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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Trump will carry the Senate

In 2016, Donald John Trump did something that I don't believe any president has done before by winning every Senate race in every state he carried. Republicans were 22-0 in the 30 states he carried. Even FDR in 1932 failed to shut out his opponents.

Naturally, the imbeciles in the press box got it wrong.

Matthew Yglesias wrote, "Despite his boastful tweets, Trump had negative coattails in 2016. Nobody really owes him anything."


He had a perfect record. 

In his first midterm, President Trump helped knock off four incumbent Democrat senators. That is phenomenal. Presidents are supposed to lose Senate seats in a midterm, not gain them. Republicans had a net gain of two senators.

The last president to pull off such a feat of defeating 4 incumbent senators in a midterm was FDR in 1934, when he knocked out 8.

The Washington Post called President Trump an albatross.

Having learned nothing from past mistakes, the press is dragging out "Trump Is Dragging Down Republican Senate Candidates." That's an actual New York Times headline.

John Avlon at CNN did a little soft-shoe on this. He called it the Donald Drag.

Once again, the press is citing polls in the odd belief that because they have numbers, polls are scientific.

But if the polls are inaccurate in the presidential race, then why would they not be inaccurate in the Senate races?

And if The Donald went 22-0 in 2016 when Republicans were lukewarm in their support of him, why would he not pitch another shutout with 96% support from Republicans?

Given his track record, why would President Trump carry Alabama, Michigan, and Minnesota and lose those 3 Senate races? 

Flipping those 3 states and hanging on to the rest of their seats would give Republicans 56 senators for the first time in 90 years.

In fact, 2020 should see Republicans flipping House seats because Democrats have branded themselves as the anti-Trump Party. That may help them in the hellhole big cities that they control, but in the America that loves Donald Trump, that nasty hatred backfires. Bigly.

How does a voter support President Trump and then vote for the congressman who voted to impeach him?

State legislative races also should favor Republicans in the states Donald Trump carries. And that means Republicans will control redistricting in more states than Democrats will next year. This will give them a once-a-decade opportunity to Make America Free Again.

America once split tickets. In 2000, West Virginia voted for George Walker Bush and Bob Byrd -- two men who hated one another.

But those days are gone because not only did Trump go 22-0 in the states he carried, Hillary went 12-0 in the states she carried.


  1. Big tech has been quietly slanting Senate races.

  2. If you remember Democrats were defending more seats than Republicans in 2018, now Republicans are defending more. Since Colorado is now Blue, and Susan Collins is a weak RINO, I expect to lose those and pick up Alabama. Michigan and Minnesota would be nice pickups, but not expecting them.

    1. Lindsey Graham is fighting for his political life. Saw him on Hannity last night and he looks tired. Not big fan due to his overall inaction but hoping he can pull it through. John James is a star but Michigan will be tight. Collins is paying for being a wishwash NeverTrumper. Don't know what's up in Colorado to have that dullard Hickenlooper ahead.
      Here in NJ, Spartacus isn't even campaigning and will ease to reelection. NJ gets the representation that it deserves. All we can hope for is to regain some House seats lost in 2018

    2. Lindsey Graham is this cycles Cruz, set up to get national money poured in by dems fooled into thinking his opponent has a chance.

  3. I wish I could be so optimistic. My home state of Wisconsin is what I know best, and it's no secret here that in 2016, Trump got 75K fewer votes for president than Ron Johnson did for Senate. If anything, it was Johnson's coattails that carried Trump, not the other way around.

    A brief look at the election results seems to show that same pattern playing out across the country, for both candidates. In the vast majority of races in 2016, the winning Senate candidate got tens of thousands more votes than Trump or Clinton--sometimes, well north of 100K more votes.

    That speaks to the weakness of both candidates in 2016. It's an open question whether 2020 will be any different.

    1. Shack: Could it be that a liked long-time office holder can get some crossover votes? Whereas Trump...not so much (Republicans only).

    2. My only comment on those Wisconsin numbers is that they were pre-Kenosha and pre-Milwaukee riots.

    3. For the record, I believe the moon is made of a nice Havarti. No dill. No green.

  4. Good old Milwaukee....burn it down and they still vote for more. Gotta love'em.

  5. Hey Jeff time you’re feelin frisky, ask Matt Yglesias to give you his patented Two Hand Knob Job. Dude’s a PRO at that shite because of all the practice. He lives to pleasure and gratify other LibCommies.

  6. Saw that $11 billion is being spent on this election. The Democrat and RINO Kleptocracy and their billionaire cronies can't let go. May the American people send them to hell!

  7. Mr Spock, your logic is, as usual, inescapable.

  8. Trolls need to play war games with Lubin' Toobin.

  9. Nice analysis. Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse begs to differ. Mister negativity. Never Trumper. And PDJT gave him a rousing endorsement. I hole Sasse is Given horrible committee spots in the senate next year.

  10. Split tickets are also gone because the Democrats have gone so far to the loony left.