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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Where the election stands

She wins the Halloween Costume Contest.


The New York Times Halloween night election trick is the old story that Donald John Trump got property tax relief to build in Manhattan when nobody else would.

The Times said, "Mr. Trump’s low taxes over the years were largely a product of his businesses hemorrhaging money, according to federal tax records obtained by The New York Times. But the records also show that so-called depreciation losses and other benefits for the real estate industry have helped Mr. Trump reduce his federal income taxes. In 2016 and 2017, Mr. Trump paid $750."


He paid more than $750 in taxes.

But it is nice of the Times to finally acknowledge that you don't pay income taxes when you don't make money.

Buried in the story was this nugget of reality, "In 1962, Congress passed rules that made the depreciation tax break less lucrative when someone sold the asset on which they had been taking deductions. But Congress exempted real estate."

That Donald Trump has accountants who minimize his taxes cheers the working class who now pay income taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes in most states. Working people resent the Marxism the Times promotes.

Thanks for the votes.

*** ***

Sean Connery is dead at 90. In his honor, the Jets record is now 00-7. 

No members of the Navy Seals team that rescued Philipe Nathan Walton, 27, from kidnappers are dead. He was captured in Niger months ago, rescued in Nigeria today.

He is the 53rd hostage released either by diplomacy or rescue in President Trump's first term.

How does this affect the election? According to a tweet by Kurt Schlichter, Connery's last words were "Re-elect Trump."

Both men had Scottish mothers.


Media-ite reported, "Another round of 'CNN sucks' chants broke out at President Donald Trump’s Michigan rally Friday afternoon, but the now-common refrain was followed by some boos when the president brought up Fox News as well."

I soured on Fox when none of its "all-stars" on Bret Baier's show had anything nice to say about Donald Trump in 2015 and 2016.

Hiring Paul RINO Ryan was the final blow.

I don't need TV to tell me how to think.

That is what wives are for.


Speaking of wives, Melania campaigned solo today. She said, "Joe Biden says he could do a better job leading this nation. Apparently when you hide in a basement, you feel safe communicating your wishful thinking."


Politico reported, "Donald Trump and Joe Biden are dashing across the Midwest as the presidential race enters the final weekend, with Trump narrowing his focus to Pennsylvania on Saturday and Biden stumping in Michigan alongside his old boss for the first time this year.

"Trump captured both states by less than a percentage point apiece four years ago. This year, Democrats are keen to devote as much attention to them as possible after getting caught off guard in 2016 — hence Barack Obama’s return to a state he twice carried handily.

"Before appearing with Biden in Michigan, Obama has headlined three events himself for Biden’s campaign, tearing into Trump in Philadelphia, Miami and Orlando, Fla. The former president has said his successor has shown little interest in doing the job, or 'helping anybody but himself and his friends, or treating the presidency as anything more than a reality show that can give him the attention he craves,' as he told a small, socially distanced crowd in Florida this week."

Small, socially distanced crowd means staffers because they cannot draw anyone to their events because they cannot advertise them in advance.

They cannot advertise them because more Trump supporters will show up than Biden fans will.

The story then said, "Florida is the biggest prize among the core battleground states. But this weekend’s schedule is a reminder that the clearest path to the White House runs through the Great Lakes states. Flipping Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin delivered Trump the presidency in 2016, and he and Biden both know that those states are likely to tip the balance in 2020, too."

Democrats gave up on Florida.

It is only the biggest swing state.

Joe Scarborough tweeted, "Republicans gained another 50,000 today in Florida. Democrats’ lead has been cut from 430,000 to about 110,000. Republicans have 2 days to pick up 25,000 more to outperform their 2016 numbers. Unless Ds stop the slide this weekend, Biden is in a bind in Florida.

"Almost 2 million non-R/Ds will vote before Election Day. If Biden pulls out a win in Florida, it will be because they break his way more dramatically than expected, and because of what Dave Wasserman [of the Cook Political Report] is calling the Gray Revolt."

A former Florida congressman may know something about its politics.


CHRIS CUOMO: The president is putting a lot of money into your state. He’s greatly increased his ad buy there, $1.2 million in TV advertising in the final week of the campaign, more than it spent there in the preceding three weeks combined. Do you think the president has a real shot in Minnesota?

KEITH ELLISON: Honestly, yeah, I do. I will tell you that I believe in our campaign workers and organizers. They’re working extremely hard. I can tell you that Minnesotans know what a problem Trump is. They know he doesn’t care about their health care. They know all the bad things about him. But, you know, there are some folks who still are supporting him. And so what I tell people is that if you — is that one, he does have a shot, don’t play it cheap, work hard for every single vote. And don’t stop until 8 o’clock on November 3.

The state has not voted for a Republican for president since Nixon in 1972.


Jack Posobiec tweeted, "Why are Biden advisors shopping their résumés around DC?"


Biden's up by 7 according to Real Clear Politics.

Speaking of which, I realize the RCP Average is its most popular feature, but it drains its credibility.

When President Trump proved RCP wrong again, maybe it should just list the polls and not average them.

As it stands now, RCP owns its average.


The New York Post reported, "Progressives, socialists and Bernie Bros are gearing up for war should Joe Biden fall short of his quest to unseat President Trump in Tuesday’s election.

"'You would see a complete repudiation of the Democratic establishment as we know it,' said Jabari Brisport, 33, a Democratic Socialist-backed candidate for state Senate expected to easily win a Brooklyn seat next week. 'The Democratic establishment is not working for everyday people.'

"Brisport said a Biden loss would completely discredit the moderate wing of the party, paving the way for more successful insurgents like himself."

They burned the Bernie Bros twice.

The big donors have lost control of the party. I am buying popcorn futures.


Trump supporters greet Biden Bus. Deplorable.


President Trump's campaign schedule:

Washington, MI
Dubuque, IA
Hickory, NC
Rome, GA
Miami, FL

Fayetteville, NC
Scranton, PA
Traverse City, MI
Kenosha, WI
Grand Rapids, MI

ABC. Always Be Closing.


Many people predict how the election will go. I ignore all but those who got 2016 right.

Eric Bolling tweeted, "Throughout 2016, I predicted a Donald Trump  win. I was treated poorly by liberals and worse by colleagues. At 11 PM Eastern on election night, on Fox air, I called the win for Trump. I was told to stand down. I was right."

He predicts a 28-state win  -- 275 to 263 -- for President Trump, as Biden flips Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


I will be back on Monday at 7 AM with Highlights of the News.

Citizen Free Press will keep you informed while I enjoy a soft-earned day off.


  1. I flew jets in Nigeria for more than two years. These leftists that hate America wouldn't make it out of Abuja's airport terminal before crying to mommy and running home.

    1. Knew a missionary who said after spending two years there"If someone declared war on Nigeria and Nuked it, I would have a hard time feeling sorry.." Lagos, in particular.

    2. Lagos is a disaster.

      I also remember looking out my hotel window in Benin and seeing right into a family's "yard" (toxic waste dump is more like it).

      We can't save them. Only they can save themselves. But they just won't.

    3. Barry and the Marxist left say you're a racist folk. As part of reparations, you have to clean up their yard then thank them for it by giving them all of your money.

  2. Enjoy your day of rest, you have earned it by keeping America informed.

  3. Thanks Don for the extra bit of goodness during the last days of the election. You're awesome!

  4. Trump Caravan downtown Trucks flags and not a Prius in sight... Indoors tonight probably one or two Trick or Treaters.I have a few kids in the Neighborhood..
    My Little Pup has her "Peeps"..
    Pray hard and for our nation.

    1. Drove from Charleston SC across the river to Mt. Pleasant late this AM. GPS told me there were delays en route. Turned out to be something like 100-150 (est) vehicles eastbound on I-26. Trump caravan. I don't know where they were headed, but the wife was waving and encouraging them.

      Everybody might want to spend some extra time in prayer tomorrow. Looks like Leftists are planning major riots in cities around the country, even reports that they may mass and attack the White House. DC mayor has already told the police they WILL stand and not hinder the rioters.

    2. We may need Gerard Butler and Tatum O'Neal in that case.

  5. Hi Don and other Patriots.
    Been lurking for a week or two after finding this blog through other conservative media, I can't recall which one. I greatly enjoy your insights and humor and look forward to each update.


    Maybe they got around to reading your books.

  7. Update: My neighborhood in Tucson has had 10 Bidet signs and no Trump signs for weeks.

    In the last 36 hours, I've seen three houses sprout Trump flags and two more with new Trump signs.

    There is hope.


  8. When I first heard candidate Trump in early 2016, I told my girlfriend that: 1) he would win, and 2) he would change voting patterns in American politics to Republican as FDR had done for the Democrat party.

    It became clear by 2018 that the Democrat party was turning Socialist. A little recognized fact is that over 1,000 delegates to this years Democrat convention of 3,300 delegates refused to endorse the party platform. Usually it's a handful from each party. 30% is unheard of.

    Larry Schweikert has written recently that after the election is over, the Democrat party as we knew it will officially cease. The Socialists want the moderate Dems out, they've already begun primarying them. They've forced Pelosi and Shumer to the far left, and they'll cancel them after the election. It's why we see Bernie, AOC and the Squad so pumped. If Biden wins they run the government. If he loses they take over the party.
    Schweikert believes that the moderate Dems (the 1,000 delegates) will join with the RINO's (start with Kasich and Romney) will form a 3rd party. Suspect Larry's correct.

    Fun to watch.....the split between the entertainment libs and the corporate money people and Wall Street investors. Do the money people want Socialism? Will they back a RINO-Dem party that will be 3rd in popularity? Or will they recognize that the Republican's AT (After Trump) might be their best bet.

    1. Note Pelosi's recent statement that she'll retire if Trump wins.

      Of course.

      She'll not be re-elected Speaker if the Dems keep the House. She'll hardly be happy just being a common Representative - to be frozen out by the leftists that will take control after the election.

      As for Schumer - this should be interesting. He's always been a chameleon. While Nancy and her husband have parlayed her time in Congress to a conservative estimate of a $100 million-plus net worth, Chuck is not in that stratosphere. My guess is that he'll play off the opportunities of his knowledge of the Senate to be valuable to the Socialists against a well compensated slot outside of government in which he'll be tapping into people in Congress as a sort of lobbyist consultant as Paul Ryan has done. Can't really see him taking orders from Bernie.

    2. And notice the leftist mainstream media slowly taking on the Biden scandal.

      They know Joe's going to lose. They know the Democrat party is going full-out socialist, and that America is not going to put up with that. They can't cosy up with the bankrupt DNC expecting government financial favors for their family and friends.

      Gads - Donald J. Trump is breaking apart DC! Section 230 will not last till Summer.

      Joe and his family are about to get mowed down with nothing to support him. He's already had a few minor strokes. The future for him and his family is not good.

    3. "Larry Schweikert has written recently that after the election is over, the Democrat party as we knew it will officially cease."

      Good! Get ready for the Nancy Pelosi Ice Cream Garage sales on Wednesday morning.

      Seriously, I predicted that Obimbo would destroy his party as surely as his counterpart in Britain destroyed the Liberals in the early 1920s.

      Well, it's taken more time than I figured, but it's on the way. Good!

      So. MSM on Thursday-Friday all of a sudden viciously turn on Biden and tell the Hunter story, trying to curry favor with President Trump? That ought to be hilarious!

      Maybe Twitter and FB can do some extra groveling. And Bezos is worth $180 billion and he can't buy anything with it. Love is in the air...


      Don Surber, you're the best. Thanks for all the work you bat out every single day. It is very much appreciated.

      Don Reed

    4. Schumer trying to get along with / take orders from Bernie Sanders will be as successful as the failed relationship of David Remnick (New Yorker magazine) and Dan Baum, one of his staff writers (recently deceased).

  9. Don't know about Wisconsin but I can tell you that PA only gets flipped to Dems due to cheating and other shenanigans. And even then I think there's a good chance we'll go Trump.

    Lots of crypto Trump voters especially near the major urban areas. Plus people work and drive long ways to work so they aren't home to take phone polls. It may be that Kenosha will do the trick for Trump in Wisconsin but they do have quite a few squishes. Michigan I believe Trump will take also. Whitmer is a hateful nasty person and the people of MI are realizing that more and more every day.

    1. I can't think of anything more unreliable/wide open to fraud than telephone polling.


  11. Aye, 37 states. Wins going away,as they say.

  12. Lots of good Stuff to finish off the Surber week.

    Besides being a corrupt and nasty politician, Ellison sounds illiterate.

    1. He’s a muslime, they’re only allowed to read the koran.

  13. On the Seal Team 6 issue I think they will be safe as long as their names are kept from Biden, his family, the CIA, the FBI, the DNC, the media, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, Chris Wallace, Dan Rather, Rachel Maddow, Chris Wallace, Brian Williams,........................

  14. I can only wait and see. In the meantime, I will be voting straight Republican.

  15. Everybody has given up on Virginia, but I am going to stake my (nonexistent) prestige that GEOTUS DJT wins there. Gun control is the issue.
    If Biden wins Virginia, it means that common sense has fled the state.

    1. virginia will not be the first state to loose common sense.

  16. In Re: The RCP average - GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out. If the polls are garbage, then averaging them gets you an average level of garbage.

    1. I’ve never understood how RCP got famous, for averaging garbage. I guess it’s true, a real salesman can sell garbage to the dumper.

  17. Maybe another good indicator of the direction the election is taking? Starting to see articles from Liberals about "How we all have to get along".

  18. As to the $750 taxes paid by the President, he said he paid pre-taxes, i.e. estimated taxes. If so, which I do, and the NYT has his taxes, illegally I might add, then they lied by omission, again.
    Does RCP ever re-zero their average. If not, then a late surge will not show hardly at all.
    With our slightly more GOP registrations in our rural county, I have been amazed at the Trump vehicle caravans and rallies organized by grassroots supporters during the last month. There has been nothing for Biden.
    The stupidity of CA capping wells some decades ago and thus have gas pressure causing seepage of oil to the surface, when they could horizional drill, a technique used in fracking, from the shore to recover the oil and NG now trapped under the ocean. We used that with steam to liquefy the heavy oil in the sands in northern Alberta, Canada when I worked in the oil fields. The Left is even against that in Canada which was about 5% of the 15% of oil per previous contracts we received from Canada.

  19. Lee Smith @LeeSmithDC

    This seems to be message going out to Dem operatives, including obviously pollsters. Purpose is to delegitimize what they anticipate as a (massive) Trump victory—and establish premise for violence, already normalized by press and DNC officials. This is the legacy of Barack Obama.

  20. Notice, please, that nobody is predicting violence in the streets if the Dem/Dum guy wins.

  21. "I soured on Fox when none of its "all-stars" on Bret Baier's show had anything nice to say about Donald Trump in 2015 and 2016. Hiring Paul RINO Ryan was the final blow. I don't need TV to tell me how to think."

    Tucker Carlson, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity give me information I can find nowhere else. They are the last TV investigative reporters and make FOX good. You have to be able to see that, Don. Right?

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