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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Trump already won the Hunter scandal

The importance of Hunter Biden's laptop is not what is inside it but what it symbolizes. To be sure, the details are a gory mix of child porn, bribery, and money laundering that would have landed the Bidens and their associates in prison in an earlier age.

That is not where we live now. President Donald John Trump and Rudy Giuliani know this. All the evidence in the world won't get an indictment without the press demanding one.

And so they seek no indictment. They seek no scandal either. No, they just want to show Americans who Joe Biden is: an opportunist who spent 44 years in the Senate and White House and did not do a darned thing for the public.

He was too busy lining the pockets of his idiot son and sundry other idiot relatives.

Oh sure, it would be nice to see someone go to prison but the Browns will win in Pittsburgh before that happens.

President Trump has figured out how to get justice without relying on deep state prosecutors or deep state judges. Hillarygate, Russiagate, and Spygate were hard lessons to learn, but learn he did. 

Instead, the president has taken his case directly to the people. Social media's censorship amplified the story. 

Biden has presented himself as a Lunch Bucket Joe who identifies with factory workers. That those factories all disappeared in the 44 years he was in office -- 1973 through 2017 -- does not seem to matter to his handlers.

Now the people know he was on the take all along.

President Trump knew that Biden was paid off, and has had proof for quite a while. The Hunter Biden laptop showed up a year ago. President Trump knew it then. But it did not matter because Biden was a bumbling buffoon who was about to go down for a third time in his attempts to secure the Democrat nomination.

But after the gay mayor and Bernie became Democrat front-runner, Obama said oh hell no, and resurrected Biden's career for one last go at Donald Trump.

The laptop at that point could have led to another investigation that went nowhere. Having gone through the impeachment, Donald Trump decided not to waste the laptop on another circus. Instead, he made the laptop his October Surprise.

Much has happened since February when Biden became the nominee. The pandemic panic and the BLM riots in city after city have pushed Biden into the lead.

But the telltale laptop remained there, ready to bring Biden down by showing voters who Biden is. He is not clean. He is not honest. He is not dumb but trustworthy. He's a crook. 

Voters don't care about the details. They care about the message. I can go through the details and get myself all worked up about an indictment that will never be.

Or I can enjoy the moment as President Trump blissfully deflates Biden's lead in the polls. The lead is disintegrating.

Nate Silver knows this. He gives President Trump a 13% chance.

N8 Ag tweeted, "One way to think about Trump's chances: if the polls move toward Trump in the closing days rather than Biden (50/50 chance) *and* there's a polling error in Trump's favor (50/50 chance) then he's 50/50 to win. That gets you to his 1 in 8 odds in our current forecast."

Does anyone not see the president's momentum?

And we know which way the polls err.

In 2016, Tony Wiener's laptop did Hillary in. Hunter's laptop will do in his father.

Americans cannot get justice through the courts. Biden like Hillary will never go to prison.

But we sure as shooting can get justice through the ballot box and make sure that Biden like Hillary is never president.


  1. The ultimate October surprise. A destroyed reputation is priceless.

    And the Dems have no more arrows in their quiver. After four years, they can not sit there and watch like Jeffery Toobin.

    1. I love it when Karma finally kisses Democrats despite their Democrat Privilege.

    2. No, arrows no effective ammo,and the USS Trump is bearing down on the Pirate ship "Braying Jackass" and is about to unleash a 16in

    3. I see Trump metaphorically bearing down like the light ship group of remaining TF 3 ships with the immortalized USS Johnston and Samuel B. Roberts into the breach against impossible odds to hold off the enemy force of the Empire of Japan...In this case, the overwhelming enemy Swamp of entrenched D.C. Pols. If it ever happens that PDJT loses, his four year battle to save the America He and We love, will not be in vain. ZB

    4. Note: Those tincans that fought like battleships, faced the mighty 18 in. guns of the Yamato and never broke off their attack! Trump never breaks off his attack for the American cause. zb

    5. Yes. and the Japs were so surprised at their fight that they thought they were cruisers, rather than DDs and DEs. And they thought the baby flattops were fleet carriers.

    6. "The last stand of the Tin Can Sailors" book and Drachfinel's video
      "Odds? what are those?' You tube video are great, Drach is a British Naval Historian who's You tube is worth watching..
      When the crew survivors of the Johnston were in the water as a Japanese Destroyer came by -expecting to be machine gunned instead the crew came to the rail and saluted them, as they came by. Halsey really screwed up, but these men pulled the US Navy's bacon out of the fire and fought in the style of John Paul Jones and Farragut..
      The whole story of "Taffy 3" needs to be a movie...
      Especially the story of the Destroyers..

    7. I first read about Taffy 3 in "Leyte," Volume 12 of Samuel Eliot Morrison's "History of U.S. Naval operations In World War II." 60 years later it remains one of the greatest of military histories.

    8. ZB, thanks for bringing up Taffy 3, we also saw this valor in Faluja and Afghanistan. I often think of the stakes in the game Donald Trump is playing - this man an American, a President greater than Reagan.

    9. Thanks to the above postings that never ease to further my education and for another related vid: or for a read: >>> Hoping someone gets Pres. Trump's ear for him to recognize this day (when the Samar battle began south of TF 3 late on the 24th, and honor tomorrow Oct. 25 1944, as the Battle Of[f] Samar Day, on its 76th Anniversary...Trump 2020, 2024! ZB

    10. (Edit note)"__that never /cease/ to further my education..." zb

    11. That's for the head's up about the Drachfinel You Tube videos. You do not exaggerate; they are superb.

      Don Reed

    12. Thanks for all that, guys!
      I've mostly concentrated on the European theater as my Dad was there.
      Will be adding to my WWII education!

  2. Same with the Coup, at least so far. The Swamp will not reform itself or hold any of the seditionists accountable, so they must be exposed lest their Police State become even more entrenched.

    btw, Kam and Corey were the Obamas' favorites. That's why she's there, just in case Cadaver Joe steals it somehow.

  3. Trump made the calculus long ago that Biden was beatable. After his re-election victory and their pensions are assured, the DOJ might begin to consider doing their job or least we can hope!

  4. Even if Biden were indicted, any halfway competent lawyer can get him off by claiming he is too mentally incompetent to stand trial.

    1. But photos of Joe and Jill visiting their sons Hunter and Jim in the federal penn would be priceless.

    2. NB,
      Very possible! Which has led me to suspect that, if not an outright deception, his dementia is greatly exaggerated.
      The contrast between his debate performances & other incidents seems quite pronounced.
      OTOH, that might be an argument against the incompetence.
      Another tangled web!

  5. In remember an old TV mini-series with Robert Loggia and Linda Koslowski.

    The tag is that the worst thing you can do to somebody in DC is destroy them, destroy their chances for staying in power, destroy their chances to ever have power again.

    Trump knew that about the Ozarks. He knew it about the Gropins, too.

  6. That so called analysis by silver is insane. That isn’t how forecasting works. That isn’t how anything works

  7. I am a conservative social worker (a rarity). I had dismissed the speculations about Joe Biden's over attention to young girls as radical accusations. Now the social worker in me has to wonder though. The fact that Hunter Biden has images on his computer with underage girls in Thailand and, apparently, a relative make it possible that his behavior is emulating his father's behavior. While the money trail may not send them to prison, these behaviors should (if they are substantiated).

    1. I'm not a Biden lover by any stretch but I've been on missions in Asia and underage girls are no big thing over there. I can see where an American may dip his pen in the inkwell never thinking about doing that in our culture. Doesn't make it right but that's the way things are in some countries. Hunter F'd up.....

    2. 'Radical accusations'
      They aren't accusations. They are videos.

    3. "…make it possible…"?? You are too kind by magnitudes!
      The photographic evidence of JB is abundant. He clearly believes he can treat women any demeaning manner he desires. I doubt his daughter & wife were immune.
      Plus, his nasty, hair trigger temper demonstrates an abusive, controlling demeanor that would have manifested in private long before the public arena.
      Altogether an abysmal example for his son(s), especially the one desperately seeking his affection & approval.

      I truly shudder to think of what that family may have endured!!

  8. Thank you, Mr. Surber, for your insights. Your analysis rings true.

  9. This is not “The Hunter Biden Scandal”. This is Joe Biden and the Obama administration scandal. They were not buying Hunter. And they were not buying meet & greets with Joe. They were buying favors and deeds. They got meetings at State, Treasury, and with other policy makers, where they were told Biden wanted them to meet and told them the outcome they wanted. Up to and including Biden himself being involved in having another sovereign state’s Prosecutor fired when it had zero to do with US interests.

    There were all the people in the Obama administration ignoring and going along with this. Including John Kerry (whose own son was also involved in much of this) who directed traffic from his staff's and ambassadors raising red flags about the corruption from Hunter, Joe and Chris Heinz.

    And much of this has been out already and the media ignores it. What about the 50 Intelligence officers - the usual stooges that Brennan and Clapper rounded up? That did not age well - proven wrong in about 15 minutes.

    And of course this is a media scandal, the worst in history. Showing what partisan cowards they are.

  10. Trump was brilliant to not overdo the Biden Crime Family reveal at the debate. The media would have played it as a desperate last act of a desperate candidate. Instead, he opened the box and probably half the viewers had never before heard anything about the laptop or the back room deals. There's the big win. Now the television and online ads will click in keeping it in front of the independent voters and presenting new facts and support for existing ones.

    It is very possible that Nate Silvers never heard about the laptop thingy until the debate. He resides in the same bubble that was hiding the sad truth from the masses.

    1. It's not a bubble for his kind! All the cronies, hacks, & self appointed pundits know perfectly well what's going on!
      If not, they should get informed or shut up.

      See "Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends" by Peter Schweizer; HarperCollins 2019
      ISBN: 9780062943347

  11. This is an insightful and well constructed post.
    Had not thought of it this way until now and it makes perfect sense.

  12. I read that The Donald (our prescient President, now) kept all his companies' current stats in his head; " ... “I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computers has made it where nobody knows exactly what is going on. We have speed, we have a lot of other things, but I’m not sure we have the kind the security we need.” ... Trump said he didn’t use a home office or home computer, in 2007. He said his secretary would print letters, rather than send emails. (search "does Donald email?") Sweet! Rock on!

  13. If there are no indictments to kill theIr cancer it will rise again.

    1. You're so right!
      They should get the Flynn treatment!

  14. Let me first say that I hope you're right that he wins 37 states, and if you're wrong it's because he won even more. But I don't understand 2 things. 1-"The pandemic panic and the BLM riots in city after city have pushed Biden into the lead." Not sure about either, but I know over and over again I'm hearing from talking heads I listen to that the BLM riots are like a wonderful gift to the Trump campaign. Do you disagree? And 2- If Trump was going to win 37 States before the laptop, how does this October Surprise "do him in"? I'm hoping that I look back and see he was already done. I'm hoping that you're right and all of these polls that show Biden with this large lead are wrong, not just because they failed in their data, but also because they are awful people who are engaged in psychological warfare operations to try to put the finger on the scale for their preferred candidate.

  15. I remember watching the Watergate Hearings when I was in junior high. Having watched a few political scandals unfold over the years since, I have learned that nobody important goes to jail. At best a handful of henchmen will get locked up and then the scandal will end.

    I have lowered my expectations to the point where I consider any political scandal that takes down a few henchmen and ends a politician's career is a win for the little peeps.

    BTW - Never make the mistake of letting the little fish go because you can't reel in a big one. Those henchmen invariably turn up again - either henching for a new crooked politician or gaslighting for CNN.

  16. Don, you say democrats care about the message. I disagree. They care about the creed. The message no longer resonates and is long forgotten.

  17. Don,
    Great post & many good points as always!

    The Vindictive B¡t¢h in me can't help disagreeing ;>/.
    Win or lose, I'd like to see most of them get the Flynn treatment & their lives made thoroughly miserable.

    More importantly though, even if that doesn't happen, is that Old Joe & his enablers get the Harvey Weinstein treatment!
    I don't believe for a moment that (1) there's not more to this tale; (2) knowledge of his abusive & deviant behavior did not extend to the highest levels of government only to be swept under the carpet!

    This is YUGE. It's worse than financial corruption or a soft coup. It's unconscionable that We the people or our "leaders" would tolerate this sickness!

    (PLZ edit as you see fit.)