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Friday, October 02, 2020

Trumpzilla vs. Covid 19

So covid 19 has decided to take on the man himself, President Donald John Trump. Big mistake. Covid 19 will just make him stronger.

The losers in Loserville are loving it.

The Federalist reported, "‘I Hope They Die’: Left-Wingers React To Positive Coronavirus Diagnosis For Trump, Melania."

So expected. They have hearts that are smaller than the Grinch before he saw the light. Harder than diamonds, too.

The press went wild.

Just the News reported, "Media react to Trump's covid 19 diagnosis with succession scenarios, I-told-you-so's."

I am sorry, but I cannot find that President Trump Will Contract Covid 19 prediction. Maybe it is out there. Maybe not. Maybe Schrödinger's cat ate it.

CNBC reported, "Republican donors who attended President Donald Trump’s fundraiser at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club are panicking after being around the commander in chief hours before he announced that he was infected with the corona virus.

"GOP donors have been reaching out to Trump campaign and GOP officials for any guidance following the event, according to a person briefed on the matter.

"'The donors have been texting and calling. Freaking out,' the person with direct knowledge said. This person declined to be named as the conversations were deemed private."

If the conversations were private, why is the conveniently unnamed person making them public?

I would be concerned too, and have myself tested. But panic? Freaking out? CNBC's source needs to calm down.

Democrats once again think they have our Road Runner president. The New York Times reported, "Trump’s disclosure upends the campaign in its final stretch."

Wait a second. I thought the polls all showed Basement Biden with a 12-point lead. Does this mean he will carry the 57 states of Obama lore?

The press is pushing panic and spreading gossip. One cited "a stunned former West Wing official" without disclosing which administration he served in. Obama? Bush? William Harrison?

Gabriel Sherman at Vanity Fair wrote, "Trumpworld is gripped by fear and panic this morning as the country absorbs the news that Donald Trump, Melania, and Hope Hicks tested positive for covid 19. 'There are so many threads to pull. No one knows where this is going to go,' a stunned former West Wing official told me. 

"The biggest unknown is the state of the president’s health. This morning the New York Times reported that Trump is exhibiting 'coldlike symptoms.' Two Republicans in close contact with the White House told me that Trump’s symptoms have included a cough and fever. Melania is said to be asymptomatic. 'They are worried about the president because of his age,' one of the sources said. Sources said Trump will likely want to be seen in public as soon as possible to blunt the narrative that he is sidelined by the virus he’s spent the last six months downplaying. 'He’s going to want to get out there a lot sooner than people think,' the former official said. 'But it will be hard to hide if he’s sick. Also, who will want to be in a room with him?' The White House did not respond to a request for comment."

I wouldn't talk to these chumps either.

Reuters reported, "President Donald Trump is experiencing mild symptoms but will keep working after testing positive for the corona virus, administration officials said on Friday, as the White House and presidential election campaign scrambled to adjust to the bombshell development."

Nevertheless, the news sent stocks tumbling deeply overnight, but not as much once the market opened to another great unemployment rate and the realization that President Trump still will beat Biden. Follow the money. They donate to Democrats for protection like the shop owner pays off the mob. But both root for the good guys.

The pandemic panic lopped more than 22 million jobs off the American economy. Unemployment soared by 11.2 points in just 2 months, as the unemployment rate rose from 3.5% in February to 14.7% in April. 

In just 5 months, President Trump has regained more than half the jobs lost, knocking 6.8 points off the unemployment rate.

The press spin is that adding 661,000 jobs in September -- the fifth time in five months that jobs added were in the Top 6 months ever. (Only September 1984 was as Trumpian in its jobs added total.)

The 7.9% unemployment rate is slightly higher than the 7.8% rate at this point in the Obama years. A majority of voters gave him a second term.

We have gone from the Great Depression to a recession in five months. The Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta said on Thursday, "The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the third quarter of 2020 is 34.6% on October 1, up from 32.0% on September 25. 

"After recent releases from the Institute for Supply Management, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the U.S. Census Bureau, the nowcasts of third-quarter real gross private domestic investment growth and third-quarter real personal consumption expenditures growth increased from 38.1% and 34.2%t, respectively, to 45.1% and 36.8%, respectively, while the nowcast of the contribution of change in real net exports to third-quarter real GDP growth decreased from -0.28 percentage points to -0.56 percentage points."

That will wipe out most of the 32% drop (annualized) in the economy in April, May, and June.

We shall see what the final number is by the end of the month.

Having defeated the pandemic panic, Trumpzilla is ready to take on Covid 19 itself. I suggest he take HCQ and zinc, videoconferences daily, and finally takes the stage publicly at the next debate. When he looks better than Biden, the election is over.

UPDATE: President Trump rises to the challenge. It's on, Wuhan Flu.

UPDATE: Virtual rally canceled.

Breitbart reported, "President Donald Trump will transfer to Walter Reed Military hospital for several days “out of an abundance of caution” the White House announced on Friday."


  1. The Bee is already on it:

    "Coronavirus Panics After Testing Positive For Trump"

    Sounds about right.

    1. Good one. Next: "Democrats demand his resignation"

    2. How awesome is The Bee?

      Very, VERY awesome.

    3. The bee is very very awesome for sure. I love how they put ACB in a handmade outfit and said she dressed that way just a tick off the left.

  2. I gotta go with The Colonel (Kurt Schlichter) on this and NOT rule out the possibility it’s a nuclear-level PSYOPS concocted by Mr. T his own bad self!

    1. He is tested positive, he campaigns, he wins in a landslide, 11/4 he declares ChiCom Cough officially over, closes all lockdowns.

      Yeah, I can see it.

  3. On Tuesday or Wednesday Trump will come out and say "The First Lady and I started HCQ++ on Thursday as soon as we got the diagnosis, we have both just tested negative".

  4. I knew he would turn this to his advantage.

  5. BoJo caught it, he's doing fine and he uses British medicine.

    1. British medicine works? British ANYTHING works?!

      Don Reed

  6. Boris Johnson is an idiot, he let his National Health Service nearly kill him and Trump had to send a doc and HCQ++ to save his sorry ass. Now he's locking things down again. IDIOT

    1. Yes, he's been a great disappointment. I had high hopes for him, but he's just not got the steel.

    2. What's worse is that the world's biggest ass, Max Hastings, predicted that Boris would bomb. Looks like Hastings finally got something right (besides perfecting the art of writing books that are impossible to read).

  7. The incubation period is 2-3 days. Did Chris Wallace poison the POTUS' podium? Wouldn't put it past him.....

  8. It's sad that the Democrats have become such active and eager promoters of disease. They are missing the fact that spiritual power exists and is superior to all negativity. The pure courage, faithfulness and devotion to America that Trump embodies constitutes a solid and inviolable inner strength for him.
    We can all help by prayers that surround him with Love and calmness throughout the turbulent month before this election.

  9. I’m going to state my views on Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis in two parts (making the eight-ball in the corner pocket).

    1. Anything that doesn’t kill him BETTER START RUNNING.

    2. Now every single peep out of him is instantly and automatically a NEWSFLASH! It’s the Democrats’ campaign that’s going to be struggling for oxygen, not Trump.

    1. We get to see a new reality show "Trump v.s. the Virus."
      This is on a par with TR getting shot in the chest, spits to see if he's hit in the lung, then tell the perp as he is hauled away: It akes more than one bullet to kill a bull moose!"
      It will yake more than the BatFlu to get Trump. Now watch what happens to China. after he recovers..

  10. Liked this comment at Bookie's blog.

    Callmelennie • 6 hours ago • edited

    How could this be a gamechanger for Trump? If he recovers promptly with the HCQ cocktail, it will bring the HCQ story to the forefront, and how his opponents greatly hindered the use of this wonder drug with a campaign of outright lies and suppression of info.

    All of which would only one conclusion -- The Dems knowingly and willfully caused the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans simply to hurt Trump. It would rank as one of the greatest crimes ever committed by any political faction in all of American history.