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Thursday, October 08, 2020

Andrea Mitchell redefines stupid

On Throwback Thursday, who better to throw back than Andrea Mitchell? At 73, her man-hating feminism is a relic of, well, 1973. Her thinking is so dated, they could call her MSNBC show "That '70s Show" if that title were not already taken.

But she redefined stupid in a tweet today, "I asked a man I know what he thought of the debate. He said: 'The debate was over when she said Mr. Vice President you are interrupting me.' #mansplaining"

So let me get this straight: a man answering a question is MANSPLAINING.

Foolish me. I thought mansplaining was when a man says something obvious. And it is obvious even to those who skipped the debate that Pence pantsed Harris in the debate. 

But Mitchell did not want to hear any of that because she rooted for Harris in the debate, as the throwback's Twitter feed showed.

The problem with her is her sense of feminist entitlement. By virtue of her sex, Hillary should have gotten the presidency in 2016. Failing that, Harris should get the vice presidency and then the presidency once Hindenburg, er, Biden is out of the way.

In 2016, at 69, Mitchell pulled on her reporter's mask to cover Hillary's campaign proudly and without objectivity.  She told the Philadelphia Inquirer, "She's always been the smartest one in the class, she always did more homework. I was with her in Beijing and no one wanted her to say something as controversial about women's rights, that women's rights are humans rights. It was a big deal, the Chinese were furious but it was absolutely inspirational to young women who wanted to get into politics."

When Hillary was falling down drunk at the 9/11 commemoration, Mitchell defended her. The campaign said Hillary had pneumonia -- a disease that would have hospitalized her, given her age. A few hours after she left the commemoration, Hillary was on the street hugging a little girl.

Despite zero evidence of any ailment other than a love of the grape, Mitchell scolded the campaign (not Hillary) saying, "The fact is that they have only made things worse because they have helped Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, and all the others who are making such an issue out of her health. Trump so far has not talked about it, he has been smart enough to listen to advisers probably, to stay quiet while you opponents are messing their own campaigns up.

"But the fact that [the Clintons] did not say anything on Friday, when they had an affirmative obligation to the public to the public -- to us, after telling us that the cough in Cleveland on Labor Day was just seasonal allergies, which is what she thought. But after she had an exam on Friday morning, they had an affirmative obligation to tell us about the disagnosis of pneumonia...

"Eight hours after this first happened, they finally tell us about the diagnosis of pneumonia that occurred on Friday. I'm sorry -- there is an obligation, not written, not in law -- and Donald Trump is even worse than she is, in terms of telling us anything about his medical records -- so, you know, we've got a lot of problems with both campaigns."

Hillary later gave Mitchell a pat on the head at a press conference, saying, "I love you, Andrea. You are indefatigable. You're my kind of woman, I'll tell you what."

Get a room.

But I am really amused by Mitchell's new definition on mansplaining: If he answers your question, that's mansplaining. That's pretty stupid even for a TV celebrity.

UPDATE: Andreasplainin'.


  1. Andrea Mitchell is definitely not a reporter. She is a resistance advocate trying to hang on to relevance. Please go away, person that reminds me of a skank...

  2. Oh yeah, I know her! She did that song back in the 70s, “More more more, how do you like it, how do you like your love?” Is it really true she was a porn star?

    1. Not sure about the porn. If so, it would definitely had been "Soft" porn...if you know what I mean.

  3. She hated Frank Rizzo when she was on TV in Philadelphia.

  4. As if there wasn't enough crap already in this issue. Now girls can be shrill or guys can't talk loudly or forcefully to girls. IF the feminists want girls to be the same, then they should be treated the same. There is now some much political correctness it is hard to find any real information from even the debates.

  5. Congrats to Andrea Mitchell on her Helen Thomas Award.

  6. Why was Andrea asking a guy to #ManSplain the debate to her?

  7. She is a waste of space and a thief of oxygen.
    Her personal carbon use should be frozen immediately, preserved for a time when #Science has found a cure for her...
    and her #WomanWhining

    ~ Greybeard

  8. So this "man" Mitchell talks to just happens to mention "mansplaining", the Journolist Democrat talking point for the day. What a hack.

  9. Oh, baby, is Andrea Mitchell in store for a series of shocks 11/03-04/20. If she were a football team, not a single bookie in the world would put out a line on that game.

  10. "mansplaining" = women are so weak that they can't even survive a civil conversation with a rival. Per the D's own illogic.

    Given that, how could any women ever be trusted with any position of responsibility? Much less the Presidency, where she might have to confront an actual enemy of the United States.

  11. Yesterday on the radio some hack professor of Political Science (which is about the most stupid of names for a subject which has nothing to do with science, but I digress) made the claim that "of course, Harris won the debate".
    The host doesn't even ask how he came to that conclusion, given that Harris lied and evaded questions.
    The left are clearly incapable of rational thought.
    I think the first to call VP Pence's debate performance "mansplaining" was Stephanopolis. The other leftists seemed to think that was the perfect derogatory label as it trended after that, even though it had nothing to do with the debate.
    And Harris was given the questions and topic order ahead of time, Harris with her stupid faces showed it a number of times. She knew what pivot was coming.

  12. The Demos had their outcome sheet prepared ahead of time, no matter the outcome, so they could label Pence with a derogatory, pejorative conclusion, no matter the outcome or performance. If Pence had, say “acted like Trump”, he’s a woman hating misogynist. But, in this case, as Pence mopped the floor with that nasal voiced, immature, vapid harpy, he’s mansplaining. That’s the term who used when she is a tongue tied lying quim.

  13. I find it interesting that women I've heard from who actually *have* been taught that women sit and shut up by men who actually *would* fit the shrieking feminist definition of "oppressive patriarchy" are coming out in favor of Pence...

    ...because when they watched Harris, they felt that she was engaging in gaslighting, and they feel so much more strongly against gaslighting than whether a man interrupts a woman or a woman interrupts a man.