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Monday, October 12, 2020

Highlights of the News

Happy Columbus Day. Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: Judge Amy Coney Barrett today enters the wringer that is the Senate judiciary committee for 4 days of unnecessary foolishness. In 1864, Lincoln nominated Salmon Chase for chief justice and the Senate confirmed him that day.

She released her opening statement on Sunday so Democrats can rip it apart. Here is all I needed to know, "Courts have a vital responsibility to enforce the rule of law, which is critical to a free society. But courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong in our public life. The policy decisions and value judgments of government must be made by the political branches elected by and accountable to the people. The public should not expect courts to do so, and courts should not try."

I would add that it is not government's job to solve every problem.

ITEM 2: BGR reported, "Groundbreaking new corona virus vaccine candidate also kills the flu."

A two-fer.

We shall see if any of the vaccines actually work.

ITEM 3: Dick Durbin complains that Republicans got to pick RBG's successor.

Boo hoo hoo.

ITEM 4: PJ Media reported, "The Supreme Court: Anti-Barrett Letter With 'Thousands' of Signees Contains Duplicates and Dead People."

The deplorable bigotry of necrophobia continues. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say your right to vote ends upon death.

Zombie Lives Matter.

ITEM 5: Big League Politics reported, "The private security guard arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a Patriot Prayer demonstrator in Denver is a far leftist with a track record of left-wing social media postings, Big League Politics can confirm.

"It’s not surprising that Dolloff is quick to resort to violence against conservatives when he views President Trump as a fascist dictator."

The media falsely accused Patriot Prayer of being some sort of militia.

Where is the outrage of real militia violence against an actual peaceful protest?

I don't just want Joe Biden to condemn this left-wing violence, I want Rachel Maddow and the rest of the Antifa Cheerleaders to denounce this.

By the way, the guard worked for a Denver TV station. This means the media has killed more people this year than the NRA.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported, "A private security guard working for a local TV station was jailed for investigation of first-degree murder in the deadly shooting of another man during dueling right- and left-wing protests in downtown Denver, police said Sunday."


There was no duel.

An employee of a media organization shot and killed a Trump supporter.

ITEM 6: John Nolte reported, "The far-left Washington Post buried the news one of the alleged plotters in the scheme to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) is a Black Lives Matter supporter.

"You have to trudge through more than a dozen paragraphs to find this: 'One of alleged plotters, 23-year-old Daniel Harris, attended a Black Lives Matter protest in June, telling the Oakland County Times he was upset about the killing of George Floyd and police violence.'

"But-but-but I was told by the media, Joe Biden, and Whitmer all the plotters are right-wing, racist, militia men inspired by Donald Trump!!!"

Which raises the question of who is scummier: Whitmer or WaPo?

ITEM 7: Dan Rather made headlines by saying, "The story of the Trump administration is both tragedy and farce."

He needs to do his homework.
  • Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem, a move both parties had as a goal.
  • Trump built 450 miles of a wall both parties once agreed to build.
  • Trump got Mexico to turn back the caravans and protect our border.
  • Trump dropped unemployment to 3.5%.
  • Trump reduced the income gap between blacks and whites.
  • Trump replaced NAFTA.
  • Trump cut corporate taxes, which ended the exodus of corporate HQs from the USA.
  • Trump reduced regulations.
  • Trump appointed almost as many appellate judges in one term that Obama appointed in two.
  • Trump is the first president in 40 years not to start a war.
The list goes on. The ad hominem attacks by Rather are a sign that he has no argument against Donald Trump.

ITEM 8: The Miami Herald whined, "Kamala Harris faces sexism and racism as online commenters label her ‘Black Hillary.’"


Liberals regularly call the president of German heritage Hitler. They also mock his skin color by calling him the Orange Man.

Americans love mocking their politicians. To not mock her would be racist and sexist.

ITEM 8 1/2: Have pollsters learned anything from 2016? I hope not.

ITEM 9: The case for term limits. It also is the case for never voting Democrat.

ITEM 10: Cubans in Miami held a Trump Caravan of 30,000 vehicles. I was expecting low-riders and 1957 Buicks.

ITEM 11: Old people in Florida waited in the hot sun for a campaign appearance by Mike Pence. What? Mike Pence?

I like that most of the caravan was golf carts. In West Virginia, it would have been ATVs.

ITEM 12: Too clever by half. Scott Adams nailed it.

ITEM 13: Citizen Free Press reported, "Texas teen breaks Guinness world record for woman’s longest legs."

She's 6'10. Her legs are 4'5.

Yes, she got legs. And she knows how to use them.

ITEM 14: Bret Stephens, token conservative at the New York Times, criticized the paper's Fake History 1619 project. This led to an ironic tweet. Speaking of going after your own...

The inmates run the asylum.

Actually they do a better job than management.

Oh and did you spot the typo in the tweet? Just a reminder to report my typos and errors to

ITEM 15: 7-point national lead.

3-point lead in Arizona. But I am crazy for saying the president gets re-elected.

ITEM 16: Via PJ Media, loony leftists made a portrait of RBG in tampons.

Any guys up to making a portrait of Donald Trump out of beer cans?

UPDATE: From comments, John Holton said, "Wouldn't Diet Coke cans be more appropriate?"


ITEM 17: Just the News reported, "The White House doctor declared Saturday night that President Trump is no longer a threat to spread the corona virus.

"Dr. Sean Conley said he assessed that Trump was no longer considered a transmission risk to others."

Divorce couldn't stop him.

Bankruptcy court couldn't stop him.

Jeb! couldn't stop him.

Hillary couldn't stop him.

Uniparty couldn't stop him.

Media couldn't stop him.

Mueller couldn't stop him.

Impeachment couldn't stop him.

14.7% unemployment couldn't stop him.

Why did covid 19 think it could stop him?

ITEM 18: Just the News reported, "Joe Biden's running mate Sen. Kamala Harris on Sunday blasted the Senate GOP over plans to hold hearings this week on the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, arguing that doing so will put people's lives at risk."

Thanks to President Trump, who's afraid of the Big Bad Covid anymore?

ITEM 19: A reader wrote from Monroe, Wisconsin, "Seeing a sprinkling of Biden yard signs around here, but a pretty large number of American flags. And a LOT of silence. Nobody’s talking. Nobody’s speaking. Nobody’s saying anything. You can almost hear a pin drop."

The American flag is the new Trump yard sign. The message gets sent without having to deal with the trolls.

ITEM 20: The Washington Post said, "Trump is in debt. We can't ignore the national security risks that come with that."

Bloomberg said, "More than 200 companies, lobbying groups and foreign governments have given business to President Donald Trump’s resorts and hotels, while gaining benefits from him and his administration, an investigation by the New York Times found."

Democrats need to coordinate their talking points better.

ITEM 21: USA Today reported, "'SNL' host Bill Burr divides fans after controversial opening monologue."

How is this news? I don't know who Bill Burr is. I don't care who he insulted. It is a TV show and I refuse to link this dumbass story because it may cause brain damage.

The space could have been used to get Biden's reaction to one of his supporters gunning down a Trump supporter at a Patriot Prayer rally in Denver.

Naw, just go with recapping a show watched by less than 4% of America.


  1. Item 14: "did you spot the typo in the tweet?"

    It's should its. Twice.

    1. My hot button grammatical error.

    2. Mine is to vs too that our dear leader (DS) breaks often, but I let him slide. Proves he's human

    3. I thought it was NYSlimes, not NYTimes.

    4. It's the NYTimes Guild, after all.

      Typos are expected, as is the slant, spin, bias and factual errors.

      Educated people don't work for the Times (or read it, if they're intelligent educated people.)

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  2. Bible reading today was 1 Samuel 18. David was tasked by Saul with getting the foreskins (eww) of 100 philistines in order to win one of Saul’s daughters, who was already in love with David anyways. He got TWO (2) hundred foreskins and the girl...

    NBADJT. 50-0.

    1. David: "I got two hundred foreskins and all I got was Saul's ingratitude and this lousy t-shirt."

  3. typo in last item - Biden, not Buiden

    1. Another error: President Trump moved our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. (ITEM 7)

  4. Item 8: We have been visiting relatives in North Carolina for the past two weeks. FWIW, where we have been--suburban/exurban Charlotte and points south--Trump signs outnumber Biden signs by at least 30 to 1. Most places with Trump signs have multiple ones. Also a lot of American flags.

    Charlotte and the Research Triangle will almost certainly go for Biden, but at least from what we see, the rest of the state strongly supports Trump.

    P.S. Out here most people are completely ignoring the Covid lockdown rules and hate Dem Governor Roy Cooper with the heat of a thousand suns. Same polls that show Biden ahead show Cooper comfortably ahead.

    1. Yeah same here in NE Oregon flags abound and even my lefty neighbor is disgusted with the Covid response from the state-he's becoming highly skeptical of the overall Dem Bravo Sierra.. Rain and wind here on Columbus day.Love it this is my wife and I's 33rd anniversary- of when we met...

  5. #19. Well... your either an American or you’re a Democrat.

    1. Don had a few good zingers today but this had me laughing out loud because it is so true! Thank you, I needed that.

  6. #2, Mr. Surber extreme caution....Researchers in Hong Kong....This Dragon smells rotten

    1. Well Vaccines don't kill the organise the immune system to kill or limit the damage.
      Flu is Corona just a different species.
      There is some evidence that your Flu shot has some factor in limiting the development of the WuFlu..Its all speculation..

  7. 1 - How date ACB follow the constitution.

    7 - Dan Rather must have been talking to Kenneth about his career.

    8&12 - May Adams and the pollsters be as accurate as they were in 2016.

    16 - maybe they were made from the unused tampons they had placed in high school boy’s rooms.

  8. Biden looks awful I mean he looks sick they don't even bother with makeup any more. He's not going to make it to the third.Look at his Arizona Trip..
    Actually it is sad that his is happening. The Dems are Elder abusers.

    1. Totally agree. He won't even be able to spend the millions of graft he and his son weaseled out of Russia and China and who knows what other countries.

    2. Pellosi's fiddling with the 25th Amendment is aimed at Biden, not President Trump.

  9. #12 Reminds me of a quote:

    "How are wars begun? By politicians who lie to the press, and then believe what they read in the news."

    Don in Oregon

  10. 19) My wife and I were discussing that very thing yesterday on the way to a local Trump rally. I stand with my Trump sign and flag on a busy local corner and I am still alive. 3 more weeks to survive.

  11. "'SNL' host Bill Burr divides fans after controversial opening monologue."

    How is this news? I don't know who Bill Burr is."
    Hugely significant.
    Leftist Boston comic Burr moves to Cali and is appalled by cancel-culture groupthink.
    Burr is invited to appear on SNL (belly of the beast) and cracks racist, sexist and homophobic jokes.

    THE TIDE HAS TURNED. The backlash has arrived.

    1. Tsunami start by draining away shore, exposing flopping fish and the unaware are lulled into flop-fishing. Is is possible that 'Shy Trump Voters' are this "Tsunami Start"?

    2. ...away from shore....(I also need a text editor)...

    3. THE TIDE HAS TURNED. The backlash has arrived.

      Glenn Reynolds ( calls it a "preference cascade". Instapundit links Don Surber frequently.

  12. SNL quit being funny before the turn of the century. Pointless skits running too long turned me off and I quit watching.

  13. 1. ACB has more judicial experience than SPC did when he was elected Chief Justice

  14. 360 miles so far of the new border wall system.

    About 1 mile per day is being built.

    Border with Mexico is 2,000 miles long.

    I’m not sure how much old existing fencing there is on the border.

    The lack of news coverage on this is amazing!

    1. Some leftist judge just shut it down again. They should just ignore the judges and keep on building while appealing the judgement.

  15. #16. Wouldn't Diet Coke cans be more appropriate?

  16. "The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe(')"--Frank Zappa.
    Our American flag flies proudly from our front porch. I installed a photocell operated spotlight to properly fly it a night too. I have a very nice "Trump 2020--No More Bull***t" flag too, but I don't fly it for the same reason I don't have any bumper stickers either--I can't afford the vandalism from the party of peace and tolerance.

  17. Dems grilling a Catholic judge on a day designated to honor a Catholic.

    1. Columbus may have been a "Converso" - Jew who converted to save his neck. His three ship pulled out of the harbor minutes before midnight when a new wave of persecution was set to begin. Most of his crew were also like him. That would mean America was discovered by ... ahem ... Jews!

  18. I clicked a link to that Burr SNLmonologue.

    He opened with a “joke” about how happy he was that people not wearing masks were killing off grandpa and their weak cousin with asthma.

    That’s all I could take of him.