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Monday, September 14, 2020

Team Biden phones it in

Biden isn't the only one hiding in the basement. His entire campaign is staying away from voters. If anyone points out that they should be doing more, they just point to the polls that show he is way ahead.

Just like Hillary was.

NPR reported, "Republicans Are Knocking On Doors. Democrats Aren't. Biden's Campaign Says That's OK."

Instead of sending teams out to talk to people, Team Biden is calling people.

The story said, "The Democrats' strategy of mainly organizing from home via laptop or cellphone and forgoing traditional door-to-door canvassing is somewhat untested, but they're banking on the assumption that it's more effective in a pandemic."

Well, maybe that will work, but I have caller ID.

And maybe not holding huge rallies will work too, just like it did for Hillary.

The NPR story said, "But it's not just the Biden campaign. Organizing has changed for state Democratic parties in key swing states and for a number of left-leaning groups that would have been helping Biden on the ground.

"Both BlackPAC and Working America have between 10% and 20% of the paid organizing staff they had in 2016.

"At this point in 2016, Working America, a group affiliated with the AFL-CIO, was having about 100,000 conversations a week with people on their front steps. The group has had zero since it paused its door-knocking operation in March."

The Trump campaign is knocking on doors and registering people to vote. Republicans have spent the last four years registering voters and have out-registered Democrats in Florida by 100,000 and in Pennsylvania by 160,000. Without those states, Biden's campaign is DOA. No Democrat has won the presidency without carrying at least one of those states.

NPR said Hillary had a superior ground game in 2016. I don't know about that. It was bigger and centrally controlled, whereas President Trump's was -- as NPR politely put it -- makeshift. But the GOP in Wisconsin came through and Donald Trump rallied his way to the White House.

This time, the Trump campaign has grown.

NPR said, "In an unusual role-reversal, the Trump team is modeling itself off of Democrats. It requires staffers to read a book about Barack Obama's field operation, called Groundbreakers: How Obama's 2.2 Million Volunteers Transformed Campaigning in America.

"One of the co-authors, Hahrie Han, was surprised to hear that her book has become a staple in the Trump campaign, and she says she's not sure if the campaign understands her main message."

She cast shade on the Trump campaign, because that is what academicians and journalists do. They have been casting shade on him for 4 years. It still hasn't worked. I am amused that the same person who said "Obama's 2.2 Million Volunteers Transformed Campaigning in America" said it somehow does not apply to Donald Trump.

The grassroots are taking hold.

Just the News reported, "An imperfect though telling metric in presidential campaigns is enthusiasm among small donors, those giving $200 or less. It's a rough proxy for enthusiasm among the base, and just as polling shows President Trump receives a more ardent embrace among his base than rival Joe Biden, the individualized money story reflects that as well.

"Americans who donate to campaigns are more likely to vote, according to the Pew Research Center. 'Among those who say they vote always or nearly always, 21% said that they made a donation, compared with 4% of those who seldom voted or voted only part of the time,' the Pew survey found."

Glenn Reynolds reported, "Mike Bloomberg Wants To Buy Florida Election For Joe Biden for $100 Million. This says that Democrats are worried, I think. I also wonder if Bloomberg can buy more votes for Biden in the general than he was able to buy for himself in the primaries."

Kane at Citizen Free Press reported, "Latinos For Trump Caravan In Miami — More Than 400 Vehicles!"

But Democrats believe they literally can phone the election in.

Their attitude reminds me of a story published by the Telegraph two weeks before the 2016 election, "Hillary Clinton so far ahead in polls that she 'doesn't even think about' Donald Trump anymore."

Hillary The Hare said, "I don’t even think about responding to him anymore.

"He can say whatever he wants to. He can run his campaign however he wants to, he can go off on tangents, he can go to Gettysburg and say he’s gonna sue women who’ve made accusations against him.

"I’m going to keep talking about what we want to do."


The story said, "With only 16 days until the election, two separate polls have given Mrs. Clinton a 12-point lead over Mr. Trump, with the real estate mogul's support tanking among key voter groups."

Political scientists have a special name for people like Truman and Reagan who come from so far behind that they surprise the experts on Election Day.



  1. The Dums likely have a robust list of October surprises. I hope the Trump campaign defuses those in a proactive way.

    1. Well if the battlewagon Woodward's 'bombshell' is any example fine.
      What we have seen is Trump fights. sometimes it is"A close run thing." to quote the Iron Duke, Wellington. but,the Dems have no Napoleon. Just Biden (Daffy Duck)and very little else.
      the can connive, cheat and stela but it won't be enough.

    2. I'm sure he meant obelisk. Yep.

    3. I am sure they have games out all of the possibilities. I am also sure that PDJT has a few mega-bombshells in store for The Slow One.

  2. 50-0. I keep tellin y’all. FIFTY. TO. NOTHING. Only a direct and forceful intervention from God can change things for the LibCommies, and they don’t believe in God. So there ya go.

  3. Our underdog county candidates did door knocking and each won by over 60%. We use likely voter lists ased on the last election and it works. Lessons learned actually do work, but Dems know better. In 2016 my mere standing with my Trump sign and knowing election laws got Trump many votes and people registered GOP.

    1. As did our sheriff. Came out of nowhere and won. And is doing a great job.

  4. "One of the co-authors, Hahrie Han, was surprised to hear that her book has become a staple in the Trump campaign, and she says she's not sure if the campaign understands her main message."

    Democrats authored the "nuclear option," the "phone and a pen," and the "superPAC," then got dismayed to discover all those knives cut both ways. Reminds me of college students who act like they personally invented sex.

  5. I commented this on Highlights, but it's more apropos here:
    I drove across southern Oregon again yesterday. Visibility in the Rogue valley was <1/4 mile so it was hard to see much beyond the road in front of us. But I did spot a poster on a fence that read: Democrats for Trump. It was professionally printed too. Also saw lots of Trump 2020 flags. In Medford, I did see the first Biden/Harris sign, but they are few and far between.

  6. You don’t need a ground game when you’re banking on getting the votes of people that don’t have a door to knock on. I guess mausoleums have doors, but not many graves.

    1. No, you really need a ground game then. You hafta get em outa the ground, down to the voter booths and back without frightening anyone.

  7. biden's campaign is visiting their likely voters in Bedford Memorial Park and Sunset Restful Acres, etc.

  8. Dems are counting on “Vote by Mail” !

  9. I think Biden's strategy, if you can call it that, is being mirrored across the country by other democrats who are in safe districts. I think they are out and trying to campaign in purple or red states out of necessity.

  10. I believe the strategy is to blatantly and transparently cheat.
    Everyone will know it happened but the unknown will be how much cheating there was. After that will come the lawsuits and running out the clock as far as electoral college deadlines. Trump ultimately wins, but dems succeed in tainting the win and keeping their crazies riled up. Trump's second term is then the same as the first, a constant parade of leftist plots and manufactured crisis with the press frantically carrying water. In the end the needed investigations of the corruption of the uniparty are either stopped altogether, turned into whitewashed operations or spun to look like political revenge.
    The deep state survives with enough operatives in place to continue to monetize intelligence gathering, globalism and war boosting billionaires at the expense of main street.

    Or Trump loses and things really get bad.

    1. How about President Donald John Trump wins in a blow out landslide? That is obvious on election night. Americans are s#:+ full of all of the garbage that's been spewing out of the Democrat party since 9/16. The only people that believe it are the MSM (and then only the talking heads, not the rank and file),the leftist entertainment/ sports industry, the leftist education industry (again missing probably a lot of the rank and file), big city hipsters, DC, and the deep state. Oh, and Antifa and BLM. But they're not big into voting just 92% peaceful protesting. So, bottom line:not a big number of people. Have faith. Vote. Gather your friends and a supply of your favorite beverages and snacks on election night. Enjoy the show on your TV. It's going to be good.

    2. It's going to be terrifying…

  11. I surely hope you're right Don. Thank you for an engaging, encouraging article.

    However, the Democrats are capable of any dirty trick. What I see in PDJT recently is a fighter. I hope his righteous pugilism prevails over the lawless corruption that threatens the very DNA of our nation.

  12. For democrats, the election doesn't matter. It's the cheating thereafter that does. Vote.

  13. By this time next week the newest President Trump scandal will be he is accused of removing the factory tag off one of his mattress in his hotels. Oh the humanity!!

  14. The way Dims are running their campaign makes me wonder if they WANT Trump to win. What kind of November Surprise might they be plotting?

  15. The Dims aren't campaigning because they plan on just stealing the election!

  16. I see the next big scandal against Donald Trump will be that he does not say God bless you when people sneeze in the White House