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Friday, November 06, 2020

Democrats unhappy

Even as they steal the presidency, Democrats remain unhappy because they failed to steal the Senate.

They thought people would not split the ticket. I did too. We were wrong. If you are going to stuff the ballot box, take the time to complete the whole thing.

Dave Weigel of the Washington Post tweeted, "The fact looming over all Democratic infighting is GOP turnout. Had GOP turnout been flat from 2014 to 2018, Ds would have swept the Senate. Had it been flat from 2016 to 2020, Ds would today have 400+ electoral votes and majorities in both chambers.

"Trump got 4.7 million votes in Texas in 2016, Biden got 5.2 million votes in Texas this year. The left fantasy that 'when there’s a high turnout, we win' should have been buried behind the toolshed two years ago."

Ah yes, two years ago.

Two years ago, Donald Trump enjoyed the best midterm for a president since FDR by sending 4 incumbent Democrat senators packing. His party increased its majority in the Senate by two, even as it lost the House.

This time, Republicans have gained at least 6 House seats and kept the Senate. The clock is ticking. If Biden wins, they face losing the House in 2022 while Republicans would expand their lead in the Senate.

President Donald John Trump turned the Republican Party into a tiger, weeding it of its RINOs (Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, and the like) while attracting a young generation of voters who like his fight.

But this piece is about the Democrats and they are unhappy because Democrats have no mandate. How do you get 80 million votes and no mandate?

In fact, most Americans detest the Democrat Party positions. That is why Democrats are keeping their goals under the wraps until Inauguration Day. With two Georgia Senate races being re-voted in January, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn ordered Democrats to shut up about their real plans.

Politico said Clyburn told Democrat congressmen, "If we are going to run on Medicare for All, defund the police, socialized medicine, we're not going to win."

Reparations and the Green Deal also are taboo subjects for Democrats.

Clyburn admitted Democrats hope to sneak socialism past voters. Again. Nothing has changed. Decades of indoctrination in college have failed to make it palatable to Americans. Oh, and they are discovering about half of the Hispanics in America fled here from communism.

There was a reason Obama stopped allowing Cubans in legally. The only refugees he wants are those he can control.

Eric Levitz of New York magazine wrote, "This week, the American left clambered out of hell, only to find itself condemned to political purgatory."

Levitz whined about the Senate, writing, "A voter in Wyoming enjoys 70 times as much influence in the U.S. Senate as one in California, due to a population disparity between the two states that is much larger than any that existed at the time of the founding (at which point, many framers already found the concept of equal representation for states in the upper chamber, irrespective of population, to be an outrageous if necessary compromise)."

Well, Republican Texas has 46 times the population Democrat Vermont does, and Republican Florida has 22 times the population of Democrat Delaware.

That is how the Constitution works.

He lamented that electing Biden means Republicans will increase their majority in the Senate in the next midterm 2 years from now.

The fact is Democrats failed to flip the Senate because their ideas are insane to most Americans. They spent $315 million on 6 states -- far more than Republicans did -- and failed to flip a seat because their ideas are more at home in Wuhan than Kansas.

The Hill reported, "John Ashbrook, a Republican strategist and former aide to Mitch McConnell, said Schumer and other Senate Democrats overestimated their strength heading into Election Day and misread positive media coverage for how voters felt about Trump and GOP candidates in battleground states.

"'Ultimately arrogance was the great downfall of Democrats this cycle,' he said.

"'They thought they could sit in a conference room in Washington, D.C., and handpick candidates, throw them in the basement and lie to small-dollar donors about fake polls, showing them with big leads, ingest mountains of cash and that alone was a recipe for success,' he added, pointing to Schumer's recruitment of McGrath and the millions of dollars that flowed into her ill-fated campaign."

My wife liked her ads. We get bleed-over ads from Kentucky and Ohio in Poca. Then she found out what McGrath's policies are.

Levitz said Democrats blew their best hope to flip the Senate until 2028. The midterm is always bad for the president's party. And he wrote off 2024 because there are not enough Republican seats to flip. And so on.

We may see how a Republican Senate will work with a Democrat president and a Democrat House. We haven't had that scenario for a century at least.

I should say it is odd that Democrats think they won and are unhappy. But that is how every spoiled child is.


  1. We had a Republican Senate with Obama and that worked well with McConnell. Let's hope we keep the seat in GA.

    1. Looks like the January runoff will be a fancy outhouse -- a two-seater!
      Perdue failed to get a majority

    2. Actually there are 2 seats open. One most certainly is headed for a runoff [Loeffler (R) v Warnock (D)]. The other [Perdue (R) v Ossoff (D)] is likely to end up there as well because—voter fraud.

    3. Last I heard, James hadn't conceded in MI.

    4. He doesn't have to concede. He lost. They stole it using the Al Franken playbook.

    5. I made my first-ever political donations this morning to Loefler and Perdue of Georgia.

      Georgia run-offs are the firewall for our rights.

    6. If the Democrats get away with the fraud they are perpetrating right now to take this presidency, what makes you think they won’t do the same thing in the Senate races they need to win to take the majority?

    7. Exactly Jamie. That's the plan. They know it works. Have a bunch of absentee ballots ready in Fulton county for the runoff. Find out how the rest of the state goes. Stop the count and produce enough votes to STEAL THE SENATE. Count on it.

      Mitch will then be Minority Leader and will get to watch all the Socialist agenda get put into place. BOOM!

      Yet what Republican Senators or Congressmen are standing with the President? If anything he's being told to stand down and take the loss like a man.

      I hope they take it like men when the Chinese take over and pillage this country.

      John G

    8. the GA Senate seats should be OK as long as the D machine doesn't get to produce millions of mail in ballots and count them without oversight.

  2. Can we stop the fraud in Pennsylvania, Don? The President needs AZ, GA, NC and PA for victory.

    1. Yes, we can, as somebody said once.

      Sun Tzu showed the way for Trump. Federal law is on his side and, thanks to Cocaine Mitch, the Federal bench is overflowing with judges he appointed, all the way up to ACB, Brother Bret, and Neil Gorsuch.

    2. This is the second time that someone has linked this and I still don't understand how it shows that Federal law is on Trump's side. It is a good cartoon and I have gone and looked at others also. Sorry to be dense but can you explain?


    4. Sun Tzu. LMFAO.

      Yeah. Sure.

      Get back to me on that.

      This thing is over. Done. Finished. The system is baked into the cake.

    5. There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty:

      Please use in that order.

      Guess where we are now...

    6. Thanks, that at least explains what everyone was talking about.

    7. I had not heard it with the jury box. Only the other three.

      But it makes the point: there's only one box left.

  3. Better watch the race in NC also. While they are harvesting votes for Biden, can they find more flashdrive votes for Cunningham?

  4. IF (big if) senile, cucked-for-China Pedo Joe and his Party of pedophile degenerates take the White House, you'll see a whole new level of "Not My President."


  5. Recount called in GA (the R governor finally is growing a pair). So it's not over there.

    Cocaine Mitch has put out a statement. "Any illegally-submitted ballots must not. All sides must get to observe the process. And the courts are here to apply the laws & resolve disputes,” McConnell said.

    I’m here tonight to stand with President Trump. He stood with me… Every Senate Republican and House Republican needs to get on television and tell this story".

    Lindsey Graham stepped it up last night and donated $500,000 to President Trump’s legal defense fund.


    700,000 votes manufactured in PA after the election, all D. Flash drives with all D ballots popping up in VA.

    Either, they've lost their minds or they think they have this in the bag.

    Regardless, they're going down.

    1. It's not over till Trump says it's over! I will be looking to team Trump to tell us what is to be done where and when.
      Many years ago Claire Wolfe wrote: Don't Shoot the Bastards (Yet): 101 More Ways to Salvage Freedom. It's not quite yet time to reach for the cartridge box.

    2. How on earth can flash drives be admissible ballots? Even if they took pictures of mail ballots and put them on a flash drive, those are not the actual ballots! Does anyone know if these flash drives were just for Biden? I think these could be challenged as inadmissible.

    3. It's over. You can't win with PA when they steal GA and AZ.

      Face reality. We're gonna lose due to fraud and nothing will change that. You've lost your republic. It's that simple.

      God bless Trump for trying. He reminded Americans of their potential until the Wu Flu derailed everything. We are no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. We've become ignorant, corrupt, and compliant.

      It's finished. Fight on, just as my ancestors did at places like The Alamo, but understand defeat is upon you--and there's no San Jacinto waiting in the wings.

    4. Go FUD yourself.

      Recount in GA, Trump's taking AZ counties.

      And PA is defying Federal law. Can't wait to see how that turns out.

      You're being an ass by trying to scare people with stuff this easily refuted.

    5. Take your blackpilled bullshit somewhere else, loser.

      Let me guess: Whenever someone calls you a racist, you immediately cower like a wussie and try to convince them that "I'm really not! And here's why!!!" instead of rhetorically attacking them as the degenerate pedophiles so many on their side are.

      You are not tall enough for this ride. Go wait at the food court until mommy and daddy and the big kids are done.

    6. It's illegal to count ballots without observers. The Democrats broke the law when they counted them in secret.

    7. Nice try J. I repeat what I said above.

    8. You guys can keep dreaming in Technicolor. The rest of us will live in the real world.

      A Georgia recount won't net enough votes to overcome the margin. Trump just fell behind the rate needed to take Arizona.

      And no court will overturn the fraudulent results.

      So, you can F YOURSELVES if we're trading insults.

      I'm right. You're wrong. I wish it weren't so.

      Keep on believing. Some dreams die hard.

    9. Conservatives are supposed to deal in FACTS. Which is what I'm doing.

      You guys are delusional true believers. It's people like you who have lost our republic for us.

      "If 'ifs' and 'ands' were pots and pans you could open a hardware store."

      Or another favorite: "If 'ifs' and 'buts' were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas."

      Grow up.

    10. What the hell makes you think this stops at the courts?

      That's your first error.

    11. You folks need to relax, you're witnessing the greatest voter fraud sting in world history. The DHS has the ballots marked, this was all planned. They have committed nothing less than TREASON. When this gets to the Supreme Court the Democrats are FINISHED.

    12. That's been rumored for a couple days now.

      We shall see.

      Hope you're correct.

    13. If this is true, that would be the best thing ever! To see the cheating bastards caught with their hand in the ballot box would be absolutely Heaven!!!

    14. Eat at the "Y" and ignore the "J."

    15. Hey J give it a rest, man. Go back in your basement, pick up the Xbox and play with your two joysticks.

  6. With the dems doing so poorly in many parts of the country (House races...), I can't help but wonder if we have a clear picture of "Where they were serious about getting some results they cheated big time" and succeeded. Think Detroit, giving MI to Biden, stopping J. James. Think Philly, giving PA to Biden. And a few others. Where they didn't was a Trump win nationally.

  7. Don, you are underestimating the corruption of the Democrats. All investigations into Clinton and Biden families will be shut down. General Flynn will be sent to prison. Rittenhouse will be executed for murder. They’ll use the power of the feds to go after every American institution The right holds close. The NRA will dogged until it can’t respond. Ordinary citizens will once again be aggressively harassed by the IRS. Google, Facebook and Twitter will now openly ban our ability to spread the message of freedom. You think the Dems are going to allow Americans to regroup to take back control of their country in four years. The America where people resolve their differences at the ballot box is dead. That America will never exist again. Our only play is to play it like the Dems. BIDEN IS AN ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT. The senate should refuse to seat a single cabinet member. Refuse to pass a budget. Do not give consent to a single judge. Play it like the Dems refuse to show up until a legitimate president is elected by the people.

    1. Most Boomers, not all but a lot, clearly cannot fully conceive of the evil degeneracy of the Left. Their formative years were far too comfortable to ever allow that.

      Gen-X in particular and younger folks in general were the first to live with the consequences of Boomer naivete, stupidity and selfishness as children and into adulthood.

      My first introduction to Boomer knuckleheadedness was busing as an 11-year-old for "diversiteeeeeeeee! Yay!!"

      Well done.

      They gave that crap up STAT when they saw the results. Morons.

    2. Check out “Parler” as an alternative to FB and Twitter. Maria Bartoromo signed up today and so did I. Mark Levin is very active there.

  8. Your comparison of locations gave me a chuckle. Schumer, looking at the results, saying, "Toto, I don't think we're in Wuhan anymore."

  9. I just cannot believe this. PA has been handed to Biden. It defies logic. There is no way they would vote to take away their jobs! And why would ANY sane American vote for someone who didn't even campaign; and when he did it sounded like someone either with dementia, doped up on drugs, drunk, or just had a stroke. No SANE American would vote to hand over "the nuclear button" to anyone like that! How did he even get as many REAL votes that he did? America has gone nuts....

    1. Don Surber, you are my go to place along with Scott Adams to get a breath of fresh air. You are so incredibly smart and have so much insight. Love your work. I might also recommend that you check out the social media platform, parlor, as many conservatives are finding voice there including Mark Levin who is quite active. Best to you, And unlike many others I think this may be our finest moment.

    2. Nothing has been handed over yet.

      PA had to manufacture 700,000 votes to steal the state and that's gonna leave a trail.

    3. 47 counties in MI (more than half the state) used a software tabulation program that, in Anterim County, changed 6,000 Trump votes to Joe Mama.

      My instant question: Were other states using this software as well? If so, which ones?

      This is MY fothermucking vote! It’s a FOOKING DUTY AND PRIVILEGE that I take Very, VERY SERIOUSLY. The thought of some FOOKING LIBCOMMIE (lookin at you, Gretchen, you fooking tranny) would CHANGE IT would make me pick up a gun, march to Lansing, and DEMAND FOOKING PROOF that my vote was counted properly!

      “It isn’t over TIL WE DECIDE IT IS!!!”

    4. It's over. You don't seem to understand the forces arrayed against President Trump here.

      The coup's last gasp finally succeeded.

  10. Biden will always be known as The Commander in Cheat

  11. Hey Don, it took you what...a go from writing about Trump coming out on top after a a Biden Presidency and a GOP Senate.

    I think about it and conclude you are slow on the uptake.

    Watch Nancy Pelosi’s presser today.

    She claims the Democrats have a “Mandate” and President Trump is a “Domestic Enemy.”

    You continue to underestimate our political opponents.

    Wise the hell up Don.

    1. She claims the Democrats have a “Mandate” and President Trump is a “Domestic Enemy.”

      She also thought impeachment would work.


    2. Worked just fine. It did exactly what she intended it to do, you clown.

  12. Don, you're right when you point out that "...most Americans detest the Democratic Party positions", and that's why they have to be deceptive about their goals. And also why it takes them a non-stop 24 hr a day media push to DISTRACT people with screeching about racism and faux outrage about everything Donald Trump so people don't look too closely at the Marxists behind the Democratic party screen.

    The good news is that there is actually a VERY small number of people that understand and approve of the Democratic Marxist objectives. They are the Democratic party activists, many of the people in the media and big tech, and hardcore Marxists in academia and Hollywood. How many people is that, really, who actually know what's going on on the left and truly support it? Maybe 5 million at most.

    Of course it is a problem that many of those 5 million are in critical positions to control the flow of information.

    But the Democrats definitely don't have the 70 million wide awake and fired-up Trump voters. And the 70 million so-called Democratic voters they have, are actually just uninformed and deceived people, who would NOT vote Democratic if they understood what was going on.

    So actually, our "enemy" is a fairly small ring of maybe 5 million people, vastly surrounded by 70 million wide awake patriots and 70 million mostly decent people who have been deceived and distracted. So the Democratic party is desperately wedded to deception, and can not let "their" 70 million also wake up, as so many already have and have moved en masse to Trump.

    But large scale deception is very hard to maintain, even with a current lock on the media and internet. If each of the 70 million wide awake patriots who voted for Trump each patiently, kindly, and respectfully connects with just one Democratic voter each, and helps them come out from under the deceitful propaganda, the Democratic Marxists currently running the democratic show will be smashed. And even if we were deprived of technology we can make those 1 to 1 connections in person. 70 million awake people, each reaching just one Democratic voter.

  13. The Obama deep state was built under the watchful eye of a republican Senate. Keep that in mind.

    1. It's Kabuki Theater. Bread and circuses to get the masses to stay compliant.

      They're all on the same team. Trump isn't. That's why he had to be defeated.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. OK, I read the article about the supreme court. One thing that always appears to be true with Democrats is they like to do a Penn and Teller on us. Hey look here, not here. A lot of people that I know were concerned with the ballots that would show after Nov. 3rd and that was their concern. Then the supreme court says to segregate them. Big win for R’s. No, the ballots had been doctored up and mailed already. Sometime last week, I heard that 90 million votes had been mailed so far. Each one with a valid postmark. Ballot may have been suspect but the postmark is good. From what I can tell, it invalidates the articles argument and with reading the comments, the author thinks so too.

    Evidently, these ballots have been kept in a safe place for retrieval when needed. Trump said something a couple of days ago, lets recount and verify. That would be the answer, but I am sorry to say that I do not believe that is going to happen. The democrats set this narrative in motion a couple of months ago when they called it, Trump will not leave office if he is beaten. They also knew that they would inundate the states with ballots possibly not even trying to hide the fact of malfeasance because they had already set the narrative in place. Now with the help of the MSM, they are not seeing cheating and fraud, they see that Trump got beat and he is not going to leave. Democrats were right.

    If anyone will be able to pull a rabbit out of their hat, it is Trump. I have to say though, I am saddened for our country and for my country men. I believe that progressive and conservatives are wired differently. How can I look at Trump and see goodness, toughness, grit, etc. and I don’t see any that with Biden, never have? I have friends that see orange man bad and nothing else. My pastor and his wife voted for Biden and they told my wife today, that they are proud to have voted for him. I am not surprised just saddened. I am not sure that I can take godly counsel from the man anymore. I will have to pray on it. If someone can tell me their opinions on the differences between liberal and conservative, let know.

    1. Time for a talk with your church elders, is what I would say.

    2. More than that. Time to find a new church!

  16. if this fraud is allowed to stand, I will never vote republican again. As for the run off in GA...if the present results stand, Dems will win both those seats. Purdue/Loeffler will not get the support that Trump brought and the Dems will cheat again.
    Again, if these results are allowed to stand, well China runs the USA. it is over.

  17. A very simple way to tell is if someone naturally gives or receives; lends a hand or has their hand out; is a producer or a parasite.

    Clergy are parasites, by and large. I wouldn't hesitate to jettison your spiritual advisor at this point, unless you think he is just uninformed.

    1. There you go with invalid generalization again. Trying to soften it with "by and large" is a rhetorical nonstarter.

  18. The election isn't over. There is massive fraud. The only way it is over is if we give up. F that. Fight!

  19. Biden didn't get 5.2 million votes C'MON .

    I would bet the house Biden barely got any votes 90% is fraud.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. The Supreme Court isn't going to let themselves get dragged into this over suspicions or "obvious" shenanigans. And 20 or 30 or 50 days is nowhere near long enough to prove wrongdoing. The dopes at DOJ will still be debating a catchy name for their investigation a month into it, if it came to that.

    The dems stole it and did so in such an overwhelming way that it can't be undone by the inaugural. Wishing it wasn't so, but thinking of all the silver linings.

  23. Don said, "They thought people would not split the ticket. I did too. We were wrong."

    Well, I dunno about that- in order for a president to have coattails, pretty extensive ones at that, he's got to have a coat, doesn't he?

    Fact is, Trump won this election fair & square; but like he's been telling everyone for months & months, he KNEW the Dems were going to pull some fraud out of the pollster's hat. Lo and behold, they did!

    Let me point to the CISA: The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, which describes the electoral process as a vital national security issue. So people who commit fraud in elections have committed a Federal offense. Years in jail, when convicted, and they will be. The Dems were desperate, but not slick, and their fraud was OBVIOUS & well documented.

    I was amused to see on that website a description of 'threat actors' who "capitalize on political and social issues (especially around election cycles) to plant doubt in the minds of targeted audiences and steer their opinion."

    Huh! Sounds like some of the concern trolls who've shown up around here, doesn't it! (Remember, don't feed the trolls! They're just trying to get you mad & spread fear, uncertainty and doubt.)

    I'm going to hang onto my popcorn, it'll taste great when I'm eating it while watching OANN, who'll be showing the trials of all these crooks!

  24. "Friday, November 06, 2020 - Democrats unhappy"

    "Even as they steal the presidency, Democrats remain unhappy because they failed to steal the Senate.

    " 'They thought they could sit... in [WDC] ... handpick candidates... lie to small-dollar donors about fake polls... ingest mountains of cash and...' "

    If they're willing to rig an election, what would possibly stop them from skimming cash (lots of it) off the top?


    "Abigail Spanberger... chastised her progressive colleagues for embracing the defund the police movement... for not pushing back forcefully against accusations of socialism."

    1) I'll bet $25 that no one that meeting said about the 2020 RIOTS.

    2) "... Accusations of socialism."

    Madame Spamberger: How can these accusations be denied when so many influential members of your party are obviously socialists?


  25. The Democrats will likely steal both Georgia runoffs if they aren't stopped right now. The GOP elite are making a fatal error in not standing up behind Trump right now.

    If they are rewarded for what they have done, they will just repeat the operation in the runoffs. Hell, they will probably just keep counting in North Carolina until January to defeat Tillis. That is the Democrats' super power- a relentless drive to power that is not tempered by ethical concerns at all.

  26. And watch Maine- they haven't stopped counting in that election either.

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