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Friday, October 09, 2020

Trump supporters flip tech censorship

For more than a decade, Marxists have aced the high tech game. Google has for years promoted liberal sites over conservative ones. Reddit locked down its The Donald site. And of course, Facebook and Twitter are censors worthy of Red China.

But conservatives have entered the game, and Vanity Fair does not like it. Why, social media is treating Biden supporters with the same disrespect the high tech overlords show Trump supporters.


The story said people make fake movie trailers to promote Biden. No one is saying whether Democrats are funding this, but that would be my guess. No one outside his family has any love for Joe Biden.

Trump supporters are reporting the trailers to Twitter. The magazine bemoaned, "Eleven Films, MeidasTouch, the Democratic Coalition, and others have seen their viral pro-Biden trailers slapped with warnings that curtail their reach by as much as 75%. Experts say something is up — and the cost to Democrats could be enormous."

Turnabout is fair play.

Vanity Fair told the woeful tale of the Duggers whose work promoting Biden was slapped with a warning label.

The story said, "The Duggers soon discovered that Eleven Films wasn’t alone. Other filmmakers who had produced anti-Trump ads — including those from Really American, MeidasTouch, the Democratic Coalition, and the writer-activist Don Winslow — say they’ve also seen their clips slapped with sensitivity labels, leading to a 50% to 75% drop-off in eyeballs, social media strategists estimate. (Twitter users must change their settings to view sensitive content, and few bother to do so.) Brett Meiselas, one of the three Meiselas brothers behind MeidasTouch, said videos tagged sensitive generally top off at 1 million views, as opposed to the usual 3 million to 5 million. Grant Stern, a senior adviser at the Democratic Coalition, said movie impressions had dropped from 9 million to 4 million from August to September."

Trump supporters say welcome to our world.

Vanity Fair called the warning labels suppression. Well, if Twitter can do this to the president, Twitter can do this to you. None of these credentialed geniuses saw this coming.

The magazine quoted Alan Rosenblatt, a social media strategist and partner at Unfiltered Media, who complained., "If this is the kind of content that is shaping the conversation, then it creates a more fertile environment for the campaign that they’re advocating on behalf of to gain an advantage. Right now we’re in the middle of it. Many states have already started voting, so it’s a big deal."

Why are they so worried? Isn't Biden ahead by 12 points?

The story said, "Democrats believe, because they’re making viral content — publishes a video, these monitors are believed to spread the word through a network of Twitter direct-message, or DM, rooms. (The DM rooms are invite-only and limited to 50 members. Many Trump supporters belong to as many as 20 DM rooms.) Then hordes of Trump supporters report the video to Twitter, citing a violation of Twitter’s terms of use. And that, Rosenblatt said, is thought to trigger the sensitivity label."

Democrats know how it works because they wrote the manual.

A new generation of Americans is learning the importance of protecting speech we don't like. This is not some high-minded principle. This is basic survival because censorship eventually consumes us all. The Founding Fathers were practical.

The high tech CEOs are unsophisticated. They caved to Marxists to censor Americans. Now Americans are schooling the Marxists on how this works. 


  1. No one outside his family has any love for Joe Biden.

    Or inside his family, either.

    1. Hard to believe. After he made them all millionaires. Of course if he's not elected they could all become inmates.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. 'Or inside his family, either.'
      That was my first thought too. They want to ride that broken-down old pony to the White House.

  2. “They can dish it out, but they can’t take it.”

    Gotta LOVE those sayings we learned as kids back in the 50s and 60s. Old Skool’s The Best Skool.

    1. Someone who thinks that they SHOULD be allowed to dish it out, but that they SHOULDN'T have to take it.

      If there's a better definition of a bully, I can't think of one.

    2. I always liked, "He who smelt, dealt it" (used it A LOT!). Could apply to a number of recent accusations aimed at The Donald.

  3. As John McClane said to the cop calling for backup after the fkying DB terrorist broke his front windshild at Nakatomi Plaza "...Welcome to the Party, Pal..."

  4. You are right about Google, Don.

    So why do you them? Why do you use their name?

    Instead of Google us Duck, duck, go or Bing.

    Instead of saying "Google (your search term here) say" search" (for whatever)

    You are an enabler.

    But I love you!

    John Henry

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if the heads of twitter are working on a “fix” for this situation. For them, it is working as designed, not as desired.

  6. turmabout, fair play, etc.

    john brunner wrote about this in "stand on zanzibar". around 1969. it's an astoundingly prescient novel. basically, the story describes how the nature of social interaction and information distribution has changed since the technology of ever present mobile computing and communication evolve...forty years before cell phones became possible. read it, mr. and mrs. everywhere...