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Friday, September 25, 2020

Never Trump, never right

John Podhoretz filed an awful column today, "Trump may talk himself out of the White House," which managed to show his ignorance of both politics and football.

He compared President Donald John Trump's campaign style to quarterback Fran Tarkenton's scrambling out of the pocket for yardage when he could find no one to throw to and his line was collapsing. 

Podhoretz wrote, "Old guys like me have fond memories of the scrambling quarterback Fran Tarkenton, who would get himself in trouble in the backfield, run backward 20 yards, then run forward 25 yards — and score a small gain after a huge self-created melodrama."

Actually a 5-yard gain is pretty darned good. Jim Brown averaged 5.2 yards per carry in his illustrious career. He was the best ever.

Tarkenton averaged 5.4.

Podhoretz then went on to show his ignorance of politics.

He wrote, "At least when Tarkenton scrambled, he often ended up gaining yardage. At best, Trump finds himself back at the line of scrimmage, with an approval rating flat-lined in the low 40s.

"Thus, even if you want to believe Trump’s trolling is a strategy rather than a kind of animal cunning — perpetual aggression designed to ward off future challenges to his alpha status — you really ought to question its effectiveness."

OK, I will question the strategy. How effective is it?

In his first run for any public office, he was elected president.

A reader sent me the photo above. He wrote, "After a hard day at the Oval Office, Trump pulls into a middle-America city on Air Force One and uses it as a backdrop for a rousing rally and a long, meandering speech. Throngs of people wait in line for hours in all kinds of weather to see President Trump. Then the local media affiliates give it copious coverage. They have no choice. And this at a time when Biden speaks to near-empty rooms. More Secret Service men than ordinary voters.

"This is a brilliant PR strategy under any circumstances. But in the age of COVID, it is sheer genius.

"And don't think the Mass Media Maggots haven't noticed. Now they are telling us the 'polls are tightening.' Let's give them credit. They don't want to look like complete schmucks a second time. Hillary is in Chappaqua, Trump is in The White House, and Biden is on his way to assisted living."

Welcome to my blog, where the readers are better writers than me!

And everyone is better than Podhoretz, who says the Trump strategy is not a strategy but rather one of two possibilities.

He wrote, "One is that Trump has no idea what he’s doing and simply responds without considering the consequences of his actions.

"The other is that he’s intending to stage a coup and destroy American democracy so he can stay in the Oval Office, and that he was signaling his intention to do so to activate his forces around the country or terrify people into voting for him so that he’s not tested on his intentions."

Stage a coup? He is president. He would have to hold himself hostage like Sheriff Bart did in Blazing Saddles.

Podhoretz ended his column, "Every minute we’re talking about whether Trump is or is not abusing his power is a minute Trump has lost. And the minutes are growing short. Trump’s best chance now is, quite simply, to stop scrambling — and shut up."

That goes against the maxim "I don't care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right."

It also goes against what Podhoretz wrote in the previous paragraph, "Trump got his best polling news in a month, with state ­surveys taken by ABC News and the Washington Post that showed him in better shape in must-win Florida and Arizona."

The column included a strange passage: "Time and again, Trump draws shocked and outraged fire from his antagonists for saying outrageous things. When the dust settles, his enemies have been driven bananas — and his support is exactly where it was before.

"This quality, the ability to drive liberals and Trump-hating former conservatives into impotent fits of sputtering rage, both delights many of his supporters and seems to recharge Trump’s combative batteries. It’s almost as though he lives off drinking liberal tears.

"But is that really living?"

My answer is yes, it is better to live in the White House than to live in the "impotent fits of sputtering rage" that Podhoretz calls home.

But his is a living, too. He makes $400,000 a year publishing impotent fits of sputtering rage in his 11 issues-a-year magazine. He makes something from MSNBC for giving impotent fits of sputtering rage on Morning Joe. Plus he makes a few bucks from the New York Post for his impotent fits of sputtering rage like this column.

By the way, Tarkenton averaged just under 15 yards rushing a game. He averaged 191 yards a game passing. In other words, he did the job as a quarterback for 18 seasons, just as Donald Trump is doing the job as president. Peace in the Middle East, a drop of 6.3 points in unemployment in just 4 months, that sort of thing.


  1. It amazes me how dumb these people are. Who can oppose (besides Democrats that is) insuring that the election is a fair one, not tainted by ballot harvesting etc.? And which court would have the final say on whether or not the process met the appropriate standards? And, since that is the Supreme Court of the United States, don't you want to be sure it can make a decision and not tie at 4-4?

    As far as I am concerned, the President is simply laying the seed for the conclusion that Saint Ruth's seat MUST BE filled.

  2. Podhoretz also laughs off the Hunter, Bursima, and Ukraine connection as if there is no there there. Not exactly what the report that came out this week said at all.

  3. Loved watching old Fran. He had to scramble because his support was ineffective.
    Let's make an honest comparison to President Trump. Tarkington's support consisted of a line and a cadre of receivers.
    Trump's support consisted of a house and Senate.
    When President realized the house was against home, yes I mean Ryan and company, he ditched the pocket and started scrambling.
    What are his stats! Above par on judicial appointments. Well above par on cutting regulations, and far above par on protecting our borders and ports of entry.
    His only failure so far is not nominating me to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

    1. Oh, yeah, one other shortcoming, he needs to get his morning briefings from Don Surber.

  4. Pohoretz sounds like your average %15/hr troll.

    And the real reason The Lefties are getting worried is that Sleepy Joe has spent 1 day in 3 this month resting in DE.

    He's failing physically as well as mentally.

  5. Only a matter of time before Podhoretz starts disputing the legality of the forward pass.

  6. Trump deserves a Laurel and Hearty handshake!

  7. Podhoretz has become, like his Bulwark and NRO compadres, quite the hack. Thanks to Mr. Surber for reading and summarizing Podhoretz’ column. I couldn’t stomach reading it.

    1. I met Charles C.W. Cooke at CPAC 2016 - pleasant, mild mannered Brit expat, good writer, hail-fellow-well-met kinda guy. It would not go well if I met Cee-Dub today. Something along the lines of, “What in the bloody FOOK are you sellouts at NR smoking? You miserable tossers!”

  8. Podhoretz is trying to give bad advice that will cost President Trump the election.

    Rejecting Podhoretz, Rubin, Goldberg, and Charen is how Donald Trump became a successful President.

  9. I regard Podhoretz and the other never Trumpers as a group of losers who hate Trump for being bold, honest and right. No he no perfect but, the
    NT's are simply losers . The Dems are not their friends they are the enemy. Even Beck has turned around but I regard him as an opportunistic parasite kind of like a tick.

  10. One thing more about President Trump. He is from the same city that gave us the Marx Brothers, the Three Stooges, George Burns, Jimmy Durante, Danny Kaye, Jackie Gleason, Buddy Hackett and Don Rickles, among many great comedians, and this has all rubbed off on him. No wonder his rally audiences feel euphoric at the end.

  11. Podhoretz is like all of the other failed, neo-cons that conned our country into a disastrous war in Iraq. They are bitterly against Trump for calling things as they are, that it was a big mistake. They will never forgive Trump for that. Whenever these never trumpers give advice it always means trump's success has become undeniable and they hope to depress any followers who read them by mistake.

  12. I still hang on the dwindling belief that John Pod. is a reasonable lib. He's the only one that Joe Scar. lets have some leeway when John Pod. goes agiainst the Morning Joe dogma...Like I've written before, Mark Lebovitz of the NY Times gets the same respectful treatment. A real shame, I remember when Pat Buchanan was a regular on that show. It began its downfall hen when Mark Halperin said Obama was ating like a bit of a d*ck, and got suspended. Now on that show, they say Trump eats children, and they get booked again to be on air. ZB

    1. ---It began its downfall when Mark Halperin said Obama was acting like a bit of a d*ck,--- zb

  13. I listened to MSNBC on the radio today while driving. They sound like Pud-horetz wrote. Talk about the lawless PDJT. Talk about a coup when he loses. Talk about how he is down 8 on the polls or bigger.

    Pud-horetz doesn’t realize that when Tarkington retired, he was the all-time leader in passing yards and passing touchdowns.

    A Hall of Famer. An all-time great. Hmmmm. Sounds a lot like PDJT.

    1. Greatest QB who never won a Super Bowl. (Some might say Marino, but....)

    2. Saudi, I'd say Jim Kelly but all 3 were great.

      As for Putz, he went only by Fran's NYG years and ignored the Viking years.

    3. Bernie Kosar...that Ernest Byner fuble at the two.

  14. I got sick of all those losers long before Trump came on to the scene. Every one of them just rubs me the wrong way.

  15. Pod was good there for a while, but what he's turned into in the last six months is HOLY MOLY.

    Don, I'm glad you picked up on this column - I saw it yesterday and went, Oh Well, another Manhattan mental meltdown.

    Let's check and see how he's doing on 11/03/20.

    Well, let's put it this way: If he were at a racetrack on 11/05/20, he'd take his last $100 and plunge it all on the worst horse in the race. And there's a good chance that this is exactly what he'll do, figuratively speaking, on 11/04/20.

    Seriously, this is sad to see. It's amazing how often these NYC guys go off the deep end.

    Don Reed

  16. Scott Adams coined the "Lucky Hitler" hypothesis way back in 2015. It goes something like this:

    "Trump is stupid and evil. He only keeps winning because he is incredibly lucky."

  17. I don't think you had any examples that Podhertz used for the basis of his theories, but I suspect it was something that Trump never said. The outrage is that Trump did not state that he would peacefully leave office if he lost the election. But that was not the question. The question was stupid. Win, lose or draw, would you commit to a peaceful transition. Well, 2/3 of those scenarios - win or draw, would not require a peaceful transition. And in fact, draw is a nonsense scenario. So Trump said, "We'll see what happens". Even R's are trying to walk back something HE NEVER EVEN SAID!

  18. Yeah. Either Trump is a genius or a lucky idiot. No other way to explain his winning (well according to the left and their fan club the corporate media)

    Funny thing they said this about Reagan and Bush (both) and now Trump.

    Reminds me of the nerds who can't get a date cause they're NERDS complaining about how the cool guys get all the girls and make the teams and have the nice cars. DUH! There's a reason for all their winning and it isn't Astrology.