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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem brought peace

Tonight in Jerusalem:

President Trump hosted the heads of three states Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain, today to sign the Abraham Accords which means two Arab states will officially recognize Israel as a state.

More will follow.

He said, "Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain will establish embassies, exchange ambassadors, and begin to work together as partners. They are friends."

The American press is largely ignoring this achievement because it does not fit the Democrat narrative. Besides, peace doesn't attract the viewership that war brings in.

Fox's news site did not mention it. CNN illustrated its analysis with a picture of Begin, Sadat and Jimmy Carter signing the Camp David accord 42 years ago. Egypt's recognition of Israel was historic, but followed only by Jordan 16 years later.

I am not denigrating the work of Carter and Clinton, but rather pointing out how difficult it is to get these sides together. The 1978 peace accord led to Sadat's assassination. I don't blame others for hesitating.

President Trump is hopeful that Arabia will finally be open about its tolerance of Israel. There has not been a war in 47 years after 3 in 25 years. Israel went 3-0.

Mark Knoller of CBS tweeted, "Now President Trump says he expects 7, 8, or 9 additional countries to agree to normalization of relations with Israel. Just a few hours earlier, he put the number at 5, 6, or 7. Before leaving WH for a Town Hall in Philadelphia, he said he thinks Saudi Arabia will be one of them."

I will believe the Saudis will open an embassy in Jerusalem when they actually do.

Still, I am an optimistic about that. Saudi Arabia -- the home of Mecca -- is the crown jewel. As other Gulf states recognize Israel, this eases the pressure on the Saudis to stop snubbing Israel publicly.

Privately, the Saudis and the Israelis have partnered on a few things, including defense projects. The Saudis quietly allowed flights between Israel and India to cross their borders.

The experts in Washington said President Trump would bring war, not peace. They also said Obama would bring peace, not war.

The Brookings Institute -- revered by the uniparty and Fake News journalists alike -- posted on January 30, 2017, "Why moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem would be dangerous and unwise."

The story said, "Moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem would reverse 70 years of U.S. policy and needlessly antagonize a quarter of the world’s inhabitants, writes Khaled Elgindy, who argues that the move wouldn't advance U.S. interests or make Americans safer at home or abroad."

The institute said, "Those advocating for moving the embassy assert that it would have only minimal security or diplomatic fallout. They argue that relocating the American embassy to West Jerusalem would not necessarily preclude the possibility of either an independent Palestine or a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem. However, unless the United States is prepared simultaneously to establish an embassy to the State of Palestine in East Jerusalem — the likelihood of which is virtually nil — it would merely be validating Israel’s exclusivist claim over the whole of Jerusalem.

"Whatever pretexts are used, the reality is that calls for moving the embassy ultimately have less to do with American policy or national security considerations than with cultural and ideological ones. This was evident in Trump’s speech before the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee last summer, in which he first announced his intention to 'move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem.' Such assertions reflect a particular worldview in which Jerusalem belongs solely to the Jewish people, or at best to Judeo-Christian civilization, while diminishing (or denying altogether) the city’s Palestinian, Arab and Islamic heritage."

What a load of ignorance.

That 70 years of U.S. policy failed to bring peace to the Middle East.

Clinton and Ehud Barak offered Arafat his own state. He declined because his goal was to eliminate Israel.

The Palestinians, however, represent a very small portion of Arabs and Muslims. Most of them don't care about Palestine because they have their own problems. 99 to be exact. Israel ain't one.

By moving our embassy to Jerusalem, President Trump signaled to the world that Palestinians no longer controlled U.S. policy in the Mideast.

A far wiser reader than me wrote, "Today's peace agreement is truly historic. Other Arab states may follow. However, Iran and possibly Turkey are sitting on the fence awaiting the results of the presidential election. I hope the American electorate is smart enough this time to seize the day and re-elect President Trump. If this happens I believe Iran, Turkey, and possibly North Korea and China will fall in line and true peace might break out.

"I was a staff officer at Headquarters Strategic Air Command at the end of Desert Storm. We had a sign on the wall with the three biggest threats listed -- Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, with Iraq crossed out. The US had a strong European and Arab coalition against Iraq and had convinced Israel to hold her fire in retaliation for Iraq Scuds fired at Israel. All this country had to do was re-elect George H.W. Bush and the threat countries would have fallen in line and there might have been a chance for real peace in the Middle East. But we foolishly elected that snake oil salesman from Arkansas along with his bitch of a wife. The whole thing fell apart and Clinton sold out our country to Red China providing them with nuclear and missile technology that allowed them to leap 25 years ahead of where they were.

"We actually had another chance under George W. Bush, with initial victories in Afghanistan and Iraq. Libya gave up their nuclear program as a result and Iran might have followed; however, the evil democrats played politics and started the ridiculous where's the Iraq WMD? bullshit that weakened our hand. As a result Iran dug in their heels and resisted coming on board. The Green Revolution failed because the American electorate fell for another snake oil salesman -- the human scum Obama. He sat on his hands when a little encouragement from us might have enabled the Green Revolution to succeed and overthrow the Mullahs. I believe that McCain would have shown support for the Green Revolution.

"We now have perhaps one last chance to establish peace throughout the world. The key is to re-elect President Trump. If we don't, China and Iran will own Joe Biden and his worthless son and brothers. I hope the American electorate gets it right this time. Our country and the world depends on it."

37 states.

Bret Stephens -- a fake conservative at the New York Times -- said President Trump got lucky, "A final point about these deals: This wasn’t supposed to happen. Not under the leadership of Israel’s supposedly bellicose Benjamin Netanyahu; certainly not through the diplomatic offices of the usually crazy/amateurish/perverse Trump administration. Luck and timing played a part, as they always do."

Yes, just like Donald Trump got lucky in building a resort empire, got lucky in penning best-sellers, got lucky in marrying beautiful women, got lucky in having a hit TV show, and got lucky in winning the presidency.

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem made this possible, as did plenty of hard work and statesmanship by everyone involved on all sides.

And it is not over until the House of Saud joins in.

Back in 2017, the Brookings Institute said, "The onus is on President Trump and his administration to explain to the American people and the world how reversing 70 years of U.S. policy while needlessly antagonizing a quarter of the world’s inhabitants advances U.S. interests, or makes Americans safer at home or abroad."

President Trump delivered his answer today.


  1. This all began early on when the President met with Arab leaders and told them point blank that terrorists had to be crushed. Then he moved the Embassy to Jerusalem–and the entire Swamp screamed that he was starting World War Three.

    Not only were they wrong, they were exactly 180 degrees wrong. Moving the Embassy was THE VERY THING WHICH MADE THIS PEACE ACCORD POSSIBLE. Such is the Power of a True Thing.

    Contrast this magnificent achievement with the purposeful failure Obama/Biden record:

    Candidate Obama goes to the Western Wall, dons a yarmulke and places prayer slips in the Wall. After winning office, he writes mash notes to the Mullahs, selling out the Iranian people. Once safely re-elected, he tries to use ISIL to build a Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate. He gives the Ayatollah billions in Jizya, uranium and Russian anti-aircraft systems. And on the way out the door, allowed the UN to declare the Western Wall property of the Palestinians. The very Wall where candidate Obama once placed his prayers.

    I only mention it on this joyous day because these are the two visions on the ballot this election. To paraphrase Churchill, we can see the life of the world move forward into broad, sunlit uplands or sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister by the lights of perverted Bidens.

    A Time For Choosing, indeed.

    Shalom, Salaam, Peace...Amen and Amen!

  2. Gonna be interesting - last I saw - not that it was true, was Jews 2 to 1 voting against President Trump. Where do they plan to move if he wins again?

    1. If Trump gets a third of the Jewish vote, along with a third of the black vote and maybe 3/8 of the Hispanic vote, we're looking at '72, maybe '84, maybe all 50 states.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Absolutely true. People have no sense of proportion. A third of the Jewish vote is a tremendous amount (and their voter participation rates are very high relative to their numbers). Even 15 percent of the black vote and 25 to 30 percent of the Hispanic vote and Trump has this locked up. 72, baby!

    4. I agree. I just don't understand why the Jewish vote always goes to Dems. My wife thinks it is because the Jews don't care about Isreal. I find that hard to believe and with the anti-Semitism drifting thru the other dem constituencies, it just seems weird to me.

  3. I am not sure that Arafat really wanted to see Israel wiped off the map...although he wouldn't have complained. His real motivation for rejecting the Palestinisn state proposal was that he knew then that he would actually have to run a country and would be totally exposed to all of his people as the incompetent oligarch that he was. By rejecting the proposal he could continue funneling Palestian aid to his own personal accounts while blaming Israel for poverty of his people.

  4. Over at Memeorandum not one article about the Middle East accords. Not. One.

  5. The Sauds have very good reason to get on board. They've had to fight Arab crazies for decades. Even (or especially) in Mecca.

    Cutting the ground out from under them only makes good sense.

  6. Don't underestimate the important part that energy independence played in these negotiations. I always felt that reducing our dependence on Arab oil would change the dynamics in the Middle East. It put the USA in a much stronger bargaining position.

    1. This is really the key development that allowed the world to shift. America is no longer dependent on the Middle East for oil energy. We literally can tell them to go to hell and not have any repercussions. They tried to take us down but were unable. Now we have peace. It’s really just amazing.

  7. Here are ten reasons why it is in our best interests to maintain a close alliance with Israel.
    1. The two countries share the same Bible-based values of right and wrong, good and evil, justice and freedom.
    2. Israel has had the most experience countering Islamic-based terrorism. As a result, its annual homicide totals are lower than many American cities of smaller populations.
    3. Israel is a member in good standing of the nuclear club.
    4. Israel is regarded by military experts as among the top five countries in cyber warfare capabilities, including the rigorous firewalling of its infrastructure.
    5. Israel's military research and development activities are comparable to the Pentagon's DARPA, with which it frequently shares its innovations.
    6. Israel invented the modern aerial drone 50 years ago and is the world's largest exporter of these items.
    7. Israel invented drone missile boats and robotic ground vehicles. What was once science fiction is very much real.
    8. Israel's intelligence services are among the best in the world. Who else could have pulled off the heist of Iran's nuclear secrets?
    9. Unlike our NATO allies, Israel is serious about providing for its own defense and maintains a military draft of both sexes.
    10. Israelis have been pro-American from the moment President Truman recognized its independence at the very beginning to the present day, even when their love has gone unrequited by administrations blowing hot and cold over the last 72 years.

  8. All the others were making a fortune from the "peace process." President Trump sought peace, not a process.

    1. THAT is flat-out BRILLIANT stuff, Ron. Goal of the Year nominee.

  9. Excellent post. Exciting times. And thank you to your reader who shared his insights. Some amazing people read this blog and contribute insightful, knowledge-based information. Four more years of PDJT and true peace - what a combo.


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