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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Biden's "lead" magically shrinks 3 points in one night

And just like that, Biden's lead in the national IBD/TIPP poll shrank from 7 points to 4.4 on Tuesday.

Nothing to see here, folks. The Democrat Party has everything under control. It bounced back to 4.6 points today, IBD/TIPP assured one and all.

The pollster said, "The latest Trump vs. Biden poll shows a slight widening of former Vice President Joe Biden's lead over President Donald Trump. However, the race remains competitive with just six days left, the IBD/TIPP presidential poll update suggests.

"Today's Trump vs. Biden poll update finds the Democratic challenger leading the Republican incumbent by 4.6 points, 50%-45.4%, in a four-way presidential poll of likely voters. Biden's lead was down to 4.4 points on Tuesday.

"Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen has the support of 1.6%, and Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins 0.6% in the latest Biden vs. Trump poll."

John Nolte at Breitbart noted, "Rasmussen, another one of the few pollsters who got 2016 correct, released a national poll Monday that has Trump leading by a single point, 48 to 47 percent. In this weekly tracking poll, Trump closed what had been a 12 point gap in just a few weeks.

"The Real Clear Politics poll of polls has Trump down nationally by an average of 7.7 points."

Of course, that poll of polls includes such polls as Reuters (Biden +10), Economist/You Gov (Biden +11), and CNN (Biden +12).

These are garbage polls meant to suck up to a Democrat administration.

ABC has Biden up by 17 in Wisconsin and up 7 in Michigan.

Most polls are BS meant to please those living in the Democrat bubble. Pollsters know they will go unpunished for being wrong because there was no penalty for getting 2016 wrong.

Al Perrotta wrote for many of us in a column, "The Landslide America Will Be Glad to Have."

The rallies have reinvigorated his optimism.

He said, "I believe Donald Trump will win with a broad coalition, including Blacks and Latinos in record numbers for a Republican. He will win the popular vote by millions. In the electoral college, he will win even where he’s not expected to.

"And here’s the strangest part of my prediction. To their shock, some Democrats will feel less bad about it than they expected. They know Biden is not up for the job, that the corruption stories are likely true, and that Kamala is a train wreck. They couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Trump. But there’s relief, after all the chaos of 2020, not to have to deal with the certain uncertainty of a Biden presidency.

"And, it is no small thing that with a 2020 win, the 2016 election will finally be over.

"Friends, I have a hope something new will rise."

I agree. We need a watershed election that flushes out this swamp once and for all.

Vote and pray. We are in the majority despite what the polls say.

By the way, I am sorry I am 20 minutes late on this post.


  1. "No credible person predicted Trump would win."
    Mika Brzezinski 2016

    1. I guess I am not credible then.

    2. Better to be right than merely credible. It is not hard to be credible to a credulous crowd.

    3. And, Mika, no piece of human garbage thought Her Thighness would lose. You stink. Time to take out the trash.

    4. I was like Rocky (1976) in 2016, I was just happy for Trump to 'go the distance,' even if he lost I was satisfied that he gave Clinton a scare and a run for her money...They knew something then...To this day I want to know why the Clinton campaign cancelled the fireworks show in NYC, the day before the election. ZB

    5. Don, you may not be credible, but you certainly are incredible. GOD bless you and your family. Thanks again for your work.

    6. What I loved was after the election in 2016 on his thank you tour in West Allis Wisconsin, the king of trolls Donald Trump said that he offered to buy Hillary’s unused fireworks for five cents on the dollar. God I love this guy!

  2. If you haven't yet, go and follow that link and read the Al Perrotta column. It's excellent across the board (both in spirit and in numbers).

    Keep in mind that many people (myself included!) noted a long time back that "official" Chinese economic statistics were all fake - and you had to go look behind the facial numbers to correlate things and sort it out. They can't fake everything coherently...

  3. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

  4. Damn I hope Mr Perrotta is correct in his assessment. Excellent article, just hope it isn't fiction! I would love to see it happen. Surber, you don't punch a time clock.. your time is exactly that!

  5. The tightening of the polls is to be expected. A week from now people will be asking how the pollsters got it so wrong and kept putting out polls showing Biden with a big lead. The pollsters will say that their final poll was within the margin of error and showed that there was a shift towards Trump the past few weeks.

    The most important question is whether Trump's lead will exceed the margin of cheating.

    1. I am beginning to feel that it will be beyond the margin everywhere but a Pennsylvania. That is subject To change as it looks like PA is getting mega MAGA focus.

  6. The late PM post is dessert, thanks Don. Al Perrotta's column was loaded with optimism based on data and solid logic and objective observations. The Barrett hearings and confirmation vote revealed a defeated and defanged Democrat caucus. Can you imagine Trump's SOTU address next year?!

    1. Here's another one, but with lots of real data now that we're starting to get some real data:

      The other side is running what seems more like a theatre production than a campaign. Is Trump hatred all that they've got?

      By Don's indulgence, a little story from today. Traversed a very, very "blue" area on the way to an appointment today. Lots of geriatric hippie residue in that area. So no surprise to see a few B-H signs, but also (talk about bravery!) a few Trump signs and "Support the police" signs.

      Hard to judge thinkage from stock signs, but it was interesting to encounter a couple of handwritten signs - one by a driveway, the other in two copies (obviously drawn by the same hand) in a couple of "public" areas that were forests of signs.

      The first charged PDJT with being a "climate criminal." I don't recall seeing any such thing in any federal or state criminal code. These people are cultists and need to get out more - only weirdos care about "climate change" and it's tiny percentage.

      The other one said "Putin-Trump - betrayal and deceit, 2016, 2020." Cripes. The "Russia" thing is a total zero, all made up and that's now established fact. Some people just can't give up their delusions because they need them.

      On that last, was anyone besides me required to read Guy de Maupassant's 1883 short story "Mon Oncle Jules" in high school? (My reading then was in the original French.) That was before "modern psychology," but there's never been a better description of the power of delusions and how people hold them so dearly even when they are obviously delusions. Highly recommended, can readily be found on-line (in English!).

  7. Well the Philly DA is calling Trump a Despot for wanting Poll watchers
    For Democracy! Er, we are a Republic and we are trying to keep it..

    1. Earlier tonight I saw a clip about a young man that was watching a Drop Box in Philly at the area near the Spectrum for the Board of Elections. He saw people come in and deposit 5 ballets each. They kept coming back over and over doing it again. So he wrote down license plate numbers and called his boss.

      He got was fired.

    2. South philly was corrupt before I was a teenager (60 years ago). I guess nothing has changed.

  8. Polls, like science, like a former VP and his son, can be bought, and are bought. Are they even trying to be honest or accurate? Wink wink nudge nudge I don't think so. To turn a McLuhan axiom on its head, the message is in the medium.

  9. A few quick points:

    1. Rasmussen was sold earlier this year. How many of the employees and / or methods remain from 2016 is not known.

    2. In many areas of this country, people that put out a Trump sign on their lawn at best have it worst their property is vandalized. If they put a Trump / Pence sticker on their car it's egged, church keyed, or worse.

    Knowing that they're responding to a pollster that got to them from a phone number or email ID - both of which can easily be traced to their residence and place of business or school - why would Trump voters answer a poll honestly?

    3. About a month ago Scott Adams asked on his blog to click if they were a Trump voter and lied to a pollster in 2020. He made sure to specify not IF they would lie, but if they HAD LIED. Within an hour he had hundreds of people click that they had lied. Not scientific....but what is?

  10. Put in some range time Tuesday. Good tight groups at various distances. Ready for most anything coming.

    1. Don't forget your peanut butter. I have lots of PB and computer paper so I'm set.

  11. > By the way, I am sorry I am 20 minutes late on this post.

    Good things are worth waiting for. :)

  12. You may have been 20 Minute to post, but I was over two hours late to read. Our bonus fourth post of the day will always be on time in my book.

  13. Today I "posted" the following on my facebook page:
    The democrats keep saying "listen to the experts, listen to the experts..." At the beginning of this business the experts were predicting 2,200,000 American deaths "if nothing is done." Shouldn't President Trump get credit for saving 2,000,000 lives?

    My post was not displayed!

  14. "I've got a blow-out - damper three!"

    "Get your pitch to zero."

    "Pitch is out! I can't hold altitude!"

    "Correction, Alpha Hold is off, turn selectors — Emergency!"

    "Flight Com! I can't hold it! She's breaking up, she's break..."

  15. My view if a poll has Biden up by 4 points, not a good sign for Biden since this margin is California and New York. It tells me he is running neck and neck wiht Trump in battleground states or losing in battleground states

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