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Friday, September 25, 2020

Trump supporters are having all the fun

I concluded today's Highlights of the News with the Texas Reloaded ad because it was fun. I want to go back to it because, well, the ad was fun, and fun is what Trump supporters are having this year.

You can tell watching the ad that the 5 Republican congressional candidates had fun making the ad. There is a camaraderie that sells them as a team in Congress. The accolades for the ad are many. People get the parody. People identify with the ad. People want to be part of the team because the team is having fun.

And as the headline says, Trump supporters are having all the fun. They get to hold rallies. They get to see their candidate belittle the media. They get to enjoy watching Wile E. Coyote Democrats blow themselves up again and again. I truly believe now that all Acme Products are made in Red China.

Watching Democrats go snake over the vacancy on the Supreme Court is entertaining. I could watch that entitled Karen rant all day long.

There is nothing Democrats can do to stop Republicans from making the Supreme Court 6-3 conservative. That is our cake. That it frustrates Democrats to the point of irrationality is the icing.

Biden supporters aren't having fun because they don't exist. If they existed, he would have won in Iowa and New Hampshire instead of finishing fourth.

Oh, there will be people who vote for Biden. Millions of them. But they are voting against President Donald John Trump, not for anyone. They have no candidate, and that is not fun because they have no team really. So in their anger, they tear up cities, they tear up campaign signs, and they tear up their own cars. Trump supporters are enjoying this because we know voting Donald Trump into the presidency has driven these insufferable, intolerant elitists right up the wall. I watch these videos and realize the high cost of participation trophies. The sheltered life is no life at all.

Biden is the invisible man. President Trump is everywhere. Biden has spent 8 days so far this month in his basement. President Trump puts in a 10-hour day at the office, hops on a plane, and holds a rally. In between times, he tweets.

Ahead of his rally in Jacksonville last night, supporter James Taylor told WCJB, "I’m here to support the president. I’m fired up about it. I want him to go out there and see a huge crowd, go off the cuff. People are loud. He starts getting funny‚ a funny guy. I’m here to hear his jokes, support him, support his policies. Encourage other Trump supporters."

President Trump is not the Kardashian president. Obama was. Donald Trump is the Johnny Carson president. Smart, witty, and he loves golf.

The polls say this, the polls say that. Trump supporters don't care. We are having fun. We did it before and we will do it again -- despite mail fraud, the media, and Karens flipping the bird and screaming in their cars.

And we will laugh as we are doing it.