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Thursday, September 24, 2020

No Energy Biden campaign worries Democrats

Michelle Goldberg of the New York Times tried to assure readers that Biden not having campaign workers take the campaign door to door is a good thing. Her headline said, "The Biden Campaign Isn’t Door-Knocking. Don’t Freak Out."

But her column said the opposite.

Biden's campaign has tried to phone it in, calling infrequent Democrat voters. Apparently no one told Biden and his staff about caller ID.

If you don't get an answer on the phone, you could leave a message or make the next call. 

If you don't get an answer walking door-to-door, you leave a door hanger on the doorknob. 

Phone messages from strangers are a nuisance. Candidate flyers show at least someone tried. I always feel guilty about missing a candidate of either party. But then I am a frequent voter and they are not trying to reach me.

Goldberg talked to Adam Barbanel-Fried, director of Changing the Conversation Together, which contacts people to get them to vote for Biden.

She wrote, "Walking the streets, Barbanel-Fried sees little sign of Joe Biden’s campaign, and that terrifies him. Democrats have historically prided themselves on their so-called ground game, but because of Covid, the Biden campaign has very few rallies and no canvassing operation. Barbanel-Fried worries that Democrats 'are running basically a giant experiment,' trying to win a presidential race with almost no physical presence."

Democrats are hiding behind Covid 19, rather than admit they nominated the fifth-place loser in the 2008 Iowa Caucus and the Sorta Black Hillary who dropped out 2 months before the 2020 Iowa Caucus. There is too little enthusiasm for this ticket to attract people willing to walk door to door on behalf of Biden and Harris.

Goldberg said she was worried.

Then she added, "But after I called a few Democrats who know a lot about grass-roots organizing, I started to feel more sanguine. Some of the state leaders who helped rebuild the party after 2016 say Biden’s campaign is far more responsive than Clinton’s was. They’d like to be talking to voters in person but think what’s happening on the phone and online is enough, even if it’s not visible to outside observers."

Lavora Barnes, who tried to warn Hillary about Michigan in 2016 is now that state's Democrat chairwoman.

Barnes told her, "We feel very good about where we are. Yes, we would love a world where we could be out on the doors, unmasked, the way we would have been in 2016 had we had an operation like the one we have right now. But we can’t, because of this pandemic. So we are doing everything we can do and more."

But Charlotte Alter of Time magazine wrote, "Joe Biden is Running an Invisible Digital Campaign in All-Important Michigan. That's Making Some Democrats Nervous."

She pointed out that on top of a lack of door-to-door campaigning, there are no rallies.

She wrote, "All this means there are no young volunteers in Biden shirts pounding the pavement for their candidate, no clusters of posters marking the Biden field offices in various precincts, few bumper stickers on the highways. There are more Biden signs than Hillary Clinton had in 2016, locals say, but not enough to give the impression of an enthusiastic presidential campaign in a crucial swing state. When Biden visited Michigan last week, only a handful of supporters came to see him; his campaign didn’t disclose the location of the event in advance, even to the local Democratic county chair, because it didn’t want to attract a crowd that could spread Covid 19 or violate Michigan’s prohibition on gatherings of more than 100 people."

Ah yes, the Good Old Covid 19 excuse.

The reason there are no rallies is they would attract Trump supporters who would mock the pathetically small Biden campaign.

The reason for these visits is to get TV coverage. Biden believes that soft TV coverage and ads will keep him from blowing the election. Given that he is the worst presidential nominee that I can recall, that makes sense.

Atler reported, "In short, in one of the most important swing states in the country, Biden’s campaign is all but invisible to the naked eye. His lack of a physical footprint is all the more striking because Trump flags festoon everything from pickup trucks to massive airplane parts being transported down the highway. Roughly 30 Trump supporters gathered to protest outside the Biden event last week, waving their flags and cheering as passing cars honked. (Roughly eight Biden supporters showed up.) After driving around some of the state’s swing districts for the past week, talking to dozens of voters, the only reason you’d think Biden was up in Michigan is because the polls have consistently said so.

"Trying to evaluate the strength of the Biden campaign in Michigan is like trying to determine whether the Emperor has no clothes or is actually wearing an elaborate invisible suit. The Biden campaign says it’s swarming the state; you just can’t see it."

Spoiler alert: the emperor is naked.

And the media is beginning to notice. Goldberg ended her column, "It’s hard to trust what you can’t see. But in the end there may be no way to run a campaign in 2020 that’s not a giant experiment."

Republicans are not experimenting. They are campaigning, knocking on doors, holding rallies, and having a jolly good time. 

UPDATE: Changed the headline. Still not satisfied


  1. Yes. I have seen no Biden yard signs, except at his headquarters, and there are rallies in support of Trump and flag waving at busy intersections.

  2. but because of Covid, the Biden campaign has very few rallies

    Even when there was no lockdown, the rallies were a flop.

  3. On my trip to Antietam last week, well over 20 Trump flags/yard signs. 2 for Joe Mama. We got this, and in MD no less!

    1. Maryland gave us AG Morrisey and Congressman Mooney so I have no complaint
      Western Maryland is conservative. We should annex them

  4. I just read the NYT column. There was a feel of Michelle Goldberg trying to reassure herself, like Lisa Page to Strzok("He's not going to win, right? Right!?). All of the COVID references made me think of Trump's rallies, Trump fans lining roads and the boat parades - not a problem for them! What was the justification? FTA: "But she argues that a campaign in a pandemic simply can’t look like campaigns did before — at least, not if the campaign actually cares about its people." There it is, Socialists care more about people than winning! Right...

    1. The Democrats are "mailing it in," both figuratively and literally.They see nothing to worry about and are supremely confident of their win.
      And Why Not? once they know Trump's vote plurality on Election night, they also know the buber of mailing ballots for Biden that have to be printed over the next 3 or even 9 days to guarantee the vote count ends up for Biden.
      Heck, they probably have pre-printed mail-in ballots, checked for Bisen, in quantities of 1,000 all bundled and ready yo dump off

  5. "All this means there are no young volunteers in Biden shirts pounding the pavement for their candidate"

    Even without the China Flu, those young left-wingers would be too busy rioting to spend any time working for Slow-Joe.

  6. "I started to feel more sanguine." I'm amused at her choice of the word. Yes it means "optimistic, hopeful, confident". But it's root is bloody, as in reddish, ruddy, blood-red.
    What kind of election are we looking at? The D’s don’t even HAVE a candidate. They have a puppet figurehead who is declining by the day, and if he even makes it to Nov. 3, he’ll be a drooling imbecile.
    But this is a country that elected the Obimessiah….Twice! I did not think that was possible the first time, so what do I know? Granted, McCain and Romney were Uniparty RINO’s hired for the express purpose of losing gracefully, and they played their roles well.
    Now, almost all the masks are off. It’s no longer a “lesser of two evils” election. It’s a binary choice between the constitution as written, or obliterating it completely.

  7. ( To the tune from the Flintstones)

    Biden, meet Joe Biden
    He's a stone age modern can a date.
    Hiden in his basement
    His campaigns a real mystery.

    Some days he says he'll come out and fight
    Then the
    Media reports on it that night.
    If you're in a casket
    You will vote for Biden this time
    You will vote for Harris next time
    You will vote for dem's every old time.


  8. Hear me out, progressives are setting up the next four years worth of excuses. People are growing very tired of progressive identitarians ruling the party. They held their noses and voted for Clinton, only to be fed 4 years of excuses and conspiracies. This time the progressives in power will blame covid, not their failed approach of political intimidation and destruction. Chunk from the young turks begs for cash every day, begs. The democrats have had no choice but to take Chinese money because American democrats have had enough. We might get lucky, and the DNC will have a grassroots house cleaning after 2020. I won't hold my breath, it's much easier to say "we wont the argument, even if we lost the election."


  9. Biden's people and Joe himself are not out there because winning the election is not the end game. Court challenges are.

  10. I live in Michigan, and not the rural part, the uber liberal south east part. For every Biden yard sign, I see ten Trump yard signs. You don't see many people wearing MAGA hats or shirts, but, you don't see ANY wearing pro-Biden apparel either. There are a lot of liberals around me, don't get me wrong there. However, the enthusiasm level is so low it's almost laughable.

    Note: They've gone to getting the Autoworkers Union to do calls. I am not part of the union, I don't even work at a factory anywhere. I've gotten calls from their union TELLING me to vote Biden, it's my only choice. I simply respond, "wanna bet" and hang up.

  11. I’d call the Biden campaign... “Mail it in,” Signifies little energy and the intent to steal the election by mail.

  12. If it’s any consolation to the execrable Ms. Goldberg, there’s always the increasingly central Democrat plan of stealing the election to fall back on.

    1. These articles are just cover for that exact plan.

  13. We can only hope the enthusiasm for President Trump and lack of enthusiasm for biden is reflected down ticket and the republicans retain or grow their senate majority and the house flips.

  14. Another reason Biden rallies don't exist is that if Biden is completely demented on a given day, they can cancel events without setting off alarms.

    Unfortunately for the Dems, that also feeds into the spiral of apathy, which makes enthusiasm even harder to come by. Meanwhile, Dore/ Taibbi/ Greenwald are just mercilessly kicking the hell out of the Democrats.

  15. Did about 300 miles of driving through the NC and southern VA countryside this week. Ratio of Trump to Biden yard signs: about 50/1 ! Even in towns a clear majority for Trump. Can’t wait for Nov 3!