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Saturday, September 12, 2020

How Trump brought peace

If Codepink were anything but a front group for communism, it would endorse President Donald John Trump for re-election because no president since Nixon has worked as hard for peace.

And no president has been as hated in Washington since Nixon.

I have been kicking this idea around in my head for a while. On the 19th anniversary of 9/11, I read a John Nolte piece and the tumblers fell into place.

Nolte wrote, "Looks like Donald Trump Might Have Won the War on Terror."

He said, "Take a deep breath, take a minute to remember what life was like at this same time four years ago, when Barack Obama was president and Joe Biden was vice president.

"Remember how often we were being hit by Islamic terror attacks, most of them homegrown and inspired by ISIS?

"Remember ISIS rapidly expanding its caliphate into a nation-state, the videos the barbarians released of beheadings and drownings and the burning of people alive?

"Remember how we paid off the terrorist state of Iran, even as it targeted our own troops and stirred the terror pot?

"Remember how our troops, still in Afghanistan and Iraq after some 15 years, kept getting picked off?

"Remember how all that was backed by the soundtrack of North Korea sailing missiles over Japan’s way?

"What I remember most is living with a sort of dread. Doesn’t matter how often ISIS inspired someone in America to kill other Americans, point is you always knew it was coming, and that’s no way to live."


Nolte concentrated on ISIS and Islamic terrorism, but like Nixon, President Trump sees the wider picture.

Nixon not only brought peace with honor to Vietnam, but he brought detente with the Soviet Union, and officially recognized Red China, which enabled him to open a second front on the Soviets.

40 years later, conservative revisionism disdains detente and opening up Red China.

But in the 1970s, most Americans and all of Washington had given up on the Cold War. Jerry Ford's gaffe about the Baltic states revealed the unsaid truth that we had accepted the Soviet Union as a permanent empire.

Detente and Red China gave us time to process Congress turning peace into defeat in Vietnam. Reagan stood on the shoulders of Nixon.

As does President Trump, who has smacked the war machine on every front.

His first foreign visit wasn't something lame like visiting Ottawa or Mexico City. No, he flew to Saudi Arabia. Then he flew directly to Israel with no bogus stopover in Cyprus to appease Saudi sensitivities. He went directly to Israel. No one had done that before. He ignored that artificial barrier that allows the Saudis to pretend Israel does not exist.

Frankly, Israel and the Saudis had worked together for a decade knowing they needed one another in case of a war with Iran. The war in Yemen is a proxy war between the Saudis and Iran.

Since his visit the pieces have fallen into place. Three Muslim countries have finally recognized Israel in the last month -- 72 years after the state of Israel began. As a bonus, Serbia and Kosovo ended their 23-year cold war.

He let Turkey and Syria handle ISIS. All of DC predicted a genocide of the Kurds. They rooted for one just to show the Orange Man. It never happened. They were wrong, wrong, wrong because their thinking is clouded with a deep and abiding hatred of President Trump. He knew what he was doing.

He killed that bastard Solemeini. He bagged al-Baghdadi. He did everything the experts in Washington said could not be done. All the World War IIIs they predicted his actions would cause never happened.

Not every move by President Trump was successful. He was unable to wrest North Korea from Red China's hold.

But he does have India, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea actively arming for an engagement with Red China if need be. That's a formidable alliance that we can back with our air superiority.

He is bringing troops home from foreign wars. Unlike Obama's withdrawals, this is not done to start another war. President Trump wants our troops home. Pompeo is in the Middle East for peace talks with the Taliban.

Which brings me to NATO. President Trump has told NATO that he will not have as many U.S. soldiers tied down in Europe. This means NATO allies must finance their own armies. That makes sense. A strong Europe is a good deterrent to war.

A strong U.S. military is an even better deterrent, as is a strong economy. It's called peace through strength. And it involves a strategic and engaged diplomacy that will slap tariffs and other economic sanctions on belligerents.

When you engage in unnecessary wars, you weaken that strength. I doubt the Bushes or Clinton realized this, but I am sure this was Obama's plan.

Codepink loved him. They hate President Trump because without a war to oppose, Codepink is just a club for elitist ladies in pink toboggans.


  1. We will look back in twenty years and give thanks to Almighty God for the legacy of Donald J Trump.

    1. Take back schooling first. FDR and Obama will be celebrated by lefties, otherwise.

    2. I do believe that is at the top of Trump's second term agenda. However, to be fair, it may be more difficult to achieve than Peace in the Middle East.

    3. Amen Cynyr. Although it will be faster than 20 years. I am thankful almost every day of his not yet finished legacy.

  2. Excellent, Don. Thank you for this. You are the Trump 'whisperer'!

  3. If you create a government agency to solve a problem, the problem will never get solved. Because it puts the bureaucrats out of business.

    Codepink is no different. If you create a non-profit to grift people - and make no mistake when you read profiles or Codepink founders staying in luxury suites while their volunteers schlep stuff for them and sleep in cars - you need the issue you campaign on to never getter better.

  4. I noticed there’s a perfect spot for him on Mount Rushmore, just to the right of the four.

  5. Al Sharpton knows of this need for the shtruggle to continue.

  6. The alliance against China is even more formidable if we add Vietnam and Australia. The Philippines? Duterte is slowly coming around. He is limited to one six-year term and will hopefully be succeeded by a realist.

    In the Middle East, it is time to remove our airbase from an increasingly hostile Turkey. If it hasn't outlived its usefulness, we can always relocate it to Greece, since the Greeks are seriously concerned about Turkey as well.

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  8. I actually look forward to seeing those shrieking hysterical bitches get dragged out of a courtroom, Senate chamber, Trump rally, wherever. It’s SUCH a bad look. Especially as the LibCommies, the party of Clintoine/Epstein, keep getting busted for straight up porn type shite.

    1. One of the more phony groups ever. Now, unmasked as they don’t support the peace.

  9. Apart from the UAE and Bahrain, what is the third nation to sign a treaty with Israel? What will be the next Arab nation to formalize ties to Israel? I suppose Saudi Arabia is the big kahuna. Maybe they'll open Mecca up to non-Muslim visitors. Not sure I'd go anyway, but that would be a nice gesture.

    1. They will never open Mecca to non-Muslims because it's religion...the biggest scam on the world population ever!

  10. Thank you for this piece, Mr Surber!
    I'd been struggling with the big picture here. The pieces just fell into place!