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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Highlights of the News

​Donald John Trump is still our president -- and the Frisbee golf champion of the world.

ITEM 1: NPR reported, "A week before the U.S. presidential election, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed a military agreement Tuesday in India before heading to Sri Lanka on a multi-country tour aimed at pushing the Trump administration's anti-China message.

"Pompeo was joined in New Delhi by U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Together they signed a pact with their Indian counterparts to share sensitive satellite data, often used to steer missiles and drones.

"It's the latest in a series of U.S.-India military agreements designed to counter Red China's growing power in the Indo-Pacific region."

India has a long-standing reluctance to enter such agreements. 

Prime Minister Modi, though, realizes he needs help to stop Red China's quest to dominate the world. India, the USA, Australia, and Japan are forming the Quad to stand up to Red China.

You can see why Chairman Xi wants Trump dumped. He no doubt is leaning on corporations to back Biden, who is on Red China's payroll.

ITEM 2: The New York Post reported, "A US airstrike in northwestern Syria is believed to have killed seven leaders of al Qaeda affiliates, a military official said.

"The strike was conducted on Oct. 22 as the alleged terrorists were meeting near the city of Idlib, Central Command spokeswoman Maj. Beth Riordan told the Associated Press.

"The seven people who were killed were not identified, but Riordan said airstrikes like this will damage the terrorist group as they attempt to attack Americans and US allies across the globe.

"On Monday, Afghanistan officials said they killed a top al Qaeda propagandist who was on the FBI’s most wanted list."

Winning a war, confirming judges, defeating covid 19 (personally and professionally) and hitting the campaign trail relentlessly while his opponent sits watching TV all day.

It is the working man versus the welfare recipient.

ITEM 3: The New York Post reported, "A month-long mission in Ohio recently turned up 45 missing children and led to 179 arrests, authorities said.

"In an operation dubbed Autumn Hope, the U.S. Marshals Service in Ohio and Virginia tracked the children, including a high-risk 15-year-old girl from Cleveland who was linked to suspected human trafficking, authorities said Monday.

"Twenty other children were also located as authorities checked on their well-being.

"During one of the missing children recoveries, a loaded gun was recovered. A 15-year-old boy had two warrants and is suspected in multiple shootings and a murder, authorities said.

"Two other juveniles were found in West Virginia during a traffic stop, leading to the arrest of an adult male who was charged with concealment/removal of a minor child in Jackson County."

The Marshals Service, not the FBI. How about less spying and lying for Obama, and more law enforcement, FBI?

ITEM 4: The Hill reported, "Biden leads newspaper endorsements — just like Clinton."

What good are newspapers if they just keep giving us bad advice?

ITEM 5: John Nolte gave a rundown on early voting in states that Donald Trump won last time:

In Arizona, Democrats have a 6-point lead. They won by 13 points in 2016. 

In Michigan, Republicans have a 2-point lead.

In Wisconsin, Republicans have a 5-point lead.

In Florida, Democrats have a 7-point lead. They won early voting by 1.5 points in 2016.

In Georgia, Republicans have a 7-point lead.

In Ohio, Republicans have a 9-point lead.

In North Carolina, Democrats have a 10-point lead. They won early voting by 13 points in 2016.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

ITEM 6: Democrats in Philadelphia celebrated their election victory a week early.

How nice of the party to give people a free sample of what's to come under a Democrat administration.

ITEM 7: Joshua Flippo reported, "Donald Trump has just been nominated for the fifth time for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize."

Blessed are the peacemakers.

ITEM 8: Marshall Cohen of CNN tweeted, "Kavanaugh said 'most states' require absentee ballots to arrive by Election Day to get counted. That's technically true but really misleading. 'Most' in this case is 28 states. The other 22 states and DC accept ballots that are postmarked on Election Day but arrive later."

Come on, AT&T. CNN is a cash cow. Surely you can afford to hire a few reporters who graduated in the top half of their classes.

ITEM 9: Just the News reported, "A majority of likely voters – including a near-majority of Democrats – say social media companies will censor information harmful to the Biden campaign in the lead-up to next week's election, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

"A total of 57% likely voters say that scenario will likely occur, while 29% disagree. The remaining 14% was unsure."

When have the social media elitists ever censored a Democrat?

ITEM 10: Dan Bongino reported, "Corona virus cases are surging in Europe just months after the media pushed the narrative that Europe had it under control while America twiddled its thumbs.

"European media leans even further left than American media, and greatly amplified the narrative that America’s response to the corona virus had been an unmitigated failure."

The American media is just as leftist. It just cannot reveal as much of its agenda because the American people are not euro-sheep.

ITEM 11: Joe Biden to supporters, "I'm Kamala Harris running mate. You all think I'm kidding, don't you?"

No, Joe. We don't. We already knew that all along.

ITEM 12: Nate Silver tweeted, "One state that's more important than you'd think for figuring out the relationship between the Electoral College and the popular vote is... California. Clinton won it by 30.1 points whereas Biden's lead in our polling average is 'only' 29.6."

Boy who got 2016 entirely wrong decided to snark.

ITEM 13: The woman wrote, "I recently discovered your blog after 3.9 very demoralizing, down-trodden, fake-news fueled years. I would not watch or discuss much news because I could not take the hate and overt cheering (and actual plotting) by every conceivable outlet to distort the truth about right-leaning Americans and President Trump.

"As a conservative couple deep behind enemy lines in a very liberal suburb of Boston, we could not be more happy to have found your refreshing, hysterical and pithy words. Your slaying of the media and the ridiculous spin put out by the DNC (and others who wish to silence every alternative voice) has turned my hate for all things political to joyful glee!  I wait, wait, WAIT for your daily news highlights to drop and gobble up your spot-on analysis.  As such, I have turned my hubby and several fellow local closeted Republican friends on to your blog as you shine a lovely, truly patriotic beacon of hope on our shy but huge Trump love. We are filled with gratitude at how enjoyable you are making this last week of election fingernail gnawing and hand-wringing a HOPE-filled experience.

"Whereas we were quite afraid to consider any alternative before, thanks to this hope you bring, my hubby and I now have a saying to each other....'Have we won yet!?

"Thanks again for making me a smiling Surber junkie."

I thanked her.

I receive an email like that every other day it seems. That did not happen when I was a newspaper writer. I am having the time of my life.

ITEM 14: The Associated Press reported, " A convoy of cars decorated with American flags and Trump 2020 banners on Tuesday drove from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, holding a rally outside the U.S. Embassy in support of the American president ahead of next week’s election.

"Some two dozen vehicles joined the procession, which was organized by Republicans Overseas Israel.

"While Jews in the United States are expected to vote overwhelmingly for Democrat Joe Biden, Donald Trump is a popular figure in Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described him as the greatest friend Israel has ever had in the White House. Most of the people in Tuesday’s convoy appeared to be American immigrants, though there were also some activists from Netanyahu’s Likud party."

He also is the greatest friend working people have had at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since Reagan.

ITEM 15: The New York Post reported, "A former US Postal Service worker tossed dozens of absentee ballots and other mail into a dumpster in Kentucky, federal prosecutors said. DeShawn Bojgere, 30, who no longer works for USPS, was charged with delay or destruction of mail-in connection to the ballot dump earlier this month in Louisville, the US Attorney Russell Coleman’s office said. 

"More than 100 general election absentee ballots being sent out to voters were discarded in a construction dumpster, prosecutors said. They were tossed along with 69 mixed class pieces of mail, 320 second-class pieces of mail and two national election campaign flyers from a political party in Florida."

Democrats have more ways to steal an election than I can imagine.

ITEM 16: reported, "Kimber Manufacturing is moving its corporate headquarters to Troy, Alabama, and will aggressively hire in all departments. The firearms manufacturer last week announced it is moving to a new facility it built last year on 80 acres with more than 225,000 square feet of space, with design engineering, product management and manufacturing space.

"The company, formerly based in Yonkers, N.Y., pledged two years ago to open a $38 million production facility in Troy, creating 366 jobs over the next five years, which Gov. Kay Ivey announced in her 2018 State of the State address."

Between Cuomo and taxes, New York shot itself in the foot.

Alabama targeted Kimber. The company scoped the offer, and is moving lock, stock, and barrel.

ITEM 17Sara Carter reported, "The Crow Indian Tribe Endorses Trump: ‘Why Change Horses In Midstream?’"

Liz Warren hardest hit.

ITEM 18: Stephen Singer reported, "Pratt & Whitney will build a 1-million square foot manufacturing plant in low-cost North Carolina, investing about $650 million and creating 800 jobs through 2027, the jet engine manufacturer and state officials have announced.

"Pratt & Whitney did not approach Connecticut as a possible site for expansion, said a spokesman for the Department of Economic and Community Development. Commissioner David Lehman said Raytheon Technologies has advised the state the project will not affect jobs in Connecticut."

That is how the slide out of a state usually begins. Instead of investing in the home state, it starts a new project elsewhere. Then it doesn't re-invest as much in its original factories. Then one day, state officials discover the company itself is leaving for greener pastures.

ITEM 19: New York Magazine reported, "If Trump Wins, Athletes Might Just Stop Playing."

One more reason to re-elect our favorite president.

ITEM 20: The Washington Free Beacon reported, "Civil Liberties Union, Legal Aid Society File Lawsuit Against de Blasio. Eleven protesters say mayor, police commissioner directed police to use unjustifiable force."

Maybe he thought they were Jewish.

FINALLY, I will expand to add a post at 7 PM Eastern for the next few days (still no Sunday) simply because the information flow has ramped up.

The schedule is Highlights at 7 AM, a post at 11 AM, and a post at 3 PM.

To tide you over, check Citizen Free Press a few times a day for updates. Kane works his ass off and has a lot of fun too.


  1. You had to add the 7pmer out of the shame that Trump was outworking you. ;-)

  2. Headline I'd rather see:
    "If Trump Wins, Media Might Just Stop Working"

  3. ITEM 10: Dan Bongino reported, "Corona virus cases are surging

    Positive PCR tests are surging. A positive test is not a case. We can debate the meaning of a positive test.

    2nd point is that # tested is also surging.

  4. That campaign ad is PURE TRUMP. T Funk. Uncut Trump. DA BOMB! (Hat tip Parliament) At the end of the day, ya gotta have fun no matter WHAT’S goin on. God does not want us to be dour, sour, and destructive. Leave that shiznit to the LibCommies. In the immortal words of Shirley Jones and David Cassidy, “COME ON GET HAPPY!”

    He got this, so we got this.

  5. #13 Ditto!! #19 Hockey will always be there!

  6. Don, I really enjoy your blog. You are a reporter from the old school of "truth and facts" make the story. Keep up your good work and hope you get that Bentley convertable soon.

  7. I was happy to see Item 13. I was in that boat before: isolated in a Deep Blue area. Many of us here know what it's like. Hope means so much!

    If you write a book on this election, consider this title: "Have we won yet?"
    If we don't give up, we'll never lose.

  8. Item 8.
    Come on, AT&T. CNN is a cash cow. Surely you can afford to hire a few reporters who graduated in the top half of their classes.

    Surely Misleading to CNN re: Top Half

  9. ITEM 13: I am having the time of my life.

    You deserve it :~)

  10. I keep waiting to see Don appear on Tucker Carlson's or Lou Dobbs' shows.

  11. 19 -- only if the Red Chinese give them permission to stop.

    The polls - yes, I believe that the US will elect a guy who is able, apparently, to work for two or three hours a day, and then must be returned to his basement as opposed to a guy who, it seems, never sleeps. /sarc

  12. Item #9 “When have the social media elitists ever censored a Democrat?“

    All the time Don!

    Mostly when they accidentally speak the truth such as when Biden says he will ban fracking or other harmful things to the Dems cause.

    They try to bury those videos as fast as they can.

    h/t to Iowahawk and his famous tweet about how the press likes to cover a story harmful to Democrats.

    They cover it. With a pillow. Until it stops breathing ...

  13. Don, I read several newsites but you are in a league by yourself,
    Keep up the great work!!

  14. I have a friend who lives in Massachusetts. She was very worried that Biden was going to win because she , like the author of that letter is surrounded by Boston Media, Massachusetts lefties, Biden signs everywhere and of course the MSM. So I sent her the link to your blog. I'll find out soon if she's read it. Hopefully she will.

  15. One more thing. We have early voting here in Georgia. It felt very odd to vote before Election Day but I did. Put me down as early vote for Trump and all the other Republicans (who I vetted BTW) on my ballot.
    Early Voting, its not just for Democrats anymore

  16. #4 - Took Hunter Biden off the front page for awhile

  17. 5: I think after 6, you can add PA to that list.

    14: Israel, the other Lone Star State.

    17: The Crows took the measure of the Sioux for 200 years. They're also credited with the best beadwork in the West.

    You might want to listen to them.

  18. 2 - keep the drones coming!!

    3 - great work. I still believe That the pizza parlor in D.C. was a hub of child trafficking.

    8 - CNN’s style manual - “when discussing all things Favorable to conservatives, “most” is when the percentage is greater than 56%. Less than or equal to 56% does not constitute “most”.

    13 - thanks for sharing the letter with us. You deserve the praise. More links from American Thinker and other high quality blogs will continue to add to your readership.

    16 - should have been number 1 with a bullet.

  19. 19 - I just read the linked article. One of the more biased ones I’ve read in a while. Author Will Leitch (great liberal name - they WILL leech) must be the pen name for Keith Olbermann.

    Opening paragraph - “ A few weeks ago, I was talking to a relatively high-level sports executive about the election, which is to say we were discussing something terrible Donald Trump had said or done. We agreed that Trump was likely to lose. “But he could always still win — even Nate Silver says that,” I remarked.”

    A N8 AG fan. Obviously, Leitch doesn’t read this blog.

    One other snippet - “ It is perhaps not the best sign that the reelection of a president would be greeted by wide swaths of the public with the same gravity as 9/11 was.”

    On a positive note, Most of the comments for the article look like they were written by Don’s readers.

  20. #13__When I get on a plane, I am allotted the seat next to me for my laptop, as I have identified to Delta that Don Surber is my emotional support blog...
    (re: Finally)__ I'll settle for a pithy line and a link, to support my political Jonezing any time of day on this site! ZB

  21. @ Item 13:

    To the Boston Couple (& others):

    You aren't alone and I think there are more of us than anyone knows!

    For Example:
    There is a bunch of us here in Pittsfield, MA. I simply can't imagine we're the only constitutionalists that exist in MA. I'm quite certain there are other collections of like-minded ppl, even in the bluest blue areas of Boston!

    We see each other regularly, but don't noise our constitutionalist views to all and sundry, or even spout about politics very much in general. Especially after the Trump-supporter murders we keep to ourselves — unless we know the other person's viewpoint well.

    We each started discovering other like-minded ppl to befriend after Burn, Loot, Murder and AntiF started their riotings during the tail of pResident BO's administration... when the democrats started spreading chaos, working across the CONUS like some sort of travelling roadshow.

    Don't misunderstand, we're not a large group of friends — we're not really anything of an organized sort of group, really. We're a crowd, yes. But there aren't a huge lot of us, (by choice); perhaps enough for a large BBQ or potluck. What there is is that there are enough of us so we have some choice of who our children and/or grandchildren can associate with.

    I would also say that physically we're sparsely placed in relation to each other.
    In my case my home on the edge of a state forest is about fifteen miles (road miles) from the next closest conservative of our group whereas I'm only eight road miles from my closest neighbor.

    BTW, that neighbor's yard is absolutely festooned with BLM and Vote for Joe Bribe'em yard signs.;u) *sigh* ;u(

    Sorry this is so long, but I hope it “bucks you up”!

    I'm taking the time to write because a major operation of the enemedia the Leftists in general, is and remains to atomize Patriots. That is, to demoralize and induce hopelessness in democrat's opposition — to reduce us to thinking of ourselves as stupid and the “last holdouts”. To believing and feeling as if we're hallucinating about them and their motivations; that we're the only ones who see what we see and think as we do. To force us to think and feel as if we are lone archaic viewpoints bobbing sadly adrift in a “sea” of vibrant Marxist culture.

    Please, don't fall for their propaganda!

    There are (must) be other Patriots out (t)here... currently it's impossible to know how many, (...that's the propaganda's purpose, after all...) but there probably are, (and must be!,) a lot of us, or they wouldn't be wasting so much of their efforts working so hard to make us feel alone and powerless!

    So, take heart — you are not standing alone!

    I hope whoever is reading this, it helps strengthen your resolve!

    Again, sorry I ran on so.

    In Faith,
    ~ Greybeard

    1. I got faith Greybeard. At bible study last night our leader (who is a never Trumper)he says Trump and his family are just as corrupt and the Bidens-to which I pointed out the laptop. "Well that's just Fox News I listen CNN, too! gotta get both sides
      .!" A lot about Joe is made up." He was immediately jumped on by his wife and two others. Seriously considering jumping Chuches over this. One thing a local rancher in our group went to Minnesota. last week. he said Trump signs are everywhere out side of Minneapolis. He's confident Minnesota's going Trump.

    2. Well said, GB. Thanks for a very interesting commentary. Lay low on 10/31/20 as a precaution. And I hope that the election turns out all right for you and the rest of us.

      In case you haven't seen this, it's a great weather cam, and it includes Pittsfield MA:

      Finally, The Chocolate Barn on Rt 7A north of Bennington is a great place to go and the scenery to and fro is splendid.

  22. #5. How is a 7 point Dem lead in Florida early voting a good thing? help me out here

  23. ITEM 1 - By all means, add Vietnam to the quad to form the quint. Vietnamese have had to deal with the Chinese imperium for centuries and would be more than happy to no longer feel insecure about their northern border.

  24. Mr. Surber,
    The elegant lady from item #13 spoke my mind. I too am behind enemy lines in the blue state of NJ. In my 12th district, Congresswoman Coleman, a Trump-hating member of the Congressional Black Caucasians, is a lock for re-election as is that moron Spartacus (they're barely campaigning) In 2016, I was nervous and despondent over the aspect of having that cackling gorgon as president. Back then, I wasn't aware of your blogspot. I all I had then was FOX and now they've mostly turned blue except for Tucker, Hannity, and Laura.
    Thank you for giving me truth every day and getting me through this nervous election time.

    1. I forgot Gutfeld, Watters, Judge Jeanine and The Great One, Mark Levine

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. #17 I have admired the Crow for years back in my firefighting days I was based in Billings got to know a lot of Crow Indians was even invited to a Crow pow wow but our day off wouldn't allow it.They have rich coal oil and gas resources. Trump's done more to help them than 0 did who just showed up and promised them Wind and Solar.
      BTW the last War Chief of the Crow died a few years ago at 102. He became a War chief at the Battle of the Bulge. He stole the German's horses counted coup on a German Sargent,took his rifle, and rode back to camp.-By himself.
      I wonder how that German Sargent explained that to his C.O.
      "Schultz you haf been reading too many American western novels!"

      "America- love it or give it back!"

    2. We need to do a remake of The Third Man with Schultz somewhere in it.

      (OK, we don't.)

      Don Reed

  26. Re #5: I thought I saw a poll where 60% of Democrats vs 30% of Republicans were going to vote early. If this poll is accurate (I doubt all polls now), then early results that show lower than a 2 to 1 ratio of D to R actually are showing a Trump lead.

  27. So Biden is polling close to where Hillary was in California. But I don't remember Trump caravans or independent rallies in California in 2016. In CA, not telling strangers you support Trump is good security. But Republicans seem less disillusioned this year.

    Hillary's popular vote "win" was fueled on excess Democrat votes in CA and NY. To bad about that Constitution and Electoral college.

  28. Superb!

    10/31/20 is a danger date. Please be advised.

    1. Why? I heard people alluding to this, but specifically, Why?

    2. I discovered years ago that the "wny" is irrelevant to the results, and usually results in people getting completely sidetracked, often to their detriment.

      From that point on, my only concern has been "when" things will happen.

      Let me put it this way: I noticed something in my research years ago that D. Wayne Lukas had a very good chance of winning a Saratoga race, and I bet accordingly.

      Lukas won and the horse paid $22.00 to win.

      The next day, I ran into another trainer, and happened to mention what had happened.

      Trainer got all buddy-buddy-cozy-friendly and asked me how I had had a fairly reasonable idea of how the race would turn out.

      I told him, succinctly, how I had arrived at the conclusion.

      He was flabbergasted and downright rude, because in his little world, THE RESEARCH TECHNIQUE is more important than cashing a winning bet.

      Go with the results. Never mind the make of the car that go you to the winner's circle. A used, rusty old Honda is just as good as a limo.

      Don Reed

    3. Oopos! "the 'wNy' is irrelevant" s/be "the wHy is irrelevant."

    4. Don't sweat it. This is a Spelling Optional Beach

  29. Item 13: Cheers to the couple in Boston!

    Don is hitting the ball out of the park every day. His sheer breadth of knowledge, developed over decades of thoughtful observation of American politics, puts most "reporters" to shame. So glad when I found his blog, and I tell everyone about it, including our state's Attorney General, whom I saw in the grocery store a few days ago. He had heard of Don's blog, but wasn't a regular reader (yet). :)

  30. “The Great Peacemaker” has a nice ring to it.

  31. Ain’t it a kick when an impromptu Trump rally in the Middle East can muster more cars than an official Biden rally in the Democrat States?

  32. Item 13: You hold the highly coveted #1 reading spot in my daily reading. Keep up the most excellent work. Mostly glad you do keep it pithy. Lead the horses to water. We are intelligent enough to do the research from there. Your sense of humor is also spot on. Thank you and I always look forward to reading every day (except Sunday).

    Item 19: I hope they join the mass exodus of celebrities moving to Canada. Hope is good.

  33. 15)  The deep state is wider than expected when documents on Biden's corruption was sent by FOX via one of our major alternate mailing companies and the envelope was found to have been opened and was empty at one of the shipping locations.