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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Hispanics screw up Democrat plan

For at least 20 years, Democrats have said that the white population is shrinking and sometime in 2040 or 2050, whites will become a minority, and that will end the Republican Party once and for all.

That is why Democrats wanted Republicans to nominate Donald John Trump 4 years ago. Democrats believed his plan to wall off Mexico would cost Republicans the Hispanic vote forever.

Now with the most crucial 450 miles of the wall erected, Democrats are not mentioning the wall because instead of being racist and xenophobic, the wall is quite popular. Even the Mexicans like it because the wall has stopped the caravans traipsing across their country from Guatemala and Honduras.

NPR discovered Hispanics in America like Donald Trump's immigration policies, which is why I included New Mexico on my list of the 37 states he will carry.

In a story titled, "Many Latino Men Are Supporting President Trump This Election," NPR quoted Reymundo Torres "an Arizonan, a devout Roman Catholic, ethnically Mexican and a staunch supporter of the president."

Torres said, "My family's been in Arizona for more than 100 years. We don't see ourselves as immigrants. We're very much Arizonans and Americans. So to continue to treat us as if we're all still just fresh across the border, which most Republicans and a lot of Democrats would like to think we are — just to easily encapsulate us — is something that is not resounding."

He hit on something that is one of two misconceptions about Hispanics.

The first is that all Hispanics are the same. There is a big difference between Puerto Ricans and Cubans and Mexicans and those from other Latin American countries.

The second is that Hispanics do not assimilate. Of course they do, just as Poles and Italians and dozens of other ethnic groups have. And over the generations, people lose their language. Grandma who was born on the boat coming over was the interpreter for her parents. All her grandson knows of the old language are the dirty words.

For Hispanics, the language lasts a little longer because Spanish is prevalent in the United States.

But the assimilation is inevitable and eventually Hispanics will be just another white ethnicity. 

What do they bring to the game for Republicans? Grit.

Torres said, "The thing that initially attracted me and keeps me tied to Donald Trump is that he has taught Republicans how to not just win, but no longer throw our faces and bodies in front of every punch that the left is willing to throw."

Despite being labeled racist and xenophobic by the media, Donald Trump did better among Hispanic voters than Romney did. 

And the president will do even better this time.

Democrats should not count on Hispanics siding with them when what we now consider to be white people are a minority because Hispanics are assimilating and part of the assimilation process is becoming Republican.

I live in the least Hispanic state in the union. Only 1.3% of West Virginians are Hispanic.

One of our 3 congressmen is Hispanic. And he is a Republican.

Instead of playing the race game, Democrats should try playing the policy game -- or better yet the results game because Donald Trump is lapping them in both.

UPDATE: A reader commented by email:

"Hello Don I liked your article but there is one thing that is not correct and a correction works even more in favor for the narrative of the article.  Just as you mentioned, the Hispanic peoples are diverse in origins and political thought but they are also very racially diverse maybe the most diverse on Earth.  this is why I have a problem with the mentioning of them becoming just another white ethnicity.

"If you take someone from Argentina (like my wife) you would be right because they are 100% European descendants but you mentioned Cuba and in Cuba and Puerto Rico you have a mix of African descendancy, Amerindian descendency and Spanish and European descendancy.  All of these people are still Hispanics yet some may be 100% African or 100% Amerindian like in Guatemala or parts of Mexico.

"This further confuses the Democrats pigeonholing and the woman who NBC placed behind Trump during the town hall (who was nodding the whole time and pumped up the crowd in Spanish during the commercial break) is a perfect example of their lack of understanding of this. She is black Hispanic Dominican and American."


  1. Replies
    1. I am one of those Americans whose Papa was from Mexico and was here legally until 20 years later chose to become a citizen.

      What the Marxists did to shoot themselves in the foot is to have the group
      Blather their tripe of a denuclearized families. Well one thing Yiiiige amongst hispany is Love of familia so that garbage spewed by the low brow left gets lost amongst my peoples.
      Ttump is going to make yuuuuge inroads into the Hispanic Vote.
      Trumpie landslide all 50 states

  2. Good information. We are leaving NC to move back to Arizona. We could only tolerate NC for a year. We will be south of Tucson with a lot of Hispanics. God doesn’t care about the color of someone’s skin and neither do we.

    1. Sierra Vista? Was just there. Trump Country!

    2. My family moved to Sahuarita in 1989 when I was a teen. I live in southern California now, but will be going back in a few weeks for Thanksgiving.

    3. Born in Tucson raised in Sonoita. I moved to Florida in 2011. Pima county is run by the wack-job left now. I couldn't take it any more. Beautiful country though.

    4. Sonoita is in Santa Cruz County, which is even MORE La Raza and leftist than Ragina Romero's Pima County. She's the mayor who put up an expensive "BLACK LIVES MATTER" sign atop city hall when it was fashionable to do so.

      Tucson is an Agenda21 Model City. HARD LEFT. There is a revolving door between city government and the University of Arizona professors. Remember Tom Volgy? He was mayor and a UofA commie poliSci prof.

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  7. The few Hispanics I know are quite conservative, very religious, hard working, family oriented and very humble. What’s not to like?

    1. They're fine if you can break them out of their leftist thinking. Many are hard-working, but the reverse is also true thanks to government freebies and a leftist mentality fostered by their countries of origin. This is primarily seen in new arrivals.

      Also, Mexico is actually a rather bigoted nation, particularly among their elites. They consider themselves Spaniards. Conquistadors. They don't like darker skinned Mexicans and encourage them to migrate to El Norte. Azatlan is very real to these people.

      (I grew up five miles north of. Reynosa, Mexico. I know of what I speak here. Most people I know think I'm writing a fiction novel until I show it to them up close.)

    2. Sorry for the punctuation errors. It's miserable typing on a phone and I can't edit posts once published.

    3. If you ever watched Sabado Gigante, is that still on, The darker skinned Mexicans were always the brunt of the joke.

    4. Re: Sabado Gigante. Don Francisco's first language is German. His parents fled to Chile from the Nazis.

    5. I writing in Schlongtavious Lardmaster on my ballot if I only see a dem choice LOL

  8. (Deleted comments contained typos.)

  9. Also, "Hispanics" used to assimilate rapidly until around 1970 when the effects of the INA '65 started to bite. When you balkanize in enclaves you don't assimilate.

    Notably, Mexico teaches its school kids that the American Southwest was "stolen" from Mexico. Reconqista is a real thing. Back in deep South Texas while in First Grade, c. 1979, one of my Mexican classmates said to me, "You Gringos stole Texas from us and now we're gonna' take it back." His dream will come true within two decades.

  10. Exactly! The Democrat grievance group strategy is the only reason "brown" has perpetuated as long as it has. Our Argentinian and Spanish friends would be stunned to learn they weren't Caucasian.

  11. Yep I agree that the Hispanics are going to be the group that kills Dem dominance of race. That and a good chunk of the off the Dem plantation Black vote. NE Oregon is the old west.It isn't gone just not quite as obvious. Not unusual to see Cowboys and Girls- walking down the isle in Wal-mart. with boots, spurs and Chaps on (guns aren't allowed visibly.)
    A lot are Hispanic a goodly portion are also "Los Indios." -inidans from Mexico. The Mestizo culture looks down on the Indians. so they came here-some a long time ago. some of the Spanish culture of the southwest and California are land grant Spanish-they were here before Jamestown. Cowboy lingo has a lot of Mexican/spanish influence: Buckaroo(Vaquero). vamoose(vamosar)latigo, riata,conchos.veranda,Caballero, I've heard that all my life the Hispanic people have given a lot to this big, lonesome country.
    Trump knows this and the Dems panic..

  12. Byron York @ByronYork

    Twitter suspended the account of the head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection for touting progress on the border wall. Twitter said the tweet below violated a policy against 'hateful conduct.

    1. I read that earlier. Yikes! That is crazy.

  13. “Instead of playing the race game, Democrats should try playing the policy game -- or better yet the results game because Donald Trump is lapping them in both.”

    They can’t because most if not all of their policy prescriptions—open borders; heavier regulation; higher taxes; eliminate the electoral college; abortion and post-birth murder; gun confiscation; packing the court; adding States—cannot garner 51% support from the electorate.

    The old adage told by lawyers is apt here: when the law is on your side, pound on the law. And when the facts are on your side, pound on the facts. And when neither is on your side, pound on the table. Democrats are pounding the table, hard.

  14. When they do assimilate they become more conservative. Especially since the Democrats have moved so far left.

    However new arrivals tend to look for the handout and the cutting in line ahead of citizens and that they get by supporting the Democrats.

    Just a look at Los Angeles and Orange counties tells that tale.

  15. "The thing that initially attracted me and keeps me tied to Donald Trump is that he has taught Republicans how to not just win, but no longer throw our faces and bodies in front of every punch that the left is willing to throw."

    I think the aristocrats among the Rs are in for a culture shock.

  16. I spent two years (1972-74) doing missionary work in Central America: Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama. I can tell you that a citizen of any one of those countries would be amused/offended if you tried to lump them in with any of the others. Furthermore, there were significant distinct social groups within those countries.

    One other story from that time that may have relevance. When I was in Nicaragua (73-74), Anastacio ("Nacho") Somoza was the strong-man ruler. The newspapers in the capital city of Managua were constantly criticizing him, and I was a bit surprised he allowed it. I asked someone about it, and they said, "Somoza doesn't care about the newspapers; no one outside of the city reads them. He controls all the radio stations, and everyone listens to the radio."

    1. Interesting story... thanks for sharing your perspective.

  17. What all those Democrat demographic projections fail to take into account is the coming massive population influxes from Western European countries in the coming decades.

    Refugees fleeing places like France, for instance.

    1. First I've heard of that. I would think Democrats wouldn't allow white immigration.

  18. Mexico can have California back. Let them deal with that state's many pathologies while we remain a great nation of 290 million.

  19. IT's true that Mexican-Americans quickly assimilate, as only 53% of them can speak passable Spanish.

    I notice a big difference between Hispanics raised in AZ and those who come here from CA. We gringos get along just fine with Mexican-Americans in AZ, however, those who come from CA have a real chip on their shoulders: they demand Democrat Party allegiance and seem to hate white people. They don't mix nearly as well here.

    There are two majority-Hispanic states: NM and CA. NM has zero statewide Republican elected officials and zero US congressmen and zero US senators. There is a correlation.

    1. When they hate on White people ask them what race they are.

      (Hispanic, brown, and Mexican are not races.)

  20. "The thing that initially attracted me and keeps me tied to Donald Trump is that he has taught Republicans how to not just win, but no longer throw our faces and bodies in front of every punch that the left is willing to throw."

    The problem is after Trump, the Republicans have nada and are probably screwed.

    The same 'ol establishment whitey who doesn't know how to communicate to the masses. The same 'ol establishment whitey that is either in the back pocket of dims (RINOs like mittens and flake and murkowski and collins) or is just inept and kowtows to the media and PC culture. The same 'ol ignorance that they cannot court great minority leaders to run for office under the "R" banner.

    Just look at CA.
    Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are mostly (if not all) "D" on the coast. Why is that? Because the R party allows the media to spread lies and the dims to characterize them as "racists" and the "racist party".

    As a minority, it makes me disgusted. I only registered as a "R" to vote for Trump in the primary. After that, I am leaving and going independent again. Not because I cannot identify with republicans. I loved Reagan and I love Trump. But the R party leaves their constituents behind and allow RINOs to lead even in media with the likes of Hugh Hewitt and Bill O'Reilly. I would stay in if the "Sean"s and "Tucker"s were the status quo and not the exception.

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  22. Almost 3% of native Argentinians are descendants of indigenous people. The so called Hispanic voting bloc in the US is comprised of indigenous people, African descent people, mixed race people as well as straight up European descent people.

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