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Friday, October 23, 2020

Debate lifted the lid on Biden's fake campaign

The media spin from the debate was largely that President Donald John Trump won but it is too late to save his campaign.
David Siders of Politico laid out the Democrat narrative well, "Had Donald Trump debated three weeks ago the way he did Thursday, he might be in a better place.

"His defense of his handling of the pandemic was cogent. He aligned himself with the public health experts he’s previously attacked. He took credit for a robust stock market.

"But there was no winning this debate — not 12 days out from an election in which 47 million people have already voted and the number of people who say they’re undecided is roughly equal to the number of people who lie."

The argument is that the people have already decided to elect Basement Biden and there is nothing Donald Trump can do about that.

Settled science.

Never Trumper John Podhoretz wrote, "Trump has debate of his life — but is it too late?"

Ian Betteridge's rule for questions in headlines can always be answered NO!

Peggy Noonan allowed that it is not quite over. She went over the deja vu Hillary supporters like her are feeling. She looked at polls and was shocked to learn 56% of Americans feel they are better off now than they were 4 years ago. But she leavened that with a different poll squeezed out by the New York Times that showed only 39% say the country is better off.


What a relief for the Pretend Conservatives.

But there is still this nagging feeling that Donald Trump will triumph.

Noonan wrote, ""The second data point has to do with Mr. Trump’s rallies — big, boisterous and frequent. He’s been in Michigan and North Carolina and has rallies planned this weekend in Ohio, Wisconsin and New Hampshire. 'Gastonia Municipal Airport was packed shoulder to shoulder Wednesday night as tens of thousands of people showed up,' read a local North Carolina news report. Mr. Biden doesn’t seem to draw much of anybody, and doesn’t try. He doesn’t have rallies, and barely even appearances at this point. You can, seeing the polls, hypothesize that what you’re seeing at the Trump rallies is a political movement in its death throes. But I don’t know, they look lively to me. You might say, 'The Democrats aren’t having rallies because they are more careful about the virus.' Fair enough, but in a lifetime watching politics, sometimes up close, I have never seen crowds keep away from someone they love. They’ll come whether you want them or not; they’ll find out you’re coming and stand at the side of the road to cheer as the motorcade goes by.

"It’s funny not to see any of this from the Democrat this year. You can’t gainsay a strategy that seems to be working; internal Democratic critics are called bedwetters. But it doesn’t feel right. Mr. Biden should be talking every day in a big way to the country he wishes to lead. He shouldn’t be seated in a handsome chair waiting for the crown to be passed, or going out for ice cream in a mask like John Dillinger on the lam."

Should is canceled by could. It took 5 days of being in the basement with the moderator's questions (written by Biden's staff) to prepare him for a 90-minute TV show.

Biden cannot do the rallies that every politician must do to get elected. Hence, this is a Fake Campaign that uses TV to cover up the lack of enthusiasm for Biden, his policies, and his party. Obama drew 300 cars to his rally in a parking lot designed to hold 22,000 vehicles.

Democrats want to run out the clock. They cannot. President Trump has 10 days left to show the world that Biden will suck as president.

You know what?

President Trump is doing just that.

Conrad Black wrote, "The fraudulent Biden campaign effectively blew up on Thursday night in Nashville. 

"After five days of intensive subterranean preparation, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was coherent and gaffe-free for the first hour and got to the end without any horrifying blunders, though he trailed off into grammatical chaos and jumbled articulation a couple of times. There were relatively few interruptions and no persistent interruptions and neither candidate was acoustically or behaviorally irritating. 

"The moderator, Kristen Welker, was fair and efficient. President Trump skillfully cast himself as an outsider who gets and has produced results, facing an insider who has accomplished precious little useful after 47 years paddling and wallowing in the public trough and moving steadily to the left."

Therein lies the whole value of the Hunter Biden's laptop. 

This is not about sending the son to prison because no grand jury in Washington will indict anyone's son. It is called self-preservation.

But the laptop is proof of a greater truth: Biden spent 44 years in DC and made himself a millionaire while doing nothing for the people.

President Trump in 4 years made 56% of the country better off.

In a book review this summer, the New York Times noted, "In 1968, 17-year-old Patrick Caddell polled a working-class neighborhood in Jacksonville, Fla., about the upcoming presidential race for a high school project. He was surprised to hear, again and again, “Wallace or Kennedy, either one.” This seemed to make no sense. Alabama Governor George Wallace, a segregationist, was the ideological opposite and avowed foe of Robert Kennedy, who had pushed civil rights as attorney general in his brother’s administration. Young Caddell had an insight: In politics, feelings mattered more than policy. For all their apparent differences, Wallace and Kennedy were both tough guys; they both seemed to be mad at something most of the time. Voters could relate: The feeling abroad in the land in 1968 (not unlike 2020) was alienation.

Later, working out of his college dorm room, Caddell became a paid political consultant. One of his clients in the 1972 election was Joe Biden, then 29, running for the United States Senate from Delaware. Caddell told Biden not to attack his opponent. That would just make him look like another politician. Rather, he should run against Washington. Biden took the advice and won."

Many are the reformers we send to Washington.

Few are the actual reformers.

Black ended his column, "A snap Chicago Tribune-WGN poll showed 74% of people canvassed thought Trump won the debate; Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C) declared that Trump had won the election. Like a fly blasted with insecticide, Biden and his campaign will buzz around for a few days in insouciant denial, but their levitation should finally be over."


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    A few of us have been checking boxes, esp "cool".
    If the spirit moves, from time to time please join us in clicking on "cool" :) :)

  2. Joe "The Fly" Biden just got swatted by the Lion's tail.
    Trump did masterfully last night. JJoe after his meds wore off -not so much..
    He has lost the Oilpatch for sure...
    47 including Oregon and Washington. Possibly Cali too..


    Last night's debate keeps getting better.

    Thank you, CNN !

  4. Boy, Noonan is drek. All over the place and nowhere. Did she admit to being a bedwetter?

    1. Who?

      Haven’t read anything for years thanks to her pro-gun-control column a number of years back.

    2. Anything of hers, that is. I somehow highlighted and typed over those words.

  5. Replies
    1. When Noonan endorsed Obama in 2008, I said
      "Yer fired!". Haven't read her stuff since.

    2. When Danny was told to set down by Judge Smails, I lost all respect. Plus, he should have never bonked Lacey! Oh, Peggy Noonan.... nevermind.

  6. I just donated to Trump; $100.
    Go y'all, go.

  7. “Kristen Welker, was fair and efficient”

    The reason, in a nutshell, that I do not read much of Lord Black anymore. There’s little that he says or writes on current affairs that I cannot find sooner elsewhere and with equal erudition and persuasive arguments; and he’s often wrong-headed as above. He, himself, apparently has been pummeled so much (especially in recent years) that he sees Trump’s overcoming the horrendous bias of the moderator as being tantamount to being fair.

    1. "with the moderator's questions (written by Biden's staff)"
      There is no doubt in my mind that at least some of Kirsten Welker's questions were given to the Biden team in advance. Look again at the film of her closing question. Biden jumped on top of it and was reading almost all of his answer from something on his podium. He HAD to have the question in advance.
      Yeah, Kirsten was fair an efficient. She interrupted Trump almost continually, and rarely interrupted Biden.
      And she cut Trump off on time numerous times, while Biden was allowed to drone on.
      And her questions? All Woke Questions and utterly useless. As we go forward to the most monumental election in the most powerful country on earth, why should we waste debate time on the "500 children in cages"? As if that old news is of monumental importance. And then Welker allowed Biden to lie and deny that the cages were from the Obama Regime

    2. With respect, I expected far worse bias than I saw from Kristen Welker. She was relatively even-handed, and far better than Chris Wallace (a low bar, I know.)

      If indeed she did try to tip the scales toward Biden, she was extremely subtle about it; since I expected bias, I was watching for any sign of it, but didn't see what I had expected. I have to give her a good mark for her moderation.

      As for Lord Black, maybe it's a matter of taste- I do enjoy his columns, and don't often find him wrong-headed. Obviously your take is different; your prerogative!

    3. About as fair as Chris Wallace was...


    Let's try this link above.

    CNN Fact Check Joe Biden at last night's presidential debate.

  9. Conrad Black: "Biden and his campaign will buzz around for a few days in insouciant denial, but their levitation should finally be over."

    I call October 25, 2020 when the Biden wagon wheels fall off the axles. Whatever minor satisfaction they got out of the debate will have evaporated like Obama's once-vaunted ability to draw huge crowds at his political rallies.

    Dermot: "Boy, Noonan is drek. All over the place and nowhere. Did she admit to being a bedwetter?"

    Dermot, Peggy Noonan ran out of gas and balls about a decade ago. If by any chance her columns still surface in the Sunday NY Post, I turn the page faster than the speed of light, to avoid being contaminated by her debilitating miasma that makes the paper smell like it has been run through a bidet before home delivery.

    Don Reed

  10. I too believe Slow Joe has the questions in advance. Well in advance.

    And shocking to see anything positive from Pud-horetz.

  11. Don, I'm so glad I discovered your column. I look forward to each fresh take on the election, politics in general, and the state of the nation. As for Ms. Noonan, she's drifted far from those heady Reagan days. I can't stand to listen to her and stopped reading her column when she endorsed Barack Hussein Obama.