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Thursday, October 01, 2020

NYT: Drudge's traffic is down 42%

The New York Times finally got around to the Drudge Report-flipped-liberal story. Nothing new was added as Matt Drudge refused to talk to them. But the piece offered a heaping helping of Trumpenfreude in Paragraph 14.

The paragraph read, "The site has perhaps paid a price for jumping off the Trump train. It had 1.4 million unique visitors in August, down 42% from a year earlier, according to Comscore data provided by The Righting, which analyzes viewership of right-leaning outlets. Its audience has trailed that of the right-wing sites The Gateway Pundit and Daily Caller. New rivals looking to outdraw the once-fastest news-slinger on the web include Liberty Daily, Rantingly and NewsAmmo, the Washington Times noted."

Citizen Free Press wasn't mentioned, although it appears to be more traffic than the other sites cited.

The New York Times report hinted at a falling out between President Donald John Trump and Drudge. The newspaper credited Drudge with making Donald Trump president.

The Times then said, "But nowadays, like CNN, The New York Times and many other outlets, Drudge Report is just one more purveyor of Fake News, in the Trump view."

Ah, Fake News.

The Times reported in its story, "With the presidential campaign entering its final stretch, the attacks are mounting. On Sept. 1, Mr. Trump retweeted a post from Mark Levin, the host of a conservative syndicated radio show and a Fox News program, complaining about Drudge Report’s all-caps coverage of Mr. Trump’s denial of having suffered a health crisis (TRUMP DENIES MINI-STROKE SENT HIM TO HOSPITAL … VIDEO: DRAGGING RIGHT LEG). In response, Mr. Trump tweeted, 'Drudge didn’t support me in 2016, and I hear he doesn’t support me now. Maybe that’s why he is doing poorly.'"

Thus it is not that he has abandoned his readers, it is also that Drudge has engaged in Fake News. He said the Leader of the Free World had a mini-stroke.

The president did not.

That is as fake as any news in the Times.

And conservatives are tired of the baloney. That 42% drop in traffic in August reflected a new irrelevancy Drudge brought upon himself. He had a good run of 25 years. He helped shape history by breaking the Lewinsky story that Newsweek tried to spike.

But that was three presidents ago. What has he done for us lately besides promoting Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti as a presidential candidate? 

Drudge is learning that pissing on his conservative readers will not gain him liberal readers.

The Times report failed to mention a New York Post report from Tuesday, "Matt Drudge rumored to be seeking investors for Drudge Report."

Both the Post and the Times cited as a Drudge expert Matthew Lysiak, a former New York Daily News reporter. He blames Twitter, not Drudge's abandonment of everything he stood for, for the 42% drop in readership.

The Post story said, "At the same time, the Drudge Report began taking a decided anti-Trump stance, angering some of his readers. Lysiak says this was notable in the site’s recent coverage of Trump’s pick of Amy Coney Barrett to fill the Supreme Court slot vacated by the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

"'He’s always been a very pro-life libertarian,' noted Lysiak. 'But in his coverage of Amy Coney Barrett, he’s linked to stories that she’s a religious zealot.'

"'What they don’t understand,' Lysiak says, is that Drudge 'was never motivated by political loyalties, but by page clicks and staying relevant. And while his views to his website are down, he has succeeded in another way: Everyone is once again talking about Matt Drudge.'"

Everyone talked about the Titanic, too, but once sunk, boats usually fail to refloat.

The Times report said, "But Mr. Drudge has a deep desire, and a talent, for staying relevant, Mr. Lysiak said. Betting big on Mr. Trump did the trick in 2016. Betting against him could work this time around."

The problem with that is Drudge and Fox News were rare places of refuge for Trump supporters. In flipping to Biden, they become just another pro-Biden site. I cannot imagine the Clintons suddenly checking the Drudge Report for news. 

The Times report is just the latest in a series of What The Drudge stories hitting the media after conservative bloggers (like me) kicked it around. No one has answered why yet, and after a year or two of occasionally pondering the question, I do not care to know why he quit on conservatism.

All I care about is the Trumpenfreude of a 42% drop in traffic. Trumpenfreude is almost as smooth as bourbon.


  1. “The Times report failed to mention a New York Post report from Tuesday, ‘Matt Drudge rumored to be seeking investors for Drudge Report.’”

    Translation: Drudge is definitely seeking investors and, so far, he’s not finding any through private channels so he’s putting TDR on the auction block.

    “What am I bid for this...” indeed.

  2. What is Kennedy's quote.....'liberal tears taste so sweet...'

  3. Ah "old Trumpenfreude 2020" goes down smooth with no aftertaste.
    Gave up Drudge years ago due to ransomware and viruses that abounded on his site..

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  5. My cynical opinion unasked for is, Drudge either banged a kid on camera, or got paid big cash to keep his nose out of the culture war. I feel the same way about Chief Justice Roberts. Yes, I said it.

  6. Robert Conquest: Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.

    So explain Drudge, an explicitly right-wing site, going left.

  7. Surprised they didn't use a variation of the phrase "grown while in office" that is used by MSM to describe the leftward drift of Republican SCOTUS justices and RINO politicians.

    1. That is all those RINOs and "conservative" SCOTUS(-es) can do while they waste space in office, cause patriots to groan....

    2. I prefer "rotted on the vine".

  8. No mention of Whatfinger in there? That's where I found you Surber. Excellent sight!

  9. Matt Drudge is one of more interesting of humanity's characters. He helped nuke the newspaper business model, as a pioneer internet aggregator, making money off their journalism, without paying a cent in return. A clever wire editor in the day-to-day, in his heyday, that man. A mystical entrepreneur, whose site was once said to be worth just south of 300m. This was BEFORE Trump. So his site has fallen onto hard times of late? Why? Like anyone - let's pic a star quarterback as an example, or an ex-veep, his time is up - because Time Is The Boss of us all. Eventually, everyone caves to an easier route, just like water erodes whatever it touches. Nobody, except Trump, can keep a good thing going for life. All that said, I tend to think that our man Matt has met his nemesis and/or his match, in a back room - and that he's been made an 'offer he cannot refuse'.

  10. And meanwhile, Big D roars past 33 mill, averaging what, a mill every two months lately? Leo Durocher was wrong!

    1. Yep... I think it's great that the odometer is spinning like a top here...I mean sitemeter...

    2. The author of this blog! First name Don, Don begins with the letter D, I’ve met him and he is a man of no small stature, and also Big in the quality person sense. Big D.

  11. The late Andrew Breitbart said that when he was running the site, he often had to work to keep Drudge from going to the Left. I guess he lost his balance wheel.

  12. For years, I'd check Drudge first, daily, for the news.

    When he flipped, it became very apparent very quickly.

    I gave it a month or so, mostly due to the secrecy of how the site is run and not knowing what was going on internally. Hoping it would get back to normal.


    Deleted Drudge from my shortcuts. NEVER go there anymore. Been so long now, I can't even remember the last time I looked.

    1. I used to check Drudge's website first in the morning too. But then he went lefty.

      Now this blog is where I go first in the morning. Thank you, Mr. Surber!

  13. whats the saying? everything not explicitly conservative will eventually go left. drudge jumped the shark four or five years back. only check there when I want to see the lefts emphasis on the news. js

  14. I was under the impression that he sold the site a few years ago.