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Friday, October 23, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president. After last night's debate, it looks as though we re-up him on November 3rd. I already voted. It's your turn.

ITEM 1: Trump to Biden: "Would you close down the oil industry?"
Biden: "Yes, I would transition away from it."

Bye-bye Pennsylvania.

Biden channeled George H.W. Bush. Trump channeled Reagan: "Who built the cages, Joe?"

Matt Drudge did no online who-won-the-debate poll. Fox did.

Megyn Kelly tweeted, "Trump won this debate, handily. Biden wasn’t a force at all. Trump was substantive, on-point, well-tempered. Definitely helped himself, when it mattered most."

Michael Haz tweeted, "They prepared Biden to deal with a loud, out of control Trump. Trump was polite, quiet, and low key. He threw Biden off his game plan."

The media can spin itself dizzy but the American people saw the demolition.

President Trump remembered last night that television is a cool medium.

ITEM 2: Michael Hirsch wrote, " Paul Krugman has never suffered fools gladly. The Nobel Prize-winning economist rose to international fame — and a coveted space on the New York Times op-ed page — by lacerating his intellectual opponents in the most withering way. In a series of books and articles beginning in the 1990s, Krugman branded just about everybody who questioned the rapid pace of globalization a fool who didn’t understand economics very well. Silly was a word Krugman used a lot to describe pundits who raised fears of economic competition from other nations, especially China. Don’t worry about it, he said: Free trade will have only minor impact on your prosperity.

"Now Krugman has come out and admitted, offhandedly, that his own understanding of economics has been seriously deficient as well. In a recent essay titled 'What Economists (Including Me) Got Wrong About Globalization,' adapted from a forthcoming book on inequality, Krugman writes that he and other mainstream economists 'missed a crucial part of the story' in failing to realize that globalization would lead to hyperglobalization and huge economic and social upheaval, particularly of the industrial middle class in America. And many of these working-class communities have been hit hard by Chinese competition, which economists made a major mistake in underestimating, Krugman says."

That's it?

Oops my bad?

Krugman helped cost millions of Americans their jobs, destroyed thousands of towns, and financed the transformation of Red China from a backwater clown country into a military superpower.

Yet he still has his Nobel money.

He still has his Princeton paycheck.

He still has his New York Times gig.

It's as if this was the very outcome he and his bosses at Princeton and the Times wanted.

ITEM 3: The Los Angeles Times reported, "President Trump posts unedited ‘60 Minutes’ interview on Facebook."

Oh no!

The media warned us President Trump posted an unedited tape.

When Project Veritas posts a video, the media warns us that it is edited.

ITEM 4: Brexit is back on.

Deplorable, isn't she?

I am in love.

ITEM 5: Mollie Hemingway wrote, "Amy Coney Barrett Will Be Confirmed Because Kavanaugh Battle Taught GOP To Stop Getting Played By Democrat Dirty Tricks."

Credit President Trump. He stood by his man when the going got tough. Some people called for President Trump to replace him with another nominee.

Amy Coney Barrett.

I believe Republicans taught Democrats the lesson: we were put in charge, not you.

ITEM 6: Nate Silver noticed that Republicans are registering far more voters than Democrats are.

So N8 Ag's 538 site posted, "Why A Surge In Republican Voter Registration Might Not Mean A Surge In Trump Support."

The article pointed out that many registered Democrats vote Republican and vice versa. That is quite true.

But what voters don't do is register Republican in 2020 and then not vote for President Trump.

N8 Ag's world is collapsing because he believes the lies the pollsters peddle.

ITEM 7: Fox reported, "The Trump administration announced Thursday that the Obama-era decision to terminate Delphi pension plans is being brought back into review.

"White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told Fox Business Network the review is necessary to support retirees who he said are losing out on earned money.

"'The reason why we’re working on it is because the litigation process ran its course and these Delphi salaried and non-union employees are still getting screwed,' he said.

"Navarro made clear that the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), where Delphi trusteeship was transferred after going bankrupt, is not the villain in the situation. Rather, the Treasury Department under President Obama and Joe Biden are to blame."

While Biden went hidin' for five days to prep for last night's debate, President Trump was cleaning up one of the many messes Biden left.

The PBGC does not pay the full pension. This really hurt employees who had nothing to do with the decision by Obama and Biden to sacrifice Delphi at the altar of their anti-capitalism.

ITEM 8Nick Arama reported, "Rasmussen Says Trump Just Hit the 'Holy Grail' of Reelection Numbers."

His approval is at 52%.

In a pandemic.

With 7.9% unemployment.

And a media that hates him.

ITEM 9: Sister Toldjah reported, "Hmm: Twitter Flags Detroit News's Endorsement of John James's Senate Campaign Without Explanation."

Twitter is run by fascists who hate black people.

ITEM 10: Just the News reported, "GOP Rep. Jim Jordan says the primary, underlying question on the Nov. 3 ballot is whether voters will choose the left's argument that America is bad vs. Republicans' argument that America is not perfect but good.

"The Ohio congressman made the analysis on the "John Solomon Reports" podcast.

"Jordan also argued that the overarching question being posed to General Election voters is:'“Can America remain America?' – amid the more grassroots concerns like healthcare, taxes, the economy, and the continuing corona virus pandemic."

That is a very good point.

Keep America America.

ITEM 11: Just the News reported, "The top executive of a Hunter Biden-connected firm has agreed to provide documents to a Senate committee that purportedly show Joe Biden was designed to be a silent beneficiary in one of his son’s Chinese ventures.

"The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee sent a request for documents Wednesday to Sinohawk Holdings chief executive officer Tony Bobulinski.

"Bobulinski says that a 2017 email recovered from a laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden and made public by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is accurate: Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were each supposed to receive an equity stake in his venture."

Bobulinski is putting his life on the line to get the truth to the people.

ITEM 12: Mollie Hemingway reported, "Fox News Poll: Trump Picks Up Eight Points In Ohio In One Month."

The media and their pollsters are transitioning from their fantasy numbers to reality.

As they back-pedal, I hope they trip over themselves.

ITEM 13: Politico reported, "Biden says Obamacare will become Bidencare."

Under Bidencare, you can keep your basement!

ITEM 14: Politico reported, "President Donald Trump has issued an executive order that would remove job protections for many federal workers, in a move that unions and other critics denounced as an attempt to politicize the civil service.

"The order, signed Wednesday evening, targets workers that are involved in developing policy. It would reclassify workers in positions of a confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating character that are not normally subject to change as a result of a Presidential transition into a new category called Schedule F, according to the text.

"Under the new schedule, they would be exempt from protections that apply to most federal workers — allowing agencies to hire and fire them more easily and quickly. The Senior Executive Service, which consists of those serving in high-level positions just below presidential appointees, is exempt from the order, according to an emailed statement from the White House."


Civil Service was meant to cover clerks, not upper management.

Elections must have consequences and that means giving the president the power to appoint policy makers.

ITEM 15: Agence France Presse reported, "The US Army said Thursday it carried out a drone strike against Al-Qaeda leaders in northwest Syria near the border, killing 14 jihadists, according to a war monitor. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH) said the victims included five foreigners and six commanders."

Under President Trump the military is going after the generals instead of carpet bombing and killing civilians. No more collateral damage.

ITEM 16: AmmoLand reported, "Federal Judge Roger Benitez in San Diego, who has issued pro-Second Amendment rulings at least twice against California state statutes, was scheduled to hold an evidentiary hearing in another gun rights case Monday morning, and that is eliciting wails from gun prohibition groups."

Dubya appointed him. His Honor was born in Cuba, so I am pretty sure he realizes where gun control eventually lands a nation.

ITEM 17: The Daily Mail reported, "A 15-year-old Pennsylvania girl is suing her local school district after she was suspended for wearing a ‘Women for Trump’ face covering and a ‘Trump the Sequel Make Liberals Cry Again’ t-shirt.

"Morgan Earnest, a sophomore at Mifflin County High School in the central Pennsylvania town of Lewistown, says in a lawsuit filed in federal court that her free speech rights were violated by school administrators.

"On October 1, the school district issued a new policy on clothing which banned students from wearing anything that contained political messaging, The Patriot News reported."

It is a dumb policy to impose a month before a quadrennial election for president. That is a time when schools should be promoting civics and discussions of policy differences and the like.

ITEM 18: The Daily Mail reported, "Gene Simmons is leaving the Southern California life after nearly four decades.

"The legendary KISS singer and bassist has decided to pick up and move his family to Washington State, citing high property taxes in California as a motivating factor.

"As a result, he's put his 16,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion, which includes seven bedrooms, up for sale for $22 million."

I never will understand why Democrats think they can soak the rich because the rich have the best access to tax accountants, lawyers, and moving vans.

FINALLY, I became Grandpa Surber today. Noah is 8 pounds. He seems healthy and he has a full head of hair.

I told my wife she no longer is the shortest Surber.

I had forgotten how hard the couch is to sleep on.


  1. Congratulations Don! May God bless Noah and his parents.

    1. And may he have the faith of his name sake. (And his grandpa)

    2. Gran'pa! What's for supper?

    3. Congrats on the grandkids!
      And the sassy wife!

      "I already voted. It's your turn."
      In the end, I couldn't hold back till Election Day. Hand delivered our ballots yesterday to the Registrar of Voters.
      #MAGA #KAG

  2. May Noah grow up and be super smart just like his Grandpa!

  3. CONGRATS PAW PAW!! A blessing and a portent of a much better 2021. You’ll need to monetize your site to pay for all those baby gifts. I for one will happily oblige.

  4. > " Paul Krugman has never suffered fools gladly."

    He doesn't like the competition.

    1. He doesn't like his betters.

    2. I would sometimes read his column (I found a way to bypass the NYT paywall). As sickening as his columns were, the comments left by his adoring followers were even worse. If he bothered to read them, his head would have swelled up and he couldn’t have walked through a double doorway.

    3. Wasn't Krugman a paid advisor to Enron?

    4. Yes, Krugman was a paid advisor to Enron. Hush hush. Only discovered when Enron collapsed.

  5. Congratulations, The Good Lord giveth. I hope the Blessing is given the chance to grow up in America.

  6. #1. President Trump was playing three-D chess to Bidet's tidly winks. Kristen Welker was playing Calvinball.

  7. Congrats on the little one, Grandpa!

  8. Excitement sometimes leads to motor mouth. Ah well! Congratulations on your new grandson. Great column again today, too.

  9. Did anyone else notice the thick sheaf of papers Biden had and how he read statements from them directly - especially when citing numbers (that he couldn't read correctly)?

    I thought he'd been managing these subjects for 47 years. Ought to have perfect recall of everything substantive.

    1. Based on his answer to the last question, I think China Joe knew the questions. He went back for his papers quickly at the end, didn't he?

  10. ITEM 2: "Krugman helped cost millions of Americans their jobs, ..."

    Funny, how it did not adversely affect him. In fact, he, like many elitists that were pushing offshoring of US manufacturing jobs that were occupied by middle class workers, in the name of globalization, profited quite nicely during that time. And judging by the new book he is putting out, he is still profiting from it. As Don correctly stated, that was the plan all along. For the middle class to shrink, while elitists like him, grew their wealth, thus leading to a wealth gap. A gap that they could exploit politically for more wealth.

    But then along came Trump with a plan that the rubes in the middle class could support. And now, one can see why there is so much hatred for Trump, and his rube supporters, among the elitists in this country. GFY Krugman. You are just another example of the useless value to this country of an ivy league education.

    1. He did get impacted, by the time he got his latest paycheck to the bank fluctuations in the exchange rate cost him 44 Yuan.

    2. You wrote:

      just another example of the useless value to this country of an ivy league education.

      It hasn't always been that way!


      Yale 1969

      Yale football,Linebacker, degree in Molecular Biology and Biophysics

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. You of course, are correct Jamie. There still are some, like you, who are no where near useless to this country with your ivy league degree. It's just that so many of the so called "leaders" of this country, who had those ivy league degrees, and were highly touted in part due to their degrees, yet they turned into such poor leaders. Cough McNamara cough, cough the Kennedys cough, cough GW Bush cough, cough Obumbles cough, and so on.

  11. 6. If the diversity at the Trump ralleys is any indication 25-30% of the democrats will be voting for the President.

    17. School administrators were upset because no one was wearing biden clothes.

    Finally, CONGRATULATIONS! Grandkids are a joy and not as much of a worry as kids.

    1. Jim, you made the same point I was going to make. The data from the rallies consistently shows a sizable percentage of Democrats in attendance, yet everyone is treating all early votes from registered Democrats (and Democrat leaning precincts) as votes for Biden.

      There will be a substantial amount of crossover voting in this election; very little of it will be Republicans voting for Biden.

      But it's fine with me if the media persist in their delusions. It will make the rude awakening so much sweeter.

  12. Krugman wouldn't have gotten where he did unless he was a Bolshevik. So many are running things in this country now. They support, protect, defend, and promote each other.

    All Bolsheviks support China. They lost their paradise, the USSR, so they turned to creating another. Krugman is a turd and that was obvious decades ago.

  13. Great news...congratulations Don!!

  14. Congratulations Don! I have a grandson (2 1/2) and granddaughter (1) and they're a blast!

    Excellent column, always my first stop in the morning.

  15. Congratulations on your new business venture: Pop-Pop Inc.
    Let the doting begin!


  16. Congratulations grandpa. Truly one of life’s great pleasures.

    9 - twitter keeps going lower. John James would be a huge win.

    14 - like the civil service is not politicized already?

    18 - Simmons is no fool but bitching and moaning about the living conditions where the home you are trying to sell is located is not a good marketing strategy.

  17. Congratulations Don! I look forward to the day when I can say the same
    BTW, Noah is a fine name, but we can never have too many Donalds can we?

  18. Congratulations Don!
    Being a grandparent just gets better and better as they grow.

  19. I know what you're experiencing today because I'm a grandmother 5 times over. They range in age from 4+ yrs to 27. I've cared for each and every one of them, and I love them dearly. You'll find that grandchildren keep you young. Congratulations!

  20. Congratulations, Don!

    And very timely. This week the story of the original Noah is being read in synagogues around the world.

  21. Congratulations Don; may you and your family get much joy from the newly born Noah. This is the week that Jews around the world read the portion of the Torah that tells Noah's story, BTW.

    So Times has yet another employee who has been awarded a prize that should be returned. Here's the scoreboard as I see it so far:

    2018 Pulitzer for Russiagate reporting
    and now, Krugman.

    Any other entries?

    1. Every single honorary degree awarded to Pinch, the horrible lout who ran the joint for so many years.


  22. Congratulations on Baby Surber! Thrilled for you and your family. Extra prayers for your clan today!

  23. Thanks, Grandpa. or...paw paw.

  24. Congratulations! Please pass on your wisdom and values to Noah.

  25. Congratulations Surber! May you be blessed with many more. KAA!!!

  26. Congratulations, Don, and best hopes and wishes for the litle one.

  27. Best wishes for you, Meemaw, and the entire family. "You are about to embark upon the great crusade..."

  28. Congrats on the new grandson, Don!

    The Lamestream Media is trying to ignore Bobulinski, but his revelations have the potential to totally destroy Joe Biden. Get ACB confirmed early in the week, then hold public hearings on Biden's corruption in office. Sic 'em, Mitch!

  29. Congratulations to you, your wife - bless her heart - and the the Mom and Dad. They call then 'grand' children for a reason. (I have 11.)

  30. Congratulations, Grandpa Surber!

    May Noah be blessed with love and joy forever.

  31. Congratulations on becoming a grandpa. May Noah Bring you much joy.

    Biden made one amusing gaffe during the debate. He called the Proud Boys the "Poor Boys." He must have had quite a fling in New Orleans during his younger days.

  32. Item 11 - Tony Bobulinski got screwed over behind his back by the Bidens. Hell hath no furry like a partner scorned either!

    Item 13 - BidenCare. Healthcare cost the same, but now 10% will go to the Big Guy

  33. 5: We won.

    8: Indy and the Old Knight, not to mention Dr Henry, Sr, smile.

    13: He even said if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.

    That and global wahoo.

    FINALLY: I'll bet Mary Lou joined you on the couch.

    1. Oops, s/b Lou Ann.

      If Mary Lou joined you on the couch, it would be out in the street.

    2. Wait until she finds out about Mabel!

      (She doesn't exist. Joking!)


  34. Every time I read a discussion about "economic inequality" I hearken back to my reaction to Reagan's theory of "trickle down economics," in which the government gives money to the rich and it trickles down to the working class.

    I thought, "What happens if the rich just keep the money?" If, that is, they don't trickle it down to the working class. I think we all know the answer to that by now, because that's exactly what happened.

    Now the left is touting Marx, in which the government gives the money to a management committee, which spreads it to the "workers." So what happens is the committee just keeps the money, as happened in the USSR, and Venezula, and...?

    1. The Swiss bankers make out like bandits holding the dough for the Soviet bandits. And the South American thieves and murderers. And for all we know, BLM slush funds.

      Don Reed

  35. ITEM 17: The Supremes ruled in 1966 that a public school could not prohibit students from wearing a black arm band to protest the Vietnam War. That was the end of public school dress codes. (If you couldn't prohibit a student from wearing an arm band, what COULD you prohibit him from wearing?) The kid's parents could sue, but not sure they want to bother.

  36. "The legendary KISS singer and bassist has decided to pick up and move his family to Washington State..."

    So, the frontman of the most overrated band in history jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire.


    1. He'd have to be in that pan for a week to get rid of all that excess whale oil. Gene, bring a good book to read, you won't be going anywhere for awhile.


  37. Couch, huh. Would have probably happened to me if I had grand Kids. Congrats

  38. > I became Grandpa Surber today.

    Saving the most important news for last I see.

    Congratulations. May you have many more.

  39. Blessings upon Papa + Grammy Surber; may God make Noah a man of God and him in the center of His will!

  40. Congratulations, Don!
    May you enjoy being a Grandpa!

  41. Mazal tov! May Noah always be a source of comfort* and joy to his parents and grandparents.

    *Gen. 5:29

  42. Well, I'm late to the party as usual, but congratulations, Grandpa Don!

    Now you'll have to get The Dangerous Book for Boys, & study up on how to build treehouses, coin tricks, make a gocart, etc. etc. It'll keep you in your boyhood yourself!

  43. Item #1 - Would Megyn Kelly please go away forever?

    She made a fool out of herself at NBC, and, adjusted for inflation in the future, her dubious status as the highest-paid American employee ever to be fired will likely be enshrined in the Guinness Book of Records.

    She is overbearingly selfish, manipulative and rude. And she imagines that she's still relevant.

    Go sit on the Katie Couric "Timeout Forever" Bench, Meg. Now.

    Item #2: "Krugman helped cost millions of Americans their jobs, destroyed thousands of towns, and financed the transformation of Red China from a backwater clown country into a military superpower."

    And he's now magnanimously offering us the chance to BUY his apology.

    Remember Bob McNamara, the one-time General Motors genius who helped turn Vietnam into a quagmire, years later screaming at the members of a TV audience to buy his book, instead of simply answering the question posed by someone in that audience? Wasn't that fun to watch?

    Krugman will get the Bobbie Award before this is all over and done with.

    Item #3: Therefore, according to the LA Times, Project Veritas and President Trump are co-conspirators.

    Item #4: Brexit will not be "back on" until Boris Johnson gets his head out of his arse. If Britain's biggest jerk, Max Hastings, turns out to be right about B.J., I'm suing them for the unpaid balance of the Lend Lease program (which. from what I recall, was waived at the end of World War II).

    Item #6: "Nate Silver noticed" --- An impossibility.

    Item #8: "Rasmussen Says Trump Just Hit the 'Holy Grail' of Reelection Numbers."

    Stelter (CNN) has been put on suicide watch (but, unfortunately, not in a federal penitentiary).

    In a related media development, we have finally found something that Leslie Stahl CAN verify:

    (Yes. It IS a potato. Don Lemon will tell you it's a banana.)

    1. Con't. from above:

      Item #12: "The media and their pollsters are transitioning from their fantasy numbers to reality."

      Back-pedaling has just been named an Olympic sport in the 2024 Woke Olympics.

      Item #14: "President Donald Trump has issued an executive order that would remove job protections for many federal workers..."

      Good but not deep enough.

      Get to the roots of this monster --- eliminate university tenure, which in the past 80 years has degenerated from a system ideally designed to protect free speech into a Soviet-style intellectual gulag designed to enforce conformity of ideological thought.

      Refuse to endorse the university's group-think, and the possibility of your ever being granted tenure is shot to hell.

      Item #18: "The Daily Mail reported, "Gene Simmons is leaving" SoCal.

      What makes him think that Washington State is any better? Better cosmetic stores?

      Finally: Noah arrives!

      Don, put him to work deleting the spam. It's never too early to install the work ethic in these little tykes.

      And let's pass the hat for the Surber household (seriously). Not having a comfortable couch to sleep on, I discovered recently, by Day Three turns someone (me) into a zombie.

      Bonus: It is never pleasant to suddenly discover that someone else, formerly well-regarded, is an idiot.

      This is part of a message that a reporter sent me today:

      "And then the pandemic hit. A recent study said if we had followed the shutdown procedures enacted in South Korea, Japan or Australia we would have had a TOTAL death toll of under 5,000."

      My response: "The U.S. is absolutely incomparable with South Korea and Japan, countries that have a homogenous population that by and large instinctively, and in some cases almost fanatically, obeys its government mandates.

      "Try doing that in inner-city Baltimore. Good luck."

      What is irksome is that the reporter, in all likelihood having never met a single Japanese person, is lecturing someone (me) who for five years worked in a Japanese bank on Wall Street.

      Whomever his editor is must be a miracle worker.

      Poca-Haunt-us, West Virginia. Best place in the world to celebrate the Powhatan Halloween holiday, next week.

      And we thank you for your time.

      Don Reed

    2. Thank you, and thanks first go to DS who does such a neat job of presenting these items in such a pithy, informative and delightful manner.


  44. Congratulations, Don. You will find that being a grandparent is allot easier and more fun than being a parent.

  45. Congrats Don!! Amazon has some good sales on mattress pads if the couch gets uncomfortable.