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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Michael Steele wrote, "I'm a Republican voting for Joe Biden over Trump. Because I'm an American first."

I don't think he is a Republican anymore.

ITEM 2Axios reported, "Facebook and Twitter's frantic attempts to stop the spread of the New York Post's Hunter Biden story didn't prevent the article from becoming the top story about the election on those platforms last week, according to data from NewsWhip.

"Why it matters: The data shows that even swift, aggressive content suppression may not be swift or aggressive enough to keep down a story with as much White House backing and partisan fuel as this one.

"By the numbers: The Post's story generated 2.59 million interactions (likes, comments, shares) on Facebook and Twitter last week — more than double the next biggest story about Trump or Biden."

If the media played it straight, Donald Trump might be toast.

But the media's constant barrage of Fake News and censorship are helping re-elect the man.

My guess today is they will learn nothing, double down on November 4, and help elect President Pence. The people running the media are largely idiots.

ITEM 3: Mitch McConnell said Judge Amy Barrett will be confirmed as a justice on Monday, the fourth anniversary of the best tweet ever.

For the record, President Trump was born on June 14, Flag Day.

ITEM 4: Politico reported, "Party-switcher puts Kansas Senate seat in play for Democrats. Democrat Barbara Bollier, who left the GOP two years ago, is outraising GOP Rep. Roger Marshall as she expands Democrats' path to a Senate majority."

Democrats think they can buy the election.

The flaw in the plan is she hates President Trump, while most voters in Kansas support him.

ITEM 5: Vox reported, "Silicon Valley megadonors unleash a last-minute, $100 million barrage of ads against Trump. Facebook billionaire co-founder Dustin Moskovitz has put more than $20 million into a little-known Democratic super PAC that is spending big."

That's $15 million in fees going into the pocket of some political consultant who knows how to milk the rich.

ITEM 6: Politico reported, "Biden eyes GOP candidates for Cabinet slots."

The story listed Meg Whitman, John Kasich, Charlie Baker, and Jeff Flake.

I don't see any Republicans. Do you?

ITEM 7: The Hill reported, "Most arrests during protests are suburban adults not extremists: analysis."

Suburban adults?

Those mugshots of Antifa arrestees make me wonder what kind of zoo The Hill's newsroom is.

ITEM 8: Variety reported, "Netflix’s growth in the third quarter cooled considerably after its blockbuster covid-fueled bump in the first half of 2020.

"The company netted 2.2 million subscribers in the third quarter of 2020 — below Wall Street’s expectations and under the Netflix’s own previous forecast. The streaming giant also posted net earnings below analyst consensus estimates. Shares were down 6% in after-hours trading."

The story didn't mention the backlash in the final month of the quarter against Netflix showing the child porn movie, Cuties.

ITEM 9PJ Media wrote, "On Monday, Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, endorsed President Donald Trump after discovering that Democratic nominee Joe Biden would raise taxes to 62% for top earners in California and 58% for top earners in New York state. He doubled down on Tuesday, explaining, 'I don’t want to be 20 Cent.'"

As the late, great Bernie Mac said, I'm a Republican on Tax Day.

ITEM 10: Via Breitbart, Fox sportscasters Troy Aikman and Joe Buck were caught mocking America during a military flyover of the football game they covered. 

Aikman: “That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover.”

Buck: “That’s your hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work.”

Aikman: “That stuff ain’t happening with [a] Kamala-Biden ticket, I’ll tell you that right now partner.”

Tony Romo was a better quarterback then, and he is a better football analyst now.

As for Buck, he is a reason there is a mute button.

Fox failed to discipline these anti-American shills for Democrats. Fox is the Bill Kristol of broadcasting.

ITEM 11: CNBC reported, "General Motors is investing about $2.2 billion in its U.S. manufacturing operations, largely to increase production of electric vehicles, the company announced Tuesday.

"The investment is the latest for the Detroit automaker as it pivots toward EVs under GM CEO Mary Barra’s Triple Zero vision of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion -- an overarching goal for the company.

"Since March 2019, GM has committed to invest more than $4.5 billion in three U.S. manufacturing sites to prepare for EV-related production. The company has previously said it plans to release at least 20 new electric vehicles globally by 2023, including the upcoming GMC Hummer EV, which will be unveiled Tuesday night."

Triple Zero? GM did better when its goal was 60% market share.

ITEM 12: A reader noted on the Biden child porn/cocaine/ bribery scandal, "The deep state leakers have thoroughly been discredited in the past 48 hours. The unnamed deep state boys who cried wolf finally did it one too many times and the wolf came for real. But it’s not Putin.

"Social media and big media had plenty of chances, and probably had their own sources that were warning them. Did they think they could beat this? Trump used Rudy to leak and use exclusives to non traditional outlets to further their humiliation. This is the biggest thing since LGF and PowerLine ended Dan Rather (and probably bigger).

"Media further compounded their credibility issue rolling out two men with revoked security clearances (Brennan and Clapper) to assure us this was Putin. Radcliffe destroyed them.

"The uneasy Bernie/Biden alliance just got REALLY complicated. How do Bernie Bros feel knowing Joe had this skeleton in his closet, the Obama crowd knew it, and still pushed him over the line? The prudent thing for D’s is for Joe to suspend, send Harris to debate and say his electors will be bound to Kamala. (Bernie has leverage in this case, but he wouldn’t use it.) But the likely outcome by Joe is to deny, lie, and cry.

"Does Kamala feel used about now. Was she blindsided? If not how does she walk this tightrope. She would definitely want to wash off this stink?

"The FBI had plenty of chances to do the right thing. They failed miserably. They allowed a sham impeachment, they allowed the crimes to go unnoticed, and if they allow crimes against children by powerful men to go unnoticed, Trump has more than enough moral authority to kick Wray’s ass out of 7th floor so hard his grandchildren feel it."


The whole darned mess should cave in on itself.

Power corrupts. It rots, too.

ITEM 13: Tom Del Beccaro wrote, "A Trump 'surprise' victory is in the offing -- here are the 10 tea leaves pointing to it."

He made the points I have made. The chief ones are: 56% of the nation says it is better off now than 4 years ago, Republican registration is up, President Trump draws 15,000 to his rallies, Biden draws flies, and there is no enthusiasm for Basement Biden.

Voters think President Trump will win. Reporters don't. How many Electoral College votes does the White House Correspondents Association get?

ITEM 14: Fox reported, "Adrian Powell, of Red Boiling Springs, rolled out a unique show of support on a stack of hay bales over the weekend, after vandals cut down a half dozen of his purchased pro-Trump signs.

"He painted an American-flag themed mural over a stack of bales with President Trump’s trademark golden hairdo and red tie, along with the phrase, Trump 2020."

Sha na na na.
Sha na na na.
Hay, hay, hay.
Go Trump!

ITEM 15: CBS News reported, "Man putting Black Lives Matter sign in his yard arrested after shooting at Trump supporters."

But it was a mostly peaceful shooting, as the media says.

ITEM 16: Fox reported, "More than 1 million New Yorkers can't afford food, and standing in long lines at food banks is now too common amid the pandemic."

More of that great leadership from Mayor Mini Adolf and Governor Fredo. They panicked and shut down the city and the state, people lost their jobs, and a million people go hungry.

Instead of re-opening the town, the mayor helped paint graffiti in front of Trump Tower.

This is the Democrat plan for the rest of America under President Harris.

ITEM 17: The Independent reported, "Hindu groups in the US have expressed outrage at a morphed photo of the Hindu goddess Durga with Kamala Harris’s face, after it was shared online by the vice presidential candidate’s niece. Meena Harris, who has been very active on social media with support for her aunt Kamala for the upcoming election, said in a tweet which has now been deleted: 'I am speechless, other than to say that the first day of Navratri was LIT.'"

The LITwit Meena is from the senator's Jamaican side of the family, not the Indian side.

There is no African-American side.

ITEM 18: Roger Simon wrote, "Whether he did it accidentally, on purpose, or (most likely) something in between, when Hunter Biden left a laptop loaded with incriminating evidence about himself and his family, at a computer repair shop in Delaware, he was trying to tell us something.

"That something was that his father, aka the big guy, who had only days before announced he was running for president, was big trouble.

"You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to figure that out. Nor is it hard to figure out why Hunter might have become an addict and engaged in other self-destructive acts not suitable for a family website but apparently immortalized on the hard drive.

"The Joe Biden that is being sold to us ad infinitum as Mr. Just-Plain-Folks-American was not the man his son saw. (This is not to absolve Hunter of responsibility for his actions, but to put them in perspective.)"


I think it is simpler. Daddy covered the man's tracks all his life and Hunter grew up to be an irresponsible grifter. Of course he would misplace a laptop with child porn and other go-to-jail stuff on it.

ITEM 19: President Trump tweeted, "I am pleased to inform you that, for the sake of accuracy in reporting, I am considering posting my interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, PRIOR TO AIRTIME! This will be done so that everybody can get a glimpse of what a FAKE and BIASED interview is all about. Everyone should compare this terrible Electoral Intrusion with the recent interviews of Sleepy Joe Biden!"

Fair warning to play it straight.

ITEM 20: Trending Politics reported, "Minneapolis Residents File Suit Against City Over Lack of Police and Rising Crime."

If the fire department let your house burn down, you'd sue.

This is no different.

The message is clear in Minneapolis: move to St. Paul.

ITEM 21The Hill reported, "President Trump at his rally on Tuesday played a video that spliced together clips of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) discussing fracking as he argued the Democratic ticket would damage the natural gas industry.

"'This is an original Donald Trump Broadway play,' Trump told a crowd of supporters in Erie, Pennsylvania, Tuesday evening. 'First time I have ever pulled it out. I had it done specifically for the people of Erie because you guys like energy. You like being energy independent.'

"The clip includes edited clips of Biden and Harris answering questions on fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, a method of drilling into shale in order to release oil and natural gas."

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The Hill story used edited quotes from the president.]

"One clip of Biden is taken from the July 31, 2019, Democratic primary debate during which CNN anchor Dana Bash asked Biden if there would be 'any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking' in his administration.

"'No, we would — we would work it out. We would make sure it's eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those, either — any fossil fuel,' Biden said in response.

"The video also includes clips of Harris saying there is 'no question' she favors banning fracking and that it is 'critically important' to end fossil fuel leases on public lands. Harris made those remarks when she was still a presidential candidate, before she dropped out of the race and later agreed to run alongside Biden."

The opposition to fracking is unscientific nonsense promoted by Marxists who want us to continue to be at the mercy of Saudi Arabia and other oil exporters.

This is why Dumb Joe and what's her face support a ban.

ITEM 22: Ronna McDaniel release the figures from the Erie, Pennsylvania, rally:

19,502 signups 
26.9% NOT Republican
21.9% did not vote in 2016

Erie County has been a bellwether for Pennsylvania for decades. In 19 of the last 20 elections, whoever won Erie won Pennsylvania. 


  1. The MSM somehow thought it could smear Rudy Giuliani as a Russian agent proving once again that they have zero understanding of the average American mindset.

    1. Thanks in large part to DNI head Ratcliffe, putting out the truth, to dispel that Russian peddling nonsense put out by Brennan through his media allies. The ability of the MSM to influence the narrative is fading under the Trump era, or the Reveal era.

  2. Imagine Rudy sitting in a chair next to a woman with green lipstick in a bathtub filled with froot loops while discussing Hunter Biden? Thank goodness the center/right "alternative media outlets" aren't so cringy.

  3. I always thought that Michael Steele was the most underappreciated Bangle.

  4. Biden draws flies? Funny.
    Rudy said, who uses their own son as a bag man?

    1. Hunter was/is a screw up. All he was capable of doing was accepting bags of cash, he was asked that no one find out about it. He even messed that up.

    2. After both Joe and Hunter go to jail, then pardon Hunter but leave Joe in jail...forever.

    3. With Joe's addled mind, would he even know he was in jail? What jail would want to be saddled with Joe and his addled mind? Better to keep Hunter and Joe both free and force Hunter to care for Dad, NOT pay to have Dad taken care of, to actually have to physically care for him.

  5. ITEM 1: Michael Steele should read what Charles "Sam" Faddis wrote: We are not simply faced with the possibility of a crook being elected to the highest office in the land. We are facing the very real possibility of having a man, Joe Biden, who is owned by the Chinese Communist Party sit down in the Oval Office.

    Maybe Michael Steele is in favor of putting the Chinese Communist Party in the Oval Office.

  6. 1 - Steele is a regular guest on MSNBC. ‘Nuff said.

    7 - they look like extras from the bar scene in Star Wars.

    11 - zero crashes and zero congestion. Sounds like the democrats plan implemented through light rail. A pipe dream. The third zero should be zero chance.

    12 - your reader writes better than 99% of the media.

  7. 18 Agree with Don S. Hunter's brains are fried with drugs. He can easily forget the damaged laptops in a base of boomers and hangovers. Simon is projecting an introspective, haunted human with a conscience. Hunter Biden is none of the proceeding. If he is actually guilty of violating children, then he is a monster.

    21 No to using Federal lands for Ameficans, but completely fine with Chinese polluting good mining on prime pasture in NV. Turn the land over to productive Americans. Hell, make it 40 acres of you are so inclined.

  8. #21 & 22. Today, Obama is doing a "drive-in car rally" in Philly for Sleepy Joe. Let's see how that goes and what the P.O.S. says. I see a Surber post coming!

  9. #10. Doing those fly overs is an honor for pilots. Getting it perfect in time with the national anthem is no easy thing.
    They are a great recruiting tool and an emblem of national pride. I can remember as a kid watching planes making low level passes near our farm. We had a TV tower a half mile from the house. They did mock runs on it.

    1. They're also free. The Air Force is in the air training every day anyway, adjusting their flight path takes seconds and wastes no fuel or time.

    2. I'd boycott Fox sports but I don't watch it anyway.
      The pilots who strap on an F-16/15 etc. are hardly"playing'
      around it is not a waste of time. They will be there when the horn goes off or the bell rings. The Fox boys wold be hiding under their desks..

    3. Exactly correct Jeremy and Pepper. If you look at an air traffic control map of the USA, there are dozens of huge swaths of airspace that are MOA'a (military operation areas) which are in use on a daily basis. I've flown through several of them, and I'm always in radio contact with Air Traffic Control with a transponder on so that the F-15's can see me on radar.
      For them to do a civilian event flyover is simply a slight change of flight plan.

    4. Partly agree, partly disagree, Pepper, they don't simply divert a flight. Those are a high honor so no screw ups allowed. Pilots have so many hours of training every month. Those fly bys count for training and the guys are graded harshly on performance.
      You are correct that it costs the military nothing. It used to be they got paid by the NFL for doing them.
      Last year K-State got a fly over from Doc. They made three passes over my house before flying over the stadium. Low, slow, and Oh My!
      Pilots must execute a minimum number of flight hours to maintain proficiency. These flyovers will incur no additional cost to taxpayers.

    5. The last is a quote from the Air Force.

  10. ITEM 6: "I don't see any Republicans. Do you?"

    I believe the term you mean is conservative, not Republican. As we've seen over and over the last four years of the Trump era, the GOP is full of non conservative idiots. Cough, McStain, cough, cough, Ryan, cough, Steele, cough. Etc.

    ITEM 7: "Those mugshots of Antifa arrestees make me wonder what kind of zoo The Hill's newsroom is."

    A lefty SJW zoo, no doubt. It's the only way they could sympathize with those loons who were rightfully arrested. Again, the Trump era has become the Reveal era, where all who were hiding behind a facade, have been exposed as the true leftist loons they really are.

    ITEM 12: The more that comes out from the Hunter Hard Drive (HHD), the more some familiar proclamations that were thrown about for Trump's fake scandals by some stupid moronic trolls here, apply. I believe those proclamations were "The walls are coming down!" Or "We've got him now!" As usual with leftists, they were attempting to project their side's bad behavior onto Trump. Fail! Bwahahaha!

  11. #11, maybe they should spend some money trying to make batteries that dont burn the car down.
    #14. Don, thanks for my morning chuckle.

  12. Item 3 Jun 14th is the US Army's birthday Hoo Ahh

  13. Don Henley wrote, "the wolf is always at the door." True. But the wolf isn't Russia; it's Chy na (as DJT pronounces it). The question is, why do the MSM and the other anti-Trump actors almost always use Russia as the go-to bad guy? Are they paid off by China? Are they enamored of China (like Thomas Friedman)? Do they believe that the public will accept Russia as the bad guy more readily? I truly don't understand the love affair with China and the constant blaming of Russia.

  14. Item 11. Never buy from Government Motors again.

    1. I won't dts. I have a gummint motors rig; it's my backup beater and was paid off many years before the bailout. It has a blue book value somewhere around zero, but it runs, and all it costs me is the (minimal) liability insurance.

  15. Caption to a photo of SCOTUS nom Amy Coney Barrett's kids at a Senate hearing for their Mom: ACBs family is larger than a typical Biden rally.

    1. Lol! That should be reason enough for the Democrat scum to hate her!

    2. Chairman Xi held an impromptu rally for Joe and 1.3 billion people showed up.

    3. Saw a photo of a Biden boat rally: Caskets floated down the street from a flood.

  16. I can hear Rudy say, "You know when I put away Gotti and the other crime families in NY years ago, they too said all the evidence was made up by Russians. Imagine that."

  17. The message is clear in Minneapolis: move to St. Paul.

    Move out of Minnesota. And in your new home area, don't vote for Democrats/Progressives/Socialists!

    1. No, keep them in Minnesota. They need to fix their problem, not spread it.

  18. Thanks Don for the lineup of Joker wannabees in item 7. Law enforcement can clearly identify most Antifa idiots even if they are not wearing their clever all-black riot costumes. Hopefully post-Nov. 3 they will be rounded up and hit with federal charges.
    Interesting reading in that Hill article beyond the "mostly peaceful" line. This caught my eye:
    "The police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor set off weeks of protests,..." George Floyd, a career criminal, was not killed by police, as the autopsy showed.
    As for the AP analysis cited in the Hill article, it is absolute crap. It claims to be an analysis showing that most of those charged federally in rioting are not left-wing radicals and come from suburban homes for the most part. The AP article has 3 authors, which is crazy, and very few stats for an analysis. It is full of weasel words, most notably the overuse of "some" as in this passage:
    "Some of those facing charges undoubtedly share far-left and anti-government views. Far-right protesters also have been arrested and charged. Some defendants have driven to protests from out of state. Some have criminal records and were illegally carrying weapons. Others are accused of using the protests as an opportunity to steal or create havoc."
    So AP, how many of the 286 charged had prior criminal records? How many have a social media history of left wing agitation? How many were armed? Those are easily obtained stats that could and should have been part of the analysis.
    The AP article also stated it was "without precedent" that federal charges were sought for rioters. Unstated was the fact that frustration with catch and release DAs in Dem controlled cities was behind the move to federalize crimes.
    One breakdown, the charges, was interesting. It showed that the most numerous charges: arson (86) and illegal possession of a firearm (46), are not namby pamby violations. These are violent little bastards, whether they come from good suburban homes or not.

    1. Promiscuously using the words "some" and "several" as adjectives is a Bad Book Writing Habit (also, "a number of," etc.), which journalism relentlessly drills into journalists, who end up thinking that counting everything somehow clarifies their points (it has precisely the opposite effect).

      People who think they're chatting at cocktail parties as they type make for exceptionally incompetent authors of books, which E.B. White famously demolished as "non-books."

  19. "How many Electoral College votes does the White House Correspondents Association get?"

    Reminds me of another quote: "How many divisions does the Pope have?"

    Don in Oregon

    1. The pope is a communist, antifa are his legions.

    2. The Jesuits have always been referred to as "the Pope's marines".

  20. 2: The days of big media are over. Long live the Interwebz.

    12 deny, lie, and cry

    What they've been doing for 5 years anyway.

    the Obama crowd knew it

    If so, it goes all the way to the top and there should be a lot of questions pointed at the Mocha Messiah.


    More like Democrasuicide. In the end, though, this will hurt the Rs down the road. Being the one party in a one party anything is always bad.

    Witness the Democrats.

    16: NY goes R? I've been saying it feels like '72.

    20: The message is clear in Minneapolis: move to Lubbock.


  21. 18. Retribution for having to pay half the grift to "pops." (not corn pops)

  22. 11. You are on a Moose hunt in Alaska. You are in your Hummer EV.The temp is -20 your "Juice " is running down fast.You are now stranded.No heat, no power. No charger..
    Also, isn't Hummer made in China now? i sure bet that the components are...

  23. #12: So Kamala doesn't have the power to spot a predator?

  24. Item #1: "Michael Steele wrote, 'I'm a Republican..."

    I am honored to have the opportunity to say that Mr. Steele's world will come crashing down around his shoulders on or about Election Day.

    If he were betting on a Super Bowl on that particular day, he'd be sitting pretty during the first 3 quarters and then in the 4th, watch his team give up 39 unanswered points on their way to a soul-shattering defeat. Good!

    Item #2: Not that's it's a bad idea, but... "President Pence"?

    Item #3: Even at the age of six, Hillary The Loser had that supercilious smirk plastered on her mug. Compare it to the leering face of Strzok on the day he defied Congress to fire him.

    Item #5: Dustin Moskovitz co-founded Facebook with Zuckerberg. Two Scorpions in a bottle. Moskovitz left FB rather early in the game, afterwards.

    Moskovitz isn't "an automatic out" on Election Day. But pretty close to being one.

    Item #6: These mugshot freakazoids look like the member of the cast of a film released in 1932, "The Freaks":

    Item #10: Sorry, Don. Aikman is one of the worst public speakers on the planet
    And he's Exhibit A as to how the sports media turned into "The Hill zoo" --- hiring completely inexperienced ex-athletes at the same time they were firing the competent broadcasters, such as Mel Allen, who had spent decades learning their craft (the trend started in the 1960s).

    We agree on Buck, Mr. Exhibit A of Why Nepotism Guarantees Failure.

    At any rate, we've hit the triple. Mr. Aikman will also be mighty uncomfortable/frustrated 11/03-04-20 (it appears that it drives spoiled-rotten multi-millionaires absolutely nuts when their money cannot buy/rig elections).

    If Buck was significant, I'd look him up, too.

    (Continued, below)

    1. By the way, speaking of fish, Moskovitz's wife's name is Cari Tuna. Seriously. That's her name.

  25. Item #11: GM "has previously said it plans to release at least 20 new electric vehicles globally by 2023..."

    The statement in itself is so preposterous, who needs a punchline?

    Item #12: Imagine if Bernie had a son like Hunter Biden. He (HB) would have been unanimously chosen by the fine people of Vermont to be their new Senator when he ran for that office.

    (That's harsh. However, any state that sends a Socialist to the U.S. Senate deserves to be unmercifully mocked, and then some.)

    "Does Kamala feel used about now... She would definitely want to wash off this stink."

    H. Allen Smith, in his memoir To Hell In A Hand Basket (1962), tells the story of how he and his cohort in search of work in the Florida Panhandle in the 1920s came into a small town on the Gulf of Mexico and immediately noticed that the ratio of women to men was about 25-1.

    The explanation was that the town's fish canneries had attracted thousands of young women from miles around and this is where they ended up.

    Needless to say, Smith & Co. were enthralled by the obvious disparity in their favor and stayed for a week. Smith then added that they might have remained there for the rest of their lives had not his friend suddenly said, "Hey, Harry, have you noticed that they all stink of... fish?"

    Never mind the Biden aromas. Send Kamala to the Panhandle, where she belongs.

    Item 15: ... "Man putting Black Lives Matter sign in his yard arrested after shooting at Trump supporters."

    A "gun control" zealot, no doubt. And being a Democrap, naturally, every single shot he fired missed his targets.

    Item 19: "President Trump tweeted, 'I am pleased to inform you that, for the sake of accuracy in reporting, I am considering posting my interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, PRIOR TO AIRTIME!' "

    To quote a failed comedian who in 2015 dared Trump to run:

    "DO IT!"

    CBS video tape engineers will now be up all night long tonight restoring what they had taken out of their video of the Stahl interview.

    And if you think Pelosi is obnoxious / arrogant, she's a batboy in A-Ball compared to Leslie Stahl.

    We thank you for your time.

    Don Reed

  26. Item #1 - Steele was always a RINO.
    Item #2 - The Streisand effect.
    Item #3 - Go, go, Cocaine Mitch!
    Item #10 - Those two ignorant jackasses don't realize the planes would be flying the same number of hours flyovers or no flyovers so the crews can get their required flight time. Dumbasses!
    Item #12 - "Does Kamala feel used about now. Was she blindsided? If not how does she walk this tightrope. She would definitely want to wash off this stink?"

    No. She didn't mind giving Willie Brown knob jobs.

    Item #13 - "How many Electoral College votes does the White House Correspondents Association get?"

    None, Thank the Good Lord in Heaven!

  27. 18) I think Simon is correct. It's clear Hiden' is an abusive slime ball. He's a pedophile for God's sake!!! I wonder if his daughter has "stories"?! Or if his wife has scars?
    I also wonder if alcohol is an issue with his temper and mental state.

    However, Don's assessment is also correct! His irresponsibility made it possible to blamelessly throw Pops under the bus.

  28. Re: #7

    How did they determine that the arrestees were not extremists?

    1. Identical twins are barred by law from indicting each other.

      Don Reed

  29. I'm a Trumpaholic addicted to drinking Trumpweiser while binge-watching his rallies. Help. I need AA (America Always) counseling.