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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Cotton proposes undoing what Biden did for Red China

The billion bucks Red China gave Hunter Biden in 2014 during an official visit to Beijing by then-Vice President Joe Biden was payment for services rendered by the veep in the 1990s, who shepherded America's acceptance of trading with this enemy.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas wants to undo that multi-trillion-dollar favor Biden (and the Senate and the Bush and Clinton administrations) did for the largest communist country in the world.

Yahoo News reported, "Cotton announced Monday that he is introducing legislation to repeal permanent most favored nation trade status, a designation that guarantees equal trading opportunity among a nation’s trade partners.

"In an appearance on Fox & Friends, Cotton criticized China’s status as a most favored nation, and said he would introduce legislation this week that would require the president and congress to reassess the status each year.

"Under Cotton’s new legislation if China were to 'shoot missiles at our ships in the Western Pacific' or crack down on Hong Kong as it has done this year, 'then we would be able to say each year we are not going to renew most favored nation status for China,' he said."

Normalizing trade with an unrepentant Red China was a one-way street in which Red China sent us goods made by cheap labor (including slave labor) in exchange for Red China stealing state and military secrets while pocketing trillions to finance its military buildup with which it hopes to take over the world in five years.

Biden's Lazarus turnabout from loser in Iowa and New Hampshire is the result of Chairman Xi, who wants to make sure he controls the White House.

As they say, Biden may be dumb as a dandelion but he stays bought. That is all that matters in politics.

Cotton wrote in March, "Despite the occasional box-checking, wishy-washy comment slapping Beijing on the wrist for the worst of its abuses, the reality is that the former vice president’s support of the People’s Republic of China is deep and longstanding. In the critical fight over whether to grant most-favored-nation trade status and World Trade Organization membership to China in the 1990s — a fight in which, again, many of his party’s leaders in Congress were on the right side — Biden carefully shepherded China through the process from his powerful perch as the senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Wherever a brake might have been applied — by placing human-rights or labor conditions on most-favored-nation status, for example — Biden voted the measures down and lobbied other senators for Beijing. Unfortunately, China and Biden got their way, and American workers are still suffering from it.

"It should have been a warning on more fronts than one when President Obama recruited Biden to his ticket to buttress his credibility on foreign policy; unsurprisingly, there was no about-face on Beijing. As the Chinese Communist Party gained strength and Xi Jinping seized absolute power, Biden continued to push for closer ties and even more trade. As for American workers? In February 2012, in friendly remarks with Xi standing next to him, Biden praised Beijing as a new partner that would help to meet global challenges, and said Americans 'welcome this competition. . . . It pushes our companies to develop better products and services and our government to craft better policies.' Millions of American jobs were disappearing as he spoke, and the militarization of the South China Sea was just around the corner."

The move to strip Red China of its most-favored nation status is long overdue.

Cotton has been right about Red China for a long time.

On January 30, National Review reported, "Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) claimed on Thursday that the corona virus epidemic spreading across China is worse than the country is willing to admit.

"'There was a 28% increase in corona virus cases overnight in China,' Cotton wrote in a Twitter post. 'Make no mistake, though: these aren’t ‘new’ cases. Just what China is willing to admit. It’s much worse.'

"By Thursday morning over 7,700 cases of the virus were confirmed worldwide, mostly in mainland China, while 68 cases were recorded in other locations around the world. 170 people have died from the virus so far.

"Cotton has repeatedly pushed for a travel ban to China due to concerns over the spread of the virus. On Tuesday Cotton sent a letter to members of President Trump’s cabinet, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, urging the administration to enact a travel ban."

President Trump restricted travel the next day.

This is biomedical warfare. Red China should not be favored. It should be shunned.

That would hurt our economy? Too late. Covid 19 already did.


  1. "Cotton has been right about Cotton for a long time." Shouldn't that be "Cotton has been right about CHINA for a long time"?

    1. LOL I cannot believe I did that. Well, it's not wrong... -- I will fix.

      Thank you

    2. WE've been right about Cotton all along, too. Good guy, Cotton - Noem 2024.

  2. I remeber the guy standing in front of the T-55 in Tienanmen square. then the massacre that night. with world wide communications they couldn't get away with it entirely like they did then.Biden and the bushes aren't around either. Trumpenfrude for China.Cotton is on the right track.

  3. Jeb! Miss him so mucho!!!
    G-d bless our duly elected leader of free Americans.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. __ The most guaran-d*mn-teed winning line for Trump and a 50 State sweep is being left on the cutting room floor. Just say: '...The U.S. will no longer honor the debts to China, and that debt service will instead will be distributed to every American, as reparations for the Nation's suffering human losses and financial damage caused by China's cover-up.' ZB

  5. "who shepherded America's acceptance of trading with this enemy." DS

    Ben Shapiro tells me that if American business hadn't sold out their hometowns we wouldn't be able to buy television sets for 100 dollars instead of 800. I was never asked if I prefer being a communist slave as long as my electronics are cheap. This falls EQUALLY on republican shoulders as it does democrats. It's time we take an honest look back and figure out how we got here. The obvious answer is the academy being taken over by marxists. What that doesn't answer however is how they got that way to begin with. Who were the people responsible, and for what reasons. Skeptic atheists undermined the Christian foundation of the west to the loud applause of the marxists. Republicans normalized relations with a nation that killed 60+ million of their own people in order to make a buck. Democrats are just opportunist jackasses who will do anything, follow any ideology, sell out any nation full of people for just a little bit of power over their fellow humans. This all went down while Christian leaders acted like draconian jerks and did not help their own PR as TV preacher after TV preacher got caught with prostitutes. If we do not look within with honest lenses, we will be right back here again, if we survive this election cycle as a nation.

  6. Talk about ad hominem and unsupported generalizations. Even if people agree with you, your diatribe is still an example of lazy thinking.

  7. I like Tom Cotton a lot but his proposal sounds like weak tea. Remove China's MFN status and let future administrations try to get a new MFN through the Congress.

    1. I like Cotton a lot too. Maybe he realizes this is all he can get on a first cut. Get more after the election 🤞


    YouTube Vid of the Year, hands down

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  10. Cotton is a tool the GOPe hope to use to take back control of the repub party. Cotton is just posturing on China. He knows too many Senators are bought and paid for by China. And yet he and a few other s refuse to call out the quislings in the GOPe. That would be real courage. In the end the Trump coalition won't pick Cotton.