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Monday, September 28, 2020

They'd prefer Justice Britney Spears

Vanessa Grigoriadis, ace reporter for the New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Rolling Stone, publicly stated what many other journalists believe: that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is unfit to serve on the Supreme Court because she has 7 children under 20.

The two women already on the Supreme Court have no children. Ginsburg's and O'Connor's children were adults by the time their mother became a justice. Feminists are fine with not having working mothers on the high court. This reflects the Junior League origin of modern feminism.

Likewise, Hillary's daughter was an adult, which freed her -- in their eyes -- to be president, while Sarah Palin should have stayed at home caring for that Down Syndrome baby that -- according to feminist orthodoxy -- should have been aborted.

Much like the black civil rights movement abandoned equality, so feminism has abandoned motherhood. After telling women they can have it all, feminists now oppose this because they realize that the women who have it all tend to be conservative.

Just the News reported, "A New York Times Magazine journalist lambasted Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett over being a working mother -- but backtracked her jabs after being heckled on Twitter. 

"Vanessa Grigoriadis, who writes about sexual power dynamics for a number of major media outlets, on Saturday wrote a series of tweets that seemed to imply that a woman could not simultaneously work and be a loving mother. After garnering nearly 18,000 responses -- many of them sharply critical -- Grigoriadis tweeted that Barrett is 'an inspiration and a girl boss.'"

Grigoriadis originally tweeted, "I guess one of the things I don't understand about Amy Coney Barrett is how a potential Supreme Court justice can also be a loving, present mom to seven kids."

"Is this like the Kardashians stuffing nannies in the closet and pretending they've drawn their own baths for their kids?"

And she tweeted, "And if there aren't enough hours in the day for her to work and mother those kids, when she portrays herself as a home-centered Catholic who puts family over career, isn't she telling a lie?"

Judge Barrett, 48, has 7 kids.

Grigoriadis, 47, has zero kids as far as I can tell.

But in 2014, she made a hero out of Emma Sulkowicz who lugged a mattress around campus after Columbia University officials failed to view a one night stand with Paul as a rape.

Due process be damned.

Grigoriadis wrote, "Today, Paul is still at Columbia, though he’s lying low, even keeping his email out of the campus Facebook. The mattress protest is a way for Sulkowicz to both refuse him that anonymity and turn the situation on its head. She’ll take the punishment, it says. This is a heavy mattress — an extra-long twin covered with shiny blue bedbug-proof material, bought from a clearinghouse called Tall Paul’s Tall Mall, which stocks the same mattresses Columbia orders for its dorms for growing boys. For now, she’s not using any hooks or belt loops to carry it — only her hands, or other students’ hands (her friends call those collective carries). It’s a weight Columbia can lift together."

Sulkowicz made life hell for Paul, but at least she did not boil a bunny on his stove.

Grigoriadis first gained attention with a Rolling Stone piece in 2008, "The Tragedy of Britney Spears. 
She was a pop princess. Now she’s in and out of hospitals, rehab and court. How Britney lost it all."

Grigoriadis wrote, "Britney epitomizes the crucible of fame for the famous: loving it, hating it and never quite being able to stop it from destroying you. Over the past year, it’s looked several times like she was going to get it together, but then girlfriend messes up again. She started off with a bang — the head-shaving, plus attacking a paparazzi car with an umbrella — followed by rehab, a magazine shoot where she let her dog poop on a $6,700 gown, a hit-and-run (the charge was dropped), an investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services, the sad performance at the VMAs and her hospitalizations on January 3rd and January 31st. Even Michael Jackson never deteriorated to the point where he was strapped to a gurney, his madness chronicled by news choppers’ spotlights. Before her first hospitalization, Britney shut herself in the bathroom with her youngest son for three hours, wearing only panties, arguing with cops who tried to give her a sweater."

Spears is bipolar. She recovered and became a productive citizen who makes millions for her family but she doesn't have custody of her kids.

That is to liberals perfect mothering. You have the babies and turn them over to someone else, and merrily go about your career.

According to the standards set in the original anti-Amy tweets — since backtracked — Spears would be the perfect woman justice.

By the way, Justice Antonin Scalia had 9 kids. Liberals didn't say that disqualified him. They ought to apply that standard to women, too. 

It's called equality, which sadly has become a deplorable word to liberals.


  1. A leftist who is concerned about motherhood lies.

  2. While more weighty, how is sitting on the Supreme Court that different than her prior judgeships? She'll have more clerks, fewer hearings, more written submissions.

  3. They hate her because she has what they lack. They will never have it, it can't be bought.
    Seven kids is a hand full. She needs something for recreation, some place to vent her frustrations. I'd hate to be a liar err lawyer attempting to appeal a child rapist's conviction. Then again, if I were there appealing it, I would be protesting that the scum bag got off too lightly

  4. Sounds misogynistic. I though women were supposed to be able to do anything they wanted? Anything they were capable of? So-called feminists claim not to be anti-motherhood. Right up until something like this comes along.

  5. They've got nothing on ACB so they have to throw anything they can against the wall and hope something sticks. This sounds kinda familiar to the Trumpster.

  6. great seeing the left finally admit their true colors. Women should know their place and stay in the home and kitchen tending to their kids. If conservative women are going to be selfish enough to have kids, then they must stay home and nurture those inconvenient nuisances

  7. She'll have more clerks, fewer hearings, more written submissions.

    Regard: shell shockers

  8. Seven kids is a hand full. She needs something for recreation, some place to vent her frustrations. I'd hate to be a liar err lawyer attempting to appeal a child rapist's conviction.

    Thanks Merry christmas 2020


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