Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Let's start the day with a little Trumpenfreude.

Media-ite reported, "Shepard Smith, once a star anchor at Fox News, made headlines last year when he abruptly left the network. Now, his highly anticipated — and heavily promoted — new show at CNBC is falling behind repeats of Fox Business show Lou Dobbs Tonight.

"Since its launch on September 30, CNBC’s The News with Shepard Smith has presented a sleek hard news program with big name guests like Dr. Anthony Fauci — all while facing a continued decline in viewership.

"Bringing in an average of 343,000 total viewers in its first week according to Nielsen, the show dropped to 268,000 in its second week, 254,000 in its third, and is set to continue to decline for week four."

His show is quickly becoming the Witness Protection Program for politicos.

Oh, and it gets worse. He airs at 7 Eastern and is pummeled by MSNBC’s Joy Reid, CNN’s Erin Burnett and Fox News’ Martha MacCallum.

And a Lou Dobbs rerun.


Smith is a lefty. That is not the problem. The problem is he arrogantly tries to pass himself off as a neutral newsman. He's not impartial. He's insufferable. 

ITEM 2: I have one question about this next item.

Where are the feathers?

ITEM 3: The Washington Pundit had an interesting take on the laptop of Hunter Biden, 50.

The post said, "BGY is a system the Chinese have implemented to entrap and control powerful people. Blue involves investment in USA mainstream media for internet and media control; Gold provides financial benefits to influence business and companies overseas; and Yellow is the use of honey traps to compromise espionage targets."

Blackmail gets you what bribes cannot.

ITEM 4: Forbes reported, "This has never happened before. The oil and gas business - the industry, its health and its impact on inflation and consumer prices - has always played some small role in presidential politics, at least since the oil shocks and embargoes of the 1970s. Most times in the past, the key issue surrounding oil and gas has related to the price of gasoline and what the candidates planned to do about it.

"The issue of oil and gas has only arisen whenever gas prices were considered to be too high, never when consumers were benefiting from them being historically low, as they are today. Yet, suddenly this year, this key industry is playing a huge role in the 2020 presidential politics, and it is wholly unrelated to anything having to do with prices at the pump.

"The issue in this election campaign is fracking, and whether or not it will remain legal should Democrat candidate Joe Biden become our next president."

(By the way, I corrected a typo in the quote. I find I have to copy edit too many mainstream articles. Yes, I make plenty of errors and I appreciate reader help in ironing them out of posts. I just wish the pros would do better with their prose.)

Fracking is a proxy war between capitalism and communism. The commies have been trying to shutter the oil industry for decades, inventing new excuses for a shutdown all the time.

ITEM 5: Government Executive reported, "President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order creating a new classification of policy-making federal employees that could strip swaths of the federal workforce of civil service protections just before the next president is sworn into office.

"The order would create a new Schedule F within the excepted service of the federal government, to be composed of 'employees in confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating positions,' and instructs agency heads to determine which current employees fit this definition and move them — whether they are members of the competitive service or other schedules within the excepted service — into this new classification. Federal regulations stating that employees hired into the competitive service retain that status even if their position is moved to the excepted service will not apply to Schedule F transfers.

"Positions in the new Schedule F would effectively constitute at-will employment, without any of the protections against adverse personnel actions that most federal workers currently enjoy, although individual agencies are tasked with establishing 'rules to prohibit the same personnel practices prohibited' by Title 5 of the U.S. Code. The order also instructs the Federal Labor Relations Authority to examine whether Schedule F employees should be removed from their bargaining units, a move that would bar them from being represented by federal employee unions."

This is how it should be.

Civil Service was meant to protect clerks, not bosses.

Schedule F employees formed a resistance and tried a bureaucratic coup against the democratically elected president of the country. That sedition does not deserve a job guarantee. It deserves dismissal.

We need more political appointees and fewer lifers in government because the lifers are immune to accountability thanks to Civil Service.

Frankly, I doubt Civil Service is constitutional. The president heads the executive branch, not the bureaucrats.

PJ Media summed up this move well: "President Trump Opens the Valve to Drain the Swamp With a New Executive Order."

ITEM 6: Fox reported, "Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that the government could provide four-year college educations for $150 billion, only for his campaign to later admit it would really be closer to double that amount.

"During an interview that aired Sunday on 60 Minutes, Biden bragged about the number as a feature of proposed 'significant institutional changes' that would include a 15% minimum tax on corporations, saying it would raise more than $400 billion."

We already spend way too much on education as it is. The system will not be reformed until we reduce spending, dump the educrats, and force schools and colleges to get back to teaching.

ITEM 7: The Center for American Greatness announced, "A poll conducted by InsiderAdvantage for the Center for American Greatness of 400 likely voters in Pennsylvania shows Donald Trump now leading in the state. The poll was conducted the evening of October 25 by both IVR and live cell phone interviews. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent and is weighted for age, race, gender, and political affiliation."

Donald Trump: 48.4%
Joe Biden: 45.5 %
Jo Jorgensen: 3 %
Undecided: 3 %

The same poll had Biden in the lead less than two weeks ago.

That aligns with my observations. I would not be surprised to learn that is where we are nationally.

ITEM 8: The New York Times (no links to pay sites) reported, "Troubling for Mr. Biden in a different way is the fact that he has not yet matched Mrs. Clinton’s share of support in Philadelphia proper. Averaging the results of the two recent polls, he has the backing of 73% of Philadelphia voters, down from 83% for Mrs. Clinton in 2016. According to the Times/Siena poll, Mr. Trump was supported by 24% of Philadelphians, nine points ahead of his exit poll numbers in 2016."

And the story said, "High-quality polls of Pennsylvania conducted this month have put Mr. Biden up by anywhere from five to 13 points among likely voters. But they have also shown 5 percent to 10 percent of those voters declining to express support for either major nominee."

So Biden is up 5 to 13 points but 5% to 10% of the people polled won't say who they support. And those polls are days old as the Trump Train gains traction.

Biden has lost Pennsylvania. If we see it, the press sees it but refuses to report it.

ITEM 9: Top Trade Gurus reported, "With 1,294,660 ballots cast, the GOP leads the early vote in Wisconsin. 42% GOP to 36% DEM. About 46% of the estimated total votes for 2020 have been cast. In Wisconsin, you can register and vote the same day, so this is still a close race. Over the past few days, Republicans have stormed the polls and are beginning to take the lead in early voting in several sates."

The cliche is that the only poll that counts is the one on Election Day.

People do not register Republican for this election to vote for Biden.

ITEM 10: Breitbart reported, "Hundreds of suburban women and other Connecticut citizens gathered in Greenwich Sunday to show their support for President Donald Trump and police officers.

"A combination Trump 2020 and Back the Blue rally saw about 350 attendees meet at the Island Beach parking area and then march along Interstate 95.

"A Facebook grassroots group called Make America Great Women’s Group organized the rally through social media."

Connecticut is not in the 37 states Donald Trump will win, but the rally is an indication that Democrats will need to make drastic changes before 2024.

ITEM 11: Scott Adams tweeted, "Trump’s 'leave it all on the field, happy warrior' campaign strategy for the closing week is brilliant. We are wired to appreciate conspicuous effort, and we overweight whatever is happening recently.

"He sponges up the news cycles, creates massive contrast to barely sentient Biden, and Trump’s extreme workload to entertain his supporters triggers the base to give back. Humans are wired for reciprocity. Trump works hard, so the least you can do is return the favor and vote.

"Shifting to happy warrior mode, especially coming off his most presidential debate performance, makes the few undecideds wonder if they misjudged him.

"Every time you see Trump intentionally shift his performance mode to fit the situation, he seems smarter and less scary. You start to understand why he treats dictators well — because it works — while aggressively putting America first.

"Trump also takes advantage of the pattern-spotting part of your brain that believes he outworked Clinton in 2016 and something like that is happening again. And when we imagine a future, we tend to unconsciously bias our actions toward it. Meaning legendary GOP turnout.

"And by legendary, I mean all signs point to millions of Trump supporters engaged in the world’s greatest dad joke. Wink wink."

That's a great analysis that Adams gave away as free content to give Twitter.

So let me scoop it up because I do not disagree with the man.

ITEM 12: Zero Hedge reported, "Hillary Clinton is STILL salty about losing to Trump four years later, telling a New York Times podcast that she was 'born' to be president."

So what?

A million babies each year are not born because of abortion.

She got to be first lady. That's something to be proud of.

If losing the presidency haunts her the rest of her days, that is her choice, not mine. Her misery pleases many people who just don't like her.

ITEM 13: New York radio talker Mark Simone tweeted, "Why do Dems/Fake News keep running the same play that always fails, each time showcasing a meaningless mediocre loser to go after the President, like Bolton, Avenatti, Omarosa, Vindman, Mary Trump, Michael Cohen, Michael Wolff, etc.  Always forgotten two weeks later."

Because they are stupid.

Conservatives always overestimate the intelligence of liberals. If they were intelligent, they would be conservatives.

ITEM 14: Pence went to Minnesota while his predecessor hibernated in Delaware.

The Star-Tribune whined, "The rally exceeded state limits on the number of attendees after a weekend dust-up about Trump's Duluth rally."

All summer the "mostly peaceful protests" that destroyed Minneapolis exceeded those limits as well.

ITEM 15: Astead W. Herndon tweeted, "A small scoop on my lebron beat: LBJ and Barack Obama have recorded a conversation for More Than A Vote to be debuted this week. it continues Obama's focus on black men ahead of Nov. 3."

Democrats are losing the black male vote to President Trump and Democrats are scared to death.

ITEM 16: Clarence Thomas swore in Amy Coney Barrett as the new justice. 

I hope this is a sign that Chief Justice John McCain Roberts retires next summer and President Trump appoints Justice Thomas to the post.

Among male senators, the vote was 44-30 to confirm her.

Women senators voted 18-8 against her.

ITEM 17: The New York Post reported, "Most American voters believe Democratic nominee Joe Biden was involved in his son Hunter’s controversial business dealings, a new poll has found in the wake of The Post’s exclusive reporting on the family’s murky overseas ties.

"The survey of 1,000 likely voters by Rasmussen Reports found 54% believe it’s 'likely that Biden was consulted about and perhaps profited from Hunter’s overseas business deals.'"

Let's see if any of that 54% vote for Biden.

ITEM 18: Old: Trump the Press.

New: Troll the Press.

It is no more petty than a Washington Post fact-check.

ITEM 19: Citizen Free Press reported, "The Supreme Court on Monday evening voted 5-3 against Democrats who were pushing to extend the deadline for counting absentee ballots in Wisconsin by six days in order to provide the state more time to deal with the surge in mail-in voting caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"The decision, announced in an order, came eight days before Election Day. Wisconsin is a key battleground state in the battle between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. As a result of the Supreme Court’s decision, ballots will have to be delivered by 8 p.m. on Nov. 3 to be counted.

"The court’s eight justices divided along partisan lines, with the court’s three Democratic-appointees in dissent. The order, which came amid a flurry of election-related disputes that are making their way to the justices, was released as the Senate voted 52-48 to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Barrett’s confirmation gives conservatives a 6-3 majority."

John McCain Roberts joined the 4 conservatives in upholding the law.

ITEM 20: Breitbart reported, "North Carolina Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham has been kicked out of his family’s home in Raleigh, North Carolina, according to reports.

"Cunningham, a U.S. Army Reserve lieutenant colonel, was kicked out of his home following revelations that he cheated on his wife with at least one mistress, according to NationalFile.com and the Washington Free Beacon."

I can hear Hank Williams singing:

Came in last night at half past ten
That baby of mine wouldn't let me in
So move it on over (move it on over)
Move it on over (move it on over)
Move over little dog cause the big dog's moving in

If your life has turned into a Hank Williams song, maybe you ought not seek public office.

ITEM 21: The Daily Mail reported, "Texas is preparing to send in 1,000 troops to five major cities across the state 'to deter any civil disturbance' post-election while stores in Washington DC begin to board up their windows Monday. 

"Major General James K. Brown, of The Texas National Guard, told The Express News the move would offer support to local law enforcement 'as we did previously to deter any civil disturbance at sites in various cities within Texas'. 

"In the nation's capital businesses close to the White House began to board up their windows Monday. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills will also board up ahead of November 3. The U.S. will vote on November 3 to choose between President Donald Trump and his Democrat Party challenger Joe Biden."

If Biden wins, they will destroy in celebration.

If Biden loses, they will destroy in anger.

If Biden ties, they will destroy in celebration of their anger.

ITEM 22: Tom Bevan tweeted, "It's been 67 days since the end of the DNC. Biden has made 26 campaign visits. That's one visit every 2.57 days."

But don't worry. He will be a ball of fire as president.


  1. #2: DeBlasio needs a feathering, but save some for the Swamp critters that will be fired on 4 Nov.

    Or the Mussolini treatment.

  2. The entire post is full of tsunami like a need for PDJT. Excellent!!

    With yuuuge gains in Philadelphia, the fraud will have to be massive to swing the State. It is sounding like the democrats may not be able to pull it off and all they have left is rioting.

    There is even some Trumpenfreude thrown in. Hillary Rodham was born to be president of the Sore Loser’s Society.

    1. And the rioting there last night is nuthin but gravy for Mr. T.

  3. Glad PDJT is still President! Glad he'll be there in 2121 also!

  4. Big D! Hank Williams a week before the election!! (Breaks into Happy Dance) He got this, so we got this.

    1. I think Don sent a subliminal support to Biden with those lyrics redone more recently by George Thorogood and the DELAWARE Destroyers. Come on man!

  5. #11, #19, et al.: DS, great posting today. Thank you. I loved the good thinking of Scott Adams. And I'm fascinated by the future of Roberts. An interesting (correct) vote on the Wisconsin/ballot case. Hmm. Perhaps he doesn't desire a late career of simply joining with the three foolish justices in losing propositions.

    1. Let's revisit the PA case first thing this morning!
      Roberts may just have realized his mistake on the first go around.

  6. 10 they are in good company. Golf cart rally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqXXLly19nU

    Amish/Mennonite https://clashdaily.com/2020/09/watch-amish-and-mennonite-for-trump-parade-is-nothing-like-youve-ever-seen-before/?amp=1

    Rappers: https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/oct/26/lil-pump-endorses-donald-trump-f-sleepy-joe/

    Meanwhile, the liberal Handler tell people to stay in their lane: https://heavy.com/entertainment/chelsea-handler-50-cent/

    1. Ms. Handler must give good Lewinsky

    2. If Ms Handler gave good Lewinsky, she'd be 50 cent's current instead of the ex. A good Lewinsky can cover a multitude of bad traits.

    3. hahaha... Yep Jeremy you speak truth

  7. #2 People who believe the black Lies matter schtick are birdbrain's.

    1. #11. I'm looking for a new employee. I have two candidates for the job. When I asked candidate D what he was doing to fill the time, he said he was hanging out in his basement playing video games and doing snapchat.
      I then got ahold of candidate R. He was busy volunteering at the community food bank and cleaning up trash in the neighborhood.
      Which guy is my best choice?
      I'd kinda like basement boi Biden to stay tucked safely in his basement, hiding in his room, safe within his womb, he touches no one, and especially not the kids.

    2. #19. You call him John McCain Roberts. I personally prefer John Paul Stevens Roberts because both were appointed by Republican Presidents and then showed themselves to be liberals of the worst kind.
      Thanks for the daily summary. May GOD bless you and keep you healthy, strong and unafraid.

  8. Item 19 - So, the SCOTUS denied WS the ability to count votes received 6 days after the election, as they should have - Judges should not be able to over-rule existing election rules passed by State Legislature.

    Yet, last week, the SCOTUS ruled (thanks to Roberts siding with the lib SCOTUS members) that PA COULD extend the deadline of counting votes after election day per a ruling of a lower court, not because of a change in election laws by the PA legislators.

    How does Roberts justify the seemingly conflicting rulings?

    Impeach Chief Justice Roberts.

    1. From your keyboard to the LORD'S ears.

    2. "How does Roberts justify the seemingly conflicting rulings?"

      Simple. Last week he thought Biden might win, so he wanted to be on his side. This week he realizes that Trump is likely to win after all (G-d willing), so he needed to quickly switch sides. Not unlike all of the French collaborators during World War II who afterwards pretended to have been part of the Resistance.

    3. Alex, you sorta beat me to it as I went to put this in!

      It's very possible that he's just a weak-willed person and very wishy-washy - have actually seen this in judges all the time in my work.

      With five genuine conservatives on SCOTUS now, the social pressure will be to line up with them. And, yeah, even people inside the Beltway are figuring out who is going to win - noting again that none of the committed GOP Senators buckled in yesterday's confirmation vote.

    4. Chief Justice Roberts was effectively dethroned last night. It's obvious to everyone that he is not a conservative and that he is not that smart.

      De facto, Justice Thomas is now the leader of the Supreme Court, since he is smart, courageous, and a conservative.

      Makes sense for Roberts to step down after Trump's re-election and for Trump to move Justice Thomas up to Chief. And whenever he retires, move ACB up to Chief.

    5. In the Wisconsin case, it was a State court overturning State law; Roberts believes that's fine and voted not to interfere with the State court.

      In the PA case, it was a Federal court overturning State law. The Democrat-appointed staff on the court vote for their policy preference, whereas the other 5 justices voted to follow the law.

  9. Item 16- I read that CNN and MSNBC did not cover the swearing in of Amy Coney Barrett by Clarence Thomas, although CNN supposedly did air her acceptance speech.

    How racist and sexist of CNN and MSNBC to not televise the swearing in of a woman justice by a distinguished black justice.

    1. MSNBC ignored it completely; CNN held off until Justice Barrett (man, I love writing that!) spoke, and Fredo had his ugly mug in a closeup split screen until wiser heads in the booth prevailed, and Justice Barrett went full screen...I almost tried to get my middle school/elementary age (all five) to get up to watch the ceremony, but they were already out (they wake up @ six a.m. for school). I wish my 12 yr. old daughter was awake. I did not realize how moved I was to see such an event...I can vaguely remember Cavanaugh and Gorsuch, being the typical WH swearing in indoors, as I remember all previous...Justice Barrett's swearing in, somehow by the PJDT knack for pageantry at a perfect moment, made hers seem monumental. A justice appointment has been so politicized by the left, that the significance of a lifetime appointed justice is forgotten. The ceremony last night restored that. Thanks to our President, for the night! ZB

    2. ZB,
      Check Right Side Broadcasting on YouTube. Video should be there!

  10. "
    Conservatives always overestimate the intelligence of liberals. If they were intelligent, they would be conservatives."
    Good stuff! Lol!

  11. Great assessment above that closely aligns to what I have noticed to be true: "Conservatives always overestimate the intelligence of liberals. If they were intelligent, they would be conservatives."

    It has been my working theory that conservatives error politically by overestimating the intelligence of the average American, and liberals error politically by underestimating the intelligence of the average American.

  12. #16 "Among male senators, the vote was 44-30 to confirm her.

    Women senators voted 18-8 against her."
    Ok, pet peeve here. The word that pairs to "male senators" would be "female senators" NOT "women senators." Would you write "men senators"? No you would not. Stop the abuse of "women" as an adjective!

    #18. The choice is, a President with a great sense of humor vs a president with a great sense of hubris.

    #21. Wonderful last line.

  13. Item 11 - PDJT is the Bob Hope (apt name) of current politicos. He is constantly on "tour", entertaining the "troops".

    I hope Biden is in his basement, packing up his cash and making sure his passport and visas are current to facilitate his fleeing the USA for China.

    1. Yes, indeed! And that be gets busted in the attempt.

  14. ACB 52-48 nomination was controversial because it was so close to election. Had Trump won and just waited 6 months to nominate, the Senate would have confirmed her at best 54-46! So to quote that little girl and future president of 4 years ago, 'What difference at this point does it make'. Good for Trump, Graham and McConnell for not caving to pressure

    1. I don't know whose decision it was to not allow senators to "blue slip" justice nominees in the judiciary committee, but, that combined with not allowing filibuster enabled the realignment of the federal judiciary. So, kudos to Trump, McConnell and Graham, for their joint effort on the judiciary.
      4 more years will mean 50 or 60 years to change our country back to what our forefathers envisioned. 8 will be even better.

  15. 6: When your own people have to correct your senior moments, it's time for the home.

    7: That aligns with my observations. I would not be surprised to learn that is where we are nationally.

    I'd tend to agree although I'm leery of any poll with a 5 pt MOE.

  16. Item 16: "Chief Justice John McCain Roberts retires next summer and President Trump appoints Justice Thomas to the post."

    Respectfully disagree, Don. Not about CJ Roberts retiring, but Justice Thomas 72 years old! Instead, pull what GWB did, move ACB to Chief Justice, then appoint someone else reliably conservative. My vote for Josh Hawley, but there are others surely from Pres. Trump's list.

    1. Allow Justice Thomas the honor of being Chief Justice and have him retire within the 4 years so the court is not caught in the rbg trap of potentially having a dem appoint his replacement. That would still allow ACB the distinction of being the first female (or woman) Chief Justice.

    2. PDJT would have the distinction of appointing the first black Chief Justice AND the first female (or woman) Chief Justice!

    3. Exactly this! ACB will go in for CJ. Masterfully done.

  17. Speaking of Hank Williams....Hillary's life (or maybe Joe is heading that way) is swiftly becoming a George Thorogood song:

    1. Excellent choice, joated: a special "I Drink Alone" video.

      Probably how Hillary spent last night (ACB's swearing-in and also Hillary's birthday).

      People make choices in life and those choices have consequences...

  18. #6 -

    o So instead of K-12 government schools, there will be K-16?

    Does the estimated $150 billion include room and board at the colleges?

    o Currently the USA has the worst pre-college public education of all industrial countries in the world. This should assure that it within a short period of time, it will have the worst collegiate education as well.

    o American Teachers Unions are the biggest impediment to learning in America, as well as primary reason for institutional racism and the highest cost per pupil in the free world.The double $150 billion will be well over a trillion within 5 years as teacher / administrator benefits and pensions are re-negotiated.

    o The proposed tax increase on corporations will assure less expansion and less jobs for corporate employees. Yet another move of resources from the private sector to the public sector.

  19. 10: Connecticut is not in the 37 states Donald Trump will win

    I am loath to contradict the Master, but, if Trumplicans (and Trumpocrats) are rallying in CT, 37 may just be the floor and not the ceiling.

    16: Anybody know Breyer's (age 82) plans? How's the Wise Latina feeling?

    PS Thomas should retire. We should not encourage him to RBG. Friends don't let friends RBG.

    19: John McCain Roberts joined the 4 conservatives in upholding the law.

    I think Roberts will be a good little Chief Justice from now on.No more swing vote.

    1. Agree that Thomas should retire during PDJT’s second term and ensure another 30 years of originalism for his replacement.

  20. Re the Hildebeast: "How can we say goodbye if you won't go away?" and "Thank God and Greyhound You're Gone."

  21. Replies
    1. I was just thinking about Hunter and Joe. There was a commercial back in the 70's "like father like son", showing a young boy imitating dad right up to grabbing the smokes and it occurred to me that Hunter is just like his father in so many ways.

      My child took a bribe the other day,
      Flew with me to China to collect the pay
      But there were palms to grease and lies to make
      He got the money cause I'm on the take.
      He had millions before I knew it
      And cocaine too
      And he said I gonna be like you dad
      I'm gonna be corrupt like you.
      (Sung to cat's in the cradle).

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. ITEM 6 - The most effective way to reform higher education would be to get the feds out of the student loan business and instead require the colleges themselves to underwrite them. This would force them to lower tuitions by reducing bloated payrolls and emphasizing curricula that lead to productive and profitable employment.

    ITEM 10 - It wasn't only Connecticut that held a significant pro-Trump rally over the weekend. Long Island saw a giant motorcade for the President and New York City beheld a Jews for Trump parade that was viciously attacked by Antifa-BLM in an echo of Krystalnacht that reflects horribly on Mayor Wilhelm Jr. and Gov. Il Duce. This, mind you, is the supposedly liberal downstate, not the more conservative upstate.

    ITEM 16 - The disparity between male and female senators voting to confirm Justice Barrett may well be because she is physically attractive as well as the proud possessor of a beautiful mind.

    ITEM 20 - A great song for President Trump and other worthy candidates for public office would be "Wake Up Everybody" by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. Written 45 years ago, it uncannily presents the MAGA agenda in 7 1/2 minutes, and we can dance to it. Some key lines:

    The world won't get no better
    If we just let it be.
    The world won't get no better.
    Gotta change the world, you and me.

    No matter what race, creed or color,
    Everybody, we need each other.

  24. To our host: Don -

    All your "Highlights" are great. I start my day with them.

    This one today was especially great. Thank you.

  25. 19. Isn't this contrary to roberts ruling in Pennsylvania where he joined the communists justices in approving 3 extra days? I expect Pennsylvania will be back in front of SCOTUS so they can rule on matching signatures.

    22. Possibly if he can stay awake.

  26. I suspect that the NBA and LeBron James were/are willing targets of the BGY ploy. It is undeniable that the NBA and LBJ are are recipients of large amounts of G while going way out of their way to ignore China's nefarious dealings and punish anyone who raises concerns thus proving the B angle. The only question now is how much Y do the Chinese have on NBA exec's and LBJ. I suspect a lot.

  27. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/10/breaking-exclusive-hunter-bidens-russian-blackmail-photos-uncovered-hunter-russians-hollywood/
    Hunter is a Russian agent.

  28. "Conservatives always overestimate the intelligence of liberals. If they were intelligent, they would be conservatives."

    This one goes into the copy book.

  29. Item #1- Shep didn't get Megyn Kelly-NBC bucks. However, CNN hiring Smith will still stand forever as one of the great media management financial fiascoes of the decade.

    (Kelly got $67,000,000. I'm so old, I remember when it was considered outrageous that NBC "News" had signed up a gossip columnist in 1980 for about $300,000/year. I know this because the big shot Los Angles executive Angeles who was supposed to receive the unsigned contract had my last name and the always reliable NBC mail room thus handed this extremely sensitive & confidential package to Reed The Nobody in New York.)

    "Smith is... insufferable." Years ago, when he came on, I automatically switched channels, having no interest in witnessing the second coming of Dan Rather. It didn't matter what he thought, did or said. He was completely unacceptable as a human being.

    There are very few second acts in the American news media. Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric at CBS, and then Couric at Mamie Yokum Yahoo News are just two of many examples. Less recently, Jane Pauley's pathetic comeback also comes to mind, as does Phil Donohue's still-born talk show.

    "When you're out, you're OUT."

    To this illustrious scrapheap we now add Shep Smith (actually, he threw himself on it). IMAGINE being beaten in the ratings by Joy Reid.

    If you want a real Smith worth paying attention to, I recommend H. Allen Smith's very funny anthology of celebrity interviews, "Low Man on The Totem Pole" (1941 mega-bestseller) and his later, more serious memoir, "To Hell in A Hand-Basket" (1962).

    Item #2: Fifth Avenue vandalized (again).

    It looks like tartar sauce. Black tar-tar sauce.

    Item #3: "Blackmail gets you what bribes cannot."

    There is no evidence on Hunter's laptop that he ever refused or turned down a bribe. It would offend the Biden family code of honor.

    Item #4:

    "(By the way, I corrected a typo in the quote. I find I have to copy edit too many mainstream articles. Yes, I make plenty of errors and I appreciate reader help in ironing them out of posts. I just wish the pros would do better with their prose.)."

    Russian disinformation.

    Item #5: "President Trump Opens the Valve to Drain the Swamp ..."

    I'm hoping that we'll see a replay of the German navy on June 21, 1919 scuttling their captured warships in Scapa Flow, with the Democrats wearing their leaky nautical garb on November 4, 2020.

    Item #7: Polls. More polls. And more polls. You must be polling my leg.

    Item #8: The New York Times is allegedly nervous, at the same tine that their executives damn well know that their only hope of maintaining their profits is Trump's re-election, so that the Times and other half-assed jackal outfits can continue their cynical hysterical denunciations, thus motivating their readers to continue subscribing to their pay sites.

    They would no more publicly admit this than they would put Jeffrey Toobin's phone number back in their Rolodexes.

    (continued below)

  30. Item #11: Scott Adam's best comic strip --- and the one most reproduced on t-shirts, coffee cups, and the like --- is the one in which The Boss fixes his broken "computer" after he's told by Dilbert and Wally to hold it up in the air and shake it (peviously, telling him that it was a laptop, they had instead furnished him with an Etch-A-Sketch).

    I could sit here for years and not come up with anything as funny as that, unless I cheat and redraw the strip and now Hillary is getting the same advice from Bernie Sanders (please don't tempt me).

    Which reminds me of 2016, prior to the election, when rumors had it that Hillary's #1 Stockholm Syndrome prisoner, Huma Abedin, in the wake of her husband Anthony Weiner's text-sexting scandal, for the good of the campaign had to be pushed overboard.

    HC: "I'm sorry, but you must go. My God, HOW could you possibly have shared your laptop and cell phone with ANTHONY?"

    Huma: "What?! Don't blame ME!!! YOU yourself set up the illegal server system that it made it possible in the first place for all of our cell phones and laptops to be hacked!"

    HC: "Oh."

    Huma thus knew too much, and survived to the bitter end (11/08/16).

    And if she had had to do it all over again, she would have taken the severance pay and put about 10,000 miles in between herself and Hillary (and Anthony).

    Item #12: "Hillary Clinton is STILL salty about losing to Trump four years later..."

    An infamously combative/obnoxious Hollywood executive was given a huge amount of money (severance pay) when his firm was sold to the Japanese in the 1990s. He then proceeded to lose most or all of it starting up his own business, not realizing that his only business asset all along had been being the No. #1 Guy's #1 Yes Man.

    "Sid Sheinberg's Bubble Factory sank into obscurity... [he] turned to the World Wide Web in a desperate effort to enter the coming age of webcasting... [by 2000], the Bubble Factory had lapsed into Internet anonymity, along with nearly every other flailing dot.com. "...observed Scott Collins, 'Sid was last seen drowning in a pool of his own bile.' "

    You have gotten ahead of me on this one and the punch line involving the comparison of Sheinberg and Clinton, haven't you?

    Item #13:

    "Conservatives always overestimate the intelligence of liberals. If they were intelligent, they would be conservatives."

    They are, however, just dimly intelligent enough to realize that if there were no liberals, there could be no conservatives. In other words, their job security is eternal.

    This means that Nancy Pelosi, by then looking like John Quincy Adams's great-great grandmother, will still be representing her constituents in the House of Representatives until the dawn of the year 4029.

    Item #15: Lebron James "and Barack Obama have recorded a conversation for More Than A Vote to be debuted this week..."

    Obama tanked in Philly (300 cars, parked, inert, listening to his lying about proudly paying 40% of his income in taxes) and his next step is pandering to the man whose personal unpopularity (see Sheinberg, above) had had a great deal to do with the recent and worst NBA Championship series Nielsen ratings in history.

    There's hope. LBJ and Big Mike might still be able to whip up some interest with their Scheduled WWE Big Rasslin' Bout in Madison Wisconsin Square Garden on November 1st.

    Hillary Clinton's the referee and Huma is handling the spit buckets.

    (continued below)

  31. Item #19: "John McCain Roberts joined the 4 conservatives in upholding the law."

    In the hilarious film, Let It Ride, Looney, a compulsive gambler (the marvelous David Johansen) blew the fifty bucks his friend had given him in order to bet on a horse that they both knew would run in a fixed race later that Sunday afternoon.

    Looney: "I don't know what hit me. I was getting 6 1/2 on da Packers..."

    This is indeed the clue as to Robert's otherwise unexplainable behavior.

    Item #20 (Cunningham): "... with at least one mistress..."

    Oh stop. There's never more than one cockroach at a time in the kitchen.

    Item #22:

    " 'It's been 67 days... [during which time], Biden has made 26 campaign visits. That's one visit every 2.57 days."

    That number has been surreptitiously "upped." They're adding to the total the number of Biden visits to his basement bunker bathroom (the Secret Service code is "BBB").

    Alarmed by the paucity of trips, our family doctor when consulted this morning recommend that Joe "become warmly acquainted with Ex-Lax."

    OK. Hey, if everything goes wrong, this will get him out of that dank residential soygrandpop cave of his and back out on the campaign trail, if only to experience the benefits of breathable air.

    (Demolish the house while he's staggering around in Wilmington. Keep him busy for at least two hours.)

    And we thank you for your time.

    Don Reed

  32. Sadly, i live in the Socialist state of Masachusetts. As a result i am pissed that my vote for Trump means nothing except to me. However, i get a vicarious thrill in reading Dons website and the truthful comments of my fellow conservatives. Finally, does any sane person believe that the demented Biden will win when Hillary lost ("I won, i was cheated i won the popular vote") In your dreams you Socialist Democrats)

  33. "Fracking is a proxy war between capitalism and communism."

    Actually, the propaganda against fracking is mainly paid for by Russia, whose chief export is oil. Their economy is largely dependent on it. Fracking here has been an absolute disaster for them.

  34. Do you remember when the war on Afghanistan began and we were able to watch the first invasion live on the news? That is how up to date things have gotten and we have never been more in touch with the goings on in the world, than we are today. Pakistan Networks