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Monday, August 10, 2020

"Without evidence" means Trump nailed it

My next book may be "How to distill the truth from media lies." Until then, I will occasionally dispense my insights on my blog. Today's lesson is on what the media means when it quotes President Donald John Trump and adds the words "without evidence."

It means President Trump nailed it.

Take it to the bank.

He has the goods.

A reader submitted the most recent example.

PBS reported on Tuesday, "Trump claims without evidence that Beirut explosion was an ‘attack.’"

The ragamuffins running that quasi-news organization slapped that headline on an Associated Press report, which began, "President Donald Trump said U.S. military generals have told him that they think the massive explosion that rocked Beirut on Tuesday, killing more than 100 people, was likely a bomb."

Technically, the president did not say it. Our generals did. I guess intelligence from generals isn't enough evidence for PBS.

Anonymous sources are.

USA Today reported on Friday, "Lebanon president: Beirut explosion either due to negligence or missile, bomb."

The media fall for the Democrat narrative every single time.

The most infamous case was when Democrats swore up and down that President Trump had no evidence that they used the FBI to spy on Donald Trump's campaign.

They lied.

They spied.

The demand for evidence from President Trump comes from people who will post any lie about him citing anonymous sources.

From Obama on down, every single one of them should be in prison for life because they had absolutely no authority to spy because their FISA warrants were obtained through perjury by Jimmy the Liar Comey. He signed off on those FISA requests.

None of them will because the media only goes after Republicans. And without an enraged press, the public will not accept a jailed president.

Without evidence casts enough shade to work.

Thus, NBC said on Friday, "Trump says, without evidence, vaccine could be ready by Election Day."

How's this for evidence?

On June 21, the Economic Times reported, "Wall Street predicts the White House will push through approval of one or maybe even two Covid-19 vaccines to help bolster Donald Trump’s chances before the U.S. presidential election.

"While scientists, including the nation’s top virus expert Anthony Fauci, have set their eyes on a vaccine by early 2021 at the earliest, sell-side research analysts have been bringing in experts to weigh in on the possibility of a shorter timeline -- ahead of the Nov. 3 vote."

So there was evidence.

NBC lied.

The demand for evidence falls only on President Trump. Obama got away with saying for nearly a decade that you could keep your doctor.

Of course, if they said he made the claim without evidence that would be proof positive that he was right.

And he was wrong.

He lied.

And he spied.

Boy howdy.

And now that they have ample evidence, the media ignores it.


  1. Good article from Mr Taibbi.

  2. "...the nation’s top virus expert Anthony Fauci..."

    Now THAT is a claim without evidence if there ever was one.

    1. If I messed up even half of what Fauci has, I would have been fired 30 yrs ago.

      DS, good article. All good articles today. Thank you.

  3. Maybe it was an attack, but t I’ve read that construction on the warehouse trying to shore up the warehouse housing these bags of low grade explosives??? May have caused it. I’m also reading that explosive propellant was there which signifies that rockets/missiles were stored there. But, if Trump hears it is was an attack, then it is likely so.

  4. I read an account (can’t remember the link) that said it was unlikely that it was ammonium nitrate that had been sitting for years. They had many reasons. I can remember three:
    - Storage Space at Ports closest to the water is not used for long term storage.
    - storage space closest to the water is the best place
    To hide things
    - there were three different colors of smoke from the series of explosions, indicating there were three different sources. If it was all ammonium nitrate, the explosions/smoke would have all been the same color.

  5. Seems to have been highest grade / most explosive type of ammonia nitrate.

    Seems to have been 3 different explosions.

    One was ammo, next rocket fuel, then the ammonia nitrate.

    The ammonia nitrate May have been stored for future use. Put it in a suicide chip, add diesel, and there goes a harbor... Only problem for Hirzbolla they controlled that area, Is they got the wrong harbor.

  6. People with lots of money do not want Westerners to be free. The dangers of allowing billionaires to exist, esp in a world so interconnected. Borders get on their nerves, so they'll erase them. Citizenship gets in their way and raises labor costs, so they delete citizenship. It's time we tell the libertarians to step off their soapboxes and figure out how to prevent this from happening again. Maybe send every new billionaire to Mars with or without their consent...

  7. Demand the Covid vaccine be listed as the Chinese Lung Rot vaccine, and that one must specifically ask for it, in writing, by name. Then see what the Dems do.