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Saturday, September 05, 2020

Liberals shouldn't want a direct vote

Nate Silver's claim to fame is calling presidential elections. He blew it in 2016. Bigly. Naturally, liberals herald him as an elections expert.

On Wednesday, he tweeted his odds for Basement Biden winning the Electoral College by margin of a popular vote. Silver said if Biden wins by 1 point or less, he has only a 6% chance of winning.

Well, maybe that is true. Maybe not. I have no idea what Nate Silver based his odds on. These are just numbers from N8 Ag-land. Usually he claims his numbers are computer driven. I view computer programs as garbage in and garbage out.

While I do not know where he got these numbers, I do know why he tweeted this. N8 Ag has joined the circus that wants to eliminate the Electoral College and have California decide the presidency every 4 years.

The facts are

1. Ours is not a democracy but rather a constitutional republic.

2. There is no national election but rather 50 state elections and one in DC.

Popular vote, therefore, is a myth -- a political Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy.

The Constitution created the Electoral College as a compromise to get all the colonies to join the new nation. The small colonies needed guarantees that they would not be overrun by New York and Virginia, the largest of the colonies by population.

Virginia overran them anyway. Virginians held the presidency for 40 of the first 44 years of the Republic with only John Adams breaking through Virginia's stranglehold on the executive branch of government. His son won in 1824 despite not winning the so-called popular vote or the Electoral College because no on one received a majority in the Electoral College, the election was thrown to the House where each state got one vote, and the small states got their revenge.

He defeated Andrew Jackson, the slave-owning, Indian-purging, war-mongering founder of the Democrat Party. So you can see why Democrats hate the Electoral College.

Kathryn Krawczyk of The Week leaped on N8 Ag's tweet and wrote, "Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden could earn an even bigger popular vote margin than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 and still lose to President Trump."

The converse is also true. President Trump could win the popular vote and lose the Electoral College.

She also wrote, "The New York Times' Jamelle Bouie took a constitutional approach to his thread tearing apart the Electoral College."

How do you take a constitutional approach to argue against the Constitution itself?

You don't.

Bouie tweeted, "tHIs is WhAT THe fOuNDErs Intended.

"my stated position on the framers and the electoral college is that 'intent' doesn't really factor into it and that the EC was a last-minute kludge by exhausted delegates meant to guarantee the election of george washington and nothing else."

I agree that this is what the Founding Fathers intended. I disagree that it was a kludge. The opposite is true. They spent months debating just how they would select a chief executive and commander in chief. George Washington would have won by direct vote, by arm-wrestling, or by flipping coins.

What the Founding Fathers needed was 13 colonies to agree to become 13 states. And so the Constitutional Congress decided against arm-wrestling, flipping coins, and most importantly, a direct vote.

But if America were a democracy, there would be no gay marriages.

No abortion.

And no affirmative action.

The Founding Fathers understood the power of the mob and decided to defuse it. The Founding Fathers understood that they had to protect all speech, especially hate speech. The Founding Fathers understood that they had to protect all religions, especially the unpopular ones. And the Founding Fathers understood we have to protect the right to own guns, especially the ones not used to hunt game.

These dumb bunny liberals cannot understand the concept of a republic.


  1. George Washington could have been king, but, he refused the title.

  2. Any government composed of men will lead to tyranny. The wise Founders intended to keep the central Guvmit within bounds with "the iron chains of the Constitution", but that clearly didn't work.

    1. Both sides have been taking shots at the document for some time now.

  3. The Democrats should be careful of what they wish for. The Electoral College HELPS them by giving them CA and NY based on the winner takes all system. If there is only a popular vote, there is no telling how the campaigns will change and how it affects how likely people will vote. For example, people in rural CA might be less likely to vote because they think that their votes won't count in an EC system. But if it's just a popular vote, then they might be more likely to vote. Trump might start campaigning more in rural CA in order to reach more of his voters, instead of writing off CA. So there is no way to tell, but Democrats don't have a lock on the popular vote if the EC is gone (unlikely as it is). I just look at the red/blue election map of 2016 by Precinct or by county-- it is a sea of red. For example, 90 out of 95 counties voted for Trump in 2016.

    1. That's a good point but what I want to see is for an AG of Montana or Idaho to certify a vote total of, say, a billion.
      They'd still only get 3 electoral votes.
      But Dems would realize the Electoral College is a fire break on voter fraud.

  4. Remember, Dems, with the EC you win CA 55-0. Add NY (29), NJ( 14), most of New England and the mid-Atlantic states, and the Dem candidate wins half the EC votes needed for victory without breaking a sweat. Sure, you lose some states just as reliably, but do you really want to swap 55-0 in Cali for a 60-40 (to be generous) split of the popular vote? I didn't think this up on my own. Someone much smarter did: President Donald J. Trump. I don't have the exact quote, but he said something losing the popular vote because he didn't campaign in CA. In that state, and across upstate New York (and elsewhere), YOU CAN BET there were disaffected Republican and independent voters who, with the EC beyond doubt, didn't bother to vote. Again, it's true in Red states, too, but there are more Californians and New Yorkers than Alabamans, hence more Republican votes that would show up in the popular vote. I'm still an EC defender, but if Dems were to amend the Constitution and do away with it, it might be the lat we'd hear from them for a long, long time. Don't tempt me.

  5. History and fact are the enemies of the left, islam is the same. If your religion is run on pure emotion, things like studying history, and considering repercussions are a detriment. They fabricate history and change it as needed to prove a point, or to create scapegoats.

  6. I seem to recall Jackson eventually won.

    I view computer programs as garage in and garbage out.

    They put out what they're fed, kind of like people.

    If the data's right, it's Gospel in, Gospel out.

  7. The founding fathers knew the power of the mob. Today’s mob are the liberals and they are not like any mob of our founding fathers knew. Democrats may win the popular vote because some vote democratic no matter what, but the liberal mob is not the majority.

  8. “They tell us that
    We lost our tails
    Evolving up
    From little snails
    I say it’s all
    Just wind in sails
    Are we not men?”

    50-0. Salongate hurt Nanny very very badly. Cali’s capitulating.

  9. We are Devo!

    Even more now than in 1978.
    Good forecasting by Devo.

  10. All this is moot if/when liberal democrat judges rule swing states contested by dems, due to the overwhelming number of mail in votes and ballot harvesting, hand those swing states to biden around Jan 10th or so. Then all the predictions of Trump landslide victory Nov 3 go "poof". Pray that trump team has something planned to stop the election from being stolen by the corrupt democrats using illegals, dead people, "found ballots in trunks of cars" 3 wks later. God help us if this is stolen!!

    1. Has to be sooner than Jan 10. Jan 6 is when Congress meets to validate the EC votes. The EC actually votes in December.
      Dec. 14: Members of the Electoral College cast their ballots for president.
      Jan. 6, 2021: Congress meets at 1 p.m. in Washington to count the electoral votes and declare a winner.
      Jan. 20, 2021: Inauguration Day. The winner and his running mate are sworn in as president and vice president at the U.S. Capitol in Washington.

  11. California and New York are not the issue...It is the attitude voters on the Republican side feel. President Trump is a transformational President in the likes of Lincoln or FDR [Never-Trumpers, note: The comparison is a historical proof] __The U.S. at this point [typical political scare tactics by both sides every four years, aside] direction of our Country is actually hinged on whether this POTUS is reelected. Presidents affect the Country's direction during their tenures and we get it. However, only a few set the Country's direction for a generation or two. Roosevelt was one, in the 20th century with the birth of social programs. Trump is on that level to undo cronyism in D.C. and raise the Country to its greater good on the world stage, and amongst its citizens to strive to ahieve the AMerican Dream again.
    ___The Republicans in NY and CA, are going to turn out to vote in Nov. in huge numbers because they want to tell their progeny that on X day they became part of history by casting their vote for the best President in their collective memories/ lifetimes. This will begin the change in those populous Dem. States. A movement in politics begins with people who attach themselves to a cause or transformational leader. Trump is the firebreak in those States. ZB