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Monday, September 14, 2020

Taking back the House with a Glock and stilettos

Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose
Nothin', don't mean nothin' hon' if it ain't free
-- Kris Kristofferson
Me and Bobby McGee

Politico reported from Cortez, Colorado, "A Glock on her hip and stilettos on her feet, Lauren Boebert stood behind a grocery store and waved as pickups, Harleys and Subarus flying Trump 2020 banners and Thin Blue Line American flags drove by. The procession calls itself the Montezuma County Patriots, a group of locals — fence menders, firefighters, retirees, unemployed dispatchers and others — that parades through town every weekend. This week, they steered their vehicles into a cracked asphalt parking lot and climbed out. They were here to see Boebert, a 33-year-old first-time candidate for Congress."

Harleys and Subarus?

Her story mirrors bartender AOC's in that Boebert owns Shooters Grill in the town of Rifle. Both women are brunettes who know how to use makeup (it is not caving to the patriarchy to look presentable). Both knocked off a long-time incumbent in a primary. And both represent the soul of their party.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a communist.

Boebert is an American.

Politico said, "In early May, with Colorado under stay-at-home orders from Democratic Governor Jared Polis, Boebert defied state policy and reopened her cafe. After Garfield County obtained a temporary restraining order to stop her from serving dine-in customers, she moved tables outside, leading officials to suspend her restaurant license. The dispute generated headlines — and free publicity for Boebert’s campaign — during the crucial final weeks leading into the primary, as the candidate denounced 'the heavy hand of government to make us do whatever they want.' She slammed Tipton as a creature of the Washington establishment, and ended up beating him by 9 points in the primary.

"Now, as she tries to ride her message about pandemic overreach to a win in the general election this fall, Boebert might just represent a new, very 2020 kind of politician: the Covid backlash candidate."

Hers was a very Trumpian campaign as she generated publicity from a smug media that was sure they could smother her with coverage.

Now she is primed to win in November. This won't flip a seat for Republicans but it likely will keep a seat for decades.

Republicans have confidence that not only will they keep the Senate and the White House, but also that they will flip the House back.

Harry Truman was the last and only president to do that.

Breitbart reported, "Congressman Gary Palmer, chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, said Republicans can win the House back."

Palmer said Republicans need 19 seats and have targeted 53 Democrats. 30 are in districts President Trump won. While President Trump certainly has coattails -- Republicans won all 22 Senate seats in 2016 in the states he carried -- the question is how far he can extend them.

Democrats are rioting and plan to have a national gun buyback program. Just like we had at Wounded Knee.

Americans get the message.

The Washington Free Beacon reported, "A broader look at monthly sales data, as measured by FBI background checks, confirms swing state voters' eagerness to arm themselves in 2020. The nine states at the epicenter of the presidential race between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden each saw historic seasonally adjusted gun sales in June — larger in all cases than the record-setting sales of March — a sign of surging demand for firearms in the wake of rioting and protests that have turned violent."

Have Glock, will vote.

In a year when American rights are under attack by politicians, Boebert has the right message for 2020: Freedom.

Republicans would be wise to follow her stiletto footsteps.

A trail Sarah Palin blazed.


  1. The SOUL of the party, I think.

    Well, maybe AOC is the bottom of a foot grubbing along in the dirt but not most people usually.

    1. O Sole Mio!

      Was that a dumb mistake.


      I shall fix.

    2. AOC is the hole of the party and I do not mean @$$ either. They are following her down the rabbit hole of very bad consequences, intended and otherwise.
      Soulless? No, she has a soul, and Satan owns it. Beauty and evil, now where did I read something about a beautiful completely evil woman? Seems she got eaten by dogs, all but the soles of her feet.
      Such a horrible fate! Yet worse awaits her just the other side of the veil.

  2. And when you said "Glocks and Stilettos" I had visions of an " Brutus" moment. (sigh)

  3. This is what we need MAGA republicans unafriad to P.O. th eDems and media. love it.
    Now for Oregon. ,

    1. I love her style and fight. We need more cowbell and more like Boebert.

    2. More cowbell and more tommy guns!

  4. the Covid backlash candidate


  5. Replies

    2. One of the returns on this search showed Lauren's mug shot in a Denver Post article. It would be stupid for the leftist media to try & smear her - they'll just make her more of a folk hero.

      Also, I saw a video of her at a Beto rally getting booed by the friendly crowd when she challenged his gun confiscation policy in a Q&A - she didn't flinch!

      The left presented America with a clear and present danger, always a stupid mistake.

    3. Thanks radioone, that gives me plenty of great pics! (First time I've been on a gooble page for years, hope I didn't catch something!)

      I reckon the best pic is of the four gals running Shooter's Grill, out front with their holstered guns. I like the cowboy rig the most!

      Dang, we need a Shooter's Grill in Texas!

  6. "Just like we had at Wounded Knee." OMG, Don, my diet coke just blew thru my nose.

    1. I think an even better analogy might be Lexington and concord. Recall the whole reason the British troops were there in April 1775 was to forcibly confiscate the colonists' firearms.

    2. So true but seldom mentioned in the 2nd Amendment debates. I believe it was Charlestown that was hit first giving a warning to the colonists. The almost massacre of the retreating Brits sealed the fate of the colonists. Note also this was in April 1775 with the Declaration of Independence in July 1776.

  7. In my comments on the Highlights thread, I had mentioned the possible formation of a Republican House squad. Boebert would be welcome to join Klacik, Skarlatos and Loomer in shaking up the House in the opposite direction from AOC.

    1. Now that would surely tickle the cockles of my heart, yes it would!

  8. Until we see a couple of big name progressives behind bars on "epstein watch," this is nothing but Theatre. Trump was elected because republicans did just this for 8 years of fundamental transformation. And as soon as Trump was elected republicans sabotaged just as actively as democrats. The House was given away, the Senate would be the same if the culture war wasn't raging the way it is. The next four years of Trump need to be a judicial bloodbath, or we're in for this for the duration.

  9. If we lose our freedom to the demoncrats there is no place to go. America is freedoms last stand.