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Friday, October 02, 2020

Highlights of the News

​Donald John Trump is still our president. John Roberts is auditioning for CNN.

ITEM 1: CBS reported, "Philadelphia police are investigating after an employee’s laptop and encrypted USB flash drives were stolen from an election machine warehouse at 3500 Scotts Lane in East Falls, the Philadelphia City Commissioner’s office confirmed Wednesday. Officials said the stolen laptop did not contain any election materials on it and isn’t capable of programming any of the city’s election machines.

"The city commissioner’s office said the laptop’s security features prevent unauthorized access and that the user account has already been disabled. They added they’re 'rechecking all of the seals on the already tested machines.'"

Dump the computers. Go back to paper ballots.

ITEM 2: CNBC reported, "Spending in the 2020 contest is expected to reach a record-shattering $10.8 billion, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan group that tracks money in politics. 

"That total estimated spending amount reflects the presidential and congressional races. So far, CRP noted, the 2020 election has seen $7.2 billion in spending. The group expects another bump once third-quarter fundraising results are released this month. 

"To compare, the 2016 campaign cost $7 billion, adjusted for inflation."

ITEM 3: The debate about the debate is always better than the debate. When President Trump fights for himself, I know he will fight for me.

And he had better get the moderator fixed. Steve Scully once worked for Biden.

ITEM 4: PJ Media reported, "Three Christian schools and a Christian network of pregnancy centers are suing Attorney General Mark Herring (D-Va.) in order to prevent Virginia from implementing two pro-LGBT laws that force 'people of faith to adopt a particular government ideology under threat of punishment.' The two laws purport to prevent 'discrimination' against LGBT people but, in reality, they force Christian ministries to choose between violating their sincerely held religious beliefs or paying hefty fines, as much as $100,000 per offense.

"The so-called Virginia Values Act (S.B. 868), which Gov. Ralph Northam (D-Va.) signed on Holy Saturday (the day before Easter Sunday) in the middle of a pandemic, compels churches, religious schools, and Christian ministries to hire employees who do not share their stated beliefs on marriage, sexuality, and gender identity. A companion law (H.B. 1429) requires ministries and others like them to pay for transgender surgery in employee health care plans, a procedure that violates these ministries’ convictions."

Democrats are establishing a state religion in Virginia. I can think of few things more anti-American.

ITEM 5: A reader liked this editorial in the Rome (NY) Sentinel, "In Tuesday’s Presidential Debate, Joe Biden was the instigator. It started quietly enough. An uninterrupted answer from Trump. One from Biden. Then Biden interrupted Trump three times.

"Biden’s plan of attack was to carpet-bomb the debate with a steady stream of misinformation, mischaracterization, and unsubstantiated claims, steamroller moderator Chris Wallace, deny any accusations from Trump, and belittle the President at every turn.

"The plan might have worked but Trump — a Queens political streetfighter — saw Wallace lose control, and stepped in to challenge Biden whenever he tried to lob a new allegation of fake news. There were so many."

It went on to list them. Having written editorials for 26 years, I tip my hat. Good job.

ITEM 6: Outkick reported, "Hannity Breaks All-Time Viewership Record in Cable News Quarter."

The story said, "For about two decades, Bill O’Reilly was in Sean Hannity’s way on top of cable news. While Hannity is now in a nightly ratings battle with Tucker Carlson — he is often No. 1.

"In Q3 2020, Hannity recorded the highest-rated quarter for a cable news show in history at 4,454,000. Tucker Carlson Tonight previously held the record at 4.3 million in Q2 2020. For context, Hannity‘s average topped ESPN’s NBA conference finals.

"Combining his Fox News primetime show and national radio program, which trails only Rush Limbaugh, Hannity’s reach leads all media."

He's an overnight success, 30 years in the making.

People are tired of virtue signaling from a player and his league who rake in billions from shoes made by slaves in Red China.

ITEM 7: Rebel News reported, "Under the Associated Press’ new set of guidelines, riots should no longer be referred to as such because they focus too much on rioting and ignore the “underlying grievance” that is used to “stigmatize broad swaths of people protesting against lynching, police brutality or for racial justice.”

"In other words, riots are merely protests if they occur in the name of Black Lives Matter or if Antifa militants are involved in mass violence."

Does this mean the AP will stop calling it the Civil War and call it instead, the Democrat Mostly Peaceful Protest Against Lincoln?

ITEM 8: CNBC reported, "Corona virus vaccine trial participants report day-long exhaustion, fever and headaches — but say it’s worth it."

Vaccines are not without side effects. I wonder if the side effects on this one will mean co-morbid people will not be able to take it. That would bite. A lot!

ITEM 9: The Cincinnati Enquirer reported, "If there were any question that Columbus Rep. Bernadine Kennedy Kent was on the outs with Ohio Democrats, it was clear Tuesday when she announced her support of President Donald Trump.

"Kennedy Kent and her husband James Whitaker greeted Trump aboard Air Force One in Cleveland ahead of Tuesday night's debate, according to a pool report. Kennedy Kent, who is black, publicly announced her endorsement of Trump earlier in the day, citing low unemployment rates among black Americans and increased support for historically black colleges and universities."

Welcome aboard the Trump Train.

ITEM 10: Weasel Zippers reported, "Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Threatens To Put Capitalists Up Against A Wall And Murder Them."

He seems to be under the impression that the revolution he supports will sweep away only those bad CEOs, not him.

Boy, is he in for a rude awakening. History shows mobs don't understand nuance.

ITEM 11: The downside to journalists marrying journalists. This is why a couple should always purchase a couch when they get married.

ITEM 12: Gallup reported, "Regardless of whom they personally support, 56% of Americans expect Trump to prevail over Biden in the November election, while 40% think Biden will win. Although majorities of partisans think their party's candidate will win, Republicans are more likely to believe Trump will win (90%) than Democrats are to think Biden will (73%).

"56% of independents predict that Trump will win."

Meh. What do voters know about elections?

ITEM 13: Just the News reported, "When history looks back decades from now, fired FBI Director James Comey's latest testimony before the Senate may be remembered, remarkably, not for what he knew but, rather, what he claimed he didn't know.

"Time and again on Wednesday under the intense glare of the political spotlight, Comey claimed he had been kept in the dark or did not remember anything about essential developments in the Russia collusion probe that implied President Trump's innocence."

Comey is a weasel who should be in prison by now.

ITEM 14: Via Trending Politics, Ted Cruz to Chris Cuomo on Cuomo's own show: "Donald Trump broke you guys … your entire show, your entire network now is just how much you hate Trump."

Replacing Fredo with Kathy Griffin would be an improvement.

ITEM 15: The president campaigned in Duluth. I thought Minnesota already was a refugee camp.

ITEM 16: Just the News reported, "22 days before President Obama left office, the U.S. ambassador to Kiev wrote top officials in Washington that she feared Burisma Holdings had made a second bribe to Ukrainian officials around the time a corruption probe against Hunter Biden's natural gas employer was closed before Donald Trump took office.

"The concerns are detailed in new memos belatedly released to Just the News under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department. The suit was brought on behalf of the news organization by the public interest law firm the Southeastern Legal Foundation."

The Obama administration fear was that they did not get a piece of the action.

Our nation was taken over by thugs and thieves on 20 JAN 09.

ITEM 17: President Trump enters quarantine. Not a good development.

ITEM 18: No excitement without an indictment. ​Nevertheless, the Mueller witch hunters may be sleeping less easy these nights.

ITEM 19: Chris Wallace just admitted President Trump won the debate by being large and in charge. ​Wallace cannot handle an Alpha Male. He should go back to interviewing Democrats, RINOs, and winos. They are more his speed.

ITEM 20: I gave free content to Twitter. Sigh.

ITEM 21: NYT goes all-in for Red China. This is no surprise. Ochs supported Confederate slavery. Now his heirs support communist slavery.


  1. 3 - love our fighter.

    5 - listened to Hannity a bit on the radio while driving last week. He is Un-listenable. On and on and on about the same stuff every hour/day. His questions take longer than the answers. He interrupts his guests to talk about himself. He has some good guests however. I would think his tv show is the same.

    14 - did. Fredo even realize the beating he took?

    1. I stopped watching Hannity after he faked Tea Party photos to make a rally look bigger than it was. The Tea Party didn't need his help, he was just lying for the sake of lying and it discredited the movement.

    2. If you listen to Hannity everyday, as I do, yes, he can be a bit repetitive. But he has to do that because the things he talks about are not reported in the mainstream media. he gives us what they won't: the truth. He was dead right about Obama in 2008 and I've been a fan ever since. Check out events in the last 15-20 years and you'll see that Hannity has been right every time, Every Time! Listen to and watch his shows and let not your heart be troubled.

    3. It's not my heart that be troubled when I hear Hannity but my ears. I hate radio/TV hosts who feel compelled to talk over their guests.

    4. Hannity is an idiot and a neo con. The only decent and honest pundit left is Tucker.

    5. Stopped listening to Hannity years ago. Too much repetition, too many teasers that didn't deliver, too many interviews with Little Lindsey. I switched to Howie Carr.

    6. Can'twatch Hannity. The guy can't shut up. It's all about him and his brilliant opinions. The same show night after night. Like a soap opera, you can stop watching for 6 months and when you turn it on again it's like you never missed a day.

    7. Hannity is 160 proof. Five minutes with him, and one feels as if he's been blasted with a neutron bomb. Meanwhile, Fox has turned into the Murdoch-Biden Channel. Tucker and Hannity ought to bolt over to OAN this minute, taking their ratings with them, and leave Fox in the lurch.

      Don Reed

    8. P.S. "one feels" refers to the viewer, not Hannity.

  2. ITEM 20: Ari Fleischer tweeted, " I don’t care who anyone interned for for one month when they were young."

    Except it wasn't all that long ago: "@SteveScully Mar 18, 2016 No, Not Trump, Not Ever"

    1. David Brooks of NYT wrote the editorial.
      Scully might have re-tweeted it.

  3. John Roberts is getting older now, and likely needs his job. Whatever his boss says to do is what he is going to do. If he get fired for that stupid outrage then we know John went out on a limb.

    1. The crazy thing is that he didn't even have to check back to all the past statements on the white supremisist garbage. he only needed to check with the person he goes to bed with every night. I once thought Roberts was pretty fair but this shows that he's either bowing to his bosses or that he's just another lazy reporter who sees the opportunity of "If it bleeds, it leads".

    2. Obviously, then, Kyra Phillips is not the woman he goes to bed with every night.

  4. #17 Yes it is a good development.

    CDC rates for Covid if YOU ARE INFECTED with the disease. This is your chance of living through it if you catch it by age group.

    0-19 99.997%
    20-49 99.98%
    50-69 99.5%
    70+ 94.6%

    This includes people with underlying conditions. So if he's healthy his survival rate goes to more than 97%.

    If you catch it you will not have to take the poorly tested, rushed through politicized vaccine.

    Everyone not in an identified group of low tolerance should want to catch this disease and be done with it

    1. He's pretty healthy but he's still obese. He does have some HCQ on hand. I'd be taking it if I were him. Billions of Africans attest to that.
      Not a religious man but I've been praying for our President all night.
      We all should

    2. I agree with your numbers and analysis O2B. My 24 year old daughter was just diagnosed yesterday too. She's extremely healthy so little risk at all, but it still concerns me until she's completely better. On another note, I called my DR. to get a prescription for Hydroxychloroquine and receptionist said, "Our Doctors WON'T prescribe that!" I was livid. Time to find a new practice. Unreal

    3. If you catch it you will not have to take the poorly tested, rushed through politicized vaccine.

      Amen, brother! Scary mainly because it is politicized.

    4. I saw a headline the other day "experts wonder about the low infection rate in africa." Africans take quinine regularly to prevent malaria. If the press and democrats hadn't politicized HCQ, thousands of lives could have been saved.

  5. Item 4: Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it only the Federal Government, not the states, that is prohibited from establishing a religion?

    1. Per the Constitution, yes. The individual states had state religions at the start.
      Per scotus, no, nope nada. They wrote law instead of interpreting it.

  6. Heh.
    "I thought Minnesota already was a refugee camp."

  7. Item 6: What about Joe Rogan for most influential media guy?

  8. Opener, dang, wrong John Roberts. Was hoping supreme injustice of the court was pulling stakes.
    #3. A simple compromise, Donald Trump Jr moderates debate#2 and Skully does#3 unless Biden goes off rails.

  9. #11, h/t Carlos Osweda: " ... has read Joseph Heller's WWII novel Catch-22: Trump knows about Major ________ de Coverley and the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade.
    And THAT is why Trump always refuses to condemn on command. @johnrobertsFox is part of the Crusade.

  10. No. 6 - In 1989, Hannity hosted his first talk radio show. Regarding his first show, he said, "I wasn't good at it. I was terrible." Apparently, Sean has come full circle.

    1. I used to enjoy Hannity and Colmes. Hannity and Hannity? Not so much.

  11. “John Roberts is tired of it.” I don’t think I’ve laughed louder or longer about anything this year. Priceless.

  12. ITEM 3 - President Trump's convalescence may end up scrapping the second debate. However, I would favor having two moderators, one of each candidate's choice, and let the donnybrook begin.

    ITEM 6 - Yes, Hannity is repetitious, his one negative. However, he broke the story of the deep state's conspiracy against President Trump and brought on guests who confirmed his irrefutable accounts, and that made me a loyal viewer.

    ITEM 7 - The one in charge of the Associated Press needs to be outed from his studied anonymity and directly questioned about his semantic games.

    ITEM 8 - More than a hundred different Kung Flu vaccines are under development. If the leading candidates falter during the trials, there will be more stepping up to prove they are safer and/or ore effective. Gone are the days when Louis Pasteur could introduce a rabies vaccine, test it one one patient, and pronounce it safe and effective.

    1. Our President has two weeks to get well and prepare. As with debate#1, he will be fighting the moderator. Biden is there for a photo op.
      I expect President Trump will make plenty of noise about Skully, but the reality is that he has the ability to master them. The screaming show will be theater meant to lull them into a sense of security. President Trump will have this in the bag before Hair Force one leaves Andrews.

  13. Quoted from Hogewash entry today:

    Early in life I have noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper, but in Spain, for the first time, I saw newspaper reports which did not bear any relation to the facts, not even the relationship which is implied in an ordinary lie. … I saw, in fact, history being written not in terms of what happened but of what ought to have happened according to various ‘party lines’.

    —George Orwell

  14. 5: Why I like Trump. He's no gentleman.

    10: Guys like him are the first to go. Ask Sadegh Ghotbzadeh.

    17: No sweat.

  15. #16. I've been saying for years that the Dimocrat Party is a crime syndicate masquerading as a political party. - GOC

    1. Which is why they should be prosecuted under the RICO act.

  16. #17 Pray for president Trump and first Lady Melania . That sadi i guarantee they are on the HCQ.Zinc Etc.May have been already. But they were in the presence of a feeble elderly man, who was put at risk.
    Biden . Watch what happens this will cancel the next debate even if Joe doesn't get it. The media will say that Biden was purposely put at risk because-Trump..

  17. #8: EVERY time I get the flu shot, I know that most likely the next day will suck. But, it passes and I get on with my life. This does not surprise me. However, I know the media will blow it up like it is worse than cancer treatments.

  18. "Wallace cannot handle an Alpha Male."

    Playground memories from elementary school die hard for gamma dorks like Wallace.

  19. 3. So much easier to cut off Trump's microphone than to interupt him.

    8. Only short term effects are currently available.

    13. Known as the "hillary technique." Used for decades by democrats but perfected by hillary. Never remember anything. I mean if the smartest woman in the world can't remember anything who can be expected to remember?

    17. I hope they use the HCQ protocol.

    19. So, it was Trump's fault that wallace favored biden?

  20. #8: Why take a vaccine that might cause headaches, fever, exhaustion, to avoid a virus that might cause headaches, fever, exhaustion?

  21. #3. Why oh why do the republicans keep doing this?.We are ALWAYS stuck with liberal moderators. This bozo should have been disqualified. There is so much bias they aren’t even ashamed to use him. Why can’t we just say no.
    #7 LOL, thanks Don, I needed that.

    1. And always stuck with Democrat talking points for questions.

  22. #8. I've had shingles, right before 50 so my luck wasn't good in that regard. I've had a shingles vaccine so I don't get it again. Yes, a day of flu like symptoms beats the actual disease. That being said, we don't even know of the Wuhan vaccine will even work, yet.

    1. Shingles is a real ordeal. I had it this year, in June, and thank god the prescribed medicines conquered the virus. Oxycodone, which I abhor (I hate addictive drugs), turned out to be a blessing in disguise, and proven easy to jettison after things became normal again.



  23. John Roberts is a self-absorbed buffoon and is yet another reason I dumped FNS soon after the 2016 election.

    Bob in MA

  24. #11: John Roberts married to ex-CNN dimwit Kyra Phillips:

    "This is why a couple should always purchase a couch when they get married." SCORE !!!

    B) His wife is the dimwit who, when she was at CNN, left her hot mic on while she proceeded to the ladies room, and as a result, the whole country heard her telling another lady "journalist" how good her husband was in the sack (Roberts may or may not have been the champion Sack Master).

    B) The Degeneration of the American Mainstream Media (1980-2020)

    Substitute "MSM" for "vaudeville," and we're all set:

    "Vaudeville could not vouch for the honesty, the integrity, or the mentality of the individuals who collectively made up the horde the medium embraced. All the human race demands of its members is that they be born. That is all vaudeville demanded. You just had to be born.

    "You could be ignorant & be a star. You could be a moron & be endless, incongruous swarm ...dragging performing lions...& monkeys in their wake...There were dancers...mind readers...ventriloquists...clay modelers & educated geese.

    "Vaudeville asked only that you own an animal...or have a minimum of talent or a maximum of nerve. With these dubious assets, vaudeville offered fame & riches. It was up to you."

    Fred Allen, Much Ado About Me (1956)

    [Don Reed]

  25. Item 3:

    People at many of the Patriot blogs have been commenting that Chissie has been getting more and more touchy — lashing out at any person who even questions him to gain clarification... let alone challenge him — and triple so is the person is female.

    And that dispirited “hang dog look” he's always sporting when not actively screaming hysterically at a person....

    I know these symptoms; I've seen it before— whenever I have to have an adult dog “fixed”!

    Perhaps Mr.Surber's just a little behind when he suggests this:

    »“And he had better get the moderator fixed.”

    Actions indicate it has already been done and they're in Biden's lockbox as we speak.

    Biden's lockbox: the place where Bite'em keeps all his most precious “treasures” close at hand... to be able to fondle them frequently.
    But we can always discuss that at a later date.


    Item 11:

    Quoting Mr.Surber:

    »“...This is why a couple should always purchase a couch when they get married.”

    I really don't understand this!
    Why a couch?
    please amplify.

    ~ Greybeard

    Why are BOTH the “blockquote” and the “q” (“quote”) tags disabled?
    When used they throw an error!

    ~ G

    1. So the dog has a place to sleep while you are living in his house.