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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Highlights of the News

Judge Barrett owns the Senate Judiciary Committee.

ITEM 1: Via Ace of Spades, Senator John Cornyn at the committee hearing: "Most of us have multiple notebooks and notes and books and things like that in front of us. Can you hold up what you've been referring to in answering our questions?"

She held up a blank sheet of paper with the Senate letterhead on it.

Like I said, owned.

The Daily Caller tweeted, "On the bright side, ACB has seven children so she's definitely used to being asked stupid questions."

As are Sarah Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany.

ITEM 2: Khaled Abu Toameh of the Gatesone Institute reported, "Saudi Arabia: We, Too, Are Fed Up with the Palestinians."

Of course they are.

50 years of victimhood -- while rejecting any and all offerings of peace -- by Palestinians have exasperated Arabs who just want to move on and do business with Israel. Yasser Arafat's movement finally brought Muslims and  Jews together.

Kumbaya, baby.

ITEM 3: The Associated Press reported, "The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that the Trump administration can end census field operations early, batting aside a lawsuit that warned the truncated schedule will lead to minorities being undercounted in the crucial once-a-decade head count.

Still, the decision was not a total loss for the plaintiffs, who managed to get two extra weeks of counting people as the case challenging the U.S. Census Bureau’s decision to end the census in September made its way through the courts."

AP takes sides.

By the way, why do bigots believe minorities are incapable of being counted? These same bigots also think minorities are incapable of obtaining a photo ID. And yet these bigots say we need more minorities in Congress.

ITEM 4: Matt Palumbo reported, "President Trump’s Florida Rally: 16% of Attendees Were Democrats, 24% Didn’t Vote in 2016."

They risked covid 19 to attend.

By the way, Republicans say 15,852 attended.

ITEM 5: Ryan Saavedra reported, "A new report from The New York Times indicates that experts have genuine confidence that the corona virus pandemic will end far sooner than originally expected and that President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed — the administration’s efforts to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics — has been 'working with remarkable efficiency.'"


In the federal government?

Leave it to Donald Trump to do the impossible.

President Trump said of covid 19 at his Florida rally, "I feel your pain because I felt your pain."

ITEM 6: Just the News reported, "former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson, who held the prestigious post from 2013 to 2018, serving both Trump and President Obama. Jackson on Tuesday said Biden does not have the mental capacity to be able to handle the presidency and the job of commander in chief."

Jackson has never examined Biden.

But if Marxist doctors can comment on President Trump, vice versa. They changed the rules. We just follow them.

ITEM 7: Gallup found 56% of Americans believe they are better off today than they were 4 years ago.

WKRC in Cincinnati reporter Kyle Inskeep asked Biden, "Why should people who feel that they're better off today under a Trump administration vote for you?"

Biden replied, "Well if they think that, they probably shouldn't."

Mind like a steel trap.

That's closed shut.

ITEM 8: United Press International reported, "The U.S. Air Force assumed full control of NATO's air policing mission in the North Atlantic this week.

"According to the Department of Defense, U.S. F-15C/D Eagles assigned to the 493rd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron in Lakenheath, England, were deployed to Keflavik Air Base, Iceland, last week.

"The aircraft will patrol Icelandic air space.

"The deployment is part of a NATO mission that began in 2008 with periodic rotations to Iceland."

The A Team has arrived. A as in America.

ITEM 9: United Press International reported, "Facebook said Tuesday that it will ban ads that explicitly discourage vaccine use, expanding on its policy to reject vaccine hoaxes.

"The social media company's head of health, Kang-Xing Jin, and Rob Leathern, director of product management, announced the ban against such ads in a joint statement."

Both Biden and Kamala are anti-vaxxers but I doubt Zuckerberg will censor them.

ITEM 10: Nancy Pelosi to Wolf Blitzer: "I don’t know why you’re always an apologist and many of your colleagues are apologists for the Republican position."

It is all a sneaky attempt by Democrats to give CNN credibility.

ITEM 11: Zero Hedge reported, "The average length of haul for requested load tenders has increased 6% or roughly 20 miles since the same period last year. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but with accepted volumes being over 20% higher than this time last year, those miles have a multiplier on them — putting a deeper strain on capacity than the tender volumes alone suggest."

That is good news if it means people are buying more goods that need to be shipped.

ITEM 12: A reader sent me this: "A priest, a rabbit and a minister walk into a bar. The bartender looks straight at the rabbit and asks 'What'll ya have?' The rabbit says, 'I have no idea, I'm only here because of auto correct.'"

Keep emailing me the things I get wrong at

Jokes and news tips are greatly appreciated as well.

ITEM 13: Fox News reported, "Rep. Doug Collins on Monday introduced a resolution to push for the removal of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, claiming she does not have the mental fitness to lead the House of Representatives."

Fact check: Cruel but true.

ITEM 14: The Washington Post reported, "The federal prosecutor appointed by Attorney General William P. Barr to review whether Obama-era officials improperly requested the identities of individuals whose names were redacted in intelligence documents has completed his work without finding any substantive wrongdoing, according to people familiar with the matter. 

"The revelation that U.S. Attorney John Bash, who left the department last week, had concluded his review without criminal charges or any public report will rankle President Trump at a moment when he is particularly upset at the Justice Department."


President Trump should use the FBI to spy on every Democrat and RINO and reporter in Washington.

If Obama can get away with it, so should the rest of us.

ITEM 15: The Washington Times reported, "Supporters of President Trump trolled Joseph R. Biden’s campaign speech in Toledo, Ohio, on Monday, reportedly chanting 'four more years' every time the Democratic presidential nominee mentioned his opponent.

"In a tweet shared by Mr. Trump, NBC News’ Marianna Sotomayor reported that dozens of the president’s supporters were loudly chanting a mix of 'four more years,' 'Trump” and 'USA' throughout the event, and that they grew 'louder anytime Joe Biden mentioned the president.'"

Well, at least Biden inspires some people to vote.

ITEM 16: Tal Bachman was 17 when he got to tour with Van Halen in 1986. His dad was part of the opening act, Bachman-Turner Overdrive. The son's tribute read like a John Hughes movie:

This was the eighties — you know, when the world was still fun. There was light. There was laughter. There was big hair and acid-washed denim, just because, dammit. You could still make jokes without a Twitter mob destroying your life forever. You could try a backyard bike stunt without your friend videoing your subsequent crash on his smartphone, then uploading it on to YouTube for your grandchildren to watch fifty years later. Even with its occasional dips, the Reagan economy boomed along. Girls were still mostly cheerful and cute and sexy; they weren't the lost, hard, paranoid, alternately self-loathing/self-worshipping communist nihilists they are now. It was clear even then — not just in retrospect — the world was in a pretty fun phase.

Mark Steyn has the whole thing.

All I can say about 2020 is this sucks harder than an Ed Wood movie.

ITEM 17: KSTP-TV reported, "Attorney Ron Meuser told 5 Eyewitness News the number of Minneapolis police officers who have filed for disability claims since this spring's civil unrest and rioting has now reached 175, with 100 other officers considering similar moves.

"'The 100 additional officers are doing their best to hang in there and not leave because they want to serve their community,' Meuser said. 'But if there is more rioting in the near future, I would not be surprised to see the number of officers filing for disability to reach between 250 and 300 officers.'

"Meuser says the disability filings are for both physical and mental health reasons. So far, 2020 has seen twice as many claims as usual."

It is called cashing in.

Officers are looking out for themselves because no one else would.

I wonder if St. Paul is hiring.

ITEM 18: Citizen Free Press reported Susan Collins will vote against putting a sixth conservative on the Supreme Court because she wants Democrats to pick the next justice.

She calls it principle.

I call it baloney.


  1. ITEM 3: By the way, why do bigots believe minorities are incapable of being counted? These same bigots also think minorities are incapable of obtaining a photo ID.

    Years ago – probably in the 1990s – the NY Post did a series on how some low-income and no-income people gamed the system. The conclusion was if they could maneuver the system and make out like bandits, then they would do well at a legitimate job.

    1. Sure, just look at all of the Democrat pols with brains the size of a walnut. Easy peasey.

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  2. Here’s my late game idea for Mr. T: Have at least one campaign stop in CA, IL, and NY before Election Day. As Hunter Thompson once wrote, “Challenge the bastards on their own turf.” This will be the closing statement, the exclamation point on the 50-0 win.

  3. So, Tal Bachman must be Randy Bachman's son. Randy Bachman, the mastermind behind Bachman-Turner Overdrive, was also one of the masterminds, along with Burton Cummings, behind the Guess Who.

    If memory serves, Burton Cummins wrote that the Guess Who's agent literally mortgaged his farm to finance the recording sessions that made the Guess Who's first hit. Randy Bachman's "These Eyes" was a phenomenal success.

    Then, their agent said, "Boy, if you can do another one just like that, I promise you'll never have to kiss anyone's a$$ for as long as you live."

    Cummings wrote, "Bachman sat down at the keyboard and in twenty minutes had written 'Laughing', and we did, and I haven't."

    1. BTO has some heavier members than most bands. I always laugh at their alternative name Bachman Turner Overeat.

    2. That made me think of Paul Goddard, the 400 pound bassist for ARS. He passed away earlier this year. (Pre-Covid, IIRC)

  4. Ok Don, now I know you're just messing with us. First you toss in the rabbit joke, then you sneak this little doozy in item 18: 'will vote against putting a sixth conservative on teh Supreme Court like a spellcheck version of Where's Waldo.
    Well played.

  5. #6. I believe that the doctor examined him, he just waited four years to speak about it. It might not have been in a clinical setting, but I'm sure he spoke with Bidet enough to know that the guy has fewer brain cells than Achmed the dead terrorist. A true honest clone of Walter.

  6. #7. Mind like a steel trap..... That was left in a Montana stream by Jim Bridger.

  7. 4 - those are encouraging numbers.

    7 - mind like a steel sieve.

    14 - it’s the swamp, so I believe it. It’s the Washington Post so I don’t. My head hurts.

    18 - I call it disgraceful.

  8. 2: time to nominate the Palis and the Mullahs from Iran for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    5: I'm thinking the NYT internal polling is not showing what they expected.

    18: I call it that's what my polling demands. All the credit she got for her conduct during the Kavanaugh hearings is, as far as I am concerned, wholly null and void.

  9. "Mind like a steel trap.
    That's closed shut."

    With Biden, I prefer rusted shut.

  10. Sorry, one more... Item 14

    Chuck Colson went to prison for possession of 1 FBI file.
    Hillary had more than 900 in hand and went home.

  11. Item #7 I think you meant to say "rusted shut."

  12. ITEM 2 - The Palestinian refugee racket is the blueprint for every welfare scam that followed. The better off Arab governments have had enough of getting ripped off. With Europeans, with their history, it will take a little longer.

    Now for a heads up. The New York Post is reporting that emails have been found in which a Ukrainian oligarch thanks Hunter Biden for introducing him to dear old dad. Joe has steadfastly denied any knowledge or involvement in Hunter's business dealings. This looks like a smoking gun.

  13. ITEM 8: So we resume northern air defense.
    Keflavik (and Reykjavik) had detachments of the 59th Fighter Interceptor Squadron back in the mid-late '60s. Their F102s rotated in and out of Iceland from Goose Air Base, Labrador. Freicudan Du!

  14. Item 18:

    She thinks the voters made a mistake electing her as Senator.

    This does nothing to prove her and them wrong.

  15. #10, Pelosi accuses CNN of being Republicans (paraphrased):

    Nancy Pelosi today accused Don Surber of being America's foremost donor to the Biden campaign, violating all election-campaign-spending-limits by having written a check for $100,000,000 to the Democrat running for the U.S. Senate--- err um, presidency.

    (Just to see if he could rile her up even further --- is that possible?! --- Don immediately issued a statement confirming the accusation.)

    Don Reed

  16. 17. I wonder how many truckers and their employers are refusing to enter lawless cities like New Detroit, er, Minneapolis? I would.

    18. Susan Collins is a Mitt Romney-level fake Republican.

  17. That #14, concerning the Washington Compost and unmasking-

    1. It's the Washington Compost. Do we trust it? NO.
    2. Their source: "according to people familiar with the matter." Riiiight. Meet Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous. Do we trust them? NO.

    I sure wish shooting galleries were commonplace once again, don't you? Ducks all in a row!

  18. #4: I attended a post election Trump rally in 2016. What is never reported is that his rallies require you to show up 5 to 7 hours early and basically stand in one place until he speaks. It is fairly grueling and yet everywhere he speaks thousands are more than willing to grind it out. It requires total commitment. Biden can't get people to log into a web cast.

  19. Actually, Kitty, the bigots known as the Dimwitrat Party do not believe minorites are incapable of being counted or obtaining a photo ID. That notion is just a smokescreen for their inability to get REAL and LEGAL votes as a whole.

  20. I should have added, "based on their inability to sell their ideas and concepts to REAL Americans."

  21. "The U.S. Air Force assumed full control of NATO's air"

    When Sid Blumenthal concocted the idea that Hillary should overthrow the Libyan regime, to be her legacy and propel her into the WH (same guy, btw, came up with the Russia collusion hoax that Hillary "ordered" CIA Director Brennan initiate while she was a private citizen running for POTUS) the whole world watched as NATO turned out to be the US + US supplied equipment to our European "allies".

    Obama didn't want any part in the Libya adventure, so Hillary convinced NATO, minus the US, to do it. NATO proved unable to sustain a very limited air campaign against a third world craphole for more than three days without running out of munitions. Obama then had to bail them out, "leading from behind", by taking full control of the operation with US assets.

    The military assets that we supply to the EU serve as nothing more than props for photo ops.

  22. Joe Biden no longer has the mental capacity to choose a breakfast cereal.

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