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Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Breaking news: 264 is not 270

While Democrats high-five each other having stolen the elections in Wisconsin and Michigan, the fact is 264 is not enough electors to win the presidency through the Electoral College, meaning there are two outcomes: re-election in the Electoral College and re-election in the House of Representatives.

The nation is in the fight of its life, and I am glad that President Donald John Trump is leading the nation against this enemy from within.

This is the battle royal that we have feared would be coming. It arrived. It is the battle that Donald Trump was made to wage. 

264 is not 270.

And this particular 264 is 253 because it includes Arizona among the states the Democrats won. President Trump did the math and Arizona will become official on Friday based on 650,000 Election Day votes that went uncounted. 

Pennsylvania won't be official but President Trump leads. To give Biden the appearance of a large victory, the media denies that President Trump has won North Carolina and Georgia. The president is ahead 259-253.

And the president is challenging the shenanigans in Michigan and Wisconsin where the Democrats running the election apparatus stole or destroyed votes for President Trump.

All told, President Trump has defeated the forces of evil 285-253 in the Electoral College as Biden comes close but no cigar.

C. Edmund Wright advised the president to fight on, writing, "I say, continue to hold rallies. Stay on this every second of every day. Keep your attorneys fired up. Keep your people fired up. Make it obvious that this is still a war between the people and the basement dwellers. More than ever, Trump must be Trump. Go with your gut. Attack. We shouldn’t be here, but we are. It is what it is. Perhaps we have the one man who can make it his and our finest hour. The Republic depends on it."

He fights.

If you cannot fight for yourself, then you cannot fight for us. 

He is, and we shall. This steal shall not stand and if it tears the nation apart, then that is what the Democrats did in response to 2016.

The only difference is they lost that election.

We won this one too.

Now to snatch this victory from the thieves.


  1. Big D, this is the first time I have felt optimism all day. Thank you!

    Then we will fight in the shade!!!

    1. Don has tons of optimism. Sadly, optimism doesn't get a vote.

      Reality sure does though.

      Get ready to take one in the backside, people. Yeah, keep fighting, but while you hope for the best you had best expect the worst.

    2. Not giving up.

      They say "We win, or we burn it down."

      We say, "We win, or we split it up."

      God is still in charge, and He will hear us.

    3. He'll hear us, but as He said to the crippled boy who asked to be given the ability to walk, the answer will likely be, "NO."

      (GA, AZ, and PA. We have to grab these. WI has some weirdness going on. Maybe that one can be pulled back in, too.)

    4. Where'd you get that story about Jesus? It's not in the Bible.

    5. I wasn't talking about Jesus.

      But that being said, God is sovereign over ALL things. He gets what HE wants, not what WE want. Align yourself with HIS Will not yours.

    6. "But that being said, God is sovereign over ALL things. He gets what HE wants, not what WE want. Align yourself with HIS Will not yours."

      Well, God does help those that help themselves. He isn't going to do all the lifting here. Which means if this obvious electoral fraud is going to be exposed and countered, those of us who voted for the candidate that actually won, have to fight back. Plus, this could be the issue that brings about reform of our voting system, which is too open for fraud, as was experienced. Evil only wins if nothing is done to combat it.

  2. democrats have been practicing and honing stealing elections since 1960 just for this case. And remember that also started in chicago under daley, so, when you talk about obama bringing chicago politics to dc, you know what you are talking about.
    biden bragged during the campaign about having the "biggest election stealing" organization ever, so we were openly warned.

    1. The electoral fraud was attempted at this ridiculous level because it was thought to be needed to beat Trump. Plus, it has been successfully used, as you correctly stated, since 1960, without any prosecution or fines. Trump suspected some happened in 2016, but was laughed at by the dumbocrats and the MSM (but, I repeat myself). So, no doubt, he had to expect something like this.

      But among the many tells of obvious fraud is the fact that Biden set the record for votes garnered that exceeded Obumbles in 2008, when Obumbles drew large crowds to his rallies, thus exhibiting the enthusiasm his supporters had for him, much like Trump today. Meanwhile, Slow Joe hid in his basement for most of the campaign season. And when he did venture out, his rallies were sparsely attended, As Slow Joe says: "Come on man!" The outright cheating is so obvious, you'd have to be a lefty to deny it.

  3. We are witnessing right now tonight the culmination of the stealth Marxist coup that has been building for years. Pure,raw,brazen evil. The collusion of the Marxist-controlled Democratic party, the media, and Big Tech.

  4. No offense, Don, but our side has been wrong on this all the way.

    I was screaming they would steal it just like Trump was yet we hear 324 EC and 37 states and all sorts of pie in the sky BS.

    We *CAN* win AZ if things hold and we *CAN* win GA if things hold. But they know EXACTLY how many votes to steal in PA thanks to Roberts--and a very refined voter fraud machine.

    We are going to lose and it may just wind up 270-268 because NE split 3-1 on EC votes. FML.

    1. I’m sorry, but who the fook ARE you?

    2. Someone with a lot more class and intelligence than you, fookhead. Derp.

    3. Also I noticed a typo on my Nebraska break down. It's Trump 4, Badfinger 1. Had NE gone Trump 5, Badfinger 0 we wouldn't have to sweat anything but PA and GA. That would have made it 269-269 and Trump would win in the House 26-24.

      For want of a single Electoral Vote.......

      Well, there's always a faithless elector or two that can save us, perhaps.

    4. I understand your cynicism J, but really. You have not adjusted for Trump. Most of the GOP of old would never have fought any voter fraud, because it was so low level; it was rarely need at this level to defeat a GOP POTUS candidate. Further, the GOP candidates were compromised in one way or another, which was used as leverage to keep them from fighting the fraud. But this is Trump. You obviously have not been here long, because Don has correctly stated numerous times, don't bet against Trump.

      Another plus of fighting this, is that maybe, just maybe, our elections system gets exposed, and some reform happens. If Trump just gave up, then nothing changes, and we go back and give up ourselves. I had started to commit to not ever voting again in any election outside of local ones. But, because he fights, not only for himself, but us too, he shows his leadership, and inspires his supporters to do the same. And right now, we need a leader to stand up to this corruptness up in DC. Trump is the only one who is doing it.

  5. Saw that Trump's first post-election rally is in Detroit.

  6. Can't wait for all the people yelling, "Sore losers", (and they're all over the Interwebz) to start screaming.

  7. Did everyone see the numbers on Lucianne? I saw the chart supposedly from RealClearPolitics, but did not check them:

    If even a few of these are right this gives us real solid HOPE!

    State, # registered, # voted, % voted

    NV 1,277,000 1,593,143 125%
    PA 6,469 000 7,041,672 109%
    MN 3,000,000 3,197,528 107%
    NC 5,160,000 5,453,943 106%
    WI 3,129,000 3,283,532 105%
    MI 5,453,000 5,716,581 105%
    AZ 3,262,000 3,292,705 101%
    GA 4,840,000 4 662,728 96%

    1. I don't know. I haven't had time to check it out. I did state that caveat at the top. It is in the form of a chart; and the bottom of the chart gives credit to the realClearPolitics site. Considering that site does not usually do US any favors, I have a tendency to believe it - if that chart is indeed from there.

    2. HARLAN Z. HILL 


      Wisconsin voter turnout by year:
      2000 - 67.01%
      2004 - 73.24%
      2008 - 69.20%
      2012 - 70.14%
      2016 - 67.34%
      2020 - 89.25%

      TOTALLY believable LOLOLOLOL They’re stealing this!

  8. Clearly the MOST important thing is get ideas flowing.
    Should I contribute to Trump-Pence for legal costs? I'd say YES, give them a feeling of rising American support.
    Should I get off Twitter and go onto pro-Christian and pro-traditional-America Gab? Maybe yes, but perhaps you are able to connect to other patriots through FB. I heard a lot of the car parades were organized that way, for example.
    There are more choices than a) sit on the couch and b) go out on the street and start shooting. Time to do things ... but smart, useful things.

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  10. Don, Wisconsin may be invalidated. They have more votes than registered voters.

    {{David H}}
    BREAKING: Wisconsin has more votes than people who are registered to vote.

    Total number of registered voters: 3,129,000

    Total number of votes cast:

    not a joke

    Tony Heller
    We won't know the final election results until 131% of the vote is counted.
    11:58 AM · Nov 4, 2020
    152 people are Tweeting about this

    1. Wisconsin has same-day voter registration. Beyond that, the 3,129,000 registered voter count comes from the 2018 midterms--it doesn't include any new registered voters over the past two years.

      The number is still suspicious as all get-out (it dwarfs WI's turnout for OBAMA!) but it's not definitive proof.

    2. Same-day registration can't possibly cover the discrepancy. It would be too massive.

    3. It doesn't. The discrepancy is covered by the voters registered over the past two years.

      The correct number of registered voters in Wisconsin for the 2020 election was 3,684,726.

      It's still an outlandish and highly suspicious turnout, but it's not literally impossible.

    4. "Same-day registration can't possibly cover the discrepancy. It would be too massive."

      Yep. It is very massive. And out in the open. Without it, there is a Trumpslide. So, now the fraud is so massive, that it draws attention, unlike in the past, where it could be defended. No way in hell Biden out draws either Hitlary or Obumbles in votes, at ANY time. Yet, he set the record for the number of votes he got. In order to stave off the Trumpslide, this level of fraud was required. And no amount of MSM gaslighting is going to convince Trump supporters that this level of fraud didn't happen.

  11. " I have only to add that nothing which may happen in this battle can in any way relieve us of our duty to defend the world cause to which we have vowed ourselves; nor should it destroy our confidence in our power to make our way, as on former occasions in our history, through disaster and through grief to the ultimate defeat of our enemies..." Thanks for the inspiration Winnie and the souls at Dunkirk, our President makes us proud!! ZB

    1. "We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I will say: It is to wage war, by sea, land, and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be..." Thanks, Mr. Churchill, may the ghost of your bust Obama removed, haunt him for his lifetime... ZB

  12. I'm more relaxed now. It took a while for me to remember Don's often-posted maxim: NBADJT.

    Also, I read a thread by Thomas Wictor (now known as Carlos Osweda) which advised me that PDJT has this well in hand: he set a trap, and the Dems have stepped into it, gleefully stealing the election right in plain sight, as in We Saw You Do It & You're Not Gonna Get Away With It!

    So soon we'll be reading happier news, with a good chance that there'll also be the wonderful sound of handcuffs snapping shut! Can't happen soon enough for me!

  13. Reasons for optimism -
    - NBADJT
    - the posts here about the over-voting in the corrupt states
    - my family is healthy

  14. just a btw, When Twitter came out with the list of 7 trusted sources for election results, and they listed Fox News, I knew for sure we lost Fox News.

  15. The democrat philosophy. We don't need to steal all the states. Just the ones where we control the count.

  16. I am beginning to understand why God called liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg on 18 Sept and replaced by conservative Catholic Amy Coney Barrett two weeks ago,nominated by Trump. Ginsburg has been fighting cancers and other illnesses for the past six years but survived them all. Then all of a sudden without any news of her even going to hospital, she was gone. Just like that which shocked the country.

    Previously with Ginsburg there were 4 liberal Supreme Court Justices and 4 conservative, with Chief Justice John Roberts the deciding vote. But many believe John Roberts has gone over the liberal side, often voting with the liberal justices like in Obamacare & gay issues. Now with Ginsburg gone and Barrett in, the Supreme Court has 3 liberal and 5 conservatives Justices. Left leaning Chief Justice John Roberts vote does not matter as much anymore.

    Now the US election mess is going to the US Supreme Court! God in his wisdom and foresight already has everything in place to ensure His re-appointment of President Trump with not be thwarted. President Trump is God's appointed man for such a time like this. (Esther 4:14)

    1. Roberts still matters because we have a Kavanaugh (and a sometimes stupid Gorsuch who gets weird for no good reason).

  17. Ya gotta love Glenn Greenwald’s comment:

    “This idea that everyone can relax and go to sleep and stop paying attention once the Good Parents, Joe and Kamala, are in charge is creepy and authoritarian...”

    This guy J, only a very recent poster, seems to be advocating surrender while justifying his noble actions. Fook that shite. It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

    1. I don't believe J is advocating surrender. He seems to be very cynical, and due to past experiences with the GOP, he has every right to be. If there had been anyone else but Trump, his cynicism would be justified. Me, I will back Trump, and if there are rallies near me in Florida, I will go to them, to show my support. In other words, I am willing to go further in showing my support than I have ever done outside of voting, in the past. This scenario is just that important. Vote fraud must be stopped, or we have no voice.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Words matter.

    Can we please stop calling it shenanigans? That word has a somewhat flippant tone. You know, like "Let's watch the 3 stooges shenanigans"

    It is sedition and there's nothing flippant about it.

    1. You haven't been reading my stuff. I was telling people to grow a pair when they were all whining about how we're all doomed Wednesday morning.

      And I'll shenanigan if I choose.

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