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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Democrats would destroy the presidency

I don't know jack about opera but Pavarotti singing "Nessun Dorma" from Turandot captivated the world at the 1990 World Cup which Italy hosted.

As far as I can tell, Turandot is a cruel twist on the Rumpelstiltskin story. A nice guy prince for some reason falls in love with this bitchy princess who kills potential suitors for fun by asking them riddles, and killing them when they get the answer wrong. The Prince With No Name though answers all three riddles right, and wins the hand of princess in marriage, as per her deal.

She reneges and he says, OK, guess my name by dawn, and you can kill me. Fail, and you are my bride.

Nessun Dorna means let no one sleep, referring to the princess keeping everyone in town up all night guessing his name. Sounds pretty good, except she promised that if no one gets the name right, she will kill them all.

Who in the heck wants to marry a dame like that?

Hillary voters.

Having watched us fools elect Donald Trump as president, Democrats have gone scorched Earth. I call it, via Google translator, Nessuno Viva -- let no one live.

First, Democrats want to destroy the Electoral College because it failed to pick the candidate with 48% of the vote over the one who had 46% of the vote.

Then, Democrats want to eliminate the Senate as the deliberative body. Democrats want to remove the filibuster, and end all discussion about anything, and add enough states to make the Senate permanently Democrat.

They also want to destroy the Supreme Court by adding enough justices -- four at a minimum -- to have their party control it. The struggle ceased being between liberals and conservatives long ago. It is all about power. Obamacare was decided not along ideological grounds because there really is nothing liberal about giving health insurance companies billions in federals subsidies each year.

Their handmaidens in the press also eliminated journalism by abandoning objectivity. Again, the idea is to silence all dissent.

Democrats also are destroying law and order. California by edict no longer enforces bans on pooping in the street and shoplifting. This is aimed at destroying small businesses because they are the heart of the republic and the Republican Party.

Then came the Summer of Anarchy which saw violent crime soar. President Trump gave us a 50-year low in unemployment. Democrats are giving us a 50-year high in murder.

Finally, Democrats want to end the very presidency itself. Look at the goofball and goofballette they offer for president and vice president. She couldn't make it to Iowa and he cannot make it out of the basement. 

Ron Coleman, an excellent First Amendment lawyer, responded to last night's debate.

Coleman tweeted, "The Democratic nominee for President of the United States called the sitting President of the United States 'a clown' on national TV, in his presence, before a quiescent moderator. 

"And all we hear about is how mean and aggressive Donald Trump was.

"Finally, as harsh as DJT was, Biden calling the President of the United States a clown and similar epithets was reprehensible. 

"Winners don't do that. And it is part of an ongoing Democratic campaign to debase and delegitimize this presidency. 

"Wallace is complicit in this.

"The cultural, political and moral implications of this remain unexamined and indeed unremarked upon among the major purveyors of news, information and analysis, as far as I know.

"I am not followed by @TrumpWarRoom, but if you are, maybe bring this to their attention.

"Forget Democrats. They're all in no matter what. But this vulgar man -- @JoeBiden -- is who the scummy likes of @ProjectLincoln  are holding out as the one who will restore all the dignity and gravitas they believe @realDonaldTrump took from them. 


Coleman objected to this Project Lincoln idiocy:

This is about power. Democrats and RINOs controlled all the levers of government before President Trump came along. This is what they meant by his being a threat to Democrat institutions. The word Democrat is capitalized, meaning the party not a system of government.

Ours is a constitutional republic. The Founding Fathers wisely eschewed democracy -- mob rule -- in favor of having landholders decide the fate of the nation. Majority rule would have protected slavery as an institution forever.

Democrats are willing to destroy every institution in order to rule.

In the opera, having stumped the city and bested the princess, the Prince With No Name then gives up his name to the princess.

He was a RINO.

President Trump ain't.

Neither are we.


  1. Their ideology is that of the thief. They have no honor. They quest for worldly possessions and sell their souls for Pennies.
    That is why China loves them, easily purchased and easily disposed of. China is playing for world domination, these trash are playing for a few dollars more.
    If they were ideology driven, China would not be able to control them because they would not be buyable like Joe, HiLlARy, Ketchup boy,or Barry.

  2. The power of a held ideology is scary. The leftists' ideology is such that nothing brings them to their senses regarding behavior. I had the slightest moment of hope last week when Gayle King took to task Pelosi for one of Pelosi's horrid descriptions of the president.

  3. If you're going to go to operatic references, I've long had a sense that right now we're living through the Gotterdamerung of the failed political class. This also seems to include the burning-it-all down part that destroyed the gods in the end.

    1. The best introduction to Wagnerian Opera is no doubt a Bugs Bunny cartoon called "What's Opera Doc?". It's a seven minute parody of the entire Ring cycle, and as many times as I've seen it, I still find snarky references I've missed before. And in the end, everybody dies. After all, it's Opera! One of the greatest cartoons of all time.

  4. How I'll feel on Nov 4.

    All'alba vincerĂ²!
    vincerĂ², vincerĂ²!

    At dawn, I will win, I will win, I will win!

  5. So Don, what is the solution. They are not going to stop. They manufacture crisis and then use violence and bigotry to force us to accept their solution. They have successfully captured and destroyed public education, journalism, science and really religion too. Trump can win by a huge margin and I guarantee we are going to get even greater violence. They have crossed a threshold where nothing but the complete destruction of all opposing ideas or thoughts is All that is acceptable. When they riot this time do we riot back. When they mod innocents do we mob back. When they threaten and kill do we threaten and kill back. They have essentially disarmed the police. And none of this was by accident. Non of this is an unforeseen consequence of the childish few. This is planned. This is coordinated.

    1. You're right, they will not stop until they win, they will win when we stop fighting back. Since they are the ones literally willing to burn it all down, we are at a disadvantage. When we do fight back with force (e.g. McCloskeys) they use corrupt DAs to prosecute us. A less violent resolution might be secession along blue state/red state lines, but I'm not optimistic this will happen. They want to control it all.

    2. We can't live with them. Each side hates, viscerally, what the other stands for. Neither will back down. This is divorce... irreconcilable differences. To let this sad farce carry on will lead to blood, if allowed to continue.
      We wish to be left alone. They intend to rule.
      Don't worry. When the time comes, we will all know it. We will all know what to do. We will be given instruction, and God help us if we fail.

  6. "A nice guy prince for some reason falls in love with this bitchy princess who kills potential suitors for fun by asking them riddles, and killing them when they get the answer wrong."

    Assuming that he was a nice guy before he sold his soul to the Devil, this sounds like an Opera set in Arkansas, and Bill Clinton when grilled by Hillary got all the answers right.

    Now, back to the unread article. Lemme see if I got ahead of Don on this one.

    Don Reed

  7. Guess he rode in on the horse with no name.

  8. Biden projected like the corrupt clown that he is.

    1. Correct name—Biden reminded me of the clown in IT BY S. King. Thought I was looking at that French teacher who dyed his eyes black. Bizarre

  9. The Lincoln Project seems to be related to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade of the Spanish Civil War.