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Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Media enabled the Antifa/BLM trainwreck

It's over. The nation's reporters know it. They don't need polls to know that the Antifa/BLM riots in Albuquerque, Minneapolis, and Kenosha are tipping 3 battleground states toward President Donald John Trump.

Burning in the embers of the Car Source lot in Kenosha were media hopes riding President Donald John Trump out of office on a rail of sanctimony.

Once again, if they had only played it straight and not called the riots and looting "mostly peaceful protests," maybe their plan would have worked. Maybe the riots in Minneapolis would have been a one-time mistake, and Democrats could have milked American sympathies for votes.

Instead the media provided cover and ran Democrat press releases instead of objective reporting. The power of the press isn't in slanting the news. The power of the press is in telling it like it is.

By calling riots "mostly peaceful protests," the media removed the penalty for rioting. Without a penalty, there were more riots.

But the great thing about the truth is eventually it rises. And voters now see smoldering cities and demand the very law and order that the media had dismissed as dog-whistle racism.

Print media has churned out a bevy of stories aimed at softening the blow. They repeat their old mistakes.

Emily Witt of New Yorker began her piece, "After four days of protests, the storefronts of downtown Kenosha were boarded up on Thursday afternoon. The small city of a hundred thousand people, on the shore of Lake Michigan, an hour and a half north of Chicago, was under a 7 p.m. curfew. Lingering news crews set up their tripods on Kenosha’s street corners, recording standups in front of the Car Source auto lot, with its incinerated vehicles, or propped before groups of volunteers, who were painting the plywood with hearts and rainbows and apolitical messages: 'Be the Light;' 'Do small things with great love;' another, over a painting of a lighthouse next to stormy waves, read 'Even in our darkest hours our beacon still shines brightly.'

"On Sunday, August 23rd, a 29-year-old black man named Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times by Rusten Sheskey, a white officer with the Kenosha Police Department, while Blake opened the door of the car where his three children were waiting for him. In the next two days, protesters filled the city. They were met by the Kenosha Police Department with tear gas and rubber bullets, and soon began damaging and burning around 30 local businesses and a Wisconsin Department of Corrections Probation and Parole office."

Not mentioned in the story was Blake had no business being with his kids. His ex had a restraining order. She called 911 to get the police to protect her.

Witt thinks the media can still hide the news from a benighted public.

Her story was heavy on "right wing militias."

She never mentioned Antifa or BLM. Black Lives Matter got one mention, as an unexplained logo on a hat. Down the memory hole goes a movement.

The media is running scared.

NBC reported, "against the backdrop of civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Portland, Oregon, Biden's support in the latter group is more fragile. Although Biden, a Catholic from Scranton, Pennsylvania, has long been considered something of a patron saint of blue-collar Democrats, blue-collar white voters tend to pay less attention to politics day to day than others and live in pro-Trump settings where the local news and information ecosystem, driven by Facebook and other social media sites, is much friendlier to Trump's view of the world.

"It's in those places where Trump's onslaught of attacks, including false accusations that Biden wants to 'defund the police,' stands the best chance of resonating and where Biden will need to claw to hang on to the voters who currently find him plainly acceptable."

There is a Grasshopper and the Ants element to this story. All summer long President Trump (the ants) called for ending the riots and looting, while Biden (the grasshopper) wiled away his time in his basement enjoying his flattering reviews and favorable polls.

But as summer ends, reality hits. Labor Day finds Biden stuck like glue to riots and looting, while President Trump runs ads showing Democrat destruction.

The lesson of 1968 was never riot or loot.

The lesson of 2016 was never underestimate Donald Trump.

The media learned neither lesson.


  1. Biden, a cafeteria Catholic from Scranton, Pennsylvania


  2. [from the NBC article Mr. Surber cited, above]___ " white voters tend to pay less attention to politics day to day than others and live in pro-Trump settings where the local news and information ecosystem, driven by Facebook and other social media sites, is much friendlier to Trump's view of the world.' --- An elite caste-system analysis putting down working folk as less intelligent and politically aware than the Upper West Side, white-dominant-reporter-dwellers (wow, NBC, I can cast aspersions, too!).
    I am a 2nd generation blue collar beneficiary (My Dad was the 1st of 8 siblings to graduate college and later medical school, initially thru the GI Bill). I have a post graduate business degree, and the smartest investment clients that I ever had were the blue collar business owners and farmers...They were the salt of the earth. My Dad had a blue collar attitude and his closest friends in my hometown were that same blue collar ilk NBC derided. He took those friends to his golf club as guests, and they made up his foursomes, to the consternation of the other snooty members. ZB

    1. To give all of our Dads their due for instilling in us love of Country, our fellow man (regardless of color, culture, background), etc., I insult my Granddad's history if I fail to mention that he came as an immigrant to this Country, and fought for the U.S. in WWI. He rose up to foreman at Beth. Steel and my Dad toiled under him (his words) at the wire mill during his high school Summers. So pffft, to Scranton Joe, who toiled under his Dad's gift Corvettes; unlike our POTUS whose kids can still operate any construction site machinery, under their Dad's blue collar tutelage mentality. ZB

  3. "Her story was heavy on "right wing militias."
    biden claimed in Pittsburgh "peaceful demonstrators were infiltrated by right wing agitators to cause riots."

  4. I grew up n a wheat and Cattle ranch. My Pop also was an assistant manager of the local Wards store. The opened a store with a pardner
    (Never,ever do that unless you really know what the pardner intends.)
    Any way I went on to a Bachelor's Degree in biology. Then a commercial Pilot's license. Been around Farmers and Ranchers all my life. None are stupid. You can't be. Neither are Blue collar people- My in-laws were
    exactly that My late Father-in-law worked for GM for 40 years after
    seeing Europe from the driver's side of a M4 Sherman.My mother in law was a Teacher before the politicization of Teaching. Both were Reagan Dems and Eisenhower Dems. I'd like to think if they were here today
    they would be MAGA. My mother was a lefty lib to the point of mental damage. Only dems are good. she worshiped the Kennedy clan,and Johnson
    and Bill Clinton. I shudder to think what she'd done over Zero.
    so I was immersed in politics from birth. Main street Republican (Pop)
    Lefty Lib Dem (Mom). Pop had friends of all colors, and professions.
    One of his admirable traits was his lack of prejudice.I inherited that.
    Mainly because of our Multi-racial heritage.Mom on the other hand was always freaking out if I showed interest in any girl or woman of color.
    American Indian, Asian, Hispanic,etc. She actually ran a full blood Cherokee woman off that I wanted to marry. My Wife she couldn't run off-she has a lot of Cherokee blood too.(didn't know it at the time.) But she fought back. After that, Mom left her alone.
    My Point: I have encountered more prejudice from those on the left and more blatant because somehow if you aren't quite "White" or "Smart"
    or go to the "correct" School or even Church. You have something wrong with you. re-Education, or limited and given"Help". This is why Trump gives the Left heartburn. He not only Pushes the Envelope, he tears it up...

    1. Amen. I came from dirt farmers and coal miners. Granddad went to college on GI Bill. A black man saved my great great grandfather in a mining accident. My grandfather was named after him. That name has been passed down in my family since and my nephew is named for him now. You depend on too many others to have your back in the military or in blue collar jobs. Things go deadly in a blink of an eye. The elites don't have those connections or look down on them to their detriment. When it's life n death, no one cares about color, religion, or sex.
      Congrats on your wife's fighting back.

    2. Hat tip to Mr. DC and TJ. zb

    3. My mother took pictures of the tv screen during Sotero’s inauguration. She then put the pictures in an album and kept it on a table in their den. My mom and dad were liberal. Hopefully they are looking down from heaven and seeing how wrong they were. My sister is very liberal. There is no hope she will realize how wrong she is.

    4. Twas a pleasure to read your post. Thank you.

      "My late Father-in-law worked for GM for 40 years after seeing Europe from the driver's side of a M4 Sherman."

      I hope he was fortunate enough to have read "Another River, Another Town, A Teenage Tank Gunner Comes of Age in Combat --- 1945," by John P. Irwin [1926- ]; Random House (edited by Bob Loomis; 2002).

      It is short, compelling and recommended.

      Don Reed

  5. It's breathtaking how slanted the reporters make it.

    1. Watch MSNBC and watch the pros at work. They are breathless with excitement earl has time they finally get PDJT. And totally shameless when it blows up in their faces.

  6. The scary thing is the media has contaminated the entire journalistic profession to the point we have no idea whats really going on and have to read 4 or 5 different news sources to get a handle on what is really going on. Its a crime I have to reach out to foreign tabloids, bloggers on the ground and rioters posting things on twitter to understand what is going on with the riots.

  7. "The power of the press isn't in slanting the news. The power of the press is in telling it like it is."

    Don, your instincts are correct. Your audience (nationwide) is deaf. May they learn --- TWICE! --- the hard way. The only way.

    1. MSM? Yes. There is NO penalty for failure (name the last network news division that went out of business).

  8. Just sayin'....there is one glaring component in these fatal incidents where black people have fatal encounters with the Police is that they believe themselves to be exempt from obeying police commands to stop resisting; not to reach for a weapon; and nearly every event the person who has been detained, once again appearing to be exempt from lawful police commands escalates into behavior threatening the lives of the officers and then the police are left with no choice but to use lethal force, killing the person who chose to escalate; the police did not make that choice, the person did but those facts are never reported and the police officers pay...they believe they don't have to obey the law, and that is why this outrageous undeclared race war is tearing America apart. It is not white people....but that doesn't fit their narrative.

  9. I know I've just caused steam to shoot out of millions of BLM supporters, but I am speaking the truth. The truth us what needs to be told and once that happens then all black lives will have the matter that they deserve...and so will all the rest. And then maybe all this hatred can end so that we can be who we are and feel safe and valued....and respected.

  10. BLM= pasty white kids from the suburbs burning down black neighborhoods and businesses.

  11. The last two years of Obama's time in office was filled with monthly race riots. He wanted revenge for not winning Congress and he got it. This is the new normal, riots and looting will now be 100% acceptable by the democrat party. Until you start putting the people organizing these riots in prison, they will never end.

  12. The immigrant vote doesn't care if American cities burn, that's the difference between now and 1968.