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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Democrats broke the rules, then blamed Trump

Democrats booed President and Melania Trump as the First Couple paid respects to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Supreme Court. ABC twisted the story 180 degrees in its headline by saying Trump booed. I asked them to fix the error.

Once again, Democrats have kicked aside all decency. They are so consumed with hatred that they would boo at their own funeral.

Democrats own this incivility, just as they own the riots and destruction in Minneapolis, New York, Portland, Seattle, Albuquerque, Kenosha, Louisville, and on and on.

Their party is a rotted fish, and the fish rots from the head.

Hillary refused to concede on Election Night. While it may be that she was too drunk to do so, new evidence shows she may have had to been talked out of trying to litigate the results as Al Gore had tried.


Her refusal to accept the blame for a historic collapse at the polls certainly is abnormal by American political standards. The refusal to accept defeat was mocked in America's schoolyards, but is praised in America's media.

This set the tone for the Democrat Party's refusal to give President-elect Donald John Trump the peaceful transition of power that he earned and his supporters deserved. The Obama administration held classes for civil servants on how to resist without getting fired. 

On Inauguration day, hundreds of Democrats rioted in the streets of DC. But Obama broke the norms by using the FBI to spy on President Trump's campaign. 

Then there was an elaborate cover-up of his sedition that featured a bizarre conspiracy thory that Putin and Trump conspired to rig the election. 

Obama was a weirdo. Consider his official portrait.

He was literally in left field in the portrait. And it may have been painted in Red China.

The BS trickled down to Nancy Pelosi, who initially refused to schedule President Trump's first state of the union address with her as speaker. She tore up his second one. She impeached him without one allegation of a crime, as required by the Constitution.

The scorched Earth protests by Democrats are so obviously wrong that even a DC columnist can see it.

Michael Barone wrote, "Who's violating norms these days?"

He began his piece with the requisite poke at the president. DC publications require that. He wrote, "Norms, we are told, matter. Violating norms, recklessly disregarding norms — these are charges on which President Trump is often arraigned in the court of public opinion.

"The indictment starts with his annoying habit of inventing insulting nicknames for his opponents and critics. You can add to the list as you will and perhaps come up with enough material just there to consume the 700-plus word limit of a newspaper column."

Oh no! Insulting tweets. That is worse than using the FBI to spy on the opposition.

Having appeased his masters at the Washington Examiner with his poke at President Trump, Barone went into a defense of filling the Supreme Court vacancy. Then he launched into Democrats for threatening to pack the court, destroy the Electoral College, and add a bunch of states just to spite Republicans.

But while these moves may be unconstitutional, they are normal political threats and posturing.

Turning the FBI into the KGB and turning the federal bureaucracy into a seditious cell of the Democrat Party are not.

And Trump didn't boo. Democrats did.


  1. "The refusal to graceful accept defeat was mocked on America's schoolyards, but is praised in America's schoolyards."

    What? Edit, please!

    1. I'm gonna guess that the first "schoolyards" should read "streets." Am I right?

      We'll see what The Master says! Oh, BTW- later on Michael Barone has a requisite "pole," but I reckon that should be "poke."

      It's a good thing Don has a bunch of willing proofreaders here, and they're FREE! ;)

    2. Barone is nothing to me Never Trumper scum. How about that, Mr. Barone or should I say Ahoy!?
      Th emor ethe Dems riot burn and howl they are going further into electorial he**.We will not follow.
      BTW there is evidence that Antifa is now adding convicted felons to it's ranks.Feds bagged one in Portlantifa last night. No job just a long record..

  2. When did the dying wish amendment make it into the constitution?
    Did rbg sneak it in somehow ?

    1. If I were on my death bed my fervent wish would be that the blood of Jesus cover my sins and that my children renew their faith in GOD.

  3. To bring typos to the attention of a writer, the polite thing to do is to email Don as he requests at the top of his blog: "Report all errors, etc."
    We are fortunate to have a person who shares his knowledge and his take on our political situation(s).
    Let's not nitpick.

    1. Good point.
      Off the topic, I am finding that I enjoy Don's typo policy. If he gets a fact wrong, he corrects it in a flash.
      If he misspells a word, he's likely to scroll on by without fixing.
      "First draft of history", significant errors addressed immediately.

  4. Garbage people, with garbage lives, justifying their garbage-ness by trying to drag others down into the garbage.

  5. When I was a younger man, I liked telling outrageous yarns just to see if someone would believe it. My problem was that I could not tell a whopper with blushing. Then the media said hold my beer.

  6. All the Dems have is hatred. They are masters.

    They didn’t just break the rules, they blew them up.

  7. This is what the Lefties did at Wellstone’s funeral and we all know how that turned out.

    As they say, smart people learn from their mistakes, really smart people learn from other people’s mistakes, but stupid people never learn.

  8. My 66 year old liberal sister went out in June and bought a handgun. I asked why and she told me of all crazy stuff going on, I want to protect myself. I told her that all the "crazy stuff" is brought on by the party she votes for every year. She will still vote for that party. I apologise for my stupid sister, God love her!

  9. My other sister,69, has a Biden yard her freaking window. You can't see it unless you stop and look! I told her that her commitment was horrible for not posting it in her yard. Her answer... someone might steal it! She also believes that JoJo is fine and clips of his screw ups are taken out of context. I told her to wait for the debates...if they happen.