state legislature provides (it's in the Constitution--look it up). There was no provision for political parties, and even today the presidential nomination of both the Dem and Rep parties is not even binding on each state.

      The whole thing is a clusterf--, but since there's no provision for electors to be chosen by popular vote, why not eliminate it and have the legislatures choose them directly?

  11. Here is the urgency for both sides in the outcome of this 2020 election steal. If Trump wins then the Republicans can clean up the election process to the point that Dems can never win another election because they will not be able to steal anymore. If Biden wins then the Dems can rig the process to the point that Republicans can never win again because all elections will be rigged.

    It is the single most important turning point in American political history.

  12. I once told a friend the old joke about how my father voted republican all his life. Then democrat since he died. My friend didn't understand. The joke made no sense to him.

    This is in Puerto Rico where, up until this year we had final, 100% complete returns for 1,000 or so city, district and state level offices. Where we never had even allegations of fraud.


    1) We had to register and get a secure voter ID card ahead of the election. Not a driver's license, a voter ID

    2) With exceptions for the military and college students studying off island, there were almost no absentee ballots. Getting one required a really good excuse and an affidavit from a lawyer. Unless student or military.

    3) When entering the voting room, finger was scanned with UV light to see if it flouresced.

    4) If not, go to a table where 2 poll watchers verified you in 2 lists. You had to sign one of them.

    5) Poll watchers signed the back of a ballot and gave it to you. You went to a booth, marked it with a pen, folded it and put it in a sealed box.

    6) As you walked out, dip your finger and get checked with UV light to make sure it was inked. My understanding is that the ink flouresces at a special wavelength for additional protection.

    7) When polls close, ballots are counted in the polling room. Supervisor poll watchers verify the counts of all, fax (maybe email now?) them to San Juan to the State Election Commission. They tally them with adding machines and by 6 PM we have some preliminary results on TV. By 9, we generally have final results. The commission recounts the ballots, by hand, and has never found significant discrepancies. They officially certify 2-3 weeks later but about 99% of the time the result Tuesday night is the same as certified.

    On our island of 3mm people, we get 75-80% turnout.

    We get really crappy politicians, but we have absolute trust in the system by which we elect them. It is impossible to fraud the system.

  13. Until this year.

    Electoral "reform" gave us large scale absentee ballots. I think perhaps 15-20%.

    Electoral "reform" gave us Dominion ballot scanning machines.

    Electoral reform gave us votes being "found" and counts being "corrected" 2 weeks after the election. We still don't know who won some races.

    Give us back the old system or I will deregister. I am not going to be complicit by participating in a corrupt system.

    John Henry

  14. It appears that judges threw out the Az and Pa lawsuits today. By just recounting the illegal ballots the recount ends up with Biden still winning. This has been very carefully planned and orchestrated by the D's; incl making sure THEIR judges were the 1st line for Trump's team to go to. Appeal? Not with the electoral collage so near. I hate to say this... and cry for my beloved country under Harris' socialistic rule. And you can bet the D's once in power will find a way to never give it up again....

  15. The Dems have almost always never compromised so they refuse to realize that Americans are tired of this and at some point the Dems will overstep to the point where there will be a cascading reaction that will not be good for our country. I don't know what that will be but gun confiscation just may be it. The "come and try to take them" declaration is not an idle challenge in my rural area. The Dems may try and use the Red Flag laws to falsely take firearms under the guise of it being legitimate. They took 1000 firearms in New Orleans during Katrina, so it might just work for a while.

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