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Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Highlights of the News

Final score: President Donald John Trump 7, Covid 0.

ITEM 1: The Blaze reported, "Pope Francis slams trickle-down economics, advocates for redistribution of wealth: 'For the good of all.'"

His net worth is $25 million, not counting the holdings of the Church itself.

ITEM 2: The New York Times reported, "Voters Dread Election: ‘It’s Going to Be Hell No Matter What.’"

The story said, "The United States is separated into two mutually distrustful political camps, but in Erie, Pennsylvania, the camps sit side by side — friends, neighbors and family members who live and work together yet cannot fathom why the others believe the way they do. These days, Erie is carpeted with campaign banners and signs, one yard often facing off against the next, a battle posture borne out by national surveys finding the highest share of Americans in decades — more than four in five — who believe the outcome of the election really matters."

Mission accomplished, media.

4 years of lies, distortions, and hoaxes have divided the country.

No links for traitors.

ITEM 3: 100 Percent Fed Up reported, "Words Of Wisdom From The Prince Of Wokeness, Who Once Wore A Nazi Costume To A Party: 'The world that we know has been created by white people for white people.'"

Yes, all those vaccines, all that food, indoor plumbing, heat in the winter, AC in the summer, airplanes, autos, movies, television, and computers really repressed the Third World.

Why doesn't the Clown Prince get an ox and a plow, and become a farmer in Zimbabwe?

ITEM 4: Matt Palumbo reported the most conservative senator is Marsha Blackburn. The most liberal is Kamala Harris.

Obama was the most liberal senator when he ran for president.

John Kerry was the most liberal senator when he ran.

All three were to the left of self-admitted socialist Bernie Sanders.

ITEM 5: Biz Pac Review reported, "A peculiar thing happened Sunday night outside the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, hot pizzas kept showing up. By the dozens.

"A throng of Trump supporters have been holding a vigil outside the facility since the president was admitted on Friday after testing positive for covid 19, or as Trump is now calling it, the 'plague from China.'

"According to one enthusiastic supporter, Domino’s pizzas were being delivered every 45 minutes to the crowd — 250 pies and counting."

One supporter said, "You know it’s from Trump because the sh*t isn’t gluten free. There’s meat on it. Trump’s an alpha."

Maybe we have misdiagnosed TDS. Maybe the people who hate The Donald simply are allergic to testosterone.

ITEM 5: Oppressed half-billionaire LeBron James walked off the court amid an NBA finals game when his team fell behind, Fox reported.

So besides being an insufferable Marxist who uses his race as a shield from criticism, LBJ is a big crybaby.

ITEM 6: National File reported, "North Carolina-based lawyer Erin Brinkman stated on Facebook that her friend has been having an affair with married Democrat North Carolina Senate candidate Cal Cunningham, a married father of two, since 2012.

"The friend was reportedly devastated upon finding out that Cunningham is involved in a romantic relationship with another woman, the wife of a U.S. Army veteran, named Arlene Guzman Todd, after National File’s reporting."

A wife and two mistresses. Now we know why he is running for the Senate: to get some rest.

ITEM 7: National File reported, "The City of Los Angeles was ordered to pay $144,160.74 in legal fees and costs to the National Rifle Association to partially cover the cost of a lawsuit that charged the city violated the organization’s constitutionally protected rights.

"U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson issued the 36-page ruling in response to a lawsuit filed by the NRA against the City of Los Angeles for its adoption of a city ordinance requiring private companies and individuals to disclose whether they had contracts with or sponsored the association."

Reagan judge.

ITEM 8: Tip to CNN. Quit allowing him to inhale helium when he is on the air.

By the way, I do a mean Stelter imitation. I made my apolitical wife laugh (and the cat leap) when I did it the other day.

ITEM 9: Cue the Bobby Fuller Four. I Fought The Covid, and I Won. I Fought The Covid, and I Won.

And yes, I predicted this from the get-go.

ITEM 10Carrie Sheffield wrote, "Trump's battle with COVID could humanize him among swing voters, suburban women

"As President Trump continues his recovery from the corona virus, his illness is fraught with political implications that could in the end serve as a humanizing, softening force for a president with a famously aggressive persona. 

"Trump, in taped remarks posted Saturday evening from the presidential suite at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, said that since his diagnosis with covid 19 late Thursday evening 'the outpouring of love has been incredible.'

"'Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it's having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome,' popular author and professor Brené Brown has taught. 'Vulnerability is not weakness; it's our greatest measure of courage.'"

This was an angle that I had not considered.

ITEM 11: United Press International reported, "Gallup: Voters say U.S. economy, national security are top concerns."

The story said, "The economy was followed on the list by national security and terrorism (83%), education (82%), healthcare (80%), crime (79%), the covid 19 response (77%) and race relations (76%)."

That is plenty of top concerns to have. Most are perennial concerns.

I notice immigration is no longer on the list. Cross that off the Things To Do list.

ITEM 12: CNBC reported, "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its coronavirus guidance Monday, acknowledging that it can sometimes spread through airborne particles that can 'linger in the air for minutes to hours' and among people who are more than 6 feet apart.

"The CDC cited published reports that demonstrated 'limited, uncommon circumstances where people with COVID-19 infected others who were more than 6 feet away or shortly after the COVID-19-positive person left an area.'

"'In these instances, transmission occurred in poorly ventilated and enclosed spaces that often involved activities that caused heavier breathing, like singing or exercise,' the CDC said in a statement. 'Such environments and activities may contribute to the buildup of virus-carrying particles.'"

Wait a second.

Based on what these Bozo Bureaucrats said, we have been ordered to wear masks all the time we are outdoors. People have been arrested for surfing alone without a mask.

And it is all a lie.

We could have kept most businesses open except for gyms.

It is weapons of mass destruction all over again.

ITEM 13: President Donald Trump left Walter Reed. CBS threw shade on his rapid recovery, saying, "Mr. Trump is being treated with dexamethasone, a powerful steroid recommended for use to treat severe cases of COVID-19. The drug can carry serious psychological side effects, but Dr. Sean Conley said the president has not exhibited any of them. He repeatedly declined to provide specifics about the president's lung condition or the last time Mr. Trump tested negative for the virus, citing federal privacy laws."

RX List listed the possible side effects as "vision changes, swelling, rapid weight gain, sleep problems (insomnia), mood changes, acne, dry skin, thinning skin, bruising or discoloration, slow wound healing, increased sweating, headache, dizziness, spinning sensation, nausea, stomach pain, bloating, muscle weakness, or changes in the shape or location of body fat (especially in your arms, legs, face, neck, breasts, and waist)."

Every freaking drug seems to have those same side effects.

How about we let the actual doctors who actually see him provide the treatment instead of J-school grads.

ITEM 14: John Sexton of Hot Air reported, "The left has really been losing what’s left of its collective mind over Trump’s covid diagnosis. Last week I wrote about Michael Moore and many other blue-checked progressives who were spreading the idea that Trump coming down with covid was possibly a hoax intended to change the subject and reset the campaign. But over the weekend as Trump’s doctors gave updates and several more people connected to the White House tested positive, it seemed the left and the media had moved on to other concerns. Specifically, the new worry was that the severity of Trump’s illness was being covered up and that he was carelessly spreading the virus.

"But now that Trump has announced he’s leaving the hospital some on the left seem to have reverted back to the original conspiracy theory, which is why #TrumpCovidHoax is now trending on Twitter."

Maybe Putin put it up to it.

Someone called the blue checks on Twitter pushing this and myriad other conspiracies the BlueAnon.

ITEM 15: Never Never Trump Land has the sadz. ​So let me get this straight: It is an insult to the dead that President Trump survived but they did not?

What booze is French drinking? I need to know so that I can avoid it. (Please, don't let it be bourbon.)

ITEM 16: The Associated Press reported, "The Supreme Court on Monday reinstated a requirement that South Carolina residents voting by mail in November’s election get a witness to sign their ballots.

"Democrats had sought to have the requirement put on hold because of the corona virus pandemic, but Republicans had defended it as deterring fraud.

"While the high court reinstated the requirement as a lawsuit over it proceeds, voters have already started returning ballots. More than 200,000 absentee ballots have been mailed and 18,000 returned, according to the state’s election commission.

"The court said that any ballots cast before the court’s action Monday evening 'and received within two days of this order may not be rejected for failing to comply with the witness requirement.'"

Once again, the High Court overturns a loony decision by an Obama judge.

FINALLY, please do not feed the trolls. You just make my job that much harder. 


  1. Played golf last Thursday with an emigre from Zimbabwe now living in Florida. Said he had a business there that employed 250 people. Mugabe came in and told him either he could “partner” with government - he does all the work, they get all the profit - or sell. To the government. Said he basically got 100 dollars and the shirt on his back, as did his son who was being groomed to take over the business. I had been assured by NO LESS AN INTERNATIONAL AUTHORITY than STEVIE WONDER that peace had come to Zimbabwe. Some peace. LIBCOMMIES CAN’T GOVERN. Vote straight R like your bank account depended on it. Because it does.

    1. Carter is responsible for a lot of our troubles. He screwed over the Shaw (My cousin married into a family of Iranian ex-pats who
      had the Fathers of the family- ex-military sent back by Carter saying you can trust the Mullahs. They we-re all (7 in their family)killed, along with about 800 others. They did keep their families here..None are Democrats..

  2. My apologies, Don, for the unauthorized feeding. They got my dander up, yesterday.

  3. Regarding side effects of various drugs, most times those side effects are from long term use of such drugs. Steroids can make you feel terrific, which may be one reason why President Trump had made the comment of feeling better than he had in 20 years. Heck, a heavy dose of prednisone can make you feel like that.

    With the number of Republicans who are coming down with this Chinese Virus, you have to wonder if they were purposefully infected by leftists. After all Chuckles Schumer did say nothing was off the table.

    1. Horizontal Harris is off the table..... Might be under it.

  4. #15 If, like most people, you are just a casual listener of symphonic music, you may not be aware of a German composer named Richard Strauss (1864-1949). Not related to the Strauss family who wrote the famous Viennese waltzes. Very successful composer, often humble-bragged that he was the best of the second-tier composers. He is remembered today almost exclusively for having written the so-called "2001 A Space Odyssey" opening fanfare, which is itself, actually, the opening fanfare to a much longer composition, "Also Sprach Zarathustra", after the book by Friedrich Nietsche.

    Another composition of Richard Strauss' is named "Ein Heldenleben" -- German for "A Hero's Life." Strauss being Strauss, of course, he was the hero he was writing about. If you get a chance to listen to it (you can easily find it on YouTube, I recommend the Pittsburgh Symphony's performance in the Berlin Philharmonic hall, conducted by Manfred Honeck), listen at least to the second section of the work. The first section is simply an intro, which sounds like the theme to a movie about a swashbuckling hero. The second section, however, represents the hero's carping chorus of critics. It's simply hilarious. Here's a link, and the critics start carping at 4:41.

    This is the music I think of when I read David French's stuff.

    1. I shamefully at times utilize the posters here and at (which earns my undying gratitude for linking a Surber blogpiece that brought me here) to educate myself on subjects, of which I lack education in the subject posted. Thank you. ZB

    2. Youthful folly on my part. In college, I had a hard time deciding what my major would be. I had a lot of interests, including journalism, but the only thing I loved doing was playing my trombone. So I majored in music.

      Later in life, to earn money, I decided to become a programmer. I have never loved programming, but I love that it has paid the bills for many years.

    3. My good college buddy tried his hand in programming and gave up. He said programming is an art - a black art.

    4. Hah! A black art! I like that!

      My very first class as a programmer in Air Force tech school taught me maybe about 40% of what I'd ever need to know. You never stop learning in this business, but it's what you learn early on that can save you a lot of grief.

      The instructor was an attractive, chain-smoking brunette with a beehive hairdo and an attitude. I thought she was the secretary until she started the lecture.

      Here's what she taught me that I remembered my entire career: if computer programs were novels, they'd all have the same plot.

      • Determine the desired outputs.
      • Identify the inputs necessary to make them.
      • Design, write, and test a process to turn the inputs into the outputs.

      That's all of it right there. The last step is the programming; the rest is just planning.

      My father-in-law, God rest his soul, was a genius with an IQ of 168. He managed a latex fabrication plant. They made gaskets, hoses, seals, belts, and so forth for some of the greatest vehicles on the planet. He personally designed the window seals on the Boeing 747, back in the Seventies.

      Bill was quite a fellow. He called what he did 'latex fabrication.' He created the processes that produced their outputs. That's very similar to what a programmer does, except we don't work with latex, glass, or steel, but with numbers and character strings.

      It all comes down to, take this, and make it look like that.

      The hard part really isn't mastering the computer languages -- they're fairly logical. The hard part is mastering the platforms -- they're only as logical as the design teams who developed them.

  5. Was in the car for a bit last night. Put on CNN and MSNBC for entertainment. They were going crazy over how fast PDJT left the hospital, that he must have been sick much earlier than they are admitting, that he could have infected everyone at the debate, that they are not testing at the White house properly, and on and on and on and on. They are truly insane.

  6. #1: I've always been frustrated by the "trickle-down" criticism. How can there NOT be "trickle down" in any economy? Even when folks are bartering. Or being neighborly. Dim Francis should know such. It's in the doxology. He's my pope (oy vey).

    And Don, my apology...I think I might have fed a troll yesterday. Never again. (I blame my fifth lite beer...)

    1. "Trickle Down" is a pejorative invented by the Left during the Reagan administration to try and discredit the free enterprise system. Remember, so-called Capitalism is just two things that all Leftists want (ref: Bernie Sanders, the Pope, et al): free markets (no coerced engagement on someone else's terms) and private property. Don't even respond to the "trickle down" insult.

  7. 3. And don't forget the wheel.

    5. Who would have known? lbj is a KAREN!

    6. cunningham one ups gary hart.

    12. biden says "listen to the scientists." I am not sure who flip flops more, biden or the scientists with the cdc. Sometimes I feel like Linda Blair. New information will be available November 4.

  8. Item 15-
    He drinks kool-aide.

  9. 9: His whole statement is a declaration of war on the Demos and their lockdown

    God, I love a Republican who fights back.

    12: That is the real science and it's been suppressed by Fake News. Every time some Lefty talks about how he believes in science, ask him if it's the Lefty brand or the real thing.

    15: Actually, he just told the world the real reason he hates Trump. Trump is a man.

    1. Many years ago, Richard Feynman penned an essay that he entitled "Cargo Cult Science." His basic take was that the success of "science" led to a great deal of imitative-but-silly behavior by those who were trying to pretend (badly) to be "scientific."

      Leftism not only is not using real science, but rather is using cargo-cult science; the present incarnation of leftism was founded on cargo-cult (junk) science - by not understanding at all how real science works, and by envying the (incorrectly) perceived certainty provided by "science."

      One of the great successes of real science was the development of the laws of thermodynamics during the 19th century, and it led of course to huge amounts of technological innovations. (It only works at-and-near equilibrium; non-equilibrium thermodynamics was a development that had to wait until the middle of the 20th century.) This is what the envious crowd imitated (badly). For example, if you look at Freudian psychology, it's just a (bad) repackaging of the thermodynamics of steam engines.

      The real disaster imitation was provided by karl marx; his garbage was a clown's attempt to imitate the laws of thermodynamics, and apply them to human society. Remember, engels eulogized marx as "the greatest scientist who ever lived," and right to the end radio moscow was riffling about "the great scientist karl marx, the greatest scientist who ever lived, proved scientifically that..." The cargo cultists like marx took their garbage, declared it to be "science," and then have tried to use that to de facto declare that all opposing ideas are "unscientific" and must be stamped out.

      The other thing about REAL science is that the best way to do it (and the ONLY way to do it) is to set up two columns on a sheet of paper - one entitled "Here's what we know" and the other entitled "Here's what we don't know." When you do things like that, you can try to find similarities to things you already know about, and use them. A good example is the whole covid thing - doing that analysis back in the spring would have led you to quickly focus on what we already know about other severe respiratory diseases, and pre-react along that line. Would have worked out pretty well had we done that.

    2. Boy, I'm going to remember that one...Freudian psychology as a bad repackaging of near-equilibrium thermodynamics of steam engines. love it.

  10. I do not take economic advice from Argentinians.

  11. With respect to all the items recounting all the bitching and moaning about Trump's prognosis, I notice that they are all tight-lipped about Biden's dementia. Mum's the word. Yet such information is vital in determining Biden's fitness to exercising his duties should he be elected.

    Likewise, the media are silent on the three White House correspondents who tested positive. I think the public has the right to know who they are, where they have been and who they have been in contact with.

  12. Yesterday my wife was listening to npr. Major theme seemed to be Trump is a liar. LA Times Sunday front page had the same theme.

    1. If Trump is a liar, then Democrats and MSM are mega liars.

  13. re: #15 When the occasion calls for it, I hold with Mr. Ben Franklin's penchant for the Wild Turkey (101). ZB

  14. I don't feed the trolls, just offer them a one way ticket to North Korea. Apparently, it's the paradise they so desire, why make them wait?

  15. Regarding Trump’s chinese virus case ...

    It shows that even older people can survive and that different kinds of treatments need to be the norm.

    If you believe it’s fake, then it shows that masking is not that big of a deal because, supposedly, Trump pressures his administration not to wear masks.

    All in all, a win win for Trump.

  16. 2. "No links for traitors." LOVE IT!!
    3. What a disappointment!
    5. An alpha. Been a long time.
    6. Via National File, Cunningham is a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve & could face charges under the UCMJ for adultery if he was on active duty.
    10. Great quotes!!
    "This was an angle that I had not considered." Don, how long have you been married? ;>)

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