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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Highlights of the News

Donal John Trump is still our president. (Offer void in Australia.)

ITEM 1: Feel good story of the day. He goes around the country mowing laws for old people and others who cannot mow their lawn. He has challenged young people to do so as well.

With summer over, he returned home. What a great man, and what a happy ending. We are going to make it, folks.

ITEM 2: There's always room for Trumpenfreude.

The New York Post reported, "Verizon has been quietly scrambling to unload HuffPost as it grapples with continued losses at the left-leaning news and culture website, The Post has learned. 

"The telecom giant — which acquired the site formerly known as the Huffington Post as part of its $4.4 billion purchase of AOL in 2015 — has approached multiple digital-media companies during the past few months in a bid to get the property off its books as losses accelerate due to the corona virus, according to sources close to the situation.

"Verizon has pitched the property to prospective buyers including Thrillist-owner Group Nine Media, Rolling Stone publisher Penske Media Corp., Bustle Digital Media and J2 Global, insiders said. Those media outlets declined to comment."

It's a money pit that even Vox won't touch.

ITEM 3: Critical race theorist has the sads.
She thinks there is a constitutional right to spread racist anti-American propaganda to federal workers. I fear some Obama judge may agree.

ITEM 4: Hey Republicans, put this group on your drop dead list. Local chambers may be OK, but the national one is part of Obama Inc.

ITEM 5: Just the News reported, "U.S. intelligence developed evidence from Russia in summer 2016 that Hillary Clinton had personally approved a plan to concoct the Russia collusion narrative in an effort to harm Donald Trump and distract from her email scandal, according to an explosive document made public Tuesday by the Director of National Intelligence.

"U.S. officials became so concerned by the Clinton campaign's conduct that they referred the matter to the FBI for investigation, well before the election and before the bureau pursued the concocted story as grounds for getting FISA warrants targeting the Trump campaign and adviser Carter Page, DNI John Ratcliffe's letter shows."

The letter said, "In late July 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies obtained insight into Russian intelligence analysis alleging that U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians' hacking of the Democratic National Committee. The IC does not know the accuracy of this allegation or the extent to which the Russian intelligence analysis may reflect exaggeration or fabrication."

The Intelligence Community does know. It's a lie that the fabled IC concocted.

The older I get the more I regret believing that Watergate was a scandal. This is and the press will not do anything to hold anyone accountable.

ITEM 6: Via Just the News, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox, "The greatest external threat that the United States faces over the medium and long term is the threat by the regime in China today, the Chinese Communist Party lead by General Secretary Xi Jinping."

Red China also is the biggest internal threat.

ITEM 7: Breitbart reported the president has 259 Electoral Votes locked up in 3 tiers.

The news service said, "A win in Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral votes, would get him there. So would a win in Michigan, which has 16 electoral votes. Trump could also cobble together a combination of Wisconsin, which has ten electoral votes, plus Maine’s Second Congressional District, which has one electoral vote. He could do the same with Minnesota, which also has ten electoral votes, plus Wisconsin or Maine’s Second District to get over 270. Other states in the fourth tier include Nevada with six electoral votes, New Hampshire with four electoral votes, New Mexico with five electoral votes, Colorado with nine electoral votes, and Virginia with 13 electoral votes."

I like that someone else has noticed Virginia is ripe for red after Democrats proposed gun confiscation.

However, Democrats are making noise in Arizona, Georgia, and Texas.

ITEM 8: Deleted due to error on my part.

ITEM 9: Citizen Free Press reported, "The editorial board of The New York Times is imploring the world’s leading social media and technology companies to prepare themselves for a scenario in which President Trump claims victory on election night before he has been officially declared the winner.

"'Imagine: It’s midnight, and the electoral map looks quite red. But news networks and election officials aren’t calling the swing states, as this year’s record numbers of mail-in and absentee ballots have yet to be fully counted,' the Times wrote in an editorial published Sunday.

 "'Mr. Trump, leading in the popular vote, decides he’s seen enough. He takes to his social media platforms and declares that he has won re-election and will accept no other result. He tells his tens of millions of followers that the Democrats and the press will try to change the result and steal the election. The door to unrest and constitutional crisis swings wide open.'"

Newspapers that oppose the First Amendment should be kicked the hell out of the White House in favor of an American media outlet.

ITEM 10: United Press International reported, "The city of Seoul is moving forward with plans for a potential 2032 Summer Olympics with North Korea amid controversy over the slaying of a South Korean citizen in North Korean territory.

"City officials said Tuesday the "2032 Seoul-Pyongyang Olympics Promotion Video and Promotional Design Planning" initiative is proceeding through the Public Procurement Service, a government agency under the finance ministry responsible for the acquisition of resources and services required for major projects.

"The public notice obtained by South Korean news service NK Economy shows the Seoul metropolitan government seeks to launch a promotional campaign that will 'win the support of the South Korean public for a joint Olympics' with Pyongyang. North Korea has yet to respond to the co-hosting proposal."

President Trump should be the guy who officially opens the Korean Olympics.

ITEM 11: CNBC reported, "Citigroup’s Ray McGuire has recently huddled with several of his allies on Wall Street in a bid to gain their support for what appears to be a likely run for mayor of New York, according to people familiar with the matter. 

"McGuire, according to these people, has had lunches and dinners with executives who have ties to the banking, hedge fund and private equity industries. Many of them have known the Citi vice chairman for years. 

"The conversations have, at least in part, focused on McGuire looking toward potentially running for mayor and whether these executives will contribute to what would surely be an expensive campaign, these people added. They declined to be named as the conversations were deemed private."

The grownups want to save Gotham from the joker in charge.

ITEM 12: CNBC reported, "Prolonged closures at Disney’s California-based theme parks and limited attendance at its open parks has forced the company to lay off 28,000 employees across its parks, experiences and consumer products division.

"In a letter sent to employees on Tuesday, Josh D’Amaro, head of parks at Disney, detailed several difficult decisions the company has had to make in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, including ending its furlough of thousands of employees.

"Shares of the company fell less than 2% after the closing bell on Tuesday.

"Around 67% of the 28,000 laid off workers were part-time employees, according to D’Amaro. The company declined to break down the layoffs by individual park locations.

"While Disney’s theme parks in Florida, Paris, Shanghai, Japan and Hong Kong have been able to reopen with limited capacity, both California Adventure and Disneyland have remained shuttered in Anaheim, California."

The House of Mouse is taking one for the team.

Team Biden.

ITEM 13: LaCorte News reported, "Left-wing billionaire George Soros has reportedly donated more than $1 million to a political action committee (PAC) that supports a candidate looking to unseat Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

"The story: A new independent expenditure report shows Soros donated $1.5 million to the California Justice and Public Safety PAC last week, which supports Lacey’s challenger George Gascón, the former District Attorney of San Francisco, the Daily Wire reports.

"The PAC has reportedly already spent around $930,000 on digital and TV ads backing Gascón."

It is called buying justice.

America is becoming the northernmost banana republic.

ITEM 14: The Hill reported, "ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz reports “there wasn't a whole lot of enthusiasm for Joe Biden" during her recent 6,000-mile road trip across America, and that the economy is voters’ main focus.

"The report from Raddatz comes as President Trump and Biden, the Democratic nominee, squared off in Cleveland in the first of their three scheduled presidential debates."

They sent her to cover Biden. Hmm. The last funeral they sent her to was for Qasem Soleimani.

She said on The View, "A lot of people are talking about the economy more than anything else. I was very surprised because [in regards to] covid when you cross the country, you wouldn’t really know it’s happening. I was really shocked at how few people were wearing masks in certain areas. It’s like 'I’m tired of this. I’ll just get back doing what I wanted to do before.’"

Sounds like someone is going to have a good cry on Election Night again.

ITEM 15: Bill Press wrote, "Trump and GOP are making supreme mistake."

He said, "There's evidence that the controversy over Barrett has excited the Democratic base, instead - especially female voters, who see Barrett, whether she's a woman or not, as a sure vote against the Affordable Care Act, Roe v. Wade and contraception. Within 36 hours of Ginsburg's death, the Democratic site ActBlue received a record-shattering $100 million in small donations to the Biden and Democratic Senate campaigns. There was no such outpouring for Republicans."

He concluded, "Yes, Republicans are excited about the court battle, but it'll come back to haunt them in the end. By making it all about the Supreme Court, by rushing to force a vote on Barrett before Nov. 3, Trump and Republicans are making a supreme mistake."

Money talks, eh? Just like in 2016 when Hillary raised twice as much money as The Donald.

ITEM 16: The Department of Justice reported, "JPMorgan Chase & Co., a New York, New York-based global banking and financial services firm, has entered into a resolution with the Department of Justice to resolve criminal charges related to two distinct schemes to defraud: the first involving tens of thousands of episodes of unlawful trading in the markets for precious metals futures contracts, and the second involving thousands of episodes of unlawful trading in the markets for U.S. Treasury futures contracts and in the secondary (cash) market for U.S. Treasury notes and bonds.

"JPMorgan entered into a deferred prosecution agreement in connection with a criminal information filed today in the District of Connecticut charging the company with two counts of wire fraud.  Under the terms of the DPA, JPMorgan will pay over $920 million in a criminal monetary penalty, criminal disgorgement, and victim compensation, with the criminal monetary penalty credited against payments made to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission under a separate agreement with the CFTC being announced today and with part of the criminal disgorgement credited against payments made to the Securities Exchange Commission under a separate agreement with the SEC being announced on Tuesday."


Now I want the CEO to go to prison.

ITEM 17: The San Joaquin Valley Sun reported, "California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s executive order banning the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035 is under fire."

The story said, "EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler penned a letter to Newsom on Monday questioning the legality and practicality of the order."

Wheeler said, "Beyond the significant questions of legality and the fact that consumer demand for the type of vehicle you would mandate has never met the aspirations of California’s political leadership, your state is already struggling to maintain reliable electricity for today’s demands,” Wheeler wrote. 

"California’s record of rolling blackouts – unprecedented in size and scope – coupled with recent requests to neighboring states for power begs the question of how you expect to run an electric car fleet that will come with significant increase in electricity demand, when you can’t even keep the lights on today."

The Trump administration wants to save California from itself.

ITEM 18: The Associated Press reported, "The United Arab Emirates plans to send an unmanned spacecraft to the moon in 2024, a top Emirati official said Tuesday, the latest gamble in the stars by the oil-rich nation that could see it become only the fourth nation on Earth to accomplish that goal.

"The announcement by Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who also serves as the vice president and prime minister of the hereditarily ruled UAE, shows the rapid expansion of the space program that bears his name. Already, an Emirati space probe is hurtling through space on its way to Mars while last year it sent its first astronaut to the International Space Station."

For some reason, I thought Israel would go first. I watched Spaceballs one too many times.

ITEM 19: Fox News reported, "A state appeals court in Pennsylvania declared the federal law that protects gun manufacturers from certain lawsuits unconstitutional on Monday in a victory for gun-control proponents that would allow the family of a 13-year-old boy who died in a 2016 shooting accident to move forward with a lawsuit against Springfield Arms and Saloom Department Store. The boy, J.R. Gustafson, and his 14-year-old friend in a private home in 2016 obtained a gun that was in the home, which was manufactured by Springfield and sold by the department store."

I am no lawyer but I am pretty sure a state court cannot strike down a federal law.

FINALLY, I did not watch the debate. I know the routine. The questions are asinine. Donald Trump commands the stage. The media says he lost. He wins.

Via Instapundit, a Biden-supporter assessed the debate. ​The debate went as expected. Someone who is an expert on Trump debates (i.e., had her bottom handed to her at one) made a keen observation. Someday, perhaps, the devils in the media and academia will give President Trump his due.

He and I will be dead by then, so I don't care.

I do care about my readers. One just made my day. They are my sisters and brothers from other mothers.


  1. RE: The debate. IMHO, Trump blew it. He appeared impatient, bullying, and interrupted Biden too much. Trump failed to disavow white supremacy and didn't explain how silly man caused global warming is. He also did not make clear that he would accept the election results if he loses.Wallace was obviously in the bag for Biden but Trump looked ill prepared for even that well known in advance situation. Disappointing.

    1. I concur. Trump was trying to interrupt Joe's senile thought process. It didn't work he should have stopped it after the first few questions.

      Just let Joe talk! The more he talks the more idiotic he will sound. Trump screwed the pooch in this debate, but he will have time to recover in future debates.

      So he better change his tactics or he is toast as he came off as precisely the way the corrupt media describes him.

    2. "failed to disavow white supremacy and didn't explain how silly man caused global warming is"

      True he dropped the ball there. When the idiot Wallace brought up the Proud Boys Trump should have said, "when Joe disavows Antifa then I'll disavow the Proud Boys who by the way never set fires and shoot cops."

    3. whenever some pompous comment has IMHO I immediately go to the next comment.

    4. Trump did fine. These are not debates, but sound bite events.

      I just love how folks demand Trump to just sit back take it.

      Nope. Trump’s a fighter and that is a good thing.

    5. If duplicate ballots (which have ALREADY been discovered in certain locales) become widespread, then no, I won’t accept the election result either. That’s when my CZ-75, my AR-7, and my Gerber 🪓 hatchet (rhymes with Surber, hey!) gets to end scrimmaging and get some starter minutes.

    6. Trump is a brawler and people have known that for 5 years. And yes Wallace was throwing softballs to Biden and pretty openly hostile to Trump. Biden was a playback machine with canned answers that skipped a groove a couple of times (had to close his eyes and concentrate to get a stuck word out) and tried to blame Trump for the economic effects of governors shutting their states down. I would be surprised if the debate moved anyone to switch.

    7. Failed to disavow white supremacy - untrue. He answered twice, but both Wallace and Biden were talking over him and then moved on.

    8. ...As I have been schooled on this site, all my guns went down in he ocean, in a boat fire. Thank you to the known, unnamed posters. ZB

  2. No. 8: the 4th nomination was of Biden, not Trump.

    1. And he got that nomination from an English Communist for being not Trump. What has Bidet done to promote peace? He and his campaign are funding violence in blue cities and bailing out terrorists.

    2. Oh, was it Biden who brokered peace in the Middle East, and between Serbia and Kosovo, "[w]hen others have resorted to violent solutions"? Biden would use "force of argument," because he seems to be a nasty argumentative person who wants to browbeat--or just beat--others into submission. Trump discusses and persuades.

    3. Oops. I misread. I'll just delete.

  3. Item 19: You're right, Don, a state court cannot strike down a federal law. The plaintiffs must go to federal court, where the defendants will surely go.

  4. No one has mentioned anywhere that I’ve seen that a woman quickly walked over to Joe’s lectern to retrieve a folder after the debate was over and the candidates had walked away. He had to read his prepared answers before every new question.

  5. #12. I see 28,000 plus new Trump supporters. How many of those laid off have family who vote? Could be 56,000 more disgruntled former donks.

  6. After last night's debate, Trump picked up few if any new voters. Same with Biden. But like the first televised Presidential Debate (Nixon vs. Kennedy) the camera may sway some via voter enthusiasm. Trump's voters are still very enthused. Biden just looked old and feeble. No way the left is fired up 'for' Biden; just want to vote 'against' Trump; and that's rarely good enough. Plus Trump got Biden on record against Universal Healthcare and against the Green New Deal and that WILL hurt Biden's Bernie Bro voters. So Huge win for Trump

    1. And if Biden were medically/clinically alive, he'd have that Nixon five o'clock shadow.

  7. #15 I have a feeling that the 100 million is coming from those familiar super generous "unemployed people."
    European money being filtered again.

  8. I do love it how comments from people I have never seen before on this site are saying Trump lost the debate. Trump dominated, and Biden came off as a weak, old man. Anyone saying otherwise is trolling.

    1. Trump didn't "lose" the debate. My point was that he whiffed a couple of grand opportunities: the disavowal of white supremacy should have been more forceful and the Wallace attack on climate change should have been ridiculed. Yes, this is only my third comment on this site. That makes me a troll? No, that makes your comment silly.

  9. Telemundo's poll this AM show 66% of their viewers thought Trump won.
    I'm beginning to think that even with cheating-the dems are in big trouble..
    BTW Black kid I know who is a store manager here-he's MAGA. Said to me:"Why is it every one who has a Black Lives Matter mask or bumper sticker here is white?"

    1. Because sexually-aroused eunuchs do very strange things.

  10. #3: "Defiantly" indeed!

    Re the debate: Joe seemed to be reading off something. And Wallace said at least twice "We're talking about [something else], Mr. Biden," followed by Biden's wide-eyed "Oh, taxes, right..." But no one seems to be mentioning that.

  11. #19: The boy... and his 14-year-old friend ***in a private home in 2016 obtained a gun that was in the home***."

    Interesting wording. Was it the home of the 16-year-old or the 14-year-old? If it was the home of one of them, then aren't the parents responsible for not securing the gun better? And if it was not the home of either one, what were they doing there? How did they "obtain" the gun?

  12. They see ACB " a sure vote against the Affordable Care Act, Roe v. Wade..."
    Well, sure. Why would any President appoint a judge who didn't agree with him?
    ".. and contraception." Wut? Unless you count abortion as contraception, there's no way the SC can rule on contraception.

  13. I might've been channeling '60, as in appearance via Nixon. Joe looked like his side of the TV was in B & W and Trump was in color. He looked as pale as could be, and that forehead/ eye plastic surgery (or Botox) makes the guy look like a white pasty mannequin. The bug-eyed look of him when he tried to implore viewers didn't help.
    Now to the substance. President Trump handled the debate in a manner like his Presidency. He jammed three debate nights of topics and pre-emptive counterarguments into one 90 minute session. His Presidency is the same; he has jammed two terms of work into one four year session. He knows the Swamp is likely to kick him out on Nov. 3. He knew what was going to happen and it did. Less than a few minutes after the debate was over the Media pundits were already calling for Biden not to debate again. They sensed what the viewing public saw. Trump was dominating the entire debate, moderator and all. It was the first true debate the American public has ever seen on any medium radio, film or since television was invented almost a century ago. America had/ has suffered long enough with the fake debate setup of snide attitudes by the moderators. He used last night as his uninterrupted press briefing. Tje media couldn't cut away from the debate, nor ignore his rally speeches. He was on the screen and they couldn't get him to quiet down. I am still exhausted from watching it. He wore us all down, at 73 years of age !!! He couldda gone on for hours more. Bidean and the media were, 'No mas, No mas!'(Duran). What a spectacular display. ZB

  14. Re: The debate. This morning, James Woods retweeted a video showing Biden was wearing a wire. Interesting.

  15. "America is becoming the northernmost banana republic."

    Don, you're forgetting about 'America's hat'. :)

    Signed: A Canadian


  16. re: the (so called) debate
    Frank J. at LAMO said “I think both candidates did great. I’m really excited we have these two great choices, though it’s a bit agonizing we can each only pick one.”
    Not at all. Pullease.(wink)
    Biden spewed defensive lies, but held it together. Trump, as one one writer put it, was a barking dog. That is his nature. There were times Biden was on the ropes, ready to break down, then Trump’s incessant barking saved him. Trump’s constant yapping gave Biden too much time to recover. Left alone to finish a thought off script, he would have put his foot in it many times. Also Trump backed himself into a corner, always on the defensive, never particularly effective.
    A debate is a display of knowledge and the ability to stay unemotional – under control, yet fight forward, spending the absolute minimum time in defense mode.
    Biden did not offer anything new, but did manage strong eye contact with the camera while making points. He had a war plan. Trump had no plan, relying on instinct, and quick wit – his instinct failed him, his wit nowhere to be found, and failed to see and capitalize on times Biden was weak. Trump’s brashness and defensive rhetoric worked against him. Biden can’t be made to look as if he cannot finish a sentence or thought if Trump does not allow that to unfold.

  17. Numba 9:

    "The editorial board of The New York Times is imploring the world’s leading social media and technology companies to prepare themselves for a scenario in which President Trump claims victory on election night before he has been officially declared the winner."

    You mean, like the NYT doing exactly the same thing for Hillary prior to 11/08/16?

    The 10,897,435th False Alarm. NYT is a Uber Media Company stuck in reverse, driving in doughnuts every single day of the year.

  18. "Within 36 hours of Ginsburg's death, the Democratic site ActBlue received a record-shattering $100 million..."

    That number reeks like a Goebbels press release. Complete bullsh*t.

    Don Reed

  19. Re ITEM 17. The new required accessory for all electric vehicles sold in California:

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