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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Highlights of the News

Megyn Kelly tweeted the above photo and said, "'Please, please like me' is actually a pretty fun, funny, and self-deprecating way of connecting. This is why so many people forgive Trump his jagged edges -- he can laugh at himself."

I know who our next ambassador to the Bahamas should be.

ITEM 1: Mollie Hemingway reported, "Charlie Cook declared the race over and Hillary Clinton the winner on the strength of a Fox News poll that was issued on October 13, 2016. Four years to the day later, he said Biden will win and that there’s a 40% chance he will win big. He also said, according to a press release that was just issued, that 'if Biden is able to win the states Hillary Clinton lost, he could get enough electoral votes to win the election.' Not much to say about that insightful comment."


But she pointed out whereas Hillary's stock was rising in the battleground states a month before the election, Biden's numbers are falling. He's down to 4.9% in the Real Clear Politics average of the polls in battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina. Her lead was about that at 5.1%.






But this time it is different because it is. It just is.

ITEM reported, "Muammar Gaddafi’s cousin to sue Hillary Clinton for ‘destroying Libya.’"

The story said, "The political official of the Libyan National Struggle Front, Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, began on Monday, the first steps to sue former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on charges of spreading destruction and supporting terrorism in Libya.

"The cousin of the late Libyan president, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, said in an exclusive interview with Sputnik that he had assigned his legal team to sue the former U.S. Secretary of State.

"Gaddaf al-Dam added that he provided the legal team with other documents not released by the U.S. State Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton on charges of spreading destruction and supporting terrorism in Libya.

"No further details were released and it is not clear where the lawsuit will be filed."

Hillary laughed when she said, "We came. We saw. He's dead."

Gaddafi posed no threat to anyone. He gave up his WMD research. Killing him led to a civil war, and the exodus of hundreds of thousands of refugees who overran parts of Europe.

I hope the Libyans clean her clock and bankrupt her.

ITEM 3: Tom Blumer reported, "The nation’s corporate media have mostly downplayed or ignored the U.S. economy’s remarkable performance following the covid 19 lockdowns earlier this year. They have completely ignored how pandemic-related economic restrictions in many states have prevented the ongoing recovery from being even stronger.

"In just five months, the unemployment rate has fallen by 45% from its April peak of 14.7%, and the economy has also regained just over half of the 22.2 million jobs lost in March and April. This is a far better performance than most economists expected. Media outlets far and wide, and even the Congressional Budget Office, originally predicted that it would take ten years for the economy to fully recover."

Well, when you elect as president the man who dictated The Art of the Comeback, this is expected.

He also wrote that 10 states account for most of the unemployment. Using August data (September's state by state unemployment figures are not ready yet) Blumer reported, "These ten states have just under one-third of the country’s population. Their combined population-weighted unemployment rate in August was 11.4%. This means the unemployment rate for the rest of the nation was below 7%."

Nine of those states are run by Democrat governors. The one Republican opposes President Trump. Most have Democrat legislatures.

They wanted to throttle the economy to elect a Democrat president.

Vote them all out.

ITEM 4: Wisconsin Right Now reported, "The man who allegedly fired the first shot behind Kyle Rittenhouse just prior to the fatal shooting in Kenosha last August has been charged.

"Joshua Ziminski, 35, was charged on Oct. 9 with disorderly conduct by use of a dangerous weapon for firing a gun into the air as Rittenhouse was pursued by Joseph Rosenbaum. Rittenhouse would shoot Rosenbaum seconds later.

"The charges could give Rittenhouse’s defense attorneys a chance to argue that their client may have thought he was being fired upon when he opened fire at Rosenbaum, as Ziminski allegedly fired a gun in the air seconds before Rittenhouse opened fire. Video shows Ziminski standing behind Rosenbaum at the time.

"Court records show he has a lengthy criminal history in Wisconsin for carrying a concealed weapon and other offenses. He had an open domestic abuse criminal case at the time of the Rittenhouse shooting. Joshua Ziminski also went by the online pseudonym of Alex Blaine."

We may get justice after all.

And Lin Wood may collect some money for the kid off the Democrat Party which lied about him.

ITEM 5: The Washington Times reported, "Twitter has locked the account of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany because she shared a story about Hunter Biden and Ukraine.

"President Trump’s campaign war room posted an image of an effort by Ms. McEnany to access her personal Twitter account."

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, later tweeted, "Our communication around our actions on the @nypost article was not great. And blocking URL sharing via tweet or DM with zero context as to why we’re blocking: unacceptable."

Oops, my bad, does not cut it because every single time Twitter errs, it errs on the side of Marxism.

Let us give Dorsey a taste of the very authoritarianism Twitter promotes.

On November 4, shut Twitter down. All of it. Have the federal government pull the plug and force them to get their act together and stop censoring patriotic Americans.

ITEM 6: The Washington Post lied and said Biden did not withhold a billion in aid until Ukraine fired a prosecutor who was looking into Burisma, which gave his worthless son a $600,000-a-year no show job. ​On November 4, kick the Post out of the White House press room.

The only way to deal with these jackasses is with a figurative 2-by-4 to the figurative noggin, figuratively speaking.

ITEM 7: The Hill reported, "Two Americans held hostage by Houthi rebels in Yemen have been released as part of a U.S.-backed deal that includes more than 200 of the group’s loyalists returning to the war-torn country, the Trump administration confirmed Wednesday."

Two more votes for Donald Trump. He gets things done.

ITEM 8: Citizen Free Press reported, "Lindsey Graham leads challenger Jaime Harrison by 6 points, according to a Morning Consult poll released Tuesday. Graham leads Harrison 48 percent to 42 percent in the poll, the first in several weeks not to show the race as a dead heat. The survey was conducted this month. 

"Previous Morning Consult polling in South Carolina conducted in mid-September, shortly before Ginsburg died, had Harrison and Graham essentially tied.

"Harrison has smashed fundraising records in the race, bringing in $57 million in the final full quarter of his campaign. The number is an all-time single-quarter record for a Senate candidate, outflanking the $38 million then-Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) raised in the third quarter of his 2018 campaign challenging Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)."

Hollywood money for the Black Beto. I expect the same result.

ITEM 9: Thom Nickels reported, "Philadelphia Weekly, one of the city’s most venerable leftist alternative newsweeklies, has rocked the local journalism scene with its announcement that, starting next year, it will provide Philly readers with a different kind of alternative: it will change its editorial outlook from hard-liberal to conservative. The news that PW’s chairman and publisher, Dan McDonough, Jr., was doing a 180-degree reversal of its editorial direction struck most Philadelphians as a fantasy straight out of The Onion. I received several emails from fellow journalists, asking, 'Is this real?'"

It is real.

McDonough said, "We have always been the alternative voice in Philadelphia.

"That audience has changed over the years, and, in 2020, conservatives and people who are angry and fed up with an inept city government don’t really have a voice here. To continue our mission, we had to change."

The resistance is the establishment.

The squares are the non-conformists.

ITEM 10: PJ Media reported, "On Thursday, The New York Times published an essay critical of its 1619 Project. Bret Stephens, a writer of the sort that passes for conservative at the Times, wrote a painfully balanced rebuke of the 1619 Project, arguing that the project and its founder, Nikole Hannah-Jones, were not truly anti-American but admitting that the project and its founder made serious errors in judgment that ended up dooming the project. The Times‘ leadership issued statements praising the 1619 Project, but Hannah-Jones appears to have lashed out with something of a tantrum, anyway.

"On Tuesday, the Washington Post revealed the internal machinations of The Times — and Hannah-Jones’ response, essentially blaming the Times of racism."

The Post story said, "Hannah-Jones, though, was livid. She sent vitriolic emails to both Kingsbury and Stephens ahead of publication. She also tweeted that efforts to discredit her work ‘put me in a long tradition of [black women] who failed to know their places,' the Post explained. “She changed her Twitter bio to ‘slanderous and nasty-minded mulattress’ — a tribute to the trailblazing journalist Ida B. Wells, whom the Times slurred with those same words in 1894."

Ida Wells was born to a slave family in Mississippi during the Civil War.

Hannah-Jones was an affirmative action baby at Notre Dame. If the Times is so darned racist, why does she work there?

ITEM 11: PJ Media covered the Judge Barrett hearing, which is in its third day. The highlight was Kamala Harris asking her honor, "Do you accept that smoking causes cancer?"

Harris supporter Jeff Daniels can play her in the movie. Biden supporter Jim Carrey can play him.

Oh wait, they already did that movie. They called it Dumb and Dumber.

ITEM 12: Breitbart reported, "Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas argued that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) is applied too broadly to social media companies in a recent letter. The law, which was passed at the beginning of the dot-com era, allows internet companies to avoid liability for content that has been posted by users on their platform. According to Thomas, “many courts have construed the law broadly to confer sweeping immunity on some of the largest companies in the world.”

"According to a report by Axios, Justice Clarence Thomas suggested that Section 230 of the CDA should be narrowed. Section 230 grants broad legal protections to social media companies with regard to content posted by users.

"In a statement issued in response to a petition for writ of certiorari, Justice Thomas argued that Section 230 declares that social media platforms are not publishers, which means that they cannot be held liable for content posted by their users. Some industry analysts have suggested that platforms should be responsible for certain content on their platform, and for the censorship of content from their platforms, an act that makes them a publisher instead of a platform."

AOL had the right idea with its chat rooms. It banned a few words and images, but it stayed out of the argument.

You can use any words you want and show all the naughty parts you want on Twitter, but certain thoughts are forbidden.

ITEM 13: Just the News reported, "Bruce Ohr, the senior Justice Department official whose conduct in the Russia case spurred significant controversy, has retired after being informed that a decision on disciplinary action was imminent, the department announced Wednesday.

"Ohr's decision will spare him any potential punishment for his role in providing information to the FBI about Christopher Steele's dossier at the same time his wife, Nellie Ohr, worked for the same firm as Steele — Fusion GPS, run by Glenn Simpson.

"Congressional Republicans complained that the connection created a conflict of interest. Ohr said his bosses approved of the arrangement."


No prison time.

A six-figure lifetime pension instead.

ITEM 14No Q reported, "Ashamed? Senator Mark Warner photoshopped police logo out of campaign image.

"Can Virginians who value law and order continue to vote for a Senator who is embarrassed enough of his past association with law enforcement that he had their logo photoshopped off of a campaign picture?"

Democrats are the biggest darned cowards in the land.

ITEM 15: Zero Hedge reported, "Senator Elizabeth Warren, once again displaying her exceptional business acumen, has lashed out at Disney for the company's recent layoffs which, ironically, occurred due to government forcing its theme parks to close in jurisdictions like California. Disney's theme parks employed more than 100,000 people prior to the crisis. 

"Warren criticized the layoffs not by looking at what the government did to catalyze them, but rather by examining Disney's financial decisions in the years leading up to the pandemic, according to Reuters. 

"She wrote in a letter to Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger and Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek on Tuesday: 'I would like to know whether Disney’s financial decisions have impacted the company’s decision to lay off workers. It appears that – prior to, and during the pandemic – Disney took good care of its top executives and shareholders – and now is hanging its front-line workers out to dry.'"

Never marry crazy.

Never elect it either.

ITEM 16: Not banned on Twitter...

...for now.

ITEM 17: Reuters reported, "A federal judge on Wednesday ruled that absentee ballots in the presidential battleground state of North Carolina must have a witness signature, a boost for Republican groups seeking to enforce stricter rules on mail-in voting.

"U.S. District Judge William Osteen in Greensboro issued an injunction essentially barring voters from being able to fix an absentee ballot they had already sent in if it lacked a third-party signature attesting that the voter, and not somebody else, signed the ballot.

"The judge was reversing a previous directive by state officials that had allowed voters to remedy the lack of a witness signature by returning an affidavit verifying that it was their ballot."

The law is the law.

Don't like the law? Pass a law to replace it.


  1. “Our previous polling methodology relied on a sampling rate of Democrats/Republicans/Independents that turned out to be erroneous. We apologize for this error.”

    Run with it, LibCommies.

  2. Libya should take their case to the World Court or the ICC.

    It would be pleasing to see globalist scum like Clinton and the Indonesian Imbecile run through the wringer of the kangaroo "international government" they value so much over the United States.

    1. I like that idea but the ICC is toothless when it comes to their globalist buddies. I would love to see the Clinton machine along with the Obama machine,cleaned and fried..
      _In the USA._

    2. I would love to see them face justice here, but their first stab at a legal defense before one of these supranational kangaroo courts would be to deny the body's legitimacy.

      I know that logic and hypocrisy mean somewhere between jack and squat to these pieces of filth, but weakening globalist institutions is almost invariably good for the USA.

    3. The very idea that European globalists would ever bring charges against Clinton is insane.

  3. 5 - Hopefully, PDJT’s second term will address the issues with Social(ist) Media such as Facebook and Twitter. Will the deep state republicans still in congress do anything? I have my doubts.

    10 - can’t help but smile as the NYTimes is devouring itself.

    11 - Excellent link. She slapped down the horrific Harris and dreadful Durbin. Attractive, smart and well spoken. The new face of the Supreme Court. The new role model for females.

    1. "Will the deep state republicans still in congress do anything?" NO!! A LOT of lobbyist loot is spread around for our representatives' "retirement funds".

    2. ACB will be the first female chief justice - just watch.

    3. Numéro Diez: "On Tuesday, the Washington Post revealed the internal machinations of The Times — and Hannah-Jones’ response, essentially blaming the Times of racism."

      I recommend that Madame 1619 (the project was not named after her weight) with the Krusty The Klown fright wig buy a full-page ad in the New York Post, and use it to denounce the New York Times, The New York Post, Presidents Washington right through to Trump, 75% of the white Parcheesi players in Ohio, and various gun-toting animals roaming around in the Grand Canyon, of systematic and sustained and You Bad You Really Really Bad racism.

      The Post could use the cash.

      Don Reed

  4. Democrats made a major mistake, in my opinion, with pushing for mail-in ballots. It seems from this report and others that a lot of voters have already mailed in their ballots after filling it out incorrectly. This leaves them with the horrifying thought of (a) how many are spoiled and (b) which ones? It is hard to manufacture a ballot for a specific voter if you don't know which one you need to manufacture.

  5. Regarding censoring the White House Press Secretary - no one will notice that at all. Nope. And of course she doesn't have other platforms and microphones to get her message out. None whatsoever.


  6. #3. Many new jobs have been created. Too many of those jobs lost to the China syndrome are gone for ever. Mom and pop businesses, restaurants and family oriented establishments got destroyed by this. Then to top it off we got the burning summer because the democrat propaganda arm lied and claimed a drug overdose death was a murderer by a cop. GOD, bless our law enforcement. They may not be perfect, but they ARE the best in the world. May they serve you well.

  7. Item #6: I would prefer literal over figurative, but I’d settle for figurative.

    Item #14: When your supporters consist of a coalition, nay, a conglomeration of victim groups, it must get mighty difficult to tiptoe amongst the landmines.

  8. 12: Here's an argument not only to reelect DJT but to insure that he has both houses of Congress. Let Congress make the fix.

    13: Not convinced the Ohr is off the hook. Speaking of which, maybe DOJ can no longer discipline him, but the organized bar can. Just need to find out in what jurisdictions he is admitted to practice and file a complaint in each jurisdiction.

  9. Ida B. Wells was a Republican. Try to find that with any search engine. All I found was that Wells was not a Democrat. LOL.

    1. Using DDG, I got several top listings that said her parents were active in the Republican Party, but you're right- I couldn't find anything saying what political party she was in herself. One entry did say that she ran for the Illinois Senate, but didn't say which party she ran for.

  10. 2, 4: This sort of thing has been a long time coming.

    9: Been saying that for years.

    13: You never know how things are goin g to turn out. Just because he's retired doesn't mean he can't be prosecuted.

  11. "Our communication around our actions on the @nypost article was not great. And blocking URL sharing via tweet or DM with zero context as to why we’re blocking: unacceptable." Jackie Dorse

    You will notice he isn't mad about the banning, only about the lack of context to go with the bans.

  12. 6. Or, take the figurative out completely.

    9. Was this from the Babylon Bee?

  13. Referencing that speech in Megyn Kelly's tweet, everyone should listen to it. Trump references the attempted remake of suburban America by the Obumble administration, and when I first read of the policy, I cringed, knowing full well how it would do as Trump said in the speech, destroy suburbia, as all leftist policies always do. I thank Trump again, for eliminating the potential damage the Obumbles legacy would have left if unchecked. Trump has way more than exceeded my miniscule expectation of changing the GOP. The more I read of Trump's accomplishments here, and at other sites, the more he keeps adding to HIS legacy, and thus saving the America I grew up in, or slowing/stopping the damage inflicted by the left.

  14. #5
    Rudy Giuliani has a complete copy of the hard drive turned over to the FBI that is just starting to trickle out because the guy who gave it to the FBI finally got a Senate committee to start asking questions.
    Anyhow,it hasn't broken through to msm yet but worth watching on YouTube


  15. Let us give Dorsey a taste of the very authoritarianism Twitter promotes

    But of course! Its the neo-con way to use power over the private property of people you hate. This blog also censors information every day proving the kind of hypocrisy neo-cons cherish so much. Nearly half the comments I make get censored here lol. Better to preserve the echo chamber of the ever trumpers whose religion is all politics and who meltdown like snowflakes if anyone dare dissent. They have no idea just how progressive they are.

    There is no party as authoritarian as the neo-con party. They love to drop bombs on poor people once they label them appropriately enough. Then they have license to blow up everyone they hate.

    Then they mourn when the people bombed fight back and kill a few bombers. How dare they! Don't they know we have license to kill? How dare they locate their country so near all our military bases and outposts!

    How dare John Kerry return the assets confiscated from the Persians in 1980 as a bargaining tool. AIPAC still hasn't recovered from that one.

    For the last century two huge empires perished in Afghanistan. The Brits the Soviets and soon enough the neo-cons. God is never mocked for very long. AIPAC is doomed.

  16. Justice Clarence Thomas suggested that Section 230 of the CDA should be narrowed.

    Well finally someone with influence gets it. That is how you fight back. Not by becoming just like them and abusing property rights with the ends justifying the means.

  17. Retired.

    No prison time.

    Only really credulous folks think the feds will investigate themselves. This is nothing new its been ongoing since the Warren commission.

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  19. "10 held by H for the big guy"?

    Damn your unbreakable code!

  20. Hillary has Libyan problems?

    This wouldn’t involve plutonium, a DeLorean and an attempt to change history, would it?

  21. Item 5: I've worked at several organizations over sixty years. In each, most people were born in, or at least raised in, the USA. As such, they were inculcated with basic Americanism. Something I wouldn't expect from someone who moved here as an adult.

    Google, facebook, twitter are using more and more H1Bs for their workforce. That means fewer and fewer of their employees are brought up with Americanism in their veins.

    Therefore, the H1Bs when presented with decisions, don't think as Americans would, and it would follow that unAmerican stuff like blocking free speech, denying basic equity, etc., don't bother them as much as it would someone born and raised in an American environment.

    So, the unAmerican crap that Google, facebook, and twitter are handing out and showing in their decisions to block free speech, doesn't surprise me. They're not imbued with Americanism.