Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Democrats lose again, a week before the election

On Hillary's 73rd birthday in prime time, President Donald John Trump presided over the inauguration of Amy Coney Barrett as the ninth justice on the Supreme Court. To make the moment perfect, he had Justice Clarence Thomas swear her in.

The Road Runner president had once again outsmarted the Wile E. Coyote Democrats.

Or rather, the Democrats had outsmarted themselves. That is after all the plot to every Road Runner cartoon. The moral of each cartoon is the same: do not trust Acme Products, but after each misadventure, Democrats are back in the Acme store the next day.

Democrats have not learned to pick their battles. Instead, they fight constantly over every flipping thing. The result is one of the world's longest losing streaks.

Losing is neither fun nor attractive. Democrats are Aunt Esther ugly. 

President Trump says, "Meep, meep."

His long game was to have Justice Barrett succeed Justice Ginsburg. That was why he went with Brett Kavanaugh to succeed Justice Kennedy. A woman justice must succeed a woman justice and Barrett was the best choice. At 48, she is now the youngest justice. Her appointment dropped the average age of the justices by 4 years, such was her age gap with the late RGB.

Democrats should have learned from the Kavanaugh hearing to just let it go. They pitched a big fit over Kavanaugh just before the 2018 election.

The plan was to tar Kavanaugh as so loathsome that the masses would rise against the Republicans and elect a Democrat majority.

Only one Republican senator lost.

4 Democrat senators lost.

It was the worst showing in the Senate races by an opposition party in a midterm in 84 years.

Losing has consequences. Losing also is contagious. Democrats now enter the election defeated and demoralized. They are ahead in the polls? They were ahead 4 years ago.

The Washington Post tried to spin the Barrett defeat of the Democrats in a positive manner.

It reported, "Democrats ended their opposition to the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett exactly as they began it 30 days ago, warning that her confirmation as a Supreme Court justice could overturn the Affordable Care Act."

That's it?

Once again Democrats are fighting for Obamacare? That is like the Ancient Mariner fighting to keep that albatross dangling from his neck.

What is the first thing people think of when they hear the word Obamacare?

You can keep your doctor.

What is the second thing they think of when they hear the word Obamacare?

I miss my doctor.

Obamacare is a loser issue, but after 4 years of constantly losing, Democrats have forgotten how to win.

The Post story said, "They focused their final speeches Monday on warning voters that millions would suffer if [Obamacare] were tossed aside, choosing to make a political argument rather than going down the rabbit hole of fighting process issues that do not resonate with many voters."

You know what really resonates with voters?


Wile E. Coyote was the focus of the stories, but the cartoons were called The Road Runner because Warner Brothers knew nobody likes a loser.


  1. You know what would be absolutely hysterical & be another epic-level troll? @ Trump’s first post-election victory speech - @ the very end after he closes it out - he leans back over the mike & goes “Meep-Meep!” :<D

  2. Well, Maskless Lawbreaker Chris Cuomo and Senator Dick Blumenthal Before He Dicks You both issued veiled threats of reprisal violence against sitting judges, so they got that goin for em, right?

    1. Wasn't Little Dick Blumenthal my squad leader in Vietnam? Sorry, Bobby, it was a joke.

  3. During the 2018 mid-term elections I was assured by numerous political guru's that the while the House might lose some R's due to retirements it was still a lock, and that R's would gain 4-6 seats in the Senate.

    Just as the D's have not learned from 2016, it's beginning to look as if the R's are not learning from 2018.

    Between the California exodus and the legalization of marijuana which brought people into the state from outside resulting in increased crime and homelessness in multiple areas (talk to someone that lives there), Colorado has turned solid blue. It's a long shot that Cory Gardner holds his Senate seat. Collins in Maine was allowed to vote against Judge Barrett, but her re-election is questionable. Lewis in Minn had a good chance to pick up a Dem seat, but he's out with an emergency operation. R Senate seats in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, are questionable as the Dems are making all out blitz's there.

    Even allowing that McSally (AZ), Earnst (IA), Daines (MT) hold and James flips MI (no guarantees), this still puts the Senate at risk of going D.

    A Chuck Schumer Senate will assure that no Trump Judicial nomination will pass in the next session of Congress. Along with a Pelosi run House, President Trump will have to acquiesce to blue states bail out money to get any spending programs passed. As far as investigations into any D scandals – they will be squashed with all effective Trump nominations to head Deep State agencies rejected.

    Unfortunately, President Trump is taking all the oxygen out of the room, and like 2018 R media-friendlies are only focused on him. With a week to election it's about time someone covers something other then the Presidential race.

    1. Off year elections aren't the same as quadrennials.

      Besides, the Demos really let their stupid out of the bag in the last 2 years. That and, of course, vote fraud in the form of ballot harvesting last time.

      Every troll comes up with '18 as if it's carved in stone.

      A lot has happened in 2 years (Hell, in the last 8 months) and I'd be very leery of putting too much money on the '18 horse.

      A Chuck Schumer Senate will assure that no Trump Judicial nomination will pass in the next session of Congress. Along with a Pelosi run House, President Trump will have to acquiesce to blue states bail out money to get any spending programs passed. As far as investigations into any D scandals – they will be squashed with all effective Trump nominations to head Deep State agencies rejected.

      Typical troll. It's all about the threats. Know the best way to counter threats?

      Beat 'em.

      And just because he might be faced with a Demo Congress (don't hold your breath), Trump will not have to acquiesce to blue states bail out money to get any spending programs passed.

      Guess what? Pelosi can be held for ransom as easily as Trump. A senile 80 year old and the Looney Tunes of The Squad have nothing on Trump.

      And the plural of blitz is blitzes (or, more properly, blitzen).

    2. Even if President Trump loses the Senate, it would still take a 2/3 vote to override a presidential veto. I doubt if the Democrats could capture 2/3 of both houses.

    3. Spencer—
      I live in Georgia. There is no way that the Rs lose a Senate seat. Perdue will return to the Senate and either Loeffler or Collins will join him. Money doesn’t matter here in rural Georgia. People are voting in droves every single day with one focus—keep commies out of our government to maintain our God-given liberties. Yeah, bitter clingers, deplorables, dregs, chumps, rubes, rednecks all are Voting for Every Republican on the Ballot.

      Oh, and my children live and work in NC. Daughter is a political scientist and a commentator for local Charlotte station. That Trump and Tillis take NC is virtually certain.

      Son works for Patrick McHenry’s campaign and is assured that McHenry will return to the House. Another Republican win.

      So democrat gov Cooper is more likely to be re-elected because he has loosened Wuhan flu restrictions just enough.

      Do keep dreaming, though. It’s all you have.

    4. Oh for Pete's sake! Lewis had hernia surgery. The way you described it, he was at death's door. He's fine and he'll flip that seat. Now that ACB is in SCOTUS, Graham can give his full attention to campaigning against the Dem stiff who has had the field all to himself for over a month.
      Meep Meep

    5. Don't forget AL flips back to R in Senate too.

    6. Early on we knew the House was going to flip. Lyin Ryan assured that. The only way to get rid of the big money RINO's was to let it flip. They were worthless anyway, why hang on to them?
      The nice thing is that first term donks in red states are easier to flush than a modern toilet.

    7. Thank god for AL. AZ Lesbican RINO heretofore#NeverTrumper Sally McNally may lose to the TX Carpetbagging Asstronaut Gun grabbing Mark Kelly (Commie, TX->AZ) due to Maricopa County Recorder Adrián "La Raza" Fontes' vote harvesting technique.

      He threw the 2018 election from McSally to Kirsten Enema (Lesbocrat-AZ). He can do it again.

    8. Without immersing myself in all of this chicken gumbo, let's just say that Collins in Maine has very little chance of being re-elected. It's possible. It would surprise me, very much.

  4. Best part of having Justice Thomas do it is that it was an immense up yours to Joe Biden.

    1. Classic Dem maneuver by Joe during the Thomas hearings. That worked so well that time they use it over and over again to quote our Fearless leader, Don S."Meep,Meep".BTW I recall Ted Kemmedy on that committee- Joe and Ted question sexual behavior of now Justice Thomas.?

    2. The only way it could have been sweeter is to force Anita Hill to hold the Bible while swearing in Amy Barrett.


    3. ...And emasculated Justice Roberts just the same! ZB

  5. "Ted Kennedy" not waiting until the Coffee is done.

  6. Trump is a master troll. He has attained level 100. No other president has come close.

    The racist, sexist Republican Party, on national TV, has a black man swearing in a white woman to the Supreme Court.

    BRAVO, Master Troll!

    1. And the wonderful quote is that "ONLY the Democrats are upset about this."

    2. Sometimes the obvious goes right over my head, which I am shaking.
      Thanks, Carlos. Good one!

  7. What on earth will Americans do if healthcare goes back to 2007? My theory, Dems fear that people will ask questions when the price drops.

  8. I hereby mea culpa myself. Having predicted that McConnell had taken too long to get Barrett confirmed, and that this jeopardized getting the deal done, it's obvious that my jittery prediction did not come true.

    About which I am very, very happy. May Justice Barrett live a long and prosperous life doing what she obviously enjoys doing, and does well.


    News Report (and video confirming it 10/27/20):

    "Joe Biden calls Sen. Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, 'Kamala’s wife.' ”

    The Missus: "Kamala is a lesbian?"

    DR: "No. He is."

    Coffee Is Opening My Eyes Very Slowly This Morning (It's 1:36 pm)

    Don Reed

  9. Dropped off our ballots today.

  10. “The moral of each cartoon is the same: do not trust Acme Products.”

    Don Surber is a VERY funny guy.

  11. I am surprised the democrats didn’t claim that Russia helped with the ACB confirmation.