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Friday, October 09, 2020

Highlights of the News

​Ken Bone, the red sweater man of 2016 fame, made the mistake of talking to Newsweek. Free speech carries a stiff penalty these days.

From the left.

ITEM 1: Florida Man Interviews Florida Man. See? Anyone can write a CNN headline.

ITEM 2: Reuters reported, "Virgin Hyperloop has picked the U.S. state of West Virginia to host a $500 million certification center and test track for billionaire Richard Branson’s super high-speed travel system, the company told Reuters.

"The center will be the first U.S. regulatory proving ground for a hyperloop system designed to whisk floating pods packed with passengers and cargo through vacuum tubes at 600 miles (966 kmph) an hour or faster.

"Later, Branson announced the decision in a press conference on Thursday, joined virtually by U.S. Transportation Department Secretary Elaine Chao, the state’s Republican governor Jim Justice, and U.S. Senators from West Virginia Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican, and Joe Manchin, a Democrat."

Someday, New York to Washington in 30 minutes will be slow.

ITEM 3: Finish swallowing, and put down your cup of coffee.

The Oregonian reported, "Nike layoffs get underway after weeks of uncertainty."

Hahaha. Even with slave labor making their overpriced garments and shoes in Red China, the geniuses at Nike are struggling.

Then again, the company was as overstaffed as any federal agency.

The article said, "The first layoffs implemented over the summer hit more than 100 vice presidents. This week’s downsizing involves so called S-band employees, generally the most senior and highest paid workers after the top executives and vice presidents."

100 vice presidents? That's a lot of unemployable relatives to put on the payroll.

Now for the words everyone wanted to read in the story, "Nike has indicated that it will scale back demand creation spending, which means less advertising and fewer athlete endorsements." 


ITEM 4: The Jerusalem Post reported, "Israel and Jordan reached an agreement allowing flights to cross over both countries’ airspace, the Transportation Ministry announced on Thursday. The deal allows flights crossing over one country to also fly over the other. The agreement will significantly shorten the length of flights from Israel to the Gulf and East Asia, cutting the time it takes to travel between countries and cutting gas costs and pollution. It will also allow the UAE and Bahrain, which recently made peace with Israel, along with other countries in the region, to fly over Israeli airspace."

Now to get them to land at one another's airports.

ITEM 5: The Jersualem Post reported, "The SonoMask displayed an ability to neutralize the novel coronavirus at an effectiveness of 99.34% within trials performed by the internationally accredited ATCC Testing laboratory, Ramat Gan-based Israeli fabric maker and developer Sonovia announced on Saturday.

"Sonovia’s reusable anti-viral masks are coated in zinc oxide nanoparticles that destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses, which it says can help stop the spread of the corona virus."

Wait a second. Are they saying those goofy Shamwow masks actually work?

ITEM 6: CBS reported, "A mayoral candidate in Carrollton has been arrested and charged with voter fraud.

"Denton County Sheriffs have Zul Mirza Mohamed in custody and have charged him with 109 felonies related to voter fraud.

"The investigation began September 23 when Sheriff’s were notified by the Denton County Elections Office of possible fraudulent activity related to absentee ballot applications.

"Officials say absentee ballots had been requested to be sent to a PO Box in Lewisville, that was supposed to belong to a nursing home facility. When investigators made contact with the Carrollton residents whose ballots had been requested they learned that none of the residents had asked for ballots be mailed to the PO Box."

It is a nonpartisan race. The city has 140,000 people.

ITEM 7: The New York Post reported, "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday clarified her plans to pursue a 25th Amendment approach to strip President Trump of his presidential powers.

"Pelosi and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) said in a press release that they will introduce a bill creating a commission to evaluate presidential mental and physical fitness.

"The bill would establish a Commission on Presidential Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office that would 'enable Congress to help ensure effective and uninterrupted leadership in the highest office in the Executive Branch of government,' the release said."

When Republicans take back the House, they should refuse to seat her because she is too crazy even for Congress. Oh wait, they already may do that. Dagnabit, he took my advice before I could give it to him. News is moving faster than the speed of Babylon Bee.

ITEM 8: The New York Post reported, "Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Thursday continued to dodge questions over whether he supported packing the Supreme Court with more than nine justices, saying the American public will know his opinion after the election.

"'You’ll know my opinion on court packing when the election is over,' a masked Biden told reporters on Thursday afternoon from the battleground state of Arizona where is is campaigning with running mate Kamala Harris."

To be fair, AOC has not yet told him what his policy is.

You have to elect Biden for him to find out what he stands for this week.

ITEM 9: The New York Post reported, "The Trump campaign on Thursday suggested it would agree to a face-to-face debate with former Vice President Joe Biden if the contests later this month were delayed a week.

"'The American people should not be deprived of the chance to see the two candidates for president debate face to face two more times just because the Commission on Presidential Debates wants to protect Joe Biden,' campaign manager Bill Stepien said in a statement.

"'We agree that this should happen on October 22, and accordingly, the third debate should then be shifted back one week to October 29,' Stepien said. 'The Commission on Presidential Debates and the media cannot hide Joe Biden forever. Americans deserve to hear directly from both presidential candidates on these dates, October 22 and 29.'"

After President Trump won the first debate, the commission decided to have a virtual debate that would allow it to cut off the president's microphone. He refused. Now they are negotiating, as is always the case with The Donald.

ITEM 10: To be fair, she is not black. Her parents are Jamaican and Indian.

ITEM 11: The Department of Justice announced, "The Department of Justice today announced that six men have been arrested and charged federally with conspiring to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer.  According to a complaint filed Tuesday, October 6, 2020, Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Ty Garbin, Kaleb Franks, Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta conspired to kidnap the Governor from her vacation home in the Western District of Michigan. Under federal law, each faces any term of years up to life in prison if convicted. Fox, Garbin, Franks, Harris, and Caserta are residents of Michigan. Croft is a resident of Delaware."

Even a Karen Dictator is protected by the law.

Fox reported, "Michigan Gov. Whitmer appears to blame President Trump after alleged kidnapping plot is thwarted."

Um, the Trump administration uncovered the plot and apprehended the suspects. ITEM 12: InsideHook reported, "The economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic that already led Walt Disney to lay off nearly 30,000 employees who worked in the theme park business may soon affect one of the company’s other ventures: ESPN.

"The Worldwide Leader could lay off hundreds of employees in the coming weeks, sources told Front Office Sports. On the high end, 700 employees could be gone. On the low end, 300.

"While the majority of layoffs are expected to affect employees who work behind the camera, some on-air talents are also expected to be let go, especially if they are working with an expiring contract.

"A desire to cut costs, potentially tens of millions of dollars in salary, ahead of upcoming rights negotiations with the NFL, NHL and NBA over the next few years could be a contributing factor as to why ESPN was willing to let Keith Olbermann out of his contract to launch a nightly YouTube show about politics." 

Everyone is shut in, but fewer people are watching sports because all those millionaire athletes became woke.

Maybe instead of encouraging this bad idea, ESPN should have said keep politics out of sports.

Oh well.

ITEM 13: Earlier this week, Surfer magazine announced it endorsed Biden and Harris for president, the first political endorsement in its 60-year history.



Remember, Trumpenfreude is part of your complete breakfast.

ITEM 14: Fox reported, "A group of progressives, including the freshman "Squad," unveiled their new vision for America on Thursday that will serve as a rallying cry for the election and a roadmap on how to push Joe Biden leftward.

"The Working Families Party People's Charter calls for free public healthcare, universal childcare, creating millions of green jobs, canceling student debt, a $15 minimum wage and shifting money away from police departments and toward investments in schools and communities.

"One of the plan's backers, Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., said the agenda will be the legislative blueprint for what progressives in the House will push during a Biden-Harris Administration."

Communists always promise to be for the people. Once in power, communists always attack the people. You can vote your way into slavery, but you will have to fight your way out.

ITEM 15: Just the News reported, "The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Wednesday reversed a lower court decision to grant a new trial in a fraud case involving Hunter Biden's ex-business partner Devon Archer.

"Hunter Biden was not charged in the scheme, but Biden's name was reportedly 'invoked at various stages of the fraud as a selling point in transactions.'

"Archer was indicted on March 26, 2018 and charged with conspiracy to commit securities fraud and securities fraud for a Native American tribal bond scheme hatched by Archer and several of his business partners. After a trial lasting approximately one month, the jury found Archer guilty on both counts. Archer asked the district court to set aside the jury's verdict and successfully pushed for a retrial."

Where's Hunter?

ITEM 16: DYNUZ reported, "Joe Biden’s niece set to appear in court for DUI case day after presidential election."

You are not just voting to re-elect Donald Trump.

You are voting to lock her up.

ITEM 17: The New York Times reported, "The federal government said Thursday that it had decided against protecting wolverines, the elusive mammal that inspired a superhero and countless sports teams around America.

"Despite fears that climate change threatens the animals’ habitat in the lower 48 states, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service said Thursday that wolverine populations there were stable and that its own earlier concerns about the effects of global warming on the species had been overstated."

Buried in the story was this, "Only about 300 wolverines live in the contiguous United States, but scientists say there were never many below Canada and Alaska because of their naturally low population density and need for alpine habitat."

Which is why the comic book hero Wolverine is Canadian.


No links to pay sites or porn sites.

ITEM 18: The Wall Street Journal reported, "The Justice Department filed a lawsuit Thursday against Yale University, alleging the school violated federal civil-rights law by discriminating against Asian-American and white applicants in undergraduate admissions.

"In the complaint, filed in federal district court in Connecticut, the Justice Department alleged that for the past few decades Yale’s 'oversized, standardless, intentional use of race has subjected domestic, non-transfer applicants to Yale College to discrimination on the ground of race.'

"The lawsuit marks an escalation of the Trump administration’s scrutiny of elite colleges over their policies on race and admissions. The Justice Department has also supported legal efforts to end affirmative action at Harvard University, and the Education Department last month said it would investigate racism at Princeton University."

The only Asians the Ivy League wants are from Red China.

RICO the racists.

ITEM 19United Press International reported, "The U.S. Army will suspend use of its new fitness test as a requirement for graduation from training programs, citing covid 19 concerns, it said on Wednesday.

"A new version of the six-event Army Combat Fitness Test went into effect last week. The Army will encourage taking and passing the strength and fitness test, but the requirement to successfully complete it will be delayed until at least September 2021, the end of the fiscal year, Army officials told Stars and Stripes.

"Suspension of the use of the test comes as the Army acknowledged constraints on training and testing due to the quarantining, social distancing and other protections required during covid 19 pandemic, Megan Reed, spokesperson for the Army's Center for Initial Military Training at Fort Eustis, Va., told Army Times."

The few. The flabby. The chairborne rangers.

ITEM 20: I would not mess with people who can bring frogs, lice, and locusts to rain on you.
FINALLY, my proofreading is notoriously bad. Readers have helped me improve. Nothing is as embarrassing as having a typo -- or worse, a factual error -- pointed out.

But yesterday, a reader pointed out 3 typos in one paragraph.

They were in a Philadelphia Inquirer paragraph that I had cut-and-pasted. OK, I should have been more careful, but really, a story went through a professional copy editing desk, and the desk missed 3 easy typos to see? It has been online for 4 years and no one has fixed it because there is no way to easily notify the staff of an error.

My address is right on the top of the page in my logo:

If I screw up, please tell me. I also read comments. Well, most of them. Email gets read.

This is not the first time a reader has been better than a professional copy desk. Readers have found errors in Wall Street Journal and New York Times stories, And that comes after I have proofed their copy.

Getting a journalist to admit an error is harder than cutting a diamond. I know. I used to be a journalist.


  1. Big D, I shall begin calling you The Happy Warrior.

    Wait, already taken. Connotation not good either.

    OK, this: He goes to 11, from Almost Heaven. Ladies and Gentlemen, the incomparable Don Surber!!

  2. When I matriculated at Yale in 1965, thanks to Kingman Brewster Yale had recently begun to admit Jews. I was lucky because of that to make wonderful, lifelong Jewish friends. I also made a great Chinese-American friend, who helped me with quantum mechanics. Sad to see how my alma mater has fallen. Jamie

  3. I sent you an email. I found some typos in Item 19 and your Finally sections. :p

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @12 is excellent for sports and cultural commentary on sports. Jason Whitlock's series on BLM is every bit as good as his expose on the Jena 6 noose hoax.

  6. #4.1st Thessalonians 5 comes to mind.

    1. Not up on Bible verses, but I'm guessing that's the "They shall beat their swords into plowshares".

    2. 1 Thessalonians 5 New International Version (NIV) "The Day of the Lord 5 Now, brothers and sisters, about times and dates we do not need to write to you,"

      Glad to help.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. While people are saying, "Peace and safety," destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

  7. Only a matter of time for some leftard to declare Nike's drop in sales is due to..waitforit! RAYYYCISM.

    1. Tarriffs. Dman that Trump and his tarriffs.

    2. According to Mark Cuban the fall in sales could be because they didn't do enough for the blm cause.

    3. I think that Mark Cuban would defend Nike by saying that the people they want to buy their shoes, are buying their shoes. ;-)

  8. 11. Len Berman, on his low rated morning radio, blatantly labelled these nuts as as Trump supporters when the facts are easy to see. He's a lazy self-hating Trump hater who Imus once nicknamed, "Boner-nose"
    17. Since wolverines never were plentiful in the lower 48, not labelling them as endangered takes away a litigation weapon that tree hungers could use to hold up any land use plans.
    14. GOP really needs to take back the House to marginalize these kooks

    1. wolverines are here in NE Oregon have been for years..
      The state Wildlife commission was told of a Wolverine sighting in the Wallowas a few years back,the State set up a trail Camera. Yep a mating pair. I personally saw tracks, while on a hike took a casting with plaster of paris, and showed it to a game warden.
      "Where'd you get this?" he asked. "Up on the top of Mt. Emily."
      We wen tup togeather, with my Pop. and found more tracks...this about 1970. So they are still here..Along with Moose Wolves, Snowy Owls... Gotta be Global Warming.

  9. Nike, Disney, ESPN and Surfer!!! Get some, go broke.

    8- Biden publicly hiding his plans from the electorate. This is a yuuuuuge tell that he will try and pack the court. What Few undecideds That remain should see this, along with the squad’s plans and vote accordingly.

  10. 8. He packs the courts,we pack the courts. Pretty soon we have a million people in SCOTUS and another 20 million at the appeals level. Does anyone see a problem here?

  11. Item 11 5 of the s are FIBBie agents.

  12. When I first learned about Pelosi’s 25 th amendment commission I thought she was planning to remove Biden the day after he became President. Silly me.

  13. Item 19-
    The generals have become bureaucrats.
    G.S. Patton must be rolling over in his grave.

  14. A surfer friend of mine (and Trump supporter) told me that Surfer Magazine has been irrelevant for years. In addition to "get woke, go broke" it appears that woke politics is the final refuge of the desperate.

  15. The Simpsons called it again, thank God for zinc.

  16. Item 11 - is that an Antifa/anarchist flag on the wall behind this kidnapping, white supremacist, Trump supporter?

    1. Given that anarchists and white supremacists are democrat groups,why is that surprising?

  17. Mr.Surber,
    RE: typos.

    Ppl in general are notoriously terrible at proofing their own writing, and you are w/o a proofreader before posting. That you would make typos is completely forgivable! So *PLEASE* don't agonize over it!

    It isn't worth your time. I, speaking for myself, would much rather have you doing the heavy-lifting you normally do gathering and distributing information!

    My rule for one-man operations such as yours is to avoid hasseling the writer if, typo/jumbled sentence notwithstanding, I can understand the author's intent and point the writer is attempting to make.

    In any event, I've always thought that the corrections offered by your readers was more of a jovial, “between friend” teasing, not the sort I've witnessed at some other sites where the readers became abusive.

    This is becoming A wall of text so I'll cut it short and only say one other thing.

    Concerning the big sites, e.g., NYT, WSJ, etc. having visited a few them in person I noticed that many of them had ESL students as proofers...
    seemingly Failed English as a Second Language students,that is.

    How on earth could/should One expect accurate proofing in that case? I'm fluent in Mandarin, but I would hire out as a proofreader! I'd be a thief of my employer's time and he'd be an idiot to hire me!

    Sorry to be so abrupt, Grandkids just arrived — I have to go!

    ~ Greybeard

    1. Agree 100%. I have reported typos via Don's email, and always get a gracious reply. No need to clutter up a comment thread. I have a good eye for proofreading, and still keyboard mistakes get by me quite often.

    2. Hug those grandkids for me, Greybeard

      Thanks Greg. You take YOUR time to point out MY error. I really appreciate it!

    3. Ahhh, the times when we used modems with "error correction" feature. Still, I have found the Send/Enter button to be the best way to catch errors (after the fact!).

  18. 5: I always liked Vince.

    20: 2 groups you never mess with:

    The One True Church

    God's Chosen People.

    It may take a while, but The Big Guy always gets around to you.

  19. We here in the Orthodox center of Brooklyn, in the infamous (infamy, infamy, infamy, everybody's got it inforus) "red zone", are thinking of declaring it BOAZ: Brooklyn Orthodox Autonomous Zone. Then Coma and deSocialist will have to support us!

  20. #7. Maybe the law is the precursor to get rid of Biden as soon as he is elected.

    1. Or maybe to as as a deterrent for Trump voters. Why vote for Trump, if he is going to be removed from office by the commission. Which is a dream to begin with. The House and the Senate have to pass the law and then the President has to sign off on it. The President is going to sign off on a bill that sets up a commission to remove him from office?

  21. #8 Just as important: Biden has also not provided a list the nominees he would submit as Supreme Court Justices.