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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Highlights of the News

Good morning. Donald John Trump is still our president.

ITEM 1: The Daily Caller reported after the first Sunday Night game, "‘Sunday Night Football’ TV Ratings Drop 28% From The 2019 Opener."

The numbers are in for Week 2: They are worse, as SNF's ratings fell 23% in just one week's time -- and were 32% below its Week 2 audience in 2019.

Enjoy the Trumpenfreude, which is doubled because given the upsurge in homebodies thanks to covid 19, ratings should be at all time highs.

ITEM 2: Twitchy reported, "‘What are they trying to hide?’ BLM quietly deletes ‘What We Believe’ page BUT luckily lots of people kept receipts (screenshots)." Hahaha, but I remember when newspaper and TV reporters ferreted stuff like this out. But the truth has a way of seeping out.

ITEM 3: They call him the Turtle, but a tortoise can live to 200. This was locked down in 2018. When Mitch said he would hold a vote. I knew he had the votes because he does not hold votes without knowing the outcome first. To do otherwise would be careless. As Don Corleone said, "It's an old habit. I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can afford to be careless, but not men." McConnell is not careless.

ITEM 4: Just the News reported, "Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch on Monday announced that it filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Transportation Department seeking information about the painting of the phrase Black Lives Matter on a public street in Washington, D.C. and the closing off foot and pedestrian traffic on that stretch of road for months.  

"The group filed the suit after filing a FOIA request in August with the department's Federal Highway Administration regarding communication with the District of Columbia's Department of Transportation about the painting on the street, the street closure and records identifying protocols on shutting down roads deemed part of the District Evacuation Route. 

"The plaza stretches about three blocks on 16th Street NW, about one block from the White House.

"So far the FHWA has not supplied records in response to Judicial Watch's request."

Every time I see the name Mayor Bowser, I think someone from Sha Na Na got elected.

By the way, it is not a mural. It is graffiti. 

ITEM 5: CNBC reported, "Stocks fell on Monday as fears about the potential worsening of the corona virus pandemic, as well as uncertainty on further U.S. fiscal stimulus, rattled traders.

"The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 509.72 points, or 1.8%, to close at 27,147.70. The S&P 500 lost 1.2% to 3,281.06. The Nasdaq Composite closed just 0.1% lower at 10,778.80 after a late-day surge in tech stocks.  At one point, the Dow had dropped more than 900 points. The S&P 500 fell as much as 2.7%.

"Monday’s decline marked the first time since February that the S&P 500 posted four straight daily losses. The Dow, meanwhile, had its worst day since Sept. 8, when it dropped 2.3%.

"These declines added to what has been a downbeat month on Wall Street. The S&P 500 is down more than 6% in September and the Dow has lost 4.5%. The Nasdaq Composite has tumbled 8.5% month to date."

It is your pre-election selloff. If President Trump loses, prices will fall even lower. The market can take pandemics, but it cannot withstand a President Biden.

ITEM 6Rush Limbaugh said, "I want the Judiciary Committee hearing [to be] skipped.

"We don't need to open that up for whatever length of time, so that whoever this nominee is can be Kavanaugh'd, or Borked, or Thomas'd. Because that's what it's going to be, especially when it's not even required."

I agree. Tell Democrats to pound salt because they acted so incivil before.

Oh and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham sent a letter to committee Democrats.

He wrote, "Lastly, after the treatment of Justice Kavanaugh I now have a different view of the judicial-confirmation process. Compare the treatment of Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Brett Kavanaugh to that of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan, and it’s clear that there already is one set of rules for a Republican president and one set of rules for a Democrat president.

"I therefore think it is important that we proceed expeditiously to process any nomination made by President Trump to fill this vacancy. I am certain if the shoe were on the other foot, you would do the same."

Hold a committee meeting, hold a vote, and adjourn. After that, let the braying baboons of broadcasting beat their breasts bawling, "Foul!"

ITEM 7: Just the News reported, "A year ago this month, Democrats began their impeachment crusade against President Trump because he had sought an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden's activities in Ukraine. And the rallying cry then was that any concerns about the Bidens were pure, discredited conspiracy theories.

"What a difference a year makes.

"The GOP-led Senate Finance and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees plan to release a joint report as early as this week disclosing the results of a year-long probe into Joe Biden's stewardship of Ukraine anti-corruption policy while his son earned big money as a board member at the corruption-plagued Burisma Holdings gas firm.

"The report is expected to accuse the former vice president of engaging in a prohibited conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest by continuing to oversee the U.S. anti-corruption policies in Ukraine while his son served on the board of a natural gas company under investigation by the very Ukrainian prosecutors dependent on U.S. money, guidance and assistance in the fight against corruption that Joe Biden controlled."

There was a crooked man
And he raised a crooked son
Who took a crooked bribe
From a Ukrainian.

ITEM 8: The Associated Press reported, "A federal judge ruled Monday that absentee ballots in battleground Wisconsin can be counted up to six days after the Nov. 3 presidential election as long as they are postmarked by Election Day. The highly anticipated ruling, unless overturned, means that the outcome of the presidential race in Wisconsin likely will not be known for days after polls close. Under current law, the deadline for returning an absentee ballot to have it counted is 8 p.m. on Election Day. Democrats and their allies sued to extend the deadline in the key swing state."

Obama judge.

His ruling topples an 1845 federal law that set November 3rd as this year's deadline for the presidential election.

Now that the House established in the Trump impeachment no law needs to be broken, Republicans should impeach him.

ITEM 9: CNBC reported, "Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s plan to increase the capital gains tax could lead to a large-scale sell-off of stocks, according to economic analyses.

"As part of his $4 trillion tax plan, Biden has proposed increasing the top tax rate for capital gains for the highest earners to 39.6% from 23.8%, the largest real increase in capital gains rates in history. Economic analyses show that capital gains tax hikes cause a burst of stock-selling in advance of the increase, as investors look to lock in the lower existing tax rates before they rise.

"A research paper by Tim Dowd, a senior economist at the U.S. Congress Joint Committee on Taxation, and Robert McClelland, a senior fellow at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, found that the two previous hikes in capital gains taxes led to a wave of selling.

"In 1986, as part of the Reagan tax plan, the top rate for capital gains jumped from 20% in 1986 to 28% in 1987. In the months before the increase, capital gains realizations — or sales of stocks and other assets — surged by 60%. In 2012, as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations, the top rate went from 15% to 23.8%. Again, in the months leading before the change, capital gains realizations and sales jumped, by 40%."

This is exactly what Red China wants because a Great Depression will make the USA that much easier to conquer.

And they do want to conquer the world because they are communists. It is what they do.

ITEM 10: Cigar, cigarette, or ... Mural?

ITEM 11: Instead of posting Joe Biden's many, many gaffes, I decided to list the  things he got right on Monday.

He knew it was Monday.

He knew his name.

The man has dementia. We must be supportive.

ITEM 12: Attention George Soros and Antifa: stay out of Florida. Failed gubernatorial and friend of gay escorts, Andrew Gillum, called on the NAACP to sue, apparently not realizing that this is a proposal, not a law. But odds are an Obama judge would strike it down before the legislature even considers it. As Doctor Evil told Scott, that's a preventive shh!

ITEM 13: Yahoo News reported, "A New York City police officer has been arrested on charges he was secretly working as an agent of the Chinese government.

"Baimadajie Angwang, a community affairs liaison at the 111th Precinct in Queens and a member of the US Marine Corps Reserve, had for years been reporting back to handlers in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), according to a criminal complaint filed at a New York federal court. Mr Angwang, 33, an ethnic Tibetan native of China and a naturalized American citizen, had allegedly been reporting back on the activities of fellow Tibetans in the US since 2014."

His spying began under Obama and ended under President Trump. Interesting.

ITEM 14: It helps to have friends who drive bulldozers.

People associate hillbillies with Appalachia and the Ozarks, but the Olympic range in Washington state was the setting for Ma and Pa Kettle. 

ITEM 15: News Busters said, "A jaw-dropping new economic report from Axios reinforced a concept the liberal media never seem to get: never underestimate America or President Donald Trump’s economy.

"In a story headlined, 'Wall Street: Recession is over,' Axios reported that U.S. economic activity is 'going to grow more sharply in the third quarter of this year than during any other quarter in history.'

"Here’s the kicker: 'The recession is over, according to Wall Street, with current forecasts showing sustained economic growth through 2021 and beyond.' More importantly, according to Axios, 'the continued prevalence of the pandemic doesn't seem to have crimped economic growth.'"

Credit President Trump. He did not panic.

ITEM 16Leo Guinan wrote a column, "Today I Gave My Dad A Choice: Trump or His Grandkids and His Son."

Liberal are the biggest ingrates in the world.

His note said, "Due to the signs in the yard, the kids and I will not be down. The current occupant of the White House is preaching hate and violence, endangering the lives and safety of many of my friends. This is not acceptable to me at all. There is a complete disregard for women, minorities, science, ethics, and morality. Please consider if you support Trump that much. Because I hate him that much. I wanted to be upfront and honest about my feelings."

Honor thy father.

I hope his kids treat him better than he treats his dad.

ITEM 17: The New York Times ran a column, "Democrats Need a Plan. Fast. Here’s how they can apply maximum pressure, brand the process as the illegitimate farce it is and lay the groundwork for desperately needed reform."

The Democrats are panicked because President Trump is about to make the Supreme Court 6-3 conservative.

The column said, "There is no silver bullet available to Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate minority leader, to block the nominee. Distraught Democrats should understand that senators’ options are limited, but Democratic senators should understand the depth of voters’ desire to see their senators do everything possible to stop Mr. Trump from replacing R.B.G. This is an illegitimate process, and that is how Democrats should approach it. A core function of the Senate is to advise and consent on federal court nominees. Jamming a Supreme Court nominee through in direct contradiction of Republican senators’ pledges not to do so, with votes already being cast in the election, will be a clear abdication of any reasonable claim to the institution’s constitutional responsibility."

His plan?

The column said, "There are a range of tools available to Democrats to apply constant pressure. The Senate operates on what are called unanimous consent agreements, or U.C.s — pacts that set the daily schedule and the terms of conduct for all business. As the name suggests, every senator has to agree to a U.C. If a single senator objects, the U.C. is blocked. Democrats can bring the business of the Senate to a halt by systematically denying U.C. agreements. This simply requires stationing one senator on the floor at all times — senators can rotate every few hours, they just need to be physically present on the floor to say, 'I object,' anytime Republicans try to pass a U.C."

He ended his column, "Democrats’ options before the election may indeed be limited. But if they win, the only restraints will be their own ambition and will."

Their options are limited because Harry Reid killed the filibustering of judicial nominees. The writer of the column was Adam Jentleson, who was a deputy chief of staff for Reid.

ITEM 18: The Sun-Sentinel editorialized, "Stand by your word, Sen. Rubio, and against the mad dash for a Supreme Court appointment."

Four years ago, the same newspaper editorialized, "Senate Republicans' refusal to consider Merrick Garland's Supreme Court nomination is dangerous obstructionism."

I would ask the Sun-Sentinel to stand by its words but its words change more often than the seasons of the year.


  1. He’s got this, so we got this. But keep praying. Pray very hard.

  2. A true political numbers man does not stop hitting the phones until the vote is actually held.

  3. Item 16 - Leo Guinan is an unformed human being, the result of the elimination of Western Civilization from our education system. Human nature hasn't changed in recorded history, but studying it conflicts with the goal of creating Eutopia. When I was in school (and the US still ranked #1 in education), we learned about The Great Conversation, the study of literature from the Greeks to the present, and were expected to add to it. Now we live in a culture of ruins and Mr. Guinan is one of the barbarians wandering around the ruins of which he has no comprehension.

    1. he just made conservatives out of his sons....

    2. You have to be tought
      Before it's too late,
      Before you are six
      Or seven or eight,
      To hate the people
      Your politics hate.
      You have to be
      Very carefully tought.

  4. #14. The State bureaucrats will probably come in and arrest the Hillbilly's for destroying the pristine forest without a permit.

    1. Oregon's got laws about fire fighting.
      they'd have a tough time trying that...
      drive to the Catwoman's house notice the five Border collies under the deck. all spent shotgun shells.from shooting at marauding Bluejays stealing dog food.
      Try it please. like I said these are my people.

    2. These 1200 volunteers/patriots deserve medals by the POTUS. This can be a movie. Its got everything: Tractors, regular people doing inspiring things, a life-threatening crisis, dogs and a spokesperson who's smokin' hot.

    3. I now have a great appreciation for hillbilly lady dozer drivers, with or without dog!

      I'll bet she can shoot, too. A perfect woman!

    4. Please give the Orangeman good people to pardon.

  5. #14 My people. this is the red part of Oregon.The young woman "Cat skinner" reminds me of my cousins Loggers Ranchers, Farmers ,even Hillbilly Hippies-(all Libertarian) all make up what we call "Old Oregon."notice no social distancing or masks.Who's gonna stop them.
    Made my morning Don. BTW I lived in Mollla.

    1. BTDT. I was visiting an uncle just outside of Oakridge one time when he came tearing down the driveway saying "Grab a shovel and gloves and come on! There's a fire coming across the hill above us.!" There was already a crew on it when we got there, but I spent the rest of the day cutting fire line. It is brutal, hard, dirty work.
      My great-grandparents Ted and Myrtle were hillbillies here and proud of it. They're buried not far from where we are now, in her families plot next to her parents. Ted's great grandmother is buried in New Pine Creek, also nearby, so I can claim 6th generation Oregonian status.


  7. #17 - Not 6-3. It will be 5-3 plus a squish.

    Bob in MA

  8. #4. Bowser was the name of Goofy's pet who quickly became irritable and destructive. It is also a cross between a Bassett hound and a schnauzer. I find the mayor to be more of the irritable type.

  9. 11 - I am wondering what his escape plan Is for the debates. The first one is a week from today!!! Must see TV.

    1. Just say he was exposed to covid and must self quarantine. They can play that one for years if needed

  10. Last week I was bombarded with"thank O'blowhard advertisements on your site. This week it is advertisements targeting McConnell, "ruin Mitch McConnell's career".
    I hope blowspot writes you a big check. It would be nice to know that some leftist money went to a good cause.

    1. I get these too all the time. Seems the marketing algorithms are faulty. Then again, I do live in the Peoples Republic of MA and they may assume I'm a mindless lefty.

      Bob in MA

    2. I get the same thing and I live in New York. Furthermore, the link to Whatfinger is gone. Someone is playing games.

  11. Thanks for the Hillbilly story - a great mood lifter!

  12. #16 Grandpa needs to connect with his grandchildren when they get older and explain why they didn’t have a loving grandpa growing up. We had a situation like that and guess who had a whole new outlook on their parent ...

  13. Item 16 -- My dad passed away 10 years ago and not a day goes by when I think that I would sacrifice all I own for the chance to sit with him in synagogue just one more time. Mr. Guinan is in for a rude, albeit well deserved, shock when that time comes for him.

    1. My dad died at 61, mom at 52 and I envy those who still have there parents. I would sacrifice all that I own for just one more fishing trip with Dad and one more afternoon with Mom in the kitchen.
      I don't discuss politics with my late brother's widow and kids who are leftwing D.C. residents. His widow bristles at seeing Trump rallies and hopes that they all die from COVID. His eldest son works for Center for American Progress, a Soros funded partner of Media Matters. I love them all but they are vicious when discussing politics.
      My wife's nieces & nephews are all apologists for BLM. I do have fun giving them facts on Facebook and watching their heads explode.

  14. The current occupant of the White House is preaching hate and violence, endangering the lives and safety of many of my friends.

    What is wrong with liberals? The COVID panic is a symptom of liberal fear. They are afraid of speech? No wonder they demand retreat behind ineffective face masks!

  15. Just heard that Mittens will vote on the President's SC nomination. Mittens may betray us, but at least he'll vote.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. #17 We have five conservative supreme court justices now? Hmmm. Who knew?

  18. 3: Romney said he'd vote.

    5 gets you 10, the last of the Weird Sisters from ME also will likely join.

    Maybe it was RBG's quote from 4 years ago.

    6: Nothing in the Constitution says there has to be hearings. If Cocaine Mitch decides no hearings, it obviously means the Senate is cool with the nominee (cough).

    8: Wait for the appeal.

    9: This is exactly what Red China wants because a Great Depression will make the USA that much easier to conquer.

    Didn't work out so well last time.

    11: His own people admit he's on Namenda, a last-ditch Alzheimer's drug.

    16: Much like the Soviet Union, the state is their family.

  19. Forget the hearings, hold the vote now. Let the Democrats whine "that's not fair! You're doing what we would do under the same circumstances!" And screw them if they can't take a joke.

  20. Item #17–The most informative sentence in that NYT article tells us all we need to know about democrats.

    “If [democrats] win, the only restraints will be their own ambition and will."’s okay for democrats to loose all civil restraints and let only their ambition and will guide them, but Republicans aren’t afforded the same?

    Why, oh, why should a Republican-held senate ever engage these donkeys again? We must never again cede any branch of government to democrats. I shudder to speculate of what these monsters are capable.

  21. "It is your pre-election selloff. If President Trump loses, prices will fall even lower."

    This is a hard call! I'm definitely prepped to jump out of the stock market if Dems win.
    But ...
    Do I sell on Nov 4th?
    But who wants to fight their way to the exits? So maybe earlier?
    But many states won't announce a final result till a week or two later. So maybe there's no hurry?
    Plus Joe won't conceded and there will be a lawsuit.

    This investing thing is hard ...

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