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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Trump takes Florida

Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal seemed perplexed. He tweeted, "This makes no sense, unless you're out of cash: Trump campaign spending on Minnesota but pulling out of FLORIDA."

Don't be fooled.

He knows what this means. President Donald John Trump has nailed down Florida and he is moving to add Minnesota to his list of states. The crowds at his rallies and the Trumptillas of boats show the Sunshine State is backing its new snowbird turned homeboy.

Mini Mike's news service, Bloomberg, reported, "President Donald Trump’s campaign has all but pulled its advertising out of Florida, as it stakes its relatively small bank account on the industrial northern states that carried him to victory in 2016.

"Since the beginning of the fall campaign on Labor Day, Trump has cut $24 million from his national ad budget, while former Vice President Joe Biden has added $197 million. Biden has outspent Trump three-to-one over that time."

Money isn't the reason for the shift from Florida to Minnesota. The Real Clear Politics average of polls has him up by 0.4 points in Florida, but down 6 points in Minnesota. Why would President Trump give up on 29 Electoral College Votes in Florida for a slimmer shot at 10 in Minnesota?

Gee, maybe the media's polls are wrong again as they were 4 years ago.

Bloomberg however insists that this is a surrender, reporting, "Trump is now placing his final bet on just four battleground states: Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Polls show he’s down in all those states but Ohio, where it’s effectively even."

The Trafalgar Group poll shows the president is up 0.8 in Pennsylvania, up 2.8 in North Carolina, down 1.3 in Wisconsin, up 0.6 in Michigan, and up 2.3 in Florida. But the Florida poll is 2 weeks old and covers before the last debate.

Despite their polls and bravado, the media is getting skittish.

Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post tweeted, "In recent days, registered Republicans have begun closing the early-vote gap among the total ballots cast in Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.⁦"

They waited for the lines to slim down.

New York radio host Mark Simone tweeted, "President Trump is doing 2 hour rallies with 40,000 cheering, adoring supporters, while Joe Biden is screaming into empty parking lots for a few minutes, and the media is trying to convince you that Donald Trump is the one that's struggling." It is difficult for me to tell if pollsters have less credibility than the press that re-bleats their polls.

Maybe someone should do a poll.


At any rate, The president is confident that Florida is his and he is moving to add Minnesota to his column.

And Nevada.

And Maine.

And New Hampshire.

But have no fear. Biden has Delaware locked down.

UPDATE: Mini Mike's news service only told half the story. It failed to check with the campaign first, and had to correct itself.

The story now begins, "President Donald Trump’s campaign has slashed its advertising budget in Florida, relying on the Republican National Committee to carry the message there as it moves resources to the industrial northern states that carried him to victory in 2016."

No ads were pulled.

Heading north makes sense in that Florida is safe.


  1. Idk, just went through rural Delaware and Trump signs outnumbered Biden signs 6 to 1.

    1. You must be in my old hometown of Sussex County. Lived in Bethany area for 30+ years

    2. The Florida ads are not being pulled. They are going to run with the GOP picking up the tab.

    3. Wouldn't it be ironic that after sending an idiot to the senate for 36 years delaware rebels against sending a senile idiot to the presidency. But, they should know joe better than anyone.

    4. Our Summer place is in the D.C. Swamp East village outside Bethany..Joe sure is disliked in lower, slower, DE. ZB.

    5. ...Btw attended our 1st candidate Trump rally (luckily, before it became the hot ticket later on!)on a warm, rainy, early Spring day 2016 (thankfully filmed it, so my kids can see watch themselves there as witness to history's greatest modern POTUS) in Harrington, DE. ZB

    6. Unfortunately here in Southern AZ, land of leftist morons, Biden signs are 10-1 over Trump signs. However, several neighbors recently put up American flags on new flagpoles. Those are the "shy" Trump voters. There's still hope, but we must get rid of Adrián Fontes, Maricopa County's La Raza vote fixer.

  2. I reckon skittish means nervous.

  3. I had a very interesting experience today here in Florida. I went to vote at the local Early Voting Station. I arrived at ~8:15am for an 8:30am opening. The social distanced lines were still not overcrowded though there were already ~150 people waiting. After they opened for voting I kept hearing this cheering every couple of minutes. I got to the assigned chair and asked what was all the clapping and cheering. The lady processing my credentials said, “Oh that means there’s another new voter, never voted before. Been going on that way since we opened on Saturday.”


  4. Biden is counting on winning the dear vote this year.

  5. I recall Don saying this morning the Demos have pulled Gropin' Joe's ads from VA and CO because they figure they have them locked.

    something hit me later and I put it out FWIW.

    What if the pulled those ads because the need that money elsewhere? Some place they really can't afford to lose.

    Like NY, where they're making war on the Jews? Or CA, where, well, name it?

  6. People say the Bloomberg story is fake news.

    1. Bloomberg is trying to be like the NYTimes and Washington Post. And succeeding.

  7. This is a common practice and is all based on internal polling and analytics.

    I still think trump should hold an event just for the hell of it.

  8. Trumps' campaign will not run the ads, but the RNC will. There is no giving up or thinking they've got it won

  9. The END of the police in Philly! No more law an order!! Cities have have surrendered to Anarchy!!

  10. Newport RI TO PALM BEACH FL......forgot.....NH as well .....all the people i spoke with laugh when BIDEN'S name even mentioned.....worked all over South Florida/Newport RI....and central NH.......MSM IS FULL OF ASSBOOK AND TWATTER HEROIN ADDICTS........LANDSLIDE TRUMP.....MAIL FRAUD NEEDS OVER 2 MILLION VOTES TO HELP CHINA'S TOP CEO LYIIN'HIIDEN'RETARD BIDEN!!!

  11. type o i's doubled by a ghost lyin'/hiden'retard biden

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Trump has lost very little of his original support. He has since gained many independents and 1st time voters. He has also made inroads into the black/brown and hispanie communities. This is setting up for a landslide as long as we can keep the Rats from cheating.

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