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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Trump and Biden prove NYT wrong

Carolyn Ryan tweeted a link to a New York Times story and said, "Exactly the story I wanted to read today. Jam packed with good reporting."

Considering that she is the Assistant Managing Editor of the newspaper, I figure she gets "Exactly the story I wanted to read today" every day.

But bear in mind that the Russian Collusion Hoax met her standards for good reporting. They got everything right but the story was wrong. It was like covering a five-alarm fire except the house was never on fire. What the Times called smoke was really the fog of war.

Today's Pulitzer winner was "Texas Is a Tossup. So Why Won’t Trump or Biden Campaign There?"

(I don't link pay sites.)

The answer is obvious. They are not campaigning there because Texas is not a tossup. If it were a tossup, the politicians would be there.


Reporter Jonathan Martin alleged that Senator Ted Cruz said that President Donald John Trump should campaign there, and that Beto O'Rourke said the same thing to Biden.

Beto as you recall was supposed to flip Texas blue in 2018.

Just like Abortion Barbie -- Wendy Davis -- was supposed to flip it blue in 2014.

I know what this is. The assistant managing editor saw some poll numbers and she believed them. She sicced a reporter on this huge story, and Martin duly provided Ryan "Exactly the story I wanted to read today."

As a reporter, she did the same thing.

Martin wrote, "Although a Democrat has not carried Texas since 1976, recent public and private polls suggest a highly competitive race, with some surveys showing Mr. Biden up narrowly and others showing Mr. Trump enjoying a small lead.

"Yet even as leading figures in both parties urge their respective presidential nominees to take Texas seriously, the campaigns are still reluctant to spend precious remaining time and money there. Neither Mr. Trump nor Mr. Biden is expected to appear in the state before the election, the president has not spent a cent on television commercials, and until this week Mr. Biden had resisted advertising in Texas’ two largest markets, Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth."

1976 was when Texans went with Jimmy Carter who was viewed as a conservative Democrat from the South. He was billed as George Wallace without the segregation. He turned out to be Herbert Hoover without the competence.

Texas went with a real conservative in Ronald Reagan in 1980 and has not looked back since.

The story Ryan wanted said, "Recent polls, soaring early vote participation in the state’s most populous counties, and more than 50 interviews with Texans in three pivotal regions point to an increasingly competitive race because of a spike in turnout by an electorate that is diverse, loathes the president and makes a mockery of his pistols-and-petroleum stereotype of the state."

His pistols-and-petroleum stereotype? I believe that is projection in Martin's part.

The headline asked Why Won’t Trump or Biden Campaign There?

But Martin never asked the Trump or Biden campaigns the question.

That tells me he was afraid of their answer.

Or maybe he did ask and decided against including their answers rather than give Ryan exactly the story she wanted.

Instead of Texas, which Democrats have not won since 1976, Biden is going to Minnesota, which his party has not lost since 1972. Just as the Times missed the real story of Russian Collusion, which was Obama using the FBI to spy on The Donald, the Times missed the story here, which is Minnesota flipping red.

But hey, Ryan said the story was "jam packed with good reporting" -- except for the part where Martin got it all wrong.

Pulitzer Prize, here he comes.


  1. Texas will be blue in about twenty years at the current rate of immigration from Mexico, Cali, and NY (thanks Abbott). But not this time. Not even close.

    1. J ~~

      Sorry, you’re dead wrong. Those people living near the border are all for that fence. On BOTH sides.

      The bigger danger is all the Californians moving there. Doing to Texas what they did to Colorado.

    2. I'm up in Kansas. I have rubbed elbows with quite a few deportables and former deportables, the ones who got their paperwork done. Nearly all of them are religious. They oppose abortion, hold hard work in high regard, and see that the democrats want to turn these United States into what they fled. Some vote democrat the first time then realize what snakes they are dealing with.
      Welfare rats like democRats. Working folk, not so much.

    3. No, I am not dead wrong. I live five miles north of Reynosa, Mexico right along the Rio Grande.

      Texas is turning blue. The RGV where I live is deep blue and has been for decades. It is only moving north. It's also spreading out from the city centers.

      The opposition to the wall down here is quite firm. Many of us want it but plenty do not. Reconqista is real and something I've dealt with my entire life.

    4. You people are living in a fantasy world if you think Texas is not being transformed into Northern Mexico by design.

      Assimilation only works when you control the influx and get people to move out of their enclaves.

      From El Paso to Eagle Pass all the way down to Brownsville the entire border region is an extension of Mexico, culturally and politically. Kansas is most certainly not Laredo, Texas.

      Then again, I've been screaming about this since 1979 and nobody has bothered to listen. I don't see that changing any time soon.

    5. Maybe that's why nobody listens.

    6. People don't listen because they're too naive to believe what is happening. Let's log you as a glaring case in point.

    7. (We'll also note that you don't understand hyperbole. Unless you were attempting to be funny, in which case, HA HA. Good one.)

    8. The immigrants may play a part, tho many of the Californians moving to Texas are conservatives like me.

      The real red bear in the room is the Marxism taught in Texas schools, just like the Marxism taught in schools all over the country! Texans' kids are being brainwashed, and their parents don't realize it.

      Look at the 𝚛̶𝚒̶𝚘̶𝚝̶𝚎̶𝚛̶𝚜̶ protestors in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas: they're college age kids, and most of 'em didn't drive here from CA to 𝚛̶𝚒̶𝚘̶𝚝̶ protest!

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Many more Californians are leftists who moved when their companies bailed on California for our great state. Like locusts they're turning everything blue.

      DFW is completely falling apart thanks to these people.

      As a state urbanizes it moves left. Texas is no different. Our rural areas are all that keeps us afloat.

    11. I'd move to Ireland or South Dakota, but I can't stand cold weather.

    12. Concerning some Californians you're correct! Regarding Mexican immigration you're wrong. Every poll which I've seen the past 50 years shows that the 1st generation is somewhat liberal, but not with religion or family. But the real clincher a massive 2nd generation of Mexican immigrants are more conservative than rural America. Have heart my friend on such facts.

  2. "Exactly the story I wanted to read today. Jam packed with good reporting."

    Don, your readers say that three, now four times a day.

    Abortion Barbie is running again. This time running for congress. She is certain to drag the rest Texas democrats down with her, not that they need her help.

    1. Here's what the blundering bureaucrat / media know-it-all looks like. It is not an appetizing picture:

    2. Did Hillary and Ellen have a love child?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Here in East Texas, Trump signs are everywheres. I've seen a few Biden signs, but not very many. I know quite a few folks who are old time Democrats, but I figure most of them are yellow dog types. I haven't heard of any sign stealing or vandalism, but this is Texas, after all. EVERYONE has weapons.

    1. Here in Southern AZ, BIDEN signs are everywhere. Hard to find a Trump sign. Sad.

  5. Of course he had a gun. This is Texas! Everybody has a gun. My florist has a gun.

    My yellow dog friends are voting Trump!

    1. Unfortunately, Texas isn't deciding this election.

      NC, MI, WI, and PA are. Unless the Monster Vote Shows up and crushes the Left in unexpected places.

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  7. As a former journalist, I am extremely worried about the profession. It is full of advocates. There is no more two sides to a story, or hardly at all. You cannot have a healthy democracy without a healthy media. We are down a road that we may not be able to get off. Again, I don't believe the polls. Will Texas turn blue? I would be very surprised, but the news is designed to make it look that way. What becomes of all of this? I really don't know. Very worrying....

    1. Especially TV websites.... Most do not allow comments at all.

  8. Martin is just another NY Times hack. I can't identify a single honest reporters on that newspaper.

  9. Don, you're writing today like you Mustang has a Bentley V12! Awesome stuff. Thank you.

  10. ...sorry, "writing today like your Mustang..."

  11. Looking at the presidential results by county over the years, it looks as though Democrat Party gangrene is slowing rising from the Mexican border northward. How long will it take to reach critical mass? God only knows.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.