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Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Citizen Free Press reported, "A Texas Grand Jury indicted Netflix for ‘knowingly’ promoting material in the film Cuties which depicts 'the lewd exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of a clothed or partially clothed child who was younger than 18 years of age.'"

So the Obamas work for an alleged child pornographer.

If the company is convicted, will they have to register as sex offenders?

Meanwhile, Christian Toto reported that instead of adding millions of homebound subscribers in the last quarter, Netflix lost 2 million subscribers after Cuties debuted.

ITEM 2: Maureen Dowd gleefully wrote about President Trump having covid on Sunday.

Now that he has survived, the world's oldest Karen is angry.

How dare Walter Reed cure the president!

ITEM 3: Helen Andrews wrote, "2020 Is Tumbling Toward 1917. We think we're safe from revolution. We're wrong — it's already in the works."

If true, Antifa better hope their side loses because Americans have a history of being kind to the conquered by nation re-building.

Communists have a history of killing their own revolutionaries to quell any thought of rebellion.

ITEM 4Fox News reported, "Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Tuesday declassified documents that revealed former CIA Director John Brennan briefed former President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s purported plan to tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia as 'a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server' ahead of the 2016 presidential election, Fox News has learned.

"Ratcliffe declassified Brennan’s handwritten notes – which were taken after he briefed Obama on the intelligence the CIA received – and a CIA memo, which revealed that officials referred the matter to the FBI for potential investigative action.

"The Office of the Director of National Intelligence transmitted the declassified documents to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on Tuesday afternoon."

In 1973, Woodward and Bernstein exposed Watergate.

In 2017, Woodward and Bernstein covered up Spygate.

The press played the USA for suckers. Both times.

ITEM 5: CNN reported, "The top U.S. general, General Mark Milley, and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are quarantining after a top Coast Guard official tested positive for corona virus, several U.S. defense officials tell CNN.

"CNN reported several members are quarantining, but soon after, ABC News reported that all members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are doing so. The vice commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, Admiral Charles Ray, tested positive on Monday."

We are amid a biomedical warfare attack and some members of the media want Walter Reed defunded because it treated the president.

ITEM 6: Washington Examiner reported, "Newsom's office tells Californians to wear masks 'in between bites' of food when dining with members from same household in public"

But Newsom won't instruct children to snitch on their parents.

That's what waiters are for.

ITEM 7: India opened the 6-mile long Atal Tunnel.

The Tribune reported, "It would take 15 minutes on an average to travel from the south portal of the horseshoe-shaped tunnel, located 25 kilometers from Manali, to the north portal in Sissu, Lahaul valley. Designed for daily traffic density of 3,000 cars and 1,500 trucks, it reduces the road distance by 46 kilometers between Manali and Leh and the travel time by four to five hours.

"The tunnel is a defining moment for the intensive Central push towards better border connectivity. Though it has the potential to link Ladakh to the rest of the country all 12 months of the year, as it would bypass Rohtang Pass that is snowbound during the winter, passes like Thanglang La and Baralacha La can still cut off road access to Leh in extreme weather conditions."

Meanwhile, in the United States, residents of Los Angeles could not use their air conditioners on the hottest day ever recorded because of rolling blackouts.

It is as if the USA is trading places with the Third World.

ITEM 8: The New York Post reported, "Facebook is banning all QAnon accounts from its platforms as part of its move to block 'militarized social movements' from operating and organizing online, the social media giant announced Tuesday. The move, which also extends to Instagram, represents the company’s strongest response yet to the controversial online right-wing conspiracy movement that has increasingly inserted itself into the nation’s political discourse."

Left-wing conspiracy theories such as the Russian Collusion hoax are OK.

Communists through their Democrat Party facilitators are pressuring the media. Chairman Xi wants President Trump out.

ITEM 9: The Daily Wire reported, "A Florida man has been arrested and charged after requesting an absentee ballot for his wife, who has been dead for two years. When interviewed by authorities, the man confessed, saying he was trying to 'test the system' by making the request.

"Larry Wiggins, 62, a registered Democrats, was interviewed by police after getting a notification from Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Mike Bennett that someone had made a suspicious request, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported."

Testing the system reminds me of the old Irish Rovers song, Wasn't That a Party.

So you see, your honor,
It was all in fun,
That little bitty track meet down on Main Street,
Was just to see if the cops could run,
Well, they run us in to see you,
In an alcoholic haze,
I can sure use those 30 days to recover from the party.

30 days sounds about right.

ITEM 10: Axios reported, "President Trump tweeted on Tuesday that he has instructed his representatives to stop negotiating with House Democrats on corona virus relief until after the election, accusing Speaker Nancy Pelosi of not negotiating in good faith.

"Why it matters: The failure to deliver desperately needed aid to Americans was seen as a problem for both parties. Trump has now made it a White House decision to end negotiations."

Democrats will spin this. They always do. Pay no attention. Bailing out the cities Democrats deliberately ruined is an invitation for more terrorism.

ITEM 11: Just the News reported, "The White House has overruled new guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration that would likely have prevented introducing potential coronavirus vaccines to the market, prior to the Nov. 3 election.

The main point of conflict between the agency and the White House was a stipulation that vaccine developers follow patients enrolled in their trial programs for at least two months to ensure there are no safety issues with their drugs before seeking emergency approval to bring them to market. 

The guidelines the White House has blocked are nonbinding recommendations, frequently issued by the FDA to companies concerning the research regulations for the medical products they are developing. Cutting the standard regulatory guidelines will allow developers to bypass the thousands of pages of manufacturing documentation typically mandated for a vaccine application."

The B.S. -- bureaucratic sedition -- must end. In the second term, fire anyone who was not appointed by President Trump and purge the government of these moles.

ITEM 12: Sportswriter Dan Wetzel of Yahoo News whined, "NBA ratings shouldn't be a political football."

Why not?

As he wrote on July 31, he wrote, "NBA makes its stand: If you can’t handle player protest, then move on."

People did.

Now he whines.

And the NBA raises the white flag. Ah, Trumpenfreude. I think I need a cigarette.

ITEM 13: Zero Hedge reported, "Taiwan is set to present a veritable weapons shopping list to American officials during the annual US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference, which began Monday and is continuing Tuesday.

"The conference is yet another event attracting the ire and watchful scrutiny of China, given it is representative of the growing military cooperation between Taipei and Washington, and goes back to 2002.

"However, weapons sales will be a closed-door discussion issue. Among closed-door topics include 'US defense cooperation with Taiwan, the defense procurement process and Taiwan’s defence and national security needs,' the council said according to South China Morning Post. It will also 'provide opportunities to connect with others working on Taiwan defense and national security issues.'"

If there is a war, better Taiwan fights it than us.

ITEM 14: I seldom do obituaries for celebrities, but I must note the passing of Eddie Van Halen.
Not because of his music, which was terrific. Not because of his guitar work, which was excellent and innovative. Not because of his feud with David Lee Roth, which was epic.

No, I mourn his passing because he fought cancer for more than a decade. Eventually, cancer won, but not without two black eyes and a busted mouth. I recommend this Rolling Stone story.

ITEM 15: I never thought I would live to see the police in America aid a politician's anti-Semitism like this. In New York!

They go after the Jews first. Every single time.

By the way, what happened to my body, my choice?

ITEM 16: KMOV-TV reported, "McCloskeys indicted, grand jury adds charges of tampering with evidence."

The trespassers were not indicted.

Defending yourself is now a crime in St. Louis. Leave.

ITEM 17: United Press International reported, "Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream announced Tuesday it plans to rename its Eskimo Pie novelty ice cream months after acknowledging the name was derogatory toward Indigenous communities.

"Beginning in 2021, the ice cream will be rebranded as Edy's Pie, a nod to Dreyer's founder Joseph Edy. Dreyer's ice cream is sold on the U.S. East Coast as Edy's."

Well, at least the Martians have not complained about Mars bars. 

ITEM 18: Biden visits Gettysburg, draws largest crowd in weeks. But no problem because he is 20 points ahead in the polls.

ITEM 19: Politico reported, "Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda V√°zquez on Tuesday endorsed Donald Trump for reelection, a move that belies the president’s tense relationship with the island and its diaspora — particularly in his must-win state of Florida."

Hey, maybe we should make it a state -- for this election only.

FINALLY, I thank all my readers for their help yesterday. Trolls feed on feedback. Please ignore, not just here but everywhere else online.


  1. Replies
    1. Correct. All GS/16-18 level jobs are now considered Senior Executive Service.

      The Senior Executive Service (SES) was established by Title IV of the Civil Service Reform Act (CSRA) of 1978 (P.L. 95-454, October 13, 1978) and became effective on July 13, 1979.

  2. Dan Wetzel = Tool of Red China. Hey Tool. U bum. Has Xi got some more work for you today, Tool?

  3. 19 - the most noticeable tension was between the corrupt mayor and Trump. Maybe the MSM managed to convince some with their take news, but this is an indicator that many Puerto Ricans know who was responsible for the slow distribution of supplies and rebuilding.

    1. How many pre-conceived notions does this endorsement destroy?

      I am sure this will receive zero coverage in he mainstream news.

  4. #15 Historically, when a country was in financial trouble, it would tax the Jews. Same old same old.
    According to the new rules to go into effect, if a synagogue is found with more than 10 people inside it can be fined $15,000. The state is sending inspectors/marshalls into these yellow/orange/red neighborhoods to find and fine anyone without a mask. If a customer in a store or establishment is not wearing a mask, the establishment will be fined from $1000-10,000. (We went to an environmental center in a park in Queens yesterday, a small place, and even it had signs up saying "Please wear your masks or we will be fined.") What's to prevent the city from sending in tag teams of inspector/maskless ringer?

    And, surprise, Gov. Coma was not being truthful when he said he discussed his new measures with "religious leaders" as he evidently said privately that he'd allow 50% capacity and then announced publicly that only 10 people, no matter how big the synagogue (and some of them are big enough for a few hundred people).
    This, right after he used a "recent" picture from *2007* to show that Jews were not complying with the rules.
    "Repentance, prayer, and charity can overturn the evil decree."

    1. That Cuomo and Mayor Wilhelm are doing this on the city/state with the largest Jewish population is quite disturbing. Wake up New Yawkers.

    2. And that the police are apparently willing to enforce these non-laws is also very disturbing. “Just following orders”? We are re-living some ugly history.

    3. First Gov. Don Andrew came for the nursing home patients ...

    4. I very much regret to note that the vast majority of the Jews in New York City have been automatically voting for the "Democrat" ticket forever, not realizing that they are now voting for people who want to and who will murder them.

      I grew up in a great neighborhood in the late 50s-early 60s where Jews, Catholics and all the rest got along fine (my godmother Ethel Spitzer was Jewish; my best friend was the son of Irish immigrants, teachers in the soon-to-destroyed public schools), and we kids played together without any of this derangement we see today.

      It wounds me every time, today, when I see the hellhole that NYC has turned into.

      Don Reed

    5. Don Reed
      I'm sorry! This pernicious decay has been & is happening so many places. Heartbreaking!!

  5. Eddie Van Halen was first diagnosed with throat cancer in 2000. He was diagnosed with tongue cancer and had 1/3 of his tongue removed. That makes it 20 badassed years of fighting the disease.

  6. Thing is...the vast majority of the New York Jewish community support Cuomo and what are we doing here. If most Jews support the clearly anti-Semitic actions of thier political leaders...what can we do...

    1. Jewish lives matter. They ain’t taking it anymore.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Cuomo and deBlasio will soon use the Star of David to identify people they don't worshipping toghether.

    4. O2bnaz
      I don't understand that at all!!

  7. #16 I'm convinced that's what the Left wants Don. I'm not sure what the end game is in their mind - seeding other Congressional Districts with Democrat voters, consolidating power in what's left of the cities (like they haven't done that already), ??

  8. Van Halen is playing Bach in this clip. Amazing

    1. I knew it sounded familiar, but couldn't place it!

    2. That's a pretty impressive clip. I hadn't seen that side of Eddie before.
      It reminds me of the time a reporter asked Jimi Hendrix where he came up with a particular riff, and Buddy Miles replied: "He stole it from Beethoven!"

  9. "Communists through their Democrat Party facilitators are pressuring the media. Chairman Xi wants President Trump out." DS

    IMO, the ccp had little influence until clinton burned every money bridge in America. Progressives had no choice but to take Chinese money because nobody else was going to fund their boondoggle. If you recall clinton would even steal from elderly in the form of not refunding their money after double charging them on their donations. Socialists always run out of other people's money, it's why there is no longer a soviet union to fund the democrat party.

  10. About the McCloskey indictment:

    It has been reported that the McCloskey lawyer has said that the guns, when brandished, were not operable but that some government functionary made them operable. The tampering charge, to me, lends credence to this.

    The charge effectively rebuts the assertion that the government official did the tampering. Here's the problem, I think. There were two days between confrontation and the display of the guns and the announcement of the investigation. To prove the crime, the state has to prove that the McCloskeys knew of the investigation and then turned operable guns into inoperable ones. This would mean that state has to prove when they did so. Only proof that I can see that they did it after announcement of the investigation is that only announcement of the investigation gave them a motive to render operable guns inoperable. Maybe that gets thru a grand jury but it sure as hell ain't proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Somehow I suspect the McCloskeys have proof about the guns' inoperability when in their possession; don't see how you made such an accusation about government misconduct without evidence.

  11. 4: I don't think that many people were fooled.

    15: People you take for granted eventually get tired of it.

    Ask the Ditzy Twits.

    16: Somebody wants to be governor or a US Senator.

    17: We always ate Breyers or Sealtest, so no loss.

  12. #11: May I say something about Fauci's latest weak dis of the president? The CDC says the U.S. has between 12,000 and 61,000 deaths from the usual flu each year. That is with an annual flu vaccine being administered to a large portion of the population. Imagine if it weren't. Is it possible that the numbers would be similar to the coronavirus number of 200,000-plus right now? (no vaccine). So that Trump, once again, would be right...Fauci wrong.

    1. P.S.: Many ordinary flu deaths are not reported as such. And, as has been said many times, coronavirus deaths appear to be over-reported.

      So...even moreso!

    2. Like the covid deaths (2) in my country-both had issues one guy was 85 and had visited the human rocah motel that was the Bellingham, Wa. nursing home in March.The second guy was a rancher that still smoked with COPD (I knew him). You can die of an infected hangnail- and if you tested positive for the Wuflu you died of it not what actually killed you.
      BTW I love that picture of Trump removing his mask. that look is like Superman telling Lois - "Keep the window open I've got a job to do..."

  13. 1. They had a pedophile for vp, so, why should anything about them surprise you?

    3. I think we are better armed. Let's do it and get over it quickly!

    4. Bill hillary for the cost of the mueller investigation!

    7. Well at least california is.

    12. Screw them. Too late to pander. We know who they are, now.

  14. #2, I have more respect for Walter Reed than before.The more the Left complains the stupider they look.
    #6. This is so stupid, I just can't believe he said that with a straight face. The same people ( the family) are eating together while at home without masks. Unbelievable. WHo elects these clowns?
    #10. I think Trump should do a press conferance with a list on a white board ( ala Newt) and list all the stupid stuff Nancy wanted. I am sure the lo info people and most who depend on the main stream media have NO idea what they wanted.
    #16 Where can I contribute to their defense fund, I could be next!
    #19. This feels like a feint, trying to curry favor with Trump to either get more money or to get to be a state, then flip to Dem.

    1. IndyDoc
      Newsome is such a jack@$$, appropriately. #7 is further proof.

      #10 - EXCELLENT IDEA!

  15. #9- "Just testing the system." Riiiight.

    IIRC, when Gary Glitter was arrested for his extensive collection of child p0rn, his defence was that he was "just studying the problem." Like all the other pedophiles, studying hard. (Ahem.)

    #16- The good news is, when the McCloskeys win their case they'll own St. Louis. It is a pity that the savages who threatened them were all let go, though.

    #17- I'll never understand what is supposed to be derogatory about "Eskimo Pie." It tastes great, it's been around for many decades. I just don't get it. Now if it was terrible-tasting crap, then I could understand it- but it's not.

    BTW- everyone had better call me a "native American," since I was born here to a couple of Americans who were also born here, as were my ancestors going back many, many generations. We're all natives, and I'll take severe umbrage to anyone who refuses to call me an American! (Can I get reparations now?)

    #18- Isn't it wonderful that Biden can draw such an enthusiastic crowd? I wonder why we don't see this on the MSM? You don't suppose it's because all those enthusiastic supporters are all cheering for Trump, do you? Nah, I'm just being cynical!

    Finally- Don, thanks ever so much for clearing out the trash. Smells much nicer here!

    1. Esky: "American" is an acceptable response to any form requesting ethnicity. I use it for the census and IRS. I have ancestors buried here going back six generations, so I too claim to be a native Oregonian.
      And my thanks also to Don for deleting trolls. I welcome reasoned and polite dissent--I've always had a penchant for a contrarian point of view, but the vile, ad hominem trashtalk is unacceptable.

  16. I know I should focus on your excellent reporting, but your Irish Rovers reference cracked me up. Here's another one from about that era -- by the fabulous Jerry Reed --that might work, too.

    Well, when he took us in to court, I couldn't believe my eyes
    The judge was a fishin' buddy that I recognized
    I said, "Hey, judge, old buddy, old pal
    I'll pay ya that hundred I owe ya, if you'll get me outta this spot"

    So he gave my friends a little fine to pay
    He turned around an' grinned at me an' said
    "Ninety days, Jerry, when you hot, you hot!"
    An' I said, "Thanks a lot!"

  17. "In 1973, Woodward and Bernstein exposed Watergate."
    No, they didn't. They were part of the coup to remove Nixon from office and replace him with a globalist. Woodward and Bernstein were fed classified data and disinformation to undermine Nixon. They were fed that from a FBI agent who had been passed over to head the FBI. One of Nixon's lawyers, John Dean, composed against him just as Cohen did to Trump. When JFK and LBJ stole the 1960 election, Nixon didn't challenge them. When Howard Dean went to Nixon and told him the GOPe wouldn't support him, Nixon resigned and the globalists won. they had a few bumps along their path, Carter and Reagan but then they ran four globalists for eight years each. HW, BJ, W, and Obama. Hillary was suppose to finish the job of eliminating America as a nation state. They didn't count on running into the road block, Donald Trump. They thought they could illegally dig up dirt on him before the election. They were going to use that dirt to force him to throw the election. After he won, they set into motion their coup. They thought he would be gone in six months. But Trump is no Nixon. He stands head and shoulders above the quislings in the GOPe and the rest of the vermin in the disloyal opposition.

  18. 5) I'm not convince this latest attack didn't originate on the inside to try and sabotage Trump.
    They are claiming we're in a spike, right now. And the disloyal opposition is focusing on positive tests because the death rate has gone down so much. What they don't tell you is the kids are going back to college and getting tested and that accounts for the spike. They don't tell you that out of the 70,000 positives, there were only three people hospitalized and no deaths.

  19. 8) QAnon is a hoax started by 4chan. The fake news is using it as proof of a non-existent far right conspiracy.